Senator Sanders’ Criticism Of President Obama Is Baseless Historical Revision


Revisionists are advocates of doctrines, practices, or history that depart from established facts; generally to create a narrative to enhance a particular position or personal standing. Over the past six years, there has been an explosion of revisionism unique to conservatives, religious fanatics, and teabaggers longing for an era that never existed in America. Some of the astonishing revisionist histories being promoted as if factual is that god almighty wrote the Constitution and Jesus hand delivered it to the Founding Fathers; George W. Bush personally hunted down Osama bin Laden and shot him dead; and Barack Obama failed to protect New Orleans’ residents from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

At this juncture, revisionist history has become such an integral part of the conservative movement that it is expected from Republicans, teabaggers, and religious fundamentalists, but it is not something one expects to hear from any politician on the left. However, that does not mean it could never happen. In fact, one socialist “in name only” running for the Democratic nomination for president is revising the history of Barack Obama’s Presidency. Now, if it was just a one-time occurrence, it could be put down to a silly gaffe, but it has happened more than once.

According to Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, although he say he has “a lot of respect for President Obama,” he claims the President made a major mistake after “running one of the great campaigns in American history.” Sanders said “The biggest mistake that Barack Obama made was essentially to tell his supporters, ‘Thank you very much for electing me, I’ll take it from here.’ I will not make that mistake.” The bizarre charge against the President has apparently become an important part of his “feel the Bern” stump, and he has repeated that claim several times; including on MSNBC’s “All In with Chris Hayes” where he took the time to explain how he will not repeat President Obama’s “biggest political mistake.”

Senator Sanders said, “I happen to have a lot of respect and affection for Barack Obama. Biggest political mistake that he made is after his brilliant campaign in 2008, he basically said to the millions of people who supported him, thanks for getting me elected, I will take it from here. I will not make that mistake. If I’m elected president, we’ll be directly involved and working with millions of people who will tell the billionaire class their day is over, they’re not going to get it all. They`re going to start paying their fair share of taxes. We are going to create millions of jobs. We are going to raise the minimum wage. Wall Street will pay a tax on speculation whether they like it or not because millions of people now will be involved in the political process.”

First and foremost, one is stunned at the wisdom, or lack thereof, of Senator Sanders insulting the man whose supporters he or any Democrat desperately needs to win the nomination for president and the general election. Or that the night of the 2008 election, and several times each week since that night, President Obama actually sends out regular messages to his supporters keeping them apprised of what his Administration is doing, and intends to do, as well as encouraging them to badger their congressional representatives to support the President’s agenda. It is typical among the President’s supporters and Organizing For Action members to have received, literally, several hundred emails calling for support for the President’s agenda. As much as one might respect Senator Sanders, “failing to directly engage millions of voters is not a valid complaint” against the Obama Administration; it is revisionist history.

As a matter of pure fact, and not revisionism, President Obama has made unprecedented strides in direct outreach to the public that both the media and Republicans never stop complaining about. One understands that every candidate probably needs something to criticize the person they yearn to replace, but “of all the criticisms Sanders could possibly make against President Obama, that he has not been engaged with voters is the most baseless one possible.” As many pundits have noted, the biggest criticism against the President is that he has not ‘played the inside the Beltway‘ game very well and depends on millions of grass roots’ supporters.

Senator Sanders’ proposals if he is elected president are a progressive’s wet dream, but they are not anything President Obama has not already called for in public and from his “millions of supporters.” What seems odd, frankly, is that Senator Sanders and his “feel the Bern” supporters are ignorant of the history of the President’s first two years in office when he enjoyed a Democratic majority in the House and Senate. It did not matter what the President attempted to accomplish, it was a major fight to get Democrats on board no matter if it was financial reform, healthcare reform, closing Guantanamo, or ending tax cuts for the rich.

For a Bernie Sanders to get his agenda passed, he would need at least 70 or 80 Democrats in the Senate and 300 in the House and even then there are no guarantees he could get single payer healthcare enacted, raise taxes on the billionaire class, raise the minimum wage, or pass any kind of campaign finance reform. With those lofty goals in this political climate, about the only thing any candidate making promises is going to achieve is a repeat of the 2010 midterms when “Emoprogs” stayed home because they believed President Obama failed to grant their every wish; most of which the President never promised to fulfill.

As a few objective political observers have noted to extreme condemnation from the “feel the Bern” crowd, Senator Sanders is going to need every demographic’s electoral support and not just white progressives. Although Sanders finally devised a policy to address issues raised by the “Black lives matter” groups, his next move was drafting Dr. Cornel West as his Black lives matter outreach guy and surrogate on the campaign trail. Dr. West is one of the “most unhinged” Obama critics and it is curious why Sanders tapped him to garner support from African Americans who overwhelmingly supported the President.

For a secular humanist, and staunch progressive, there is very little not to like about Senator Sanders’ agenda. However, as a realist, there is very little a prospective ‘president Sanders’ will get accomplished without an overwhelming Democratic majority in Congress; a majority that Sanders or any other Democrat will never get criticizing President Obama; especially for not reaching out to his supporters. This is particularly true because there is nothing Bernie Sanders is proposing that Barack Obama has not called for from Congress, the public, and his millions of staunchest supporters throughout his tenure in the White House.

It is disgusting when Republicans, religious fanatics, and teabaggers revise history, but it has come to be expected as a matter of course. However, it is disappointing when a Democratic socialists does it and frankly it leads one to wonder where Senator Sanders has been for the past six years, or why he does not know his criticism of President Obama is both baseless and just another case of historical revisionism.

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  1. I was and still am a Obama supporter now Bernie Sanders and if you cant face mistakes you cant fix them. Obama should have listened to those whom voted him instead he was trying to make republicans happy all the while alienating us and leaving us powerless.

  2. Senator Sanders is accurate. POTUS did not translate the movement that got him elected into a movement that could have enacted a more progressive legacy. There was no call for marches. There was no call for a grassroots movement on behalf of the people. While I would never criticize what Obama has managed to accomplish, he likely could have been considerably more effective if he had asked for the people to back him in a demonstrative manner.

  3. What most people, including Sen Sanders, do not realize is that a candidate knows X amount about how to govern a country going into an election. Once he or she wins, they know X times a million. Many, MANY times that knowledge means what you promised your followers on the campaign trail can NOT be fulfilled. Running for office is vastly different than running a country and if Sanders wins he will do exactly the same thing as Obama. Reality will hit him square upside the head and he will KNOW what Obama learned when he was elected. For one thing, when elected, a president is in charge of running the country for EVERYONE, not just the people who voted for him.
    Talk is worth the paper it is written on and NO ONE can do all he or she promises.

  4. Very good piece R Muse! It seems as though he is trying to nicely suggest that President Obama gave everyone the finger after elections. I think he should have a chit-chat with Alison Lundergan Grimes about what happens when one is critical of a President who has worked so hard, against all the forces of evil he has faced, to deliver a MUCH better country than we had 7 years ago. I don’t understand this tactic at all. Then accepting the endorsement of Cornel West? I’m shaking my head.

  5. …Bernie is right…as far as he went.
    …thing is, whilst Prez Obama did a LOT for Wall Street, he DID go as far as Congress would let him on Main Street…
    …so it ain’t like our Prez got elected {and RE-elected} then said well I’m in, now go sit in the corner while the Grownups work.”

