As His Leads Grow In Iowa And NH, Bernie Sanders Shows His Foreign Policy Chops

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Bernie Sanders is building on his leads in Iowa and New Hampshire by showcasing his knowledge of foreign policy, and his peaceful path forward for the United States.

According to the latest CBS News battleground tracker polls, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has increased his leads Iowa and New Hampshire to ten and twenty points respectively over Hillary Clinton. Sanders now leads Clinton 43%-33% in Iowa and 52%-30% in New Hampshire. The poll tells a different story in South Carolina as Clinton leads Sanders 46%-23%, and Sanders has the lowest growth potential will only 11% of those polled saying that he would be their second choice in South Carolina.

His success in the polls has led to Sanders beginning to broaden the scope of his campaign. On Meet The Press, Sen. Sanders discussed his view of how to handle the Middle East.


Sanders said, “I think clearly the now is not who is at fault. The issue is now what we do, and what we do is bring the region together. Countries like Saudi Arabia, which has the third largest military budget in the world. Turkey, other countries are going to have to get their hands dirty on the ground in taking on ISIS. I believe strongly that the U.S., the UK, other countries should be supportive, but I disagree strongly that the United States should have combat troops in that area. I fear very much that we will be in perpetual warfare in that region. I do not want to see that occur.”

Sen. Sanders was at risk of being labeled a one-note economic populist candidate, but his status as the leader in Iowa and New Hampshire has given him the time and the platform to expand his campaign. The Sanders foreign policy message is going to be very popular with Democratic primary voters who also fear a return to perpetual war in the Middle East.

Bernie Sanders doesn’t have the same kind of foreign policy experience as former Sec. of State Clinton, but he is no slouch in the area of foreign affairs. The Sanders campaign understands that to win the Democratic nomination, their candidate must be well rounded.

A lot can and will change before voters cast their votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, but Bernie Sanders is morphing from an underdog to a candidate who is battling on equal footing with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.

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  1. But no one showed up for his SC rallies other than whites in a HBCU why is that? In Charles Blow piece in case people didn’t read it there was a lot of whitespaining in it on how his duty to “educate” black voters about Bernie’s infallible awesomeness are super-special.

  2. So, John. Do you think that Trump or Carson will be the republican nominee.? If not, why would Bernie be the dem nominee based on the volatile polls and the fact the Bernie has not been vetted.

  3. That’s funny because I have not heard or read about Sanders great outreach led by the white progressive hero to get black folks to think right Cornell West about his speech in SC at a Black college. Why no discussion about that? Maybe there was no crowd shots?

  4. As much as I like Bernie, and will vote for him in my state’s primary, I do have to disagree with him on this one. In order to defeat ISIS, we have to send ground troops to be able to defeat them. I would say our best bet is to send special forces to take them out quietly from the head down, you kill the hydra by chopping off its heads.

  5. “The Democratic presidential candidate said before the start of the church’s celebration, her former pastor, J. Philip Wogaman, reminded her that the scripture reading was from Romans 12. “If you’re going to read and listen to Romans 12,” Clinton recalled him telling her, “you’ve got to be nicer to the press.”

    “I will certainly take that to heart,” Clinton said to laughter. Clinton has had strained relations with the media covering her in the past, and part of the Bible passage says, “Bless those who persecute you. Don’t curse them; pray that God will bless them.”

  6. Wow I am star struck. No US troops in Syria. What a relief but wait, that has been the Presidents position all along maybe he just couldn’t bring himself to say that since he will take back our white house

  7. Poll averages, she is double still.

    On John’s poll you can alter the findings and he surprise surprise altered the outcomes to match his fantasy world.

    His filters are different than mine. I picked Democrats, likely voters and she kicks bernies ass as she does in all other national polls. Good fake results, John.!response/TR131/type/smallest/filters/PD1:1,LIKELY_PRIMARY15:1,LIKELYD:1,PARTY_ID_:1/dates/20150808-20150911/collapsed/false

  8. You can change the filters to change the results.

    Sunday – no new polls…

    I will try to go make the filters say Bernie wins!

