Desperate Scott Walker Cancels GOP Convention Speech In CA To Rescue Dying Campaign

Scott Walker

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the highly touted keynote speaker for the California Republican Convention in Anaheim that runs from September 18th to the 20th, but on Friday, Walker abruptly cancelled his speech in a desperate attempt to resuscitate his dying presidential campaign. The Wisconsin Governor gave his surprise one week’s cancellation notice, because he instead plans to spend the weekend in Iowa and South Carolina, two early primary states where he is lagging badly in the polls.

Walker, who was considered the favorite to win Iowa as recently as July, has plummeted to 10th place in the state according to a recent Quinnipiac Poll, where he managed a meager 3 percent of the GOP vote. He isn’t doing any better in South Carolina, where a recent PPP poll has him garnering just 3 percent of the Republican primary vote there.

The news of Walker’s speech cancellation was drowned out by September 11th retrospectives and the departure of Texas Governor Rick Perry from the presidential race on Friday. However, Walker’s plight is perhaps far more embarrassing than Perry’s, because Walker, unlike Perry, was considered a legitimate contender for the Republican nomination from the moment he entered the race.

Instead of catching fire, however, the Koch brothers’ favorite candidate has tanked in the polls, putting himself in the same general company as pathetic non-candidates like Lindsey Graham and Rick Santorum. As Walker has nose-dived, political neophytes like Donald Trump and Ben Carson have taken the Republican race by storm.

Walker is trying to carry the mantle of the political outsider who will “wreak havoc on Washington”, but too many Republican voters now see him as a government insider who has wreaked havoc on Wisconsin. GOP voters are demanding the kind of havoc Trump promises, not the watered down chaos offered by a man who has spent the last 22 years holding government positions as an elected politician.

While Walker hopes to reinvent himself and revitalize his failing presidential campaign by cancelling his Anaheim speaking gig, instead he merely reminds Republican donors and strategists that his campaign is barely alive. Rather than strengthening his image, this move is likely to backfire by highlighting the sorry shape Walker’s campaign is in.

Donors and supporters might be ready to pull the plug soon, to take Scott Walker and his supporters out of their political misery. Until they decide to do so, voters in South Carolina and Iowa can look forward to a visit from Governor Walker, where they can bear witness to what a dying political campaign looks like when it is trying desperately to still show signs of life.

31 Replies to “Desperate Scott Walker Cancels GOP Convention Speech In CA To Rescue Dying Campaign”

  1. Thanks for the good news. Of course, to me being high in the polls in Iowa and South Carolina is a bad thing. He can only blame his past actions that people are now paying attention to.

  2. Awwww, the Pimps favorite whore isn’t pleasing his Pimps customer base like he use to. In whoredom, shores that fail to please their Pimps are put out to pasture. Couldn’t happen to a better Koch who’re than Walker

  3. Looks like the KARMA BUS is rolling thru picking up the GOP.They all thought they had the White House.They all should lose their seats.

  4. Aw, poor Scott. Looks like all the money in the world couldn’t make him a human being. Let’s hope when Wisconsin finally kicks him to the curb, the rest of us will never have to see his crossed eyes ever again.
    Next to leave the clown car…Ms. Lindsay, who is going to be busy in DC trying not to shut down the government, because seriously, costing the US billions and trying to blame it on the President is really not going to fly this time. Someone lock Cruz in a closet for the week or something.

  5. That’s pretty crazy, cancelling his speech. If he was the keynote speaker, I’d think he’d be counting on the exposure that he’d get there. The SC primary and Iowa caucus are months away – why would campaigning there NOW, instead of being in the spotlight in CA, look like a better idea? This just makes him look desperate.

  6. Walker has about as much charisma as Tim Pawlenty did — none. He could only have been chosen as the Kochs’ golden boy because he was already shining their shoes and kissing their respective asses and would continue to do so. There is nothing attractive about him as a national candidate, and certainly without the Kochs’ funding, he would never have ascended to the the WI governorship. He’s an empty shell, and nature abhors a vacuum!

  7. Walker was only considered to be the favorite because the useless media refuse to do their job.

    Well, actually their job is to do exactly what Rupert Murdoch tell them to do. Lie, manipulate and mislead the public.

    Dopey-eyed Walker knows he’s a cake ready to come out of the oven, and like the petulant child he is, he’s decided to pick up his marbles and go home. Hopefully, he’ll put us out of our misery fast, quick and pronto and announce he’s joining Rick Perry in the loser’s circle.

    Mike Shumckabee and Ted “Ambulance Chaser” Cruz……


  8. I feel sorry for this guy’s knees, all that servitude to those Kochers. Voting machines? Stay tuned folks, what’s done in the dark will come to light. With Republicans ya’ neva’ know.

  9. This rapid descent couldn’t happen to a more deserving person than Walker. He’s a bottom feeding slug disguised as a human being.The only way he can win anything is by deceit, lying, and manipulation.

  10. Walker’s latest drive is to kill unions. Federal unions, private unions, government unions, teacher’s unions. He should know better. Just because he had support in Wisconsin doesn’t mean the majority population is on board with the “kill union” movement. And how does he propose to kill the TEAMSTERS? the most powerful union in America?

  11. …just got a Telegram, {yup, they still exist!} from the Bottom Feeding Slugs Union…says THEY perform a VALUABLE service, 24/7/365…and object most strenuously to be compared to a Parasite like Walker…furthermore Helen, if you have a pond, or even a big puddle; they will NOT clean it until you apologise…

  12. This is what happens when the Koch machine is uncovered and pushed into the daylight; people don’t like what they see and hear.

    Best news all day so far.

  13. AWWWW!! Maxie I was just about to post almost the same. Instead I voted for you…
    Poor lil” scotty. All that Koch money doesn’t seem to be working.

  14. Maybe he was told not to show up. Who wants a floundering candidate talking in front of a floundering California Republican Party?

  15. I’m surprised no one ever killed Walker…when I was in school, we used to beat up guys like him, because we did not tolerate anti-social psychos.

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