As He Faces Prison Time Rick Perry Blames Democrats For His White House Bid Flop

rick perry indicted blames democrats

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is blaming Democrats for his spectacular presidential campaign crash and burn while ignoring the fact that he is under indictment for felony abuse of power.

Perry blamed Democrats on Fox News’s Hannity:

Perry said, “We knew that there were two things we had to take care of. Two things that had to go away if you will, and another thing that needed to happen. One of those was the indictment. The indictment by the Travis County district attorney’s office, this drunk DA that had used this office, we think, for political purposes did the same thing to Tom DeLay. Lasted for ten years. The other thing that we knew had to happen. We had to be on the main debate stage on August the sixth. We missed by just a few percentages of one point, so when those two things didn’t happen it had a very negative impact on our fundraising through the summer.”

Former Gov. Perry went on to blame Democrats for the indictment. He said, “The political opponents, they did their damage. They let that be a real corrosive effect on the process.”

Perry’s felony abuse of power indictment carries a potential prison sentence of 5-99 years, but he is blaming Democrats for the fact that he abused his power as governor in an attempt to force a district attorney to resign. Perry attempted to use his veto power to withhold funding from the Public Integrity Unit in order to force a county district attorney to resign.

Republicans call themselves the party of personal responsibility, but Rick Perry is taking no personal responsibility for his behavior. It is impossible to take Republicans seriously when they talk about personal responsibility when they take zero responsibility for their own behavior.

Here is a news flash for Rick Perry. If he had not abused his power as governor, he wouldn’t be under indictment. The failure of his presidential campaign is tied to decisions that he made as governor.

With his attitude of whining and blaming others, former Gov. Perry isn’t going to last long behind bars if he gets convicted.

42 Replies to “As He Faces Prison Time Rick Perry Blames Democrats For His White House Bid Flop”

  1. He should blame himself for listening to the voices in his head that told him God wanted him to run and fail again for a Presidential bid

  2. What a creep, and the ones who came after him are even worse. Texas, wake up! The GOP is not your friend!

  3. Wow. The stupid marches on from anything that comes out of Texas. These people must be surrounded by stupid in their home state. Ergo they are supported by “the majority” Or God personally told them to run. No wonder Rick can’t always remember.

  4. Republicans are immature little children – psychologically.

    If you blame others for your problems then it’s pretty much a given that you’re still attached to the way you used to be as a child. Children always blame others for their mistakes because they haven’t yet learned how to be responsible for their actions.

  5. Rick, Rick, Rick.
    Oh ye of little faith.

    Didn’t you say that God called you to run for POTUS?
    Do you really think that Democrats are more powerful then God? Really?

    Oh yea of little faith.

    And give that donor his 5 million back.

    PSS You are an idiot. That is why Republicans aare not even backing you.

  6. Perry’s (and the rest of the clowns) problem is that the guy with the dead squirrel on his head is beating their asses by being meaner and nastier than they dared to be. Donald is gathering all the nut jobs to his side leaving none of the rabid base for the other idiots.

  7. …anytime you hear voices in your head telling you to do ANYTHING, get psychiatric help immediately…that ain’t God talkin’…how do I know???
    …all these jumped-up MFers claim “God” told ’em to run, or do this or that are “FK”ing lying; because they fail miserably…whereas if it REALLY was God, they would succeed…
    …need examples??? OK, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, both Bushes, even Newt Gingrich claimed to be working for “GOD”…how are THEIR political careers going???
    …look, I’m a Christian…but I think I should get MY marching orders from the Teachings o’ Jesus Christ, but MY freedom o’ religion ends at YOUR front gate…these so called “christians” don’t follow any “Jesus” based religion…rather they preach from the OLD Testament,{the JEWISH book o’ Laws, Traditions, and early History} but claim New Testament forgiveness and grace for themselves and their ilk…
    …and they ilk the issues for all they’re worth…

  8. the stupid that comes from Texas comes from those who have moved to Texas and think they are entitled to be calling themselves Texans. keep in mind more people live in Texas that moved here from California and those north eastern states.

  9. …I must respectfully disagree…that ain’t a squirrel…looks more like a mutated chinchilla glued to his skull…

  10. Definition, Republicans, Rick Perry et al:Feeble-minded people, and those with pathological brain dysfunction, well polished brain dysfunction. oops!

  11. Excuse you?

    I live in the biggest city in TX…Houston. Please don’t paint us all with the same crazy, hateful brush.

    Remember, Texas used to be greatly admired and revered before the Bushes and Republicans gained legislative control over the state through lies and gerrymandering.

    But, we’re digging deep to get out from under republican derangement so we can stop disgusting and pissing off the rest of the nation and stop being made into a laughing stock.

  12. Even if that were the case they are still Texans and support(mostly) people like Rick Perry. These giants among politicians are not so popular when they leave the Texas bubble.

  13. I forgot his name but the founder of McAffee the computer software company whose products don’t work and was accused of murder is running for President from his secret lair and no I am not making this up

  14. Thank you Yvonne for offering a glimmer of hope. What you have pointed out of the pre-Bush era is where the criticisms come from. We have a backwards faction in this nation that damages the country and unfortunately the conduct of Texas has latched on to it. Please keep up the battle and Thanks.

  15. Well, I guess even Rick Perry can be correct once or twice in a decade.

    Those godless Democrats forced god-fearing & patriotic Republicans to run away from Governor Goodhair in droves. The fact that Governor Goodhair hasn’t got a clue about nearly anything had absolutely nothing to do with his miserable performance.

    To be fair, Rick, it’s probably Obama’s fault that you’re and idiot.

  16. mike, being a Californian I make no claim to having all the best politicians (after all, Issa is from CA). That said, I’ll match our Issa with your Gohmert. Hard to say which is the biggest idiot.

  17. That’s not God talking to them. That’s their subconscious mind talking to them. They just THINK it’s God because they’re braindead, deluded morons that think God talks directly to them.

    And yes, they should seek help.

  18. With all due respect that thing on tRUMP’s scrambled noggin is not a squirrel or a mutated chinchilla. The Romulans genetically modified a Tribble and used the temporal gateway to transport it onto his head. It has been equipped with the proper DNA sequences so it could combine with tRUMPS DNA and become one with his epidermal tissue. It has also been programmed to cause even more disruption in the Donald’s already scrambled synapses that will align themselves with the GOP’s horrendous agenda. All of this is to keep science education underfunded so Zephram Cochran will not be able to develop the Space Displacement Manifold < Warp Engine from being developed so we wont be able to challenge the Romulans plans to take over the entire sector. I know this because I was sent back through time to thwart just such temporal incursions, and I so miss Andorian Whiskey! Talk about a kick! WHEWW! But it pales to the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster!

  19. Typical republican way of taking responsibility for one’s own actions-blame someone else, no matter how untrue or ludicrous the blame game is. You did it to yourself, you bombastic inbred mental defective from Texas.

  20. “Two things that had to go away if you will, and another thing that needed to happen.”

    That makes three things, and he listed only two. Must be genetic. hehehehe

  21. there will be a lot of excuses being thrown around by the GOP when they get annihilated at the polls in 2016. this is no mid term. this is big time and folks will turn out in record numbers to vote against this GOP.

  22. these rightwing clowns blame Obama and dems for absolutely everything. it would be funny if weren’t so damned pathetic, shameful, and disgraceful.

  23. …”And I would have been duly elected as President of the United States if it weren’t for all those meddling Democrats that won’t support a racist Republitard like me.”

  24. No Mr. Perry…
    America saw your “brain is empty” every time your eye glasses magnified it every time you look into the camera or the video for all to see who you are!?!

  25. Perry: your lack of character in blaming others for your own failure is the reason you lost support. That and you’re simply not qualified.

  26. My cousin who assembles and programs computers gave me software to block McAffee. Eddie says that that software is now considered “Ransomware” I know this to be true because I was victimized once by it.

  27. I never had it. The reason they always had these annoying popups saying buy me or your computer will die

  28. I don’t think the Democratic Party ever took Goodhair’s presidential ambitions all that seriously. If Perry’s campaign *had* caught fire, he would have had to adjust to the fact that he wasn’t going to be able to steamroller and marginalize his critics as president like he did as Texas governor. He was going to have to sell people on what he wanted to do, instead of just ramming it down their throats, and he’d forgotten how. And if he hadn’t done anything indictable, he wouldn’t have been prosecuted. His buddies in the Texas legislature have taken that power away from the Austin DA, so now the feds will have to step in any future official misconduct cases if the state and local Republicans won’t do their job. And mark my words, the feds will have to, and then the Texas GOP will whine about outsiders harassing them.

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