The American People Warn Republicans: Don’t Shut Government Down Over Planned Parenthood

A new poll contains a strong warning to Republicans from the American people that they will pay if they shut the government down over funding for Planned Parenthood.

In a new CNN/ORC Poll, thousands of Americans were asked whether it was more important to pass a budget agreement that would avoid a government shutdown, or eliminate all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Seventy-one percent of Americans said that passing a budget agreement and avoiding a government shutdown was the most important priority. Only 22% of those polled suggested that eliminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood should be the top priority.

There is less support for a government shutdown now than there was in 2013. When the same poll asked if passing a budget agreement or cutting off the funds so that major provisions of the health care law didn’t take effect was the top priority, 60% responded that avoiding a government shutdown was the top priority. Thirty-four percent supported stopping the health care law from taking effect.

A strong message is being sent to Republicans who are insisting on shutting down the government unless federal funding for Planned Parenthood is cut off. If Republicans pursue this strategy and shut the government down, they will pay a heavy price for their actions.

The American people don’t want the government shutdown over Planned Parenthood, but this fact doesn’t matter to Sen. Ted Cruz. The Senator for Texas wants to use a government shutdown to jumpstart his flatlined campaign for the Republican nomination. Cruz is buried behind Donald Trump and Ben Carson in the polls. He is looking for a gimmick that put him back into the national spotlight.

Cruz raised millions of dollars off of the government shutdown in 2013, and he is looking to do the same in 2015. Sen. Cruz is leading Republicans down the path to destruction. The GOP should consider itself warned if they choose to push this doomed fight over Planned Parenthood.

44 Replies to “The American People Warn Republicans: Don’t Shut Government Down Over Planned Parenthood”

  1. Please proceed, Senator. You have NO support on this, and you will never be President. How about working FOR America for a change, instead of for your Daddy and the Kochs?

  2. The American people are political dummies! I suspect the majority of the people polled were white, and we all know how this demographic punished the GOP the last time they shut down the government: Gave them more seats in both Houses and control of the Senate. So excuse my cynicism regarding this poll. I don’t believe it

  3. Only 40 crazies want to shut down the government over this fight they cannot win. We all know the drunk one has no spine but where are his allies to tell the crazies to go to hell? I knew he is disliked but damn you mean the remainder of his caucus cant grow a pair?

  4. “Cut of funding for Planned Parenthood or the country gets it” while holding a gun to the nation’s head.

    Yeah, GREAT way to endear yourselves to the national population, you stupid bunch of economic terrorists.

  5. Delusional Cruz truly thinks he is smarter than anyone else. He is disliked by both sides, but does he care? Nope, he only answers to gawd, oops, I meant his creep of a daddy. And wake up Texas repugs, he could not care less about you. You were just the stepping stone to dominate the country with his jackass religion.

  6. Typical behavior of a hostage taking terrorist. The FBI and DHS should classify Ted Cruz as a domestic terrorist and enemy combatant along with anyone who goes along with him on this.

  7. I visit a counselor who works in the same building where Cruz’s office is. In fact, he works on the same floor. One afternoon, after finishing my appointment, I ran into a pretty Latina woman waiting for the elevator.

    I told her, “If I were you, I wouldn’t go down that hallway…”

    She asked why.

    “Because that’s where Ted Cruz is and if he catches you, you may never see America again.”

    We both laughed. But still. Sir Cruz-a-lot is going to lose-a-lot. He should quit buggering the system to inflate his market profile.

  8. If you guys think those bastards give a rat’s ass about what “We The People” want, you’re out of your ever-loving minds.

    The majority of Americans wanted some type of gun control or reform after 20 babies and 7 adults were gunned down in Newtown at Sandy Hook too.

    Yeah. They’re scared shitless.

  9. Sounds about right. 22% of America…that’s the number of those brainwashed by the extremists on the Right. Sad that there are that many stupid and ignorant people here….

  10. Yvonne, exactly. Since when has the GOP given a rat’s a*s what the American people want? All they want to do us the OPPOSITE of what we want. Your example of gun control is a perfect example.

    They are so hell bent on demolishing everyone but the 1% and Cruz is an psychopath.

  11. On Miss America Contest last night, one question: Should we De-Fund Planned Parenthood? The Contestant said, “No, PP helps so many women and abortion is a very small part of that”.
    The crowd roared in approval!

  12. You really don’t want to know, either. The truth of what Ted is annointed as King of is literally scary on biblical proportions.

  13. Methinks Cruz still owes We the People about $24 billion from the last government shutdown. Don’t think he’s making payments on that.

  14. And you can bet that every damned one of that 22% vote. The shame of it is that the rest of the country can’t be bothered enough to be engaged in what’s happening in this country.