  6. Seriously? The GOP met the very first day our new President was in office, vowing in writing to block every damn thing he wanted. Then you had Dems running away from new policy, regardless of how many letters we wrote or rallies we held. And you wanted the new black President, in the middle of winter, to call on people to march on DC? Oh, the media would have had a blast with that. President Obama was busy talking with GOP leaders about the ACA, and changing things to appeal to their ignorant selves. He was busy trying to get support for closing Gitmo, and you had Dem Governors balking at holding prisoners on their states. How would marches have helped exactly? And seeing what we have seen with BLM and other movements, with the police going crazy and the RW media calling people rapists and murderers, and RW ammosexuals showing up with loaded military weapons at your local Kroger, what do you want? The RW may be unemployed and getting SNAP and have time on their hands; liberals work.

  7. Seriously?! Not accomplished much, you’re crazy. President Obama faced the worst obstructionism in history and still managed to get a lot done. As far as demonstrations and marches, would the white racists in this country hope for anything less than chaos? Our first African American President knew that was not how to get things done. He tried to work with republicans but when, on day one they announce their desire to screw you over, what are you supposed to do? This stunt by Sanders to get attention just solidified my Hillary vote.

  8. That is ludicrous. It was his mobilization of ‘people power’ that got ACA passed, and he has listened and acted upon our issues in part through the petition system online and from grassroots organizing WE did around our concerns.

    He never catered to the GOP but negotiated incredibly good outcomes including budget ones that protected essential programs and won huge victories for others. We got an end to DOMA, DADT, etc. through his work with us to make those changes.

    If you did not become engaged in any of that, via OFA or any other means, it’s on you, not on this president who has reached out to us over and over. It takes work, not armchair feel goods, to make democracy work. We did it. So might have you.

  9. is dead wrong on this one. Obama did take the election then bailed out the banks with no restrictions or consequences. This is NOT what the people wanted. WE wanted accountability. We did not get it and now the mess has gotten worse. Shame on you for reporting BS as news. Get the facts straight!

  10. This is EXACTLY how I feel and how Hillary locked up my vote. Sanders is peddling like Trump just on a different side. (Not saying he’s as crazy Trump but you get me.) I refuse to vote for him. He’s just telling people what they want to hear and it’s sickening. Stupid people love having no accountability.

  11. You can be sure that if Sanders wins the nomination, the opposition will be ramping up all the ugliness and hate-filled fear of “socialism” (aka communism) they can possibly muster, and certainly Trump will be the biggest and loudest in his lies and condemnation. The worst and I mean absolute worst that could happen to American politics is a Sanders vs Trump Presidential run. And knowing a bit about the psyche of Americans, I’m quite sure that Trump would win.

  12. I think you have proven Bernie to be right. He cannot do it, just like Obama, with out millions of Americans supporting him while in office by marching, rallying, and holding those establishment Dems accountable.

  13. The one question that millions of children are dying to know. Will President Obama or any of presidential candidates “Feed the World First”? Will the President take a bold action and stop “Endless Wars” and protect the children? Will the President ignore the Republican Congress and save 44% of our children, about 31.8 million children from being raised in poverty. Will the President ignore the Republicans and save the 23.4% or 7.4 million children living in EXTREME POVERTY on less than $2.00 a day, many suffering from brain damage and PTSD? Will the President stop the Pentagon War Machine using the money to “Feed the World First”? Will the President allow the Congress to continue giving trillions of dollars to the rich, corporations and bankers, instead of “Feeding the World First”? Will the people demand our leaders to stop the “Endless War” and instead ‘”Feed the World”?

  14. Sanders is so tone deaf towards the black community that he has Cornell West introducing him
    Some of what West has said about the President

    “[T]oo many black people are ni**erized. I would say the first black president has become the first ni**erized black president.” – June 2015

    “You got these black leaders on the Obama Plantation, won’t say a criminal word about the master in the big house. Will only try to tame the field folk so that they’re not critical of the master in the big house.” – July 2013

  15. Correct. President Obama has a history of running to the people to stump an issue case by case, but in the overall scheme of Obama’s administration, even the democrat Senators quietly stated that they were outsiders after President Obama was elected. He most certainly did get into the White House and he and David Axelrod, and Rahm Emmanuel and others closest to Obama made all the decisions and a lot of what president Obama tried to do in that first term failed because he didn’t know who to trust. Learning curve.

  16. What rallies did POTUS organize? When did he ask WE, the people to get his back? When did he ask us to march on DC for the ACA? When did these things happen?

    I’m not faulting the POTUS in the least. But, let’s be honest with ourselves. POTUS did not ask for our help once he was elected. If he had, our grassroots would have been able to counter the Tea Party movement handily. But they were far more organized then our side was. They had rallies. They had spirited town halls. That is what a movement looks like. We did not have that on our side and it’s dishonest to say that we did.

    It’s time to start thinking critically. It’s unseemly for our side to chase centrism at the cost of the party’s soul. There is no more time for comfortable lies.

  17. You was going to March on DC for the ACA. Do you really believe in your heart that Max Baucus, Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman would have you your single payer? You Bernie supporters are as ignorant as teabaggers when it comes to politics

  18. Bernie Sanders’ biggest problem will be his followers, who have surpassed Ron Paulites in insanity and hero worship. He needs to shed them and take in the Party and the people as a whole.

    I’m sure he’s a great guy, and he’s running a better campaign than Hillary is so far, but he’s got weight on him.

  19. The President has been relentless in calling for Americans to step up to make this country better. He has stated he cannot do these things on his own, that all of us must act. You can find his exhortations to all of us to act in nearly every speech, every weekly address, every OFA email.

    I respect Senator Sanders as an upright and honorable man, but that was an exceptionally stupid and ignorant statement for him to make.

    I have no problem with a candidate espousing views that I degree with, but ignorance of the facts is less acceptable.

    All he did was play into the ignorant myth/meme that the President is “aloof.”

  20. Maple, the thought of a Trump as Pres. is just way to scary to even think of. You are right about what the thugs will do to a Sanders run.. Regardles of who the Dem candidate is the thugs will, again decide NOT to work with him or she, for the good of the country. THEY think only of their pockets and war!!!Their wetting their pants in anticpation of another war.

  21. Excellent and eyeopening article – for those who haven’t bothered to do any opposition research on Senator Sanders.

    Also to note, Senator Sanders has a poor voting record since becoming senator. According to, he has the worst voting record of all senators!

    From Jan 2007 to Sep 2015, Sanders missed 83 of 2,760 roll call votes, which is 3.0%. This is worse than the median of 1.6% among the lifetime records of senators currently serving.

    Sanders’ income last year as senator was $174,000. His presidential campaign spokesman, Michael Briggs, explained that Sanders took in another $39,281 from S.S. benefits, and $4,982 from his Burlington mayoral pension for a grand total of $218,263. BUT he gave $150 to state programs benefiting children, the environment, and veterans. Wow. Doesn’t look he puts his money where his mouth is.

  22. How do you figure?

    Sanders has consistently criticized President Obama for not doing what he’s actually been doing since his inauguration in Jan. 2009. So he’s been lying – and he continues to lie.

    Unlike you, it appears, I’m an OFA member, and I’ve been inundated with e-mails and calls to action all throughout President Obama’s six years. So Sanders is talking out of his neck.

    Just like he talks out of his neck about helping the poor when, with an annual income of $218k, he only donated $150 spread among THREE State charities: benefiting children, the environment, and veterans.

