GOP Woes In California Continue As No Senate Candidate Polls Above 10 Percent

The Republican Party in California is in sad shape, as Democrats control all eight major statewide offices and both U.S. Senate seats in the Golden State. A recently released USC Dornsife/Los Angeles Times poll suggests that the GOP’s political drought in California is likely to continue, as no Republican candidate polls better than 10 percent in the U.S. Senate race to succeed Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

The USC/LA Times poll found a potentially competitive primary race brewing between Democratic Attorney General Kamala Harris and U.S. House Rep. Loretta Sanchez. Harris polled at 26 percent, with Sanchez polling at 17 percent support. However, the top two Republican candidates were way behind, with former state Republican chairman Tom Del Beccaro polling just 10 percent, and GOP Assemblyman Rocky Chavez (AD-76) polling at 9 percent support.


The Republican Party was always considered a long shot to claim the Senate seat being vacated by Boxer. However, their inability to make the race even marginally competitive is a contrast to 2010, when Carly Fiorina ran a credible campaign, staying close in the polls to Boxer before eventually losing by a 52.1 to 42.3 percent margin.

Because California runs all candidates in a single multi-party primary where the top two vote-getters advance to the general election, the Republicans could be completely shut out of even fielding a candidate for U.S. Senate in November 2016.


Harris and Sanchez are both political heavyweights from California’s strong Democratic bench. The Republicans have no candidates that appear to have any realistic chance of cracking the top two in the June primary.

The California Senate race already appears to be shaping up as a run off between Harris and Sanchez, and from a national perspective, either candidate is a clear victory for the Democratic Party. The sooner they vanquish the feeble GOP opposition, the quicker the DSCC can put a check mark by California, and focus their resources on Senate races in other states. The primary election is still several months away, but all signs point to the Republican Party being knocked out of the California Senate race in June. 


12 Replies to “GOP Woes In California Continue As No Senate Candidate Polls Above 10 Percent”

  1. not gloating or anything but its really nice to live in a sane state… even if we do shake burn and have to drink whiskey instead of water…

  2. Absolutely! Being surrounded by informed/intelligent, Political-Savvy Fellow Americans is like Heaven.

    I’ll take ALL the Calamities of California Just to daily encounter Clear-Thinking, Caring-Individuals who are on the same-wave-length.

    Last night, when I heard the Miss American Pageant question to one contestant:

    “Should Planned Parenthood be Unfunded?”
    And the young girl said, “No, PP does so many important things for girls/women…least of all Abortions”
    The audience applause was strongly in appreciation!
    It made me think: Maybe there is hope and sanity really is coming our way!

  3. everything we say or do is meaningless unless we vote approx. 14 months from now. start thinking about election 2016. the holidays will be here before you know it and all of a sudden it will be 2016. get ready. America will make conservatives and republicans an endangered species in government next year and send a loud, clear message to the rightwing and religious phanatics who have waged war on America and the constitutuion.

  4. I find SO many appealing things about Cali. But the bottom line has always been that Sunny doesn’t do earthquakes. My thinking is that I can run from and/or take shelter from almost all natural disasters, but there isn’t a damn thing I can do about the ground opening up and swallowing my ass whole! :D

    If the rest of the country gets any crazier though I may have to reconsider. [wink]

  5. Born and raised Californian here – and happy to vote for Kamala Harris to succeed Senator Barbara Boxer next year!

    Loretta Sanchez is a little too conservative for my taste.

  6. Conservative doesn’t mean quite what it used to. When GOP loses the ’16 executive election can you imagine their plan to back a more “conservative” candidate in 2024?

  7. This is the byproduct of former Republican Governor Pete Wilson’s support of former Republican State Senator of Monrovia Ca.Dick Mountjoy wrote up Proposition 187, denying education and medical to undocumented immigrants, including their U.S. born children, in violation of federal law. They called it SOS or Save our State.

    By doing so, this turned the Latino and Asian voters as well as many of the white voters away from the Republican Party. The end result? A powerful Blue State emerged and the Republican party fading fast.

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