  9. Reading the writing on the wall, it’s not going to be Sanders on the Democratic ticket.

    Had Sanders the campaigning chops of one Barack H. Obama, then yes, it would be a crapshoot who would win.

    He doesn’t. So for me, reading the writing on the wall despite polls, it’s not that difficult to see who will win the nom.

  10. Bernie knows more about the world situtation than Obama and Hillary. It isn’t easy being a one of a kind revolutionary leader of the green mountains.

  11. Iowa and NH are close and in fluctuation but not national. No way the National polls can change that fast.

    Iowa and NH – the only states he is fighting for right now. He has no campaign in Nevada, the third state to vote, yet.

    There is no doubt he is tied or even ahead right now in those two states.

    This is common in Presidential races – anybody knows it can and often does with these two states.

    Caucuses are tricky though and polling doesn’t always tell the real story.

  12. Will President Obama or any of presidential candidates realize the seriousness of this and take unilateral action – ignoring the Republican congress and save the children? 44% of our children, about 31.8 million children are being raised in poverty. Worse yet 23.4% or 7.4 million children live in EXTREME POVERTY on less than $2.00 a day, many suffering from brain damage and PTSD! Republican Budget once again funds the Pentagon War Machine, continuing the trillions of dollars given to the rich, corporations and bankers, while cutting resources and services for 95% of us. While Democrats avoid even asking the question what are we going to do for our children? Time to move from “Endless War” to ‘”Feed the World”
    TRUTH BOMB – A fact spoken in clear, easy to understand terms and without bias. Please copy and paste freely.

  13. Bernie’s outreach to AA “made difficult by his associations” with Cornel West. “gym half empty”

    Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders spoke Saturday to a half empty gymnasium at Benedict College in South Carolina. The school is historically black, but the crowd appeared to be largely white.

    But Sanders’s ability to win Obama’s supporters may have been made difficult by his associations. On Saturday, Sanders campaigned with Dr. Cornel West, who recently issued an endorsement of Sanders.
    West’s critique of the president has been so blistering and unyielding — he has called Obama “counterfeit,” the “black face of the American empire,” a verb-ed neologism of the n-word — that it has bordered on petulance and self-parody.

    I will not say I told you so but come the general I hope you vote for a real Democrat

  14. Not supporting ground troops in the middle east, is a safe bet for any sane Democrat. It doesn’t mean Bernie really has substantial foreign policy knowledge.

  15. DJ. Interesting points about Sander’s problems with Black voters and I would add Hispanic voters as well.

    I really hope the 2016 election does NOT boil down to the angry White Democrat against the angry White Republican, because the GOPers are just better at that game.

  16. Like it or not, Obama and HRC offer similar nitch specific minority followings. An old white guy like Sanders cannot. He’s got an uphill battle and then some.

  17. “Bernie Sanders is morphing from an underdog to a candidate who is battling on equal footing with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination.” – Jason Easley

    No he isn’t.

  18. How many Nations must the U.S. “Redeem” with the Blood of It’s own ? Our Arab “Allies” live in that region- It’s their turn to step up to the plate. Don’t we give them an abundance of Money, Weapons and Military Advice ? They need to do something this time and stop begging us to “Save” them yet again !!! We have enough problems already without more War !!!

  19. Every time you cut a head off a hydra, two more grow back. The same is true when you attempt to dismantle a stateless organization with violence. We need to be depriving ISIS of funding, which means disrupting their oil supply chain. We can do this with naval and air superiority, while providing diplomatic incentives to make regional powers to act to destroy ISIS once their funding is cut off. Bernie Sanders makes a great point that Saudi Arabia has the third highest levels of military spending in the world. Maybe instead of invading Yemen, they should be concentrating on ISIS instead.

  20. It is interesting that we have lots of post about how many crowds he is drawing in Iowa and NH but crickets when he has to address the base of the party

  21. There are always angry white men yelling at each other from the Dem side and the Rep side. That is normal.

    The thing I can see that will be different is what the campaign said all along – our biggest challenge is still the glass ceiling. When (God willing) she gets the nomination the real battle begins and the misogyny will go through the roof.

    It shows in the polls when women run.