    $150 is FAR LESS than I donate annually, and my income is less than half of Sanders’.

    Sanders is all talk, no action, and he’s also the laziest Senator in Congress (according to and his voting record).

    And now he wants to be president??

  23. TARP was approved by a Republican president, Mary Ellen. Get that straight.

    Second, thanks to President Obama, he turned what was left of TARP money into loans that banks had (and have)to pay back – something that wouldn’t have happened had McCain won.

    So stop the Obama-bashing and YOU get your facts straight.

  24. President Obama has a history of running to the people to stump an issue case by case, but in the overall scheme of Obama’s administration, even the democrat Senators quietly stated that they were outsiders after President Obama was elected.

    Um, first off, “democrat Senators”? It’s Democratic Senators.

    Second, it’s because President Obama turned to the people to get his agenda through that it pissed off a lot of Democratic Senators and House Reps. They feared for their re-election should the people rise up against them.

    So Bernie Sanders is LYING. And he continues to LIE. President Obama has turned to his constituents consistently in order to help him shepherd through almost impossible bills, but according to that lazy Socialist, President Obama didn’t? Democratic Senators beg to differ.

  25. This reads like a red herring attempt to downgrade Sanders with the obvious expectation that the voter naturally will turn to Clinton. Bernie’s criticism of the president’s failure to turn his mandate into a movement is valid and accurate. Much as I love the president, he has clearly been less than personally engaged in negotiating outcomes of major legislature, letting other do the heavy lifting, etc., but even that is not a criticism as much as an acknowledgement that his personality and style simply led him elsewhere, and he was still able to accomplish amazing things despite the horrific obstruction of the republicans. Bernie’s intention in pointing out the need for taking a mandate and solidifying it into a major movement is all about his understanding that the entrenched powers that make up th estates quo will not relent solely to a well meaning president unless the people are out and about i partnership with him demanding such change. he is not a revisionist, just an explaine…

  26. If you are not a member of some group, you never really heard Obama ask for help. most of us that elected him (twice) are not members of a group. Bernie has already asked for our help to elect a Congress that will work with him.

  27. He is a liar and his denigrating the greatest Progressive President since FDR will not win him the nomination and until you far left firebaggers realize that then you are doing him an disservice

  28. Obama had some extremely hard choices to make after he was elected in 2008. If he hadn’t decided to lend to Chrysler and GM, the automotive industry would have been dead and gone, with thousands upon thousands out of work then…..and now.

    In government, you have to balance so many things — the economy, the job situation, the health and welfare of citizens — before considering whether or not it will hurt your chances of getting re-elected. So many “advisors” told Obama not to try to introduce healthcare legislation, for example. His response was “Well, what are we here for, if not to try to make lives better for Americans?”

    For all of you who are complaining that Obama didn’t do all that he promised, just remember this: Sanders won’t be able to, either. I agree with Bernie on most things (being the Canuck socialist that I am!) but I suggest that his supporters toss the rose-coloured glasses and try to glance into the November ’16 future, and beyond…….

  29. I’m asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about real change in Washington … *I’m asking you to believe in yours.* Barack Obama

    But since you white liberals didn’t get your golden unicorns you stayed home during the mid-terms but its thee blah fault. GTFOH WITH THAT BULLSHIT

  30. Hillary is attacked everyday in every conservative media outlet and Bernie is left untouched. That simple fact alone should tell you who the Republicans fear and who they would like to run against.

  31. You’re not a member of the OFA, are you? Have you ever been? ALL Obama supporters became members of the OFA.

    As an OFA member, I’ve been inundated with e-mails and calls to action over the course of nearly seven years – even to this day. I’ve been asked to call my Senators and Congressman in order to help President Obama shepherd through the bills he was fighting for. I’ve also received those e-mails and calls to VOTE every two years, not four.

    So Bernie Sanders is LYING, and you’re excusing that lie.

    Let’s also not forget that President Obama and FLOTUS – no socialists – donated a quarter of their gross income to charities to the tune of $150 thousand dollars (2013).

    Sanders and wife donated a tiny $150 dollars spread over THREE State charities on an annual com income of $223,163 (2014).

    Yes, Senator Sanders is among the least wealthy of pres. candidates, but for a socialist concerned with inequality, he’s pretty stingy compared to President Obama …

  32. Senator Sanders is not right. He’s lying.

    And for a self-avowed socialist, he’s pretty stingy, too. I believe his motivation to get gov’t to pay for everything has a lot to do with his personal stinginess.

    President Obama and FLOTUS – no socialists – have donated a quarter of their gross income to charities to the tune of $150 thousand dollars (2013).

    Sanders and wife donated a tiny $150 dollars spread over THREE State charities on an annual income of $223,163 (2014).

    Pretty stingy for an avowed socialist, don’t you think?

    And yes, I know I’ve repeated the above in other posts here, but it must be repeated for those who refuse to see the glaring chasm between Sanders actions and his rhetoric.

    An old adage: Actions speak louder than words.

  33. Exactly, Michael.

    To know how to beat your opponent is to study their actions.

    They clearly want to run against Bernie Sanders because it’s their best chance of getting a Republican into the White House and possibly retaining power in the Senate.

    Hillary Clinton is being eviscerated in ALL U.S. (pro-GOP) Media because she’s a threat to that plan while Bernie Sanders is left unscathed – and even gets a LOT of camera time and print attention.

    This is the writing on the wall, and everyone not beholden to the GOP should heed that warning.

  34. From that article:

    Sanders’ August interview with Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s “Meet The Press,” also left questions. When Todd asked Sanders if he approved an email written by Marcus Ferrell, his African-American outreach director, in which he apologized for not meeting with Black Lives Matter activists, Sanders gave a flat response.

    “No, I don’t. I think we’re going to be working with all groups,” he said. “This was sent out without my knowledge.”

    Wow. Chuck Toad gave Sanders is “out” and the man just swatted it aside. Unbelievably naive.

  35. You know if Sanders won I wouldn’t put it past Schumer and the other pro business Democrats fund a no labels candidate to split the Democratic vote but I wouldn’t worry about that happening because Sanders will not win the nomination

  36. Most of those successes only came during his first two years, when he had a majority of Democrats in Congress. The rest came largely as he held the line, refusing to negotiate with terrorists– err– I mean the GOP, on the budget battles. Unfortunately, the public grew distasteful of all government, including the White House, as a result. To be fair, the GOP was, in part, catering to their racist base by blocking everything the president wanted to do, even if it was good for the country. Their number one goal was to deny Obama any kind of legacy. This is where Obama failed– in failing to appeal to the American people to rise up against Congress, and call them on their crap.

  37. That’s because there was no apology needed. Sanders was already bending over backwards to get his racial justice platform developed and delivered. He was already working with civil rights leaders on it. An apology admits fault. There was no fault to admit.

  38. Ever since President Obama was elected, very few (if any) Democratic senators/reps defended him against the GOP outrageous, disgusting insults and lies.

    NOT ONCE did Senator Sanders go on the senate floor to denounce the birth certificate people. NOT ONCE did he denounce those who claimed President Obama was unpatriotic, un-American, a Muslim.

    No- I’ll never vote for sanctimonious Sanders because he wouldn’t defend his president.

  39. So- please, tell me- how will President Sanders convince the GOP Senate and House to agree with his liberal agenda (BTW- the same agenda PBO has has these last 7 years)?

    Will he have rallies and speeches about the big bad Wall Street bankers? How does that translate into legislation that will PASS out of GOP committees, much less the House and/or Senate?

    No- Senator Sanders is a populist who has served in the Senate long enough to know how things work, and yet he deliberately leads his supporters into thinking “if only President Obama had cared about his followers, things would have been better.” His ignorance I could forgive, but his deliberate manipulation of his supporters is reprehensible.

  40. Obama talks a progressive game, but is mixed, at best. His efforts to pass TPP reveal his neo-liberal ties.

    Bernie will be the second coming of FDR.

  41. At the risk of being attacked, I’m going to put this out there anyway. I’m an Independent voter. I voted for President Obama both times and vote in every general election whether local, state or federal. I’m not a member of OFA and have never heard of it and it’s possible Senator Sanders and many others haven’t either. Calling Senator Sanders a liar, therefore is harsh and uncalled for. It is his and apparently some others’ opinion. Just because members of OFA were kept in the loop on what President Obama was doing, does not mean everyone should have known. Some of those non OFA members obviously felt left out and to lambaste them for that is kind of petty. As progressives, we shouldn’t act like regressive, hateful right wingers. We should be able to disagree on some things and discuss our differences without name calling. Leave that to the Republicans.

  42. So if he continues to embellish the Presidents record do you think the members of OFA the true base of the party will vote for him?

  43. Eyes Rolling….!!!!!…I Am So Frigging Sick of these FAKE ASS PSEUDO WHITE PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS Who Are Simply Becoming Gutless Reotards of that other Disgusting party Starting with the Initial “r.”…!!!!!…These Two groups are One in THE SAME..and Deserved to Be Slapped to Hell and Back and THEN SLAPPED AGAIN…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….This Pragmatic Black Male Will Proudly Be Pulling the Lever for Our Next President….Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton in 2016 WITHOUT HESITATION…!!!!…GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Yep. Bernie agrees with you.

    His flippant response to Chuck Toad’s question for a chance to stand with his minority outreach manager tells Blacks all they need to know about this particular candidate.

    Good luck trying to convince Black voters to “feel the Bern”. Instead, they feel “Berned”, and that’s why he won’t win their support, thereby forfeiting his chances to be the Democratic Party’s nom.

    He has no one else to blame but himself, Kevin. It was a very stupid move.

    But hopefully those lily-White younguns at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University will make up for the loss of the Black and Hispanic vote because he appears a heckuva lot less flippant with these reliable Republican voters than he’s been with African Americans.

  45. Any Democrat can vote for whichever candidate they choose. Being an Independent, I cannot vote in either primary due to my state’s law. I’ll happily vote for whichever candidate wins the Democrats’ primary since the Republican Party has turned extreme and unhinged and went totally off the tracks a couple decades ago. I’m just saying that as progressives, we should by all means discuss our differences, but as adults, without the chips on our shoulders and resorting to name calling and insults. What you call embellishment, I see as his opinion. It seems unless you were a member of a special group, you weren’t privy to the President’s agenda and might have seen his actions in a different light. That is my understanding of it. Overall, I think the President has done astounding things especially given the toxic atmosphere generated by the right and the MSM over the last seven years.

  46. Or his ‘yea” vote for the amendment to the 2006 Homeland Security Appropriations bill that shielded Minutemen from the Mexican gov’t’s ability to warn their people about that unsanctioned, vigilante movement hunting – err – patrolling the southern border and who were murdering their people – and Mexican Americans alike.

    Yep. He’ll surely endear himself to them.

  47. Sanders isn’t a revisonist at all, you just don’t understand what he’s referring to and have given a poorly argued knee-jerk defence of Obama.

    Sanders talks about building a movement to pressure elites for the change he describes in his platform. He recognizes that serious social and economic change has only occurred in this country when a large number of citizens became involved in movements, like the civil rights, labor, womens, LGBT, and anti-Vietnam movements.

    Obama never appealed to supporters to get involved on this level even while the tea party was storming and disrupting the meetings of elected officials. Sanders criticism is on spot and shame on you for misrepresenting what Sanders has said and Obama’s actions.

  48. You have some good points; nonetheless, your orthography indicates you are advising us from beyond de fence.

  49. Some ‘stunt’. The fact remains, however, that the Democrats LOST the House in 2010 and then the Senate because they didn’t- no couldn’t – mobilize the base to support their pathetic neoliberal policies especially in the wake of the 2007/2008 deep recession. The Democrats had no problem bailing out Wall Street, but decided to let Main Street get the ‘trickle-down’ effect.

    This is what Sanders is talking about. And he’s right-on.

  50. I don’t see Sanders winning the nom. I just don’t. The numbers aren’t in his favor.

    That said, I wouldn’t put it past Schumer to do something as detrimental as that, either. Schumer is all about hedge fund managers and pro-business über alles.

    I hope to GOD my Senators are heeding my e-mails and calls NOT to support Schumer as Senate Majority Leader.

    Since you’ve already noted that Dick Durbin isn’t interested in that job, I hope another Dem savvy in senatorial procedure will get it other than Schumer.

    Any ideas on who would qualify, djchefron? Senator Patty Murray, maybe? She’s pretty savvy, and we’ll need a savvy Dem leader what with a RW-House of Reps for the foreseeable future.

  51. …still a horserace…Hillary jumped all the gates so far, and kicked the Congressional Teatard Coven in the nuts over non-existent ‘scandal’ ie “Server-Gate” Sanders IS falling behind for failing to support Prez Obamas victories and for failing to reach out to minorities…{{{Cornell West ain’t a leader, he’s a firebrand who ain’t happy unless he’s stirring up shit SOMEWHERE}}}

    …if he don’t have FAR more outreach to minorities…AA, Latinos, Native American tribes…{DO NOT ignore the Cherokee Nation and the Sioux Nation!!!} the Aleut tribes.,.then he’ll wind up a one-trick-pony with ONE excellent message…even the Millennials and Middle Aged White Guys will drop him then…

  52. If they didn’t know about it, then how involved could they be with millions in membership? How blind do pols have to be not to notice a grass roots lobby with millions in membership? I can tell you, OFA put the fear of gawd into the GOP. They have have made direct attacks on OFA and members.

  53. Many on liberal websites who “Feel the Bern” sound more like republicans whose visceral hatred for SOS Clinton is always on automatic pilot.

    Sick & damn tired of so-called Democrats, Liberals & Progressives who constantly bad-mouth Hillary with nary a loathsome word for the treasonous, deceitful, dangerous, hateful, racist or ignorant Republicans.

    Mrs. Clinton has been a proud Democrat since she saw the light in 1968. Whereas, Mr. Sanders has contemptuously eschewed putting a “D” behind his name until it became expedient for him to do so because, as he stated, there’s no difference between republicans & democrats.

    It’s extremely disturbing that many of Sanders’ supporters vow they’ll never vote for SOS Clinton & appear to want to stop her from becoming the nominee at all costs. Anyone absolutely, categorically and dead set against ANY republican becoming POTUS should gladly support SOS Clinton just as much, if not more than they would Senator Sanders.

  54. We knew from the get-go that Obama’s main goal in settling anything would be diplomacy and talks. The Republicans were having none of that and fought against everything he did or said. His mistake was in thinking eventually they would come around and compromise with him. He didn’t recognize their hatred and suspicion stemming from their racism. I called out loud many times for him to become a fighter and push back on his foes, but it wasn’t in him to do so. Now that he has just a little time left, he has become a fighter. He should have shown this side of himself much earlier.

  55. …from what I saw, it was Dem candidates running from Prez Obamas successes…people can tell a half-assed candidate…

  56. Those posting that Bernie is right sound more like GOPers – out of touch with technology & living in the world of dinosaurs & unicorns. That Obama didn’t ask us to march? Sounds like we have to explain new technology in that we do that via fingers — cell calls, emails/texts etc.

    I’ve not climbed on the ‘Bernie wagon’ as he clearly believes in unicorns too when you listen to various things said in his stump speeches. IMO He’s doing not much different than Trump — throwing unachievable ‘wish list’ out there & hope it sticks — with a super majority of Dems in Senate/House!! Won’t happen. Trump/GOP needs super majority GOP for their ‘wish list’ too.

    Cornel West — went to Ferguson & got arrested a few times doesn’t mean blacks are gonna follow Bernie. Personally I see West & Tavis Smiley as angry buffoons & mediawhores trying to stay relevant & wasting $$ donations.

    Remember – Bernie’s NOT a DEM. Some states you need to be Party registered to be on ballot!! He’s N…

  57. sanders’ comment seems designed to make people feel angry and betrayed. wouldn’t a better message be, “now that Obama has stabilized the economy, and taken huge first steps with health care and finance reform and reviving industry in America, let’s make sure we protect these gains and move ahead”? that way, you don’t divide supporters, and get Obama’s base on board. Hillary has done this, and that’s why I support her.

  58. I think this column was written to be deliberately inflammatory. I voted for Obama twice. I think Bernie is wrong to say that Obama hasn’t reached out to people enough, but that doesn’t make him a LIAR!!!!! the way some commentors are writing. Obama is an introvert (I’m an introvert, too; I don’t think it’s a bad thing), and I think it’s caused him problems in DC because he doesn’t glad-hand and back-slap everyone he interacts with. DC politics isn’t used to that kind of thing. It made him appear aloof to the insiders. I watched many of his Saturday morning video talks, and I’ve gotten plenty of mail, so I agree that he’s worked hard to seem approachable to us regular folks. However, to many people further up the food chain than I am, Obama does look aloof and cold. Hillary strikes me the same way (and that’s why she won’t get my vote. Go Bernie!)

  59. That Sanders has drafted Cornel West, Tavis Smiley must not be far behind.

    Shows you how much Sanders has actually listened to them — NOT.

    West has parachuted into Ferguson a few times to ‘get arrested’ — what I call a mediawhore looking for attention and relevance as he’s done nothing to help BlackLivesMatter.

    Can’t remember a thing the President has done that West & Smiley aka Frick & Frack — have agreed about. I too remember seeing them on various shows just dogging Obama — thought I was watching Black Baggers.

    I might add that all their running around the country talking — funny how we’ve heard nothing they’ve accomplished other than spending & wasting donated $$ as they won’t spend from their pockets.

    Should be more talk about Sanders NOT being a DEM — He’s not registered with the party.

  60. Where Kevin below responded back to your comment raising the issue of TPP & your response — have to say that Sanders is pretty light on knowledge of what’s in the TPP too as he ‘freely admitted’ on the Ed Show he had not read it. This was not that long ago when it was made available with restrictions they could not take aids in nor take notes. That sure sounds ‘Presidential’ when you’re campaigning for that position — NOT.

    Hmmm — sounds like GOP & ACA, etc. All the bluster spewing and they’ve not read the bills. It’s habitual.

  61. Remember all the doom and we all going to die when the President was working on the Iran deal? Well that only turned out to be the most comprehensive arms control deal in history. I trust my President than someone who is all talk but have shit to show for it even after spending over 25 years in Congress

  62. I don’t care. This article was written as click bait and while I’d like to engage with you, I don’t have high hopes.

    Emotionally based arguments are not for me. I’d rather engage with people who aren’t so threatened by alternate points of view.

  63. I don’t know here you have been for the past 6 1/2 years but wherever you were you weren’t paying attention.

    President Obama can’t just go out and lead marches or spend precious time trying to get people to support him.

    Any yet those of us who pay attention KNOW the he asked for the support of the voters many, many times.

    Have you ever read any of the newsletters from his office and OFA? Have you contributed to any of the Democrats who are running for office. Ever made any phone calls in support of President’s agenda? Anything?

    If you cared about the President’s and other Democrat’s agenda you would have tried to at least make the effort to be informed.

    It is very disappointing for supposed liberals/progressives to try and rewrite history to cover for their own ignorance.

    How embarrassing.

  64. I wish Obama could be given a third term, to ensure that his massive and excellent progress for the nation is fulfilled. However, it may not be possible. But I love Clinton and she will definitely be the closest thing to Obama that will continue his courageous steps to a better America than any other as President of America. Clinton has factual history for siding for the betterment of this country that the list of insignificant people up for nomination and as possible being President. Go Hillary Lovely Clinton!!! It is YOU that will WIN and continue and the hard work that President Obama has started. Love you Clinton and Obama!!! Kisses.

  65. We “elect” a President NOT a dictator (perhaps a bit debatable). Fortunately, in 2006 America was shocked at the mismanagement of the Iraq War and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House and Harry Reid became majority leader shortly thereafter.

  66. Obama is an introvert and Barack and Hillary are both “aloof and cold?” Really?

    I would question your sources on that chain.

  67. What a crock. Apparently the author has a failing memory. Not all of us have forgotten the president intentionally keeping single payer advocates out of the discussion on the ACA. Not all of us have forgotten that miserable toad Robert Gibbs sneering about “the professional left.” I cannot be the only one who remembers Obama, barely 10 days into his presidency, nominating far right GOP Senator Judd Gregg to be his Secretary of Commerce.

    This piece is aimed at getting Clintonistas all wound up. The same people who didn’t think Hillary was progressive enough to support in 2007/08 are now worshipping at her tarnished altar.

  68. BWDoneDeal ‏@theonlyadult · 1h1 hour ago
    Friend of mine unsubscribed from Sanders mailing list, was greeted with this message:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  69. Head hits desk. Are you really this brain dead? In what universe would Max Baucus allow single payer to pass? You do know it failed in Sanders own state because even wit ACA money they couldn’t afford it. I swear you firabaggers are hilarious

  70. This is where I think Hillary’s experience would pay off. If nothing else, she has been exposed to the Presidency and its inner workings, foreign policy on an intimate level along with her experience in the Senate.
    Add to these things the last 20 years of fighting off the GOP/Tea Party slander machine and I think she is uniquely qualified to handle the obstruction that any non-GOP President would encounter.

  71. I think Bernie is being kind, I however will not. Obama sold out the voters and loaded his administration with bankers. ACA was a sell out to the private insurance companies and he lied about considering a public option. He did nothing to curb the outrageous drug prices. He worked with repugs to pass fast track and TPP. He allowed drilling in the Arctic and exploration in the Atlantic Ocean. He avoids a decision on the Keystone, while slipping through approvals on other pipelines without the public’s knowledge. He was the chosen one and Clinton is supposed to be his successor. If elected she will do their bidding as well.

    It is all a scam, the R’s and D’s collude, they decide who will be bad cop and who will be good cop, but ultimately all of the outcomes benefit the rich campaign donors. There are a few exceptions and Bernie is one, he is not bought.