  15. I wouldn’t mind them shutting down the government, they just keep shutting down the wrong parts. if they just shut themselves down and only got paid for work actually performed, that would provide billions in a very short time as Republicans never work so all their salaries could go back into the budget. Republicans-in case you are confused-working for America is actually getting things done for all citizens, not just yourselves and the Koch brothers.

  16. wow. when was the last time any republican actually contributed to America and had a decent idea or two to offer? this is sad. we truly need to crush the GOP next year and remove as many as possible.

  17. wasn’t the planned parenthood video completely debunked and the filmers themselves admitted it was a doctored and falsified report and investigations have been completed that show no evidence of any kind of wrongdoing?

  18. funniest thing ever when teddy cruz was blocked from going up on stage with kim davis by one of Huckabee’s paid goons. priceless.

  19. Where is the outrage about what these Republicans are doing? Why aren’t we in the streets demanding an end to this nonsense? What does this say about us as a country that this right-wing foolishness is being allowed to destroy us?

  20. If Republicans pursue this strategy and shut the government down, they will pay a heavy price for their actions! Let’s ALL soldier on!! Your voice will be heard if we all text, fax, email, mail and call our wants to each of our representatives in Washington! Start today and continue this until a budget is passed! Let’s ALL soldier on!!

  21. And many who want to are impeded by the Republicans’ voter suppression laws and dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

  22. I know it’s hard to believe but people have had enough. Especially in the Republican party people are backing any old crazy person rather than anyone representing the same Republican party they have supported in the past. Shutting down the government will be a continuation of the same actions that got them into trouble in the first place

  23. Those 22% are cruzs’ hard core base, and therefore the only people he panders to… he will shut down the government.
    Let’s agree to remind the sane voters at every opportunity nonstop until election day

  24. Speaker John Boehner says he’s not worried about his political future, but the Ohio Republican’s fate has become an overwhelming obsession of House Republicans. His backers believe Boehner is being “blackmailed” by conservative hard-liners into supporting a government shutdown. His critics insist they just want their leader to do the right thing.

    The latest flash point for Boehner is the controversy over federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Hard-line conservative Republicans want Boehner to do whatever it takes to shut off funding for the group, even if it means a shutdown. They’re vowing to vote against any spending bill that allows such funding to continue.

    The warning to Boehner is obvious: The speaker can either do what they want on Planned Parenthood, or they’ll force a vote to replace him. […]

    “There’s a fuse burning, and things are going to blow up soon,” added a GOP lawmaker close to Republican leaders. “It’s not if it will blow up. The only question is when.”

  25. Republicans didn’t pay at the voting booth for their forced government shutdown last time. As a matter of fact the GOP recorded a midterm shellacking to the Democratic party nationwide. Why would this shutdown be any different for the GOP?

  26. I blame Steve Israel who is gone and Debbie Wasserman Shultz for that. They didn’t contest over 30 seats we could have won because the rethugs were their friends

  27. Well, the shutdown is as good as a done deal now!

    No one tells the GOTP what they should and should not do. No one!

  28. Government Shutdown: These Crazy Bastards Might Do It Again
    The cries of “What about the babeeeez?” get louder and louder as the delusional dogs of the right and their opportunistic fleas demand that no more government tax dollars go to Planned Parenthood. Even as the fake organization that set up a fake sting to get fake videos to fake a scandal release yet another bullshit tape that purports to show skeevy activity, motherfuckin’ true believers are takin’ it to the motherfuckin’ wall. Government shutdown, bitches, rather than give tax money to an organization that spends even a red cent on making baby jerky or whatever it is they’re accused of. – See more at:

  29. Even though the Republicans are getting blamed for shutting down the gov’t, the only thing that they won’t agree to is the funding of Planned Parenthood. The Democrats in the house and senate will not agree to the budget if this clause is not included and President Obama will veto any budget that does not include this funding. I think that is pretty narrow minded. Harvesting baby parts from abortions in my opinion is unethical, especially if the baby is alive. Animal activists are against using animals for science, but not babies. I don’t think this is right.

  30. Your opinion? All that means you are an dumbass. No baby parts were harvested. It was fetal tissue which even your dumbass candidate Ben Carson has used for his research to treat the brain. You are one stupid fuk who should not be allowed to reproduce lest you taint the gene pool

  31. It will be the democrats shutting down the government . They will blame the republicans . I think they American people are smarter then that . We have been waiting for them to use the power they have ! Instead of fold like weak cowards ! I believe these polls are rigged ! This is not the opinion or voice if the people ! Shut it down if you have to ! Use your power ! It is way past time ! Look at the mess the republicans have allowed the democrats to put America in ! Yes I am angry so are at least half the Americans !

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