    It will take a champion who fights with all her might and who has unequaled credentials to win this. There has only been one woman with that description in my lifetime.

    One chance for half the population of this country to catch up to the rest of the world. And she is the only one who can.

    And the males of her own party need to have a little talk with themselves right about now…

  22. There is money in war, the only real reason we were ever there in the first place. Weapons sales and oil, are the base of the Republican party. They don’t give a crap about humanitarian causes. It’s not our fight now, and never was.

  23. If one believes the polling data (that included a LOT of Republicans and right-leaning Independents), of course Sanders is on equal footing with Hillary Clinton. It’s in their best interest to make it so since Sanders is the easiest candidate for them to beat.

  24. DG, I totally agree ! If the Saudis and our other Arab “Allies” are Reluctant to bloody their hands to clean up THEIR neighborhood, Then I propose we make them our Clients instead of our friends(Allies). A new proposal— “We SELL PEACE”! We will protect them with our own troops from the ISIS Bogyman with large payments in Cash,Gold, or FREE OIL !!!

  25. That is an interesting concept. We could act like the mob, and sell our protection for a price. I don’t think it would be worth our loss of life, though. But I’m sure Republicans would be all in, either way.

  26. I won’t entertain any of these polls that only survey less than 700 people. Quinnipiac polls are far more reliable IMO because they always survey a much broader sample of voters, usually always over 2000. The latest Quinnipiac poll has him surpassing Clinton in both NH AND Iowa.

  27. It doesn’t look like Chafee will poll high enough to get into the first debate in Nevada.

    He needs 3 national polls at 1% min in the six weeks leading up to the debate.

    O’Malley and Webb each have 3 polls already so will be included.

    Looks like it will be four plus Biden if he runs.

  28. I instinctively knew that as I logged on to this thread that you would be one of the first to disparage the Sanders campaign.

    Your negativity is getting absurd and boring. It is guaranteed that you will have something bad to say about Bernie Sanders and his campaign.

    You – sir or madam have become a bore.

  29. Chop off a hydra’s head, and two more sprout in it’s place. Just like what happened in the middle east after Bush’s war.

  30. I’m really glad they kinda’, sorta exonerated her. And I’m sure the media owners are as well and the all the big wigs who are backing her campaign.
    I’m also glad to know that, despite the reports that this was bringing her down in the polls, that it will soon be apparent to all of them that this whole e mail thing has nothing to do with her rapid descent in support and everything to do with being a smoke screen for her real problems.
    Generally perceived as untrustworthy, evasive, pandering, plagiarizing Bernie Sanders’s message, being in the pockets of the big banks and Wall Street, as well as just being a fake in general (especially after changing her accent to that of a southern bell in the Carolinas) and wholly unfit to lead this country where most everyone else wants it to go… well, these are a whole lot more problematic than any l’il ol’ e mail thing.
    She’s well on her way to being toast and the DNC better realize the God given gift they have in Bernie Sanders who w…

  31. Pappas, djchefron doesn’t disparage. He posts FACTS.

    Sanders supporters aren’t doing their candidate any favors by having such thin skin and being unable to listen to criticism about their candidate where improvements can be made.

    Despite what polls say, Bernie Sanders is weak where he needs to be strong in order to win the Democratic primaries. so instead of attacking and disparaging any critics, why not look into those areas of weaknesses and work toward strengthening them? That’s what supporters are supposed to do, not act like Teabaggers and try and quash critics and criticism.

  32. Members of the Black community have NO USE for income inequality speeches when they’re pulled over by racist cops for no other reason than driving while Black, and extrajudicially executed.

  33. According to, he’s a lazy legislator.

    Bernie Sanders voting record:
    From Jan 2007 to Sep 2015, Sanders missed 83 of 2,760 roll call votes, which is 3.0%. This is worse than the median of 1.6% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.

    But for some strange reason, his supporters believe he has what it takes to be president and leader of the free world.

    His entire life has been one of a slacker in society, from his private life to his professional life.

    Being president is hard work. Look what happened when we had a lazy politician in the White House between 2001 and 2009, and how this country fared.

    Now some Americans want a repeat?

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