5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNN Republican Presidential Debate

cnn gop debate

The Republican Party continued its march towards 2016 failure tonight. Here are the winners and losers, and the five reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the CNN Republican debate.

1). Donald Trump Eats Scott Walker Alive

Scott Walker tried to attack Donald Trump by claiming that Trump is a bad business person. Drop dropped some facts about what Walker has done to Wisconsin’s economy. Walker accused Trump of using Democratic talking points, and Trump said that facts aren’t talking points. Trump said that once voters in Iowa found out about Walker’s economic record, he fell in the polls. Kasich tried to play the moderate and said that voters don’t want this fighting. Chris Christie tried to say that he is the REAL outsider. The whole debate has descended into a cluster fudge in the first segment.

2). Jeb Bush Really Wants America To Forget About His Brother’s Failed Presidency

Jeb Bush claimed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have ruined the world, and it will take a steady foreign policy hand like Jeb Bush to save our foreign policy. Jeb is apparently hoping that no one remembers the last Bush “steady hand” who was in charge of American foreign policy. Bush later claimed that Trump tried to buy him, and Trump dominated the former Republican frontrunner.

3). Jeb Bush Couldn’t Be Strong In Demanding An Apology For His Wife

CNN’s Dana Bash asked Jeb Bush about Trump’s comments about his wife, and the former Republican frontrunner offered one of the weakest demands for an apology in the modern history of debates. Bush asked are you going to apologize to my wife? Trump looked at his wife. He called her a lovely lady, then refused to apologize because he said that he had said nothing wrong. The topic turned to Trump’s comments about speaking English, and Bush showed a little backbone by saying that he was going to show Spanish speakers respect by answering their questions in Spanish.

4). According To Republicans, Democrats Don’t Want To Solve The Immigration Problem

Donald Trump and the other Republicans claimed that Democrats don’t want to solve the immigration issue. Last year, the Senate passed a bipartisan immigration reform bill that Speaker John Boehner refused to bring to the floor for a vote. President Obama wants immigration reform. Democrats in Congress want immigration reform. Democrats worked with former President George W. Bush to pass immigration reform. The idea that Democrats don’t want to solve the immigration crisis was the biggest Republican lie of the night.

5). Trump Tells Jeb Bush That His Brother Gave Us Barack Obama

Jeb Bush tried to bring up that Trump thought that Hillary Clinton would be a good negotiator with Iran. Trump responded to Bush that his brother gave us Barack Obama. Bush seemed stunned for a moment and then said that his brother kept America safe. Bush conveniently ignored that it was on his brother’s watch that intelligence was ignored, and al-Queda attacked the U.S. on 9/11.

Winners and Losers:


1). John Kasich – Kasich officially passed Jeb Bush as the Republican establishment’s best hope. It will be a surprise if Kasich isn’t a serious contender to be on the Republican ticket if the party stops Trump. Speaking of Trump….

2). Donald Trump – Trump ate Scott Walker alive when Walker came after him, and he easily swatted away Rand Paul. Jeb Bush tried to bring more energy, but he was no match for Trump. Donald Trump didn’t commit any gaffes, and he commanded the stage. Unless Trump stops himself, there was no one on the stage tonight who looked capable of stopping him.

3). Ben Carson – Ben Carson flew under the radar. Nobody attacked him, and he didn’t attack anyone. His tone and personality were the anti-Trump. Carson did nothing memorable, but he also did nothing to hurt his chances. Carson is clearly the alternative to Trump.


1). Marco Rubio – Rubio was invisible all night. Except for explaining why speaking Spanish was not a bad thing, Sen. Rubio was invisible. There is no room in the field for Rubio, and this debate was a microcosm of why his campaign is failing.

2). Carly Fiorina – Fiorina was sucked into the Trump black hole. She allowed herself to get into an ego driven fight with Trump over who had the better business career. Fiorina had her chance on the big stage and didn’t take the next step to get to the upper tier of candidates. Fiorina’s main appeal is that she attacks Hillary Clinton, but she really is not a good candidate.

3). Rand Paul – Paul’s campaign has fallen flat on its face. Paul thought he could appeal to establishment Republicans while keeping his father’s supporters. Paul has managed to alienate both, and the result has been an identity less candidate that doesn’t stand out on the stage.

4). Mike Huckabee – Huckabee didn’t belong on the debate stage and was largely ignored for most of the evening.

5). Ted Cruz – Ted Cruz is out to promote himself, and is running the strategy of buddying up to Trump, so that if the Republican frontrunner self-destructs he will be in position to take his supporters. Time is running out for Cruz, as his candidacy has been suffocated by Trump.

6). Scott Walker – Walker came out trying to challenge Trump and got demolished. From that moment on, Walker was irrelevant. Scott Walker doesn’t have the strength of personality or the charisma to compete with Donald Trump. Walker’s dozens of flip-flops on the issues have killed him with Republican voters. Walker has to do well in Iowa, and New Hampshire or his campaign will be over.

7). Jeb Bush –
Where to begin with Jeb Bush? Bush tried to show more “energy”, but it looked forced. His scripted confrontation with Donald Trump over Trump’s comments about his wife backfired as Trump refused to apologize to her. Republicans are worried that Jeb Bush is soft. Tonight, Jeb Bush demonstrated that he is a bland blob of oatmeal that is completely incapable of stopping Trump.

8). Chris Christie – Christie had a nice moment when reminded Trump and Fiorina that nobody cares about their business careers, but the New Jersey governor isn’t connecting. Bridgegate destroyed Christie, and it just a matter of time before he drops out.

48 Replies to “5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNN Republican Presidential Debate”

  1. There ARE no winners in a Republican debate as far as I’m concerned.

    Seriously though, how can you put Trump in the winner category? Once again he had absolutely NO workable solutions about his immigration policy, which is deeply disturbing since it is his ONLY policy. If you can’t defend your only policy, you’ve lost the debate, end of subject. Bragging about how well you’re polling doesn’t make one a winner.

  2. Trump’s in it for a while longer. He didn’t really explain any of his positions, but no one bothered to call him on it. Some made a token effort, but that was it. No one wanted to get Scottyed, or Randyed. He says the right things to the angry bigots that supports him, thats all it takes for now.

  3. Played a drinking game: take a drink every time someone lied.

    Decided about 20 minutes in that I just couldn’t handle that much booze. They almost never spoke without spewing some lie or another.

    Even when they weren’t flat out lying, they were only spouting gobbledygook.

    Hung on to the end of the first hour, hoping to get some glimmer of intelligence. But if potential were thread, they didn’t have enough between them to sew on a button.

  4. War mongers ALL! How many times did we hear, “Strengthen the military”? Code words for lets give the military/industrial more of your tax dollars. Did I hear Lindsey Graham say, “..go over there and kill the bastards…”? They did not learn anything from our police action in Korea, nor the wars in Viet Nam, Iraq and Afganistan. They all said they would put 20000 boots on the ground. The two Iraq wars used abut half million on the ground as did our ventures into Viet Nam and Korea. And where did that get us? In total well over 100000 American dead, many more wounded or suffering PTSD; and hundreds of thousands of Asians injured, displaced or dead.

  5. Personally–I’m still watching America’s Got Talent to find out who gets the million dollars (pray God not the Guy Who Swallows Things–I’m crossing my fingers for the comedian with the bad stutter, he makes lots more sense than Donald, and is seriously funny. Drew Lynch, I think his name is?).

    But I thank everyone who watched the debate so I didn’t have to. Sa-LUTE!

  6. I watched both debates and found them entertaining.

    Ben Carson seems medicated and I find it difficult to listen to his whiny voice.

    Ted Cruz had nothing new to add to what he’s said and done for the past few years. He’s over-exposed and he’s finished.

    Rand Paul isn’t your typical war-drum beating GOP member, and I appreciate that about him, but his delivery was weak overall.

    Mike Huckabee wouldn’t even come close to winning the GOP primary but might make a good Ayetollah of the Christian Taliban.

    Scott Walker looked nasty and sweaty around the mouth and added little to his sinking numbers.

    Chris Cristie reminded us that he’s a bully, a control freak, and someone I pray to never be in the same room with.

    The winners wer Bush, Fiorina, and Rubio. John Kasich needed to show some backbone and didn’t.

    I’m not a pundit, just a regular Democrat waiting to see the GOP fall. So my prediction is that Trump’s implosion began tonight as well as Bush and…

  7. I tried in vain to watch the poorly produced ego driven spectacle…just couldn’t. I thought for a moment they would cut to an update on a lost airliner or even a shot of the old Air Force One’s interior, but no it was a contest of who could be more annoying…the candidates or the inquisitors. The only thing that saved it was Trump’s side by side reactions and retorts that often were laugh out loud funny.

  8. I totally disagree with the writer of this article. Except I agree about Kasich and thought he was succinct and clear in his message but that Trump looked foolish and a definite lightweight. Fiorna is a bit of a sociopath in her lack of emotion but smart and on point.

  9. Thank you Jason Easley, for an informative and well-articulated article, of the very reasons why I am grateful that I chose not to watch the GOP “debates.” BTW, to me, these are not debates, they are Q&A sessions.

  10. When Jeb! claimed that his brother “kept us safe” he was referring to the RICH people. They were kept safe, and did they ever prosper! Cheney’s Halliburton in particular.Jeb! is just like his brother in a lot of ways. Was it Jeb! who spread the rumor about him being the “smart brother”?I could not watch, I do not have cable, but would not have watched anyway. What a collection of inferior leaders the gop has. Why wasn’t Palin there to explain what they really meant to say?

  11. I saw some of it and Kasich comes across as the most experienced and the most moderate. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio didn’t exist. Rand Paul didn’t belong on stage and neither did SCott Walker. WHY are those guys running for President?

  12. Everyone is gushing about Fiorina. I thought she was very shrewish. Walker totally lacking in intellect and personality. Rubio is very strange and Cruz is crazy. The rest of them are just noise, including Trump.

  13. She wimped out against Trump in the first question (about Trump’s “finger on the nuclear button”)

  14. Thank heaven I did not watch, every time I hear someone say George Bush kept us safe I want someone to say -except when he ignored
    the warnings about 9/11. The biggest attack on Americans on our soil.

  15. Lots of jiggery pokery last night. I think I will go ask a hippie since words seem to have no meaning!

  16. I too salute those who watched. “had better things to do” although this A.M. I did turn on morning joe, just to see what was being said.
    What I saw, was a discussion on Jebby. My take on this limp candidate is: Jeb is a spoiled man from a rich family and Mother who thought he was the best thing since white bread, who was going to easily win what ever the family wanted. The golden boy, given all, with no work required. Jeb believes he.. does not need to work for anything, He is a BUSH, a choosen one. Probably upset with his big brother because he beat him to the office first.
    His MOTHER surly is…Bush 42 screwed the whole family plan.

  17. They mentioned Hillary two dozen times at the big kid table and more than that at the little kid table.

    I am glad she is forever on their minds and that they all were working hard for 4 hours to elect her.

    She did a skit with Fallon about Trump and I thought it was freaking adorable, but I love the woman. She also tweeted messages in spanish (her staff) as they were debating whether or not spanish should be spoken. :-)

  18. The republicans spent 3 minutes on climate change and this is the best they could do

    “America is a lot of things, the greatest country in the world, absolutely,” Rubio said, talking about climate change. “But America is not a planet.”

    I have no idea what the fuk Mr.stay thirsty was trying to say but I guess this made sense to their idiotic base

  19. they all want to get rid of Obamacare – but had no plan about how they will replace it

    they want to defund planned parenthood but again – what will they replace it with to help women who need planned parenthood

    the businessmen/woman/doctors on that stage – have no clue about running this country only how to bring it down even more with their policies. if their policies would have worked – we wouldn’t be in this situation. thanks goodness for our president. thanks g w bush for giving us Barack.

  20. That analysis is spot on and made me think about the reasons for the base reaction. They do not like women to have power and they really dislike when women show intelligence and accomplishments. The “smart girl” has always been told to “play dumb” so she doesn’t intimidate the boys.

    I told my daughter to get out there and ignore them and if you can then go ahead and beat them all – and she did – in math and science no less – rising to the top of her engineering field to director.

    It isn’t just on the red team side though.

  21. W took the reins January 2000. Over 3,000 died on American soil in September 2001. How do their loved ones feel every time the Repubs repeat the mantra “Bush kept us safe”? And how do they feel when NO ONE in the media ever calls out those liars?

  22. Carly Purina dog chow was a snarly crazy attack bitch. If she did appear human or smile, her face would surely have cracked. I’ll concede she’s their best speaker, but the worst person for the job. Apparently the media outlets love her because they sure are promoting her. She’s one uptight hardcore, and wound way too tight. I don’t think anyone had the guts to go after her because she’s female. Treating her with kid gloves didn’t help any of them. She would destroy this Country like she did HP. She’s desperate for this to become a two woman race. I hope the Republicans see through her bullshit and soon. I don’t think they are ready for a woman, anyway. The thought of her as our first female President is sickening.

  23. Yeah, I stopped the game at the 20 minute mark.

    To give you an idea of my inebriation: most of them were sounding fairly plausible. As in, I’d have been impressed if I didn’t KNOW they were lying, evading questions, making sh*t up, and coming out of left field.

    What’s truly terrifying and dreadful to realize is that most people WILL be impressed. They won’t fact-check; their memories are short. They didn’t pay attention in school. They don’t know much about history. Don’t know much biology. Don’t know much about a science book. Or geography, the Constitution, economics, etc.

    That’s why the Democrats can’t afford to let the lies and smears go unanswered. The DNC should have started damage control before that American Horror Story went off the air.

  24. We cannot unsee what happened last night in the shrine of the Republican demigod Ronald Reagan… No one won.

    America Loses Second Republican Debate

  25. Calling Fiorina “shrewish” comes across as criticizing her gender.

    [Shrewish: resembling or having the characteristics of a vexatious, scolding, or brawling woman. