North Carolina GOP Rep Refers To Obama As An “Islamic Son Of A B*tch” On Facebook Page

Speciale Facebook post
Republican lawmakers aren’t known for their civility towards President Obama, but North Carolina GOP State Rep. Michael Speciale sunk to new depths by posting a meme that referred to Obama as an “Islamic son of a b*tch.” The offensive meme shows a mock conversation between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama. In the apocryphal exchange Netanyahu unloads on Obama, stating:

Look you Islamic son of a bitch, unless you give all your land back to the native indians (sic), don’t pretend to lecture Israeli’s about our borders when you can’t control your own. Do you know why ISIS doesn’t f*ck with Israel. Mr. President? It’s because they know we don’t have a problem calling them Islamic Terrorist’s (sic) and killing every one of them. Now are you going to do something about them or should Israel show you how it’s done because you are too much of a coward and the most piss poor excuse for an American President in your Great Nations (sic) history.

The GOP lawmaker, who represents North Carolina’s 3rd House District, shared the meme, which plays into a lot of right-wing false narratives about Obama being a Muslim, being a weak leader, and the United States being inundated by illegal immigration. None of those narratives are backed by evidence. However, in the right wing bubble, ideology trumps evidence as evidenced by Donald Trump’s popularity, despite running a campaign built on a foundation of insults and lies.

Taking a page from the Donald Trump play book, after a news article pointed out Speciale’s Facebook post, the GOP Rep. doubled down on attacking President Obama. Rather than apologizing for spreading the offensive meme Rep. Speciale defended it, by whining:

I find it interesting how many liberals pretend that they are offended by this post, yet they have no problem with Obama destroying the very fabric of this nation. These same folks didn’t appear fazed when some of the most vitriolic garbage was being spewed by their fellow liberals at President Bush! It must also be a slow news day at wnct and the news and observer, since they think this is a story today. Obama will end up as the worst President in history, and it will be a result of his performance, and none of my Facebook posts can be blamed!

Politicians have every right to criticize the president’s policies if they disagree with them. In a functioning representative democracy, contentious debates over policy are sometimes necessary, and an exchange of competing ideas can be healthy. However, the modern Republican Party isn’t interested in debating policy differences. They are merely engaging in the politics of division and derision, because they hate the president. Rep. Speciale, like so many other present day Republicans, is a sorry excuse for a representative of the people.  His constituents should demand better, and vote him out in 2016.

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  1. They are so upset President Obama will go down in history as one of the greatest American presidents ever, despite their attempt to negate his presidency. Boo hoo, little whiners. How about a little more work and less whining, gop.

  2. I’m REALLY offended by a dumb asshole like him pretending to defend and uphold the Constitution while not having a clue about what the Constitution actually says…

    while he has a 1st Amendment right to be a dickhead he DOESN’T have any right to pretend to speak for the rest of us…

  3. I live in NC and this truly doesn’t surprise me. We moved to Charlotte to get away from people like him that mostly live in the smaller towns. They don’t have a single problem that can’t be blamed on Obama or immigrants.

    Trust me, racism is alive and well in the south.

  4. As a long time resident of the once great North Carolina, I am totally angry and embarrassed at what the state has become. We should post signs at our state lines that say “move here at your own risk”

  5. While these devil spawn sprout their evil religion bigotry, the Norwegian Nobel committee announced yesterday the name for their laureate for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace. Barack Hussain Obama is their selection for this years prestigious award. With the Nobel selection Pres. Obama becomes the third man ever to win Nobel Prize more than one time.
    Theirs more: Pope Francis endorses Iran Nuclear Deal ahead of visit to the U.S.:

    Cue the devil spawns screaming blooding murder.. In 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..

  6. As a Person of the world,I wonder how soon the other people will start really attacking these disrespectful hateful GOP bunch who have the world disliking them. President Obama, who in the face of so much hate and disrespect, shows he is indeed one of the best Presidents the world has seen. The things he got done in-spite of the GOP lack of a good work ethic, is remarkable. How much better off the USA would have been had the Democrats shown some backbone and back this man. We do not for get the USA gave us Bush/cheney. We want to have more Clintons and Obamas, Presidents who the world can admire. I do wish the Democrats would start fighting back hard and ruthless put these nasty people in their place.

  7. Bush/Cheney were never treated the way they really deserved to be treated.

    However, even it that were true, is this the type of abominable tit-for-tat obnoxious example we now set for our children or present to the world?

  8. North Carolina GOP State Rep. Mike Speciale posted a meme that referred to Obama as an “Islamic son of a b*tch.”

    Wow, the Andy Griffith Show is really showing my age, but what has happened to Mayberry?

    Clearly Toto, we are no longer in North Carolina.

  9. …Teatard racist Fascists all over this country…the South ain’t got a corner o’ the market on those bastards…

  10. Well!…Isn’t Michael ..”Speciale” nod to the “Church Lady” Obama should call him and record him and put it up for the public to see just how Mikey will kiss the Presidents ass when confronted.

  11. Yet, Mike Speciale was re-elected in 2014 by 10% (4000 votes) over his Democratic Opponent, Whit Whitley.

    Yep, they sure know how to pick ’em in District 3.

    Semper fidelis my @ss Mike.

  12. This is far worst then when Rep. Joe Wilson called prsident Obama a lier on the congresssional floor on LIVE TV.

    The right has shown Obama nothing but disrespect since the moment he took office. Their hatred of the man who occupies the Oval Office has become so common place that it is now newsworthy when a Republican doesn’t disrespect Obama. What a sad state of affairs. Obama came into office under the mistaken belief that at even if his opponents disagreed with him, they would still show respect for the office that he holds.

  13. Mayberry and North Carolina, was always like that, except that you did not notice…
    It has always been there, maybe more subttle, and then would erupt in the middle of the night, wearing white sheets
    for cover.
    Now, there is no pretending to “Not-Be-Racist”, just let it all the angst and bigotry, hate and resentment hang out, while re-loading and circling the wagons.

  14. The GOP is now the party of scumbags. Every single one of them has drunk the Scumbag Kool-Aid that distorts their reality and turns them into blithering idiots. They cannot back up their claims with a single fact, yet they allow themselves to use hyperbole and fallacious arguments to drive their policies. THEY are destroying this nation, NOT President Obama, who will go down in history as one of the best presidents in modern times, despite Republican intransigence.

    History will not look kindly upon these people. They are merely sealing their own fate as the most toxic, racist, divisive political party in US history.

  15. Speciale, Sr. would not like it if anyone mentioned that he needs to take care of his own business before attacking others. After all, if he were a real family values politician, he’d have realized long ago that his son has problems and would have gotten his son help so he could have avoided sexually assaulting teens. It’s not a good idea for those who are sleeping with stinking skeletons in their beds to attack others for any reason—others who aren’t sleeping with them. The real issue is that Speciale is upset that GOP/TP members of Congress couldn’t prevent the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran from proceeding, so he acts like the immature *ss he is and takes to Facebook where he creates a fake conversation between PBO and Bibi to denigrate PBO. He is incapable of realizing that his immature actions make him look worse than they make the president look.

  16. Once again party of unhinged racists are playing their theme song and what is their theme song? you may ask:YES WE KLAN!

  17. Ever since Saint Jesse endorsed that bobble-headed
    actor, NC has gone from Mayberry to the Twilight Zone.
    Michael Moore should shoot a Tea Party Sharknado
    documentary here. Democrats will never give up the
    fight. Again, big love and respect to the Moral Monday
    Movement. Tramp down Babylon!

  18. The good for nothing representative hasn’t learned that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. He is beyond embarrassment. They should put the son under the jail.

  19. Keeping it classy North Carolina. Republicans LIE so much…
    Whats wrong if he WAS a Muslim? You’re a CHRISTIAN!!!! You guys drive me NUTS. You just lie so damn much….

    He’s a fuckin racist. Sorry if i’m being Politically correct, or tossing the race card. You’re a prick.

  20. President Obama will rise above this as he has done for the past 6 years. This is all because he is a black president who has made history 10 times over.

    I am proud of our President and these haters speak volumes about themselves by using these slurs. This idiot from NC will never be even 1% of the great person President Obama is..and the idiot knows it..jealousy is eating at him.

  21. The announcement of the winners of the peace prize isn’t until October. I think you have a bogus link/story.

  22. To all you GOP slime buckets who just can’t get over the fact that President Obama has more integrity and brains put together. It’s not the so called weak President that makes this country in bad shape. It’s the racist, bigot white GOP politician. The world see’s the country for what they have made it. And the world ask the question, how in the hell can you tell us how to run our countries when you have so much stupidity and hatred in the USA. The best thing about the whole situation, the GOP bigots proclaim themselves to be Christians. Then you should know that God will judge you by what’s in your hearts and he won’t listen to your damn excuses. May God have mercy on you all.

  23. I moved to Raleigh in 1970. This is standard treatment of any black person for the ignorant Carolinians.

  24. Thanks guys for the good reminder lesson to verify. I was trying to look it up.

    Plus, there’s very little that squeaks by DJ first.

    Right guys?

  25. I do not know how to link, but please read the article on Huffington Post entitled –
    Grandmaster of the Great Game – it is quite
    lengthy, but discusses Obama, his legacy, and how he will be known as one of the greatest presidents ever.

  26. No, they created them. The constant spewing of lies and hate and fear has created a number of totally paranoid and hate-filled people.

  27. His son a convicted child molester.. and he’s calling our Pres very nasty names????
    wonder tho- does he call his son names???
    surely, a man who is capable of such actions also has some response for a Son like his….

  28. I live in a small town just ten minutes from Raleigh, however, in Wake County, I’ve found that there are many, many Obama supporters. It’s in the more rural area where you find the illiterate, uneducated, low info voters. There is no problem recruiting people for functions for the Democratic party. When we were doing calls for the 2012 election, I asked for five people to come to my home so that we could all make calls to remind voters to get out and vote, find those who needed a ride and arrange it, and anything else we could do to get the voters off their butts and to the polls. Instead of five people showing up, I had 40 volunteers and I was one of dozens who opted to hold a calling party. I sent my son to the store for more phones w/extra handsets so everyone was able to contribute & make calls. There is a lot of negativity here in NC towards the Democrats but there is still a healthy portion who will do anything to keep a Republican out of the White House.

  29. Fox and their perpetual lies heard daily on their stations has helped to create these people. Of course they had to be of a similar mindset and agree with what they have to say, the more negative about President Obama, the more they want to hear it. Fox is preaching to the choir and they love it. They will never listen to an opposing point of view because that’s not what they want to hear. I’ve read many articles that I do not agree with but I still want to know what they are saying and if there is any legitimacy to their argument. Keeping an open mind helps us to strain the b.s. from reality and dump it where it belongs, in the sewer right next to Donald Trump!

  30. If a Republican President had accomplished all that President Obama has in his 6.5 yrs. in office, the GOP would have him carved onto Mt. Rushmore already. They foolishly believe that their lies can cover his accomplishments. President Obama has achieved more for our country than I ever would have thought possible DESPITE the GOP and their reps. They haven’t taken him down, they didn’t make him a one-term-President as they claimed they were going to do. They ignorantly thought that his last term in office would be indicative of his status as a lame duck. However, President Obama obviously didn’t get that memo. He’s going to accomplish much more before he leaves office and there won’t be a damn thing the Republicans can do about it. They are not destined to win the White House in 2016 and as long as all Democratic voters get out and vote, we can easily hold onto the White House and start the climb back to having the majority in both the House & Senate. It can be done, just …

  31. Sara you might be right, check with other source and they’re saying the same thing. If false, I apologize in advance.. Still checking if any other news sources are reporting on this.

  32. Amazing, Kate, Bless Your Heart!
    Almost wish I lived in a Red State to help you wake-up fellow American’s!

  33. Rin, Fox Contrived-Rabble-Rousing will Destroy The GOP!
    Look at their faltering Candidates.

    ‘Anger/Hatred does more harm to the vessel in which it is stored…
    Than to anything on which it is poured”

    –Mark Twain

  34. An American Taliban disrespecting my President? I really wish I could show him how pissed off I am!

  35. I had come to the conclusion that it is the “State Policy Network” of “ALEC” with the extremely rich membership group of Multinational Corporations that are using “Anyone Can Be Bought” policy approach where each of the Republicans are 1st Bought and 2nd Given Incentives to be given millions if and when they are running and obtaining a political position in the State & National Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches. Federalists are Theocrats, why we are witnessing so many crazies vying for big time attention for big money providers–The Koch Brothers and other members of the ALEC. Ever wonder why someone other than your home state person is running in your own home State?!? I would guesstimate that it was planned with the secret meetings with the membership of above corporations especially amounts to those that are High Academic Grads, Retired Corporation Execs, Military…seems like a simplistic response, but I would bet you search enough… you find!!!

  36. Thanks, Suga! If I didn’t know better, I make take that “Bless Your Heart” comment the wrong way as many do in the South. You can always volunteer your extra time despite living in a Blue state. I used to drive people to the polls when I could or make phone calls to remind them to vote and take a friend with them when they do, as long as the friend is voting blue, of course :) If not, just puncture their tires and be unavailable if they call you for a ride. I’m joking, of course, but RWNJ’s really think that Democratic voters have some mysterious way of voting several times. Just more lies they’re force-fed from Fox.

  37. Here’s the link, Joan. You’re right, great article and it gives President Obama recognition of his accomplishments. They won’t be ignored by historians despite what the GOP has tried to do. They tried to rewrite history regarding Reagan but far too many remember the reality of his failed policies and are still living with the results of them today. Trickle down, my a$$!

  38. FEveryone’sI, is a parody site. It has stories about Kim Davis winning ISIS’s Courage Award, Donald Trump Wants to Stick a Flag in Uranus,”, etc. The real USAToday site is

    Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble.

  39. Twice elected President of the United States. Twice awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. Twice honored with the Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album. Is our POTUS awesome or what!

  40. Seems like his lack of character affected his parenting skills as well. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  41. Great link Kate and great reading. I knew President Obama was a great chess player. I would hope a lot more progressives read that article and then understand why the President is behind TPP.

  42. AMEN. I was born here almost 80 years ago. In a rural area among decent people. I started getting educated about people after I grew up and lived in other states for short periods. One of the states was Texas. I never associate with people like this there either.
    A day without learning something is a day wasted. I am getting old enough I can’t afford to waste many. I have made it a habit, especially since any fair election has been gerrymandered out of existence by dark money in so many NC districts. Every time I see R-NC it’s a knee jerk reaction. It is VERY rare the person bringing disgrace and ridicule to the decent people of one of the truly great states are really North Carolinians.

  43. It’s not only Fox. Remember who controls almost ALL the “Media” remember who will benefit the most if we don’t get enough republicans out of office to turn this country around before it’s too late. Perpetual wars for us to pay for.
    How many of you even knew Bernie had a rally in Greensboro NC last weekend? If you had to learn it was to happen from the “Media” you didn’t have much of a chance to hear about it.
    After it was over then a few grudgingly reported a little about it, but the pieces I read still, let’s call it a little was held at the Greensboro Colisuem. People were lining up all day and the rally didn’t start until 7:00. The local news had little short pieces, what I saw of the crowd looked like mostly younger white people. Plenty of others there but some of the stories tried to slant it in a totally different direction.
    Here is just one. Use a search and check it out if you are interested in a good examples of how the media works.

  44. Let me do a better job. It’s more interesting to look at more than one of the reports on a search anyway.
    Over 9000 people got in, who knows how many were turned away? And this is in a state the media tries so hard to convince people we are all raving red neck christian lunatics.
    We all saw plenty of reports of “The Don” and lies about Hillary from all directions. Just imagine if its like this now, the extremes the right will go to from now on.

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