  72. I am sorry but I must ask; I wonder why any of us had to be asked, or “invited” by a President we all obviously admire, to help him? Other than the fact that it is pretty much the norm to investigate what is going on via the internet (by going to the sites where the person in question would be communicating to his/her constituency)if one was at all concerned by the fact that their President was being sandbagged (as we all knew he was from the get go) wouldn’t it be logical to LOOK for a way to help, rather than waiting to be called upon to help, I mean?

  73. What is the public option? Do you know what fast track means? Do you know what’s in the TPP since Sanders himself has admitted he hasn’t read it.

  74. I don’t know where you been for the last 6 1/2 years. Do you now how many speeches gave asking you and your friends and family to call your congress/senator. Here are few ex.: Closing GITMO, Lower Student Rates, Amer. Job Act, Assisting Homeowners Prog., Raising Min. Wage, Tax Credit for Sm Businesses/Child Credit, Immigration, 2013 GOP hillbilly shutdown/Debt Ceiling, etc.. Did you or any Sander’s supporters ever signup at WH website/twitter/OFA? PBO is in Iowa at a high school right now given a speech promoting his education prog.
    How many people are paying attention? How many cable news station is airing it? Sander’s speeches are long on wants and dissatisfaction but he been in the senate for the last 6 1/2 yrs. where were Sanders in 2010/2014 midterm?

  75. I will also NOT be kind to Sanders. Explain is support of and from the National Rifle Association and his “meandering” on Immigration Reform.

  76. Even though I ask no one has yet to point out his victories in passing legislating even though he has been there for 25 years

  77. DJ. Evidently, if you don’t do bern you are a Koch supporter.

    Wow, how many voting groups can a campaign insult?

  78. I like them both. I think what Sanders is referring to is the bailout of the banks just after Obama was elected. Other than just a few things ( I also wish Obama closed GITMO and put some banksters in jail) I think Obama has done a fine job. Sanders could use to be more specific here.

  79. You do know it was Bush that bailed out the Banks. You do know what the Banksters did was not against the law. You do know Sanders voted against closing GITMO?

  80. …I have on MANY occasions seen our POTUS and his escort go right into the park by the WH and start chatting with just ordinary citizens…you can see how happy,{and slightly freaked out} they were…
    …cold, distant??? Not EVEN “F”ing close from my observation…

  81. THANK YOU, and let’s not forget Sanders voted against Comprehensive Gun Control every time it came up. And his excuse is just that an excuse..

  82. From the Senate record, Sanders sponsored or cosponsored one real bill with opposing help over nine years.

    Traumatic Brain Injury Act of 2008 with Orin Hatch.

    Sanders was involved with about 5290 bills in the House and Senate; 206 became law. Sanders introduced about 1390 bills in the Senate; 35 became law. You would have to go through the record to weed out the “Older Americans Month” type bills because they are common.

  83. This is non-sense.

    Where did he hear that Obama said that? He says repeatedly that Obama told people directly “I have it from here” when he never said any such thing.

    Also, saying he never heard of OFA is like saying he never heard of the Tea Party.

    He is in politics not living under a rock for the past 8 years.

    He frequently makes stuff up and the fact checker websites rarely even bother since it is often not worth discussing. Pure baloney.

  84. From day 1, I was not feeling the Bern!! And I consider myself a great judge of character. Bernie lost me with his criticism of PBO.

  85. “Senator Sanders’ proposals if he is elected president are a progressive’s wet dream, but they are not anything President Obama has not already called for in public.”

    What a crock of bull. Obama is a neo-liberal. He did not support a single-payer health care system and worse, unlike Sanders, Obama is pushing the horrific Obamatrade regimes that will put transnational corporations in the drivers seat of 12 nations, including the U.S.

    This isn’t journalism; it’s propaganda for the neo-liberals who are not Bernie Sanders.

  86. Obama has done a pretty damned fine job considering the rightwing obstacles. is he perfect? of course not, but Bernie should be careful and tread lightly.

  87. Um, it’s not the president’s job to organize rallies. Such an odd argument to make. And saying that he didn’t “ask us for our help”? Even odder–what could you possibly mean by that? If you mean he did not “call upon” us to support him in speeches, I guess you missed about 99% of his speeches. What you wrote is exactly what the author of the article meant by revisionism. Sanders supporters MUST start being open to criticism or you’ll end up like the supporters of Nader, Dukakis, McGovern, and other epic political failures.

  88. So what planet do you live on that Max Baucus was going to pass single payer? See the trouble with you far left wing nuts is you have no idea on how Congress works but you keep believing in them unicorns

  89. Has a person running for President from either party ever run on attacking a two term well liked President on the same side?

    He has attacked Obama and the Dems for years.

    Gore didn’t insult Bill. He didn’t ask for his help but he ran on saying they accomplished much and he ran by saying the Dem party was superior.

    Bern isn’t saying it because he feels that way and always has. It is his real deal. He is sticking to his opinion, wrong as it is and non-productive as it is. It is what he believes. That so many others fall for it is what is baffling. He seeks to become the head of the establishment he wishes to destroy. Cornel West was something I brought up here in April or May along with his DSA ties and asked people to investigate it for themselves and go attend meetings. Crazy talk.

  90. Sanders and Trump’s fundamental appeal is the same, and based on the same type of underlying message.
    Despite the bluster, or what’s actually said, Trump’s appeal to poor and working class whites is bigotry based on the fear that the “minorities” are taking over. The GOP dog whistle amplified into a bullhorn.
    Bernie’s appeal, if you strip all the rhetoric away is really quite simple. There is a subset of white progressives (firebaggers)that resent Blacks and Latinos have a prominent place in leading the Democratic party. They particularly resent President Obama based not on policy, but race. No matter what the President does, there’s be resentment. It comes down to the fact that Bernie and his followers believe there should be white leadership of the progressive movement.
    Bernie is not racist; but quite elitist. His followers by and large are fueled by privilege.
    It is obvious listening to Sanders and seeing his supporters. Sanders will never win the nomination because of this…

  91. What does Sen. Sanders’ reaction in Seattle, candid and on camera, tell us about a Pres. Sanders? There was trouble (not a physical threat). He moved to the back, waiting, as someone else handled the situation.

    One way to frame the event: as some people said, “He was bullied off.” Yet he didn’t cause escalation or treat the protesters disrespectfully (which some think they deserved). He let them have their say. He ceded the mike, the stage & the event. Calm and gracious.

    My take: Sanders gave a passive response instead of making an affirmative action.

    I want a (another) President who exhibits leadership; savoir faire in an emotionally charged drama; and flexibility and quick thinking when faced with an unexpected dynamic.

    Bottom line: (I just know I’m going to get Bern-ed for this) His position on issues isn’t enough. Sen. Sanders has until Super Tuesday to impress me.

  92. I agree with you, in part. But this article takes Bernie’s comments out of context – & it’s interesting that you mention OFA & the ACA, because that’s exactly how Bernie’s comments are relevant. I was with OFA in 2008 & 2012 & begged them for some information about how we could keep the coalition together after the elections, form a new group, something, anything – & was told there was no such thing. I also remember the difficulty in the early organizing around the ACA because the coalition had to be completely rebuilt from the ground up, whereas all the Koch groups had stayed mobilized throughout. Maybe your experience was different – who did OFA connect you with after they disbanded? What group from the 2008 election did you work on the ACA with?

  93. & this is exactly why we need someone to rally the people, the way Bernie’s doing now. Obama has tried, & he’s one of the best, if not THE best, POTUS we’ve ever had, but he is too much in the Democratic tradition of trying to compromise & be reasonable – great theory, but it amounts to giving in when the other side is so absolutely insane & inflexible. This is why our country has slid to the right so far during the last several decades: The Dems try to be reasonable & compromise, the Republicans refuse to compromise, & the new “center” is halfway to where the Republicans started – & the Dems don’t stand up & fight for what they want & the Dem base doesn’t see the point in trying to get out to vote in the midterms, because they don’t see the Dems fighting for them. I admire Hillary in many ways, but I just don’t expect her to operate any differently, so we’ll still keep sliding to the right & still keep losing Congress, the states & the judiciary due to low turnout.

  94. How is this an “insult”? “Your mother was a hamster and your father smells of elderberry” is an insult.

  95. Well said.

    May I add, I don’t see Sen. Sanders as racist either. His understanding of African Americans just seems to be based on exposure to “assimilated” AAs. Well educated with good jobs. Typically one of a few people of color in workplaces, neighborhoods, and social settings (which can create a sense of exceptionalism, though it goes largely unspoken and unacknowledged).

    In the vernacular, bougies. High sidity. Black in color only (BICO).

    Bougies experience and react to racism and inequality differently than other AAs. Think Henry Louis Gates being mistreated by the police at his own house: knowing better, yet still shocked to be treated like any other black man.

    Cornell West, BICO extraordinaire, therefore seems a poor choice to help him connect to the heterogeneity of AA lives. It’s like Scarlett O’Hara believing that Prissy knows how to delivery a baby.

  96. I’m on the fence on this one. While I like Barack Obama and admire a lot of what he has done, I also wish he would have been less of a centrist from the beginning. I understand the need for diplomacy and working with both sides of the aisle, but in all honesty as a far-left liberal there are many things I wished for but did not get. It’s in his second term that Obama has really come into his own, but I’m still not wholly sure whether the centrism is wholly the Republicans’ fault.

    Again, I like him very much, I support him, and I am honored to have him for my President. Also, my geek heart loves to see him with Star Wars stuff. And yet when I look at the state of the country and the state of the semi-existent middle-class, I just wish for someone who leans much farther left.

    That’s not to say that Sanders is wholly right. I understand what he is saying, but I’m not sure I agree with it.

    Politicians. You choose the one that will screw you over in the way most acceptable to…

  97. This is one of those rare circumstances where I disagree with you rmuse. It had to happen eventually, lol.

    I do believe that Obama had a tremendous opportunity to push through radical, bold reforms during his first 6 months in office, but he instead attempted to “compromise” with conservative Republicans, and it took him years to realize they had zero interest in coming together for the good of the nation. I’m happy he is fighting back now, but he should have been far bolder and far quicker to do battle early on. We’d probably have a public health insurance option, real Wall St. reform, a closed Gitmo, etc.

  98. Yeah, you keep repeating that. Is that to convince us or yourself. Funny how you didn’t seem to mention that Hillary’s missed votes were higher at 9.5%. Maybe you should take your on advice and check out both candidates before you run your mouth. Why anyone would think you have anything important to say is beyond me, you have only proved 1 thing, your willing to lie about a candidate to benefit your own.

  99. I could not believe my eyes this morning when I actually saw a criticism of Bernie Sanders. He’s a good guy, but he is feeding his followers a lot of nonsense, beginning with the idea that he can call for a revolution and actually win a national election. If he becomes the front runner, believe you me, the GOP slime machine is already totally stocked with whatever poisonous garbage they plan to use to destroy his reputation and image. I am in awe of how much Obama has accomplished despite all the obstructionism. He operates as a centrist, and throws bones to the right wing at times, but this is a huge country full of factions. I do not think Sanders could be as deft as Obama, but I also think he won’t have the chance.
    At some point, people are going to need to stop sniping at Hillary and start backing her up, because she is our best chance. Think Supreme Court nominations. That may concentrate your minds.

  100. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from the President letting me know what he was doing, asking if I had his back, asking me to fight with him to get his agenda passed. I’ve received citations and letters of thanks for my hard work. How Sanders can say the President left us out is nonsense. How could he not know of the hundreds of calls to action is mind blowing. He’s successfully used social media and other avenues to get support.

  101. Wait has bernie figured out a way to get elected dictator? Is he going to stage a coup and take away Congress’s powers? What a joke. I like his ideas but their pie in the sky ideas. Who on the GOP side is going to vote to “reign in Wall Street” or “make the minimum wage $20/hr”? Is he going to try to make presidential directives to change laws because i’m pretty sure that can’t work. Or else we’d have Christian Sharia law based on the 12 years between Reagan and Bush I. This is all a friggin joke and not one “FEEL THE BERN” supporter has articulated (let alone the candidate himself) how he expects to get this agenda done. He just keeps repeating the great talking points no different than Trump just with a different point of view. There’s a reason we’ve never elected a Socialist in this country. IT CAN’T WORK.

  102. @ Independent,

    I’m sorry your fee-fees got hurt, but those are the facts, backed by

    Sanders’ paltry legislative accomplishments coupled with his laziness when it comes to voting makes for poor presidential material.

    Funny how you didn’t seem to mention that Hillary’s missed votes were higher at 9.5%.

    You do know that she began her run for the presidency in early 2007, right? That took her away from the Senate for TWO YEARS. The vast bulk of those missed votes happened during the months that she was heavily campaigning.

    Sanders didn’t run for the presidency, so what’s his excuse? He doesn’t have one. Just pure laziness. Again, not presidential material.

  103. Lauren, you do know that TIME is a right-wing rag, right?

    You must be a Republican hoping to slander President Obama’s legacy as well as derail Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

    Are you part of the Operation Chaos 2016 brigade?

    How sad that you have to do this because none of your candidates have anything to run on other than personal and political attacks of Democrats.

    The fact that you appear to support Bernie Sanders only confirms for me that you hope to help Republicans take down Hillary Clinton who is the true threat, not Sanders.

  104. I am on a lot of political lists so somehow his campaign sent me an email – I wish I saved it – but it was not-so-vaguely attacking Hillary without mentioning her.

    I sent them back a roaring endorsement so they would surely feel the bern. I explained why his campaign was a tool of the Koch brothers they could not even pay for and asked them to stop helping the GOP.

    They removed me.

  105. Having had a pretty sweet income all these years, plus extras, I can’t help wondering how Sanders ended up with a net worth of only 300K. It doesn’t really matter, but he seems to have managed to blow most of it somehow, and not on charity donations.

  106. A sad attempt to rewrite history. Also a smear attempt on a candidate who will go on to be the greatest president since FDR. Obama had 2 years in which to do good things and six to wage war. In the first two years he gave money to banks without demanding anything regarding their treatment of homeowners. As a result millions more Americans lost their homes. I know I was one.In that first 2 years he got one thin right. helping GM. His last 4 years he has played defense while a revolving door of bank, insurance and monsanto execs have run agencies that regulate their own industries. Let’s face it I voted for Obama the first time willingly. I held my nose and voted for him as the lesser of two evils. The author cries about the problems of getting his own party to support him. Whose fault is that. When Bill Clinton started shifting the party center right it signaled the era of the democrats playing defense. we will go beyond that and transform the party into a fighting machine with balls

  107. Sanders comes across as a pissed off old white man, who seems ready to snap at any moment. Repugs are running plenty of them. He seems to me to be doing everything he can to tank his own campaign. The truth may set him free, but it will submarine his chances in the end.

  108. Bernie Sanders is doing nothing more than projecting! As mayor of Burlington he was called a “one man show.” He would NOT take input from anyone other than a few people who were little more than yes men. He knows it’s just a matter of time until he is found out. And while he was mayor he was likened to Ronald Reagan because he loved him some trickle down theory. You need to do more research before you come here trying to act like you know something.

  109. As you say in your article President Obama does send emails to his constituents but it is a one way conversation Just like Bernie says. I am a recipient of said emails and worked to get him elected, the second time just to keep Romney out. I believe he sold us out on the healthcare bill because he did not even try to get single payer. If you start bargaining from the middle you have nowhere to go but down. I wrote several emails to this effect but never even got a “we received your email” response. I am a realist,I understand that the president is only one branch of govt. but these things that Mr. sanders is running on, if nobody tries for them they certainly won’t happen.

  110. What part of single payer was never going to pass Max Baucus committee you don’t understand? I swear yu people need to learn how this shit works before you make asinine statements

  111. I’m an Obama supporter & a Bernie Sanders supporter. I’m disgusted by the types of vitriolic, personal & baseless attacks on Obama that we’ve seen from the right, and even from some on the left.

    Rmuse, I have to call out for lowering the credibility & tone of your article from the start by name-calling (‘teabaggers’) & then comparing a difference of opinion about an aspect of Obama’s presidency to absolutely ludicrous, unarguably historically inaccurate ideas:
    ‘George W. Bush personally hunted down Osama bin Laden…; and Barack Obama failed to protect New Orleans’ residents from…Katrina’.

    Let’s have a balanced, civil, informed, serious conversation here.

    That’s what both Obama & Sanders would want:;

    I’ll respond to the substance of your argument in another post.

  112. Let’s have a balanced, civil, informed, serious conversation here.
    Then Sanders wouldn’t have tried to primary the President or align himself with Cornell West

  113. I was a very active member of OFA & all I knew wanted single payer. I still support President Obama on most issues. He disappointed me and many, many I know for the “compromise”. I am still fuming over not having single payer. And I am absolutely disgusted over TPP & drilling in the Arctic.
    Differing on issues does NOT mean attacks. And, yes, I #FeelTheBern. Why? Bernie doesn’t attack; he focuses on issues and is honest as the day is long. If Obama had used the People Power he had behind him, I know we would have single payer today. No doubt in my mind.

    I stayed active after Obama for America became Organizing for America. We were told what the agenda was and there was no room or invites from those of us who wanted additions. I BEGGED for the Equal Rights Amendment to be added to Obama’s top 10 issues and I was ignored.

  114. Then blame Ben Nelson Joe Lieberman and Max Baucus. You may think you had people power but that does not translate into Congressional power. I wish you far lefty’s would learn how the sausage gets made

  115. I think Bernie heard you – the line you mention was gone from his stump speech in Virginia last night.

    I’m an unwavering Obama supporter, & a Bernie Sanders supporter.

    Obama didn’t have to ‘run the tape back’ to show me what he achieved (but I love this speech anyway):—run-the-tape-back–415207491644.

    I’m pleased to see Obama’s approval rating improve. Obama‘s favorability reached historically low levels during his presidency It’s fair to ask where Obama supporters went.

    Obama reached out to the public in innovative ways, eg through OFA (just 300K twitter followers) & the emails I got. He had successes. But often the people were not there for him.

    Progressives failed to turn out to vote for the elections that handed the House and Congress to Republicans. And that’s more to the point.

    Sanders’ comments do require more explanation:

  116. I think this article is way off base! If this is the worst thing you can come up with and still call it an insult, you haven’t been listening to political candidates for long. Bernie Sanders has repeatedly dodged the media steering him toward criticism of Hillary Clinton and other candidates and he says he want to concentrate on the issues. The fact that this author thinks his platform is a “wet dream” says a lot about his understanding of what this country needs. There isn’t one point he makes this isn’t 100% valid. Maybe if we expected and demanded more from our politicians and elected officials we wouldn’t be in the condition we are today. The fact is…..people can’t take it when a politician actually tells the truth! And Bernie Sanders is telling the truth!

  117. In this article I hear the sense of betrayal I feel when fellow liberals unfairly attack Obama. The level of upset in this article is not justified by the relatively mild criticisms Sanders made.

    The article starts by getting riled up about vitriolic & fallacious criticisms from the right, before turning that anger on Sanders. You’d think he’s is out to get Obama – not true.

    Let’s take a breath. In his stump speeches Sanders essentially complements Obama on creating jobs & says he likes Obama personally. Last week Sanders complemented Obama for raising the minimum wage for federal contractors. There’s the history of Sanders assisting Obama to pass reforms, such as in healthcare, etc.

    I get why Obama supporters are upset by Bernie’s comments when there’s little context, like in this article. I think Sanders didn’t provide enough in his stump speeches.

    Maybe you’d be less upset if you knew what he meant:

  118. It’s not historical revision when people just disagree with you.

    Case in point: Time article Sept. 09, 2010:

    ‘What Ever Happened to Obama’s Army?

    President Obama’s political machine, Organizing for America, is MIA after two years of neglect

    The outfit that put upwards of 8 million volunteers on the street in 2008 — known as Organizing for America — is a ghost of its former self. Its staff has shrunk from 6,000 to 300, and its donors are depressed.’,9171,2017229,00.html

  119. You cannot seem to understand Sanders’ point. If the President had enlisted millions of supporters to pressure Baucus, things might have been different. Obama gave up too easily, and never asked for support from his grassroots until it was way too late, and most of the debate had already been lost.

  120. To pressure Bach’s? LMBAO!! Do you even know the state he is from? He could give a rats ass about you firebaggers pressure. You people don’t know jack shit about how this works

    BTW if by some chance he had a come to Jesus moment aint no way in hell Joe Lieberman being the 60th vote to avoid an filibuster was going to please your ass after the left stabbed him in back when he up for re-election. LMBAO YOU’RE A FUKING FUNNY

  121. President Obama was the great capitulater on health care. Started from the point where he should have negotiated to: public option. But since he started there, of course he lost that in the “sausage making process”. And he totally lost me when, after telling a room full of union folks that if anyone came after their rights to collectively bargain he would “put on his comfortable shoes and walk the picket line” with them. Then cam Wisconsin. And while thousands stood in the snow for union rights being decimated by Walker and crew: not a peep from the prez. Enough. Go Bernie.

  122. Sanders is correct. Mr. Obama was naive and backed off the help Sanders described. YOU on the other hand in your first sentence, talked about something else.
    Yes, revisionism is bad. Don’t therefore do it.

  123. First of all that poverty pimp does not speak for a significant part of black America and how would this writer know what black America thinks.

  124. I call BS on the author of this article. As an OFA team member, I saw the disrespect if not outright hatred of the grassroots organization by Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff in the White House, as well as even worse scorn from the second chief of staff. Only great pushback from OFA members about the one-way communication from Washington, total desire for health care reform (remember Emanuel advised Obama to wait on that), opposition to Keystone Pipeline (Obama approved the southern leg without allowing public comment or environmental review), and absolute rebellion over Obama’s communication to us that he was not going to make climate change an issue in the re-election campaign pushed our president to listen to his progressive grassroots supporters. What Bernie said about the neglect of the movement built for Obama (not by Obama) is totally correct. I was there through it all. I heard it, I lived it. BS BS BS from this author.

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