Scott Walker Commits Political Suicide By Promising To Step Up His War On American Workers

scott walker
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has dipped to 2 percent support in the latest Washington Post-ABC News national poll of the GOP presidential race. With his poll numbers in free fall, Walker has decided to step up his war on American workers. Walker is hoping to use attacks on unions and working class Americans as a way to reinvigorate the Republican base. The Governor hopes his anti-worker message will restore his popularity with the GOP voters who have abandoned him in droves since mid-summer.

The Wisconsin Governor has earned a reputation for being anti-worker, but because of his flagging poll numbers, Walker is trying to revive his campaign by reminding America just how anti-worker he can be. Running against American workers seems a dubious strategy at best. However, Walker’s success in winning elections in Wisconsin despite supporting virulently anti-union policies, may have given him reason to believe that running against workers is a way to win elections.

Walker plans to unveil his “new, improved” anti-worker plan on Monday at a town hall meeting in Las Vegas. Walker’s plan calls for eliminating the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and for making it illegal for federal workers to form labor unions. In addition, he wants to pass a national so called “right to work” law, in an effort to weaken unions nationwide.

Furthermore, Walker’s proposal calls for repealing Barack Obama’s executive order requiring  employers to pay overtime to some salaried workers. Walker also plans to reverse laws that require certain employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees.

Scott Walker does not seem to understand why he has dropped to just two percent support in the national polls. He has spent the past five years carrying water for the Koch brothers and other billionaires, and now with his poll numbers circling the drain, his solution is to double down by stepping up his attacks on American workers.

The Koch brothers and the plutocrats in the Republican Party will love Scott Walker’s new plan to escalate the war against the nation’s working class. However, GOP voters in Nevada, New Hampshire and Iowa, might not be nearly as receptive. For the conservative union truck driver, the right-wing middle manager at McDonald’s, and the evangelical church secretary who needs time off to recover from an illness, Scott Walker’s ideas are not going to be well received.

Not every Republican shares Governor Walker’s contempt for working class Americans. By intensifying his war on paid sick leave, overtime pay and union organizing, Walker may impress a few GOP donors with deep pockets. However, with rank and file voters, the Wisconsin Governor is essentially committing political suicide. A campaign that bets against the American worker is a campaign that is placing a losing bet. Scott Walker should cash in his chips, cut his losses, and follow Texas Governor Rick Perry out the GOP exit door, instead of continuing his mean-spirited crusade against America’s workers.

33 Replies to “Scott Walker Commits Political Suicide By Promising To Step Up His War On American Workers”

  1. I doubt the majority of the GOPTea base will be able to move beyond their “everything we do is exceptional!” mentality and admit that this guy is not just a Koch-puppet but a soulless monster.

  2. The GOP sadists will think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. Corporations will love him.

    He is a POS. He must be desperate because if he does not please Koch…uh oh..his gravy train is coming to a cliff!

  3. The man has not committed political suicide, he still has 2%, this guy is a cat with more lives than anyone can count. The political equivalent of Dr. Who.

  4. His war in WI against unions was not fought with a vote it was a back door attack that the people were against that he did anyway and his poll numbers are tanking at home too.

  5. the best part of this, is the kochs thought they would be in the show runners seat for all the primaries. trump has out trumped the kochs, and none of the bagmen in the RNC, know what to do. the kochs i am sure, are going to have a serious sit down with donny, and the deal will be HUGE.

  6. If the deal is, “All right, Donny, you can be the candidate, but you have to take our veep,” I hope Donny has the sense to know the rat he smells is not the one on his head.

  7. (to be read or spoken with the voice of David Attenborough) Ahhhh the Scottimus Walkidoodle. A creature that seems to think it is the only one that matters when in fact if were not for bigger scavengers, it would be a footnote in biology. Not very intelligent, it tends to hand around more powerful of its kind, taking handouts and giving the impression that it is in total control, when actually it is mere puppet, a tool of the more powerful family of Kockismajor. The Scottimus will flit from one area of a country to another, spewing vile and noxious sounds, all the while it thinks that smarter animals (us) are listening and paying attention. When it thinks that it is threatened or ignored, it will regurgitate sounds that helped it before, not realizing that the louder it gets the more foolish it appears. It is easily recognized by a dull look in the eyes and a flubbery lower lip. And next up, a more delightful creature that we call the skunk.

  8. The Koch Brothers and their like want to sneak Walker into the Presidency to reduce employees’ rights, salaries, and benefits, but how do they get someone with such a vicious creepy personality as Scott Walker elected?

  9. This guy’s every bit of Wile E. Coyote. Super genius. Super, super, genius well polished. He cain’t guvun’, he’s a genius. At what I have no idea. Boom!!

  10. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t wait to see walker slink off to the hole from which he came. The shame is that he won’t have learned any real lessons from his failed campaign, because republicans never learn.

  11. Trump doesn’t need the Koch’s money and they know it. That’s what is making the Kochs so angry right now. Trump has pulled the rug out from under them. They thought their money would buy this election for their chosen one.

  12. I think the Kochs may want to refocus their cash on someone else while there is still time. Rubio may be the benefactor. He’s slightly more intelligent, but pliable.

  13. John Nichols at The Nation:

    The measure of Walker’s political immaturity has not come in his missteps and fumbles. Few candidates jump onto the national stage with perfect grace, and if Trump’s run has proven anything, it is that this year’s Republican electorate is more than ready to forgive an over-the-top line or a misguided move.
    Rather, the measure of Walker’s political immaturity has come in this electoral careerist’s inability to evolve his message beyond his comfort zone. […]

    In Walker’s imagination, if he can just be anti-labor enough he will be able to renew his candidacy. The problem for Walker, and for anti-union zealots in general, is that few Americans—be they Democrats or independents or Republicans—are so fiercely opposed to the right to organize and collectively bargain that all other issues become secondary.

  14. …I don’t think this bastard will win anything else…in Wisconsin OR Nationwide…one o’ the absolutely worst slimey excuses for a human being I’ve EVER seen Weasel Kochsucker is the most blatantly corrupt pol I’ve seen,{he may be tied with the Boner} since Nixon…

  15. WOW!
    Talk about pouring gasoline all over yourself and striking a match.

    Walker’s ambitious program of pauperizing the working people are going to fly like a lead balloon.

  16. …or perchance…a Led Zeppelin???
    {{{falls off chair laughing,hits head on desk,now lying on floor laughing and swearing}}}

  17. I fervently hope Walker is committing political suicide. It would be some small measure of payback for the political homicide he’s been committing in Wisconsin for the last five years.

  18. What is up with Wisconsin? How can it be that charming farm state Wisconsin is immersed in the epitome of evil in our times- the likes of Scott Walker, Paul Ryan both of whom would just as soon kill all the poor people and the union members as look at them. Is there something in the water? The nation needs to expunge the evil in Wisconsin.Great articles on Walker. I pray to God that Russ Feingold is able to turn Wisconsin back tonormalcy. Susan in Iowa.

  19. Corporate Raiding Techniques as applied to States.

    They are wrecking absolutely everything that IS Wisconsin, maybe so super rich people can feel safe here, while building lavish estates in what used to be our State Parks.

  20. Scotty is a simplistic Kochs’ sucker and has been since he started. it doesn’t help that he wants to gut WI to give the guys who own the Bucks a massive infusion of funding to buy them a Stadium/Arena using state money…

  21. maybe we could watch him immolate himself for real.. I’d donate a dollar for a gallon of gas and drop a lighter on his shoes…

  22. It would be very nice to think his rating drop is due to his anti worker stance. However his very anti worker stance in wi won him a recall and general election and made him a national hero among conservatives. I’m afraid the drop is more due to the appeal (I don’t pretend to know how they can be appealing) of other candidates. I however heartily welcome Anything that brings him down as well deserved Karma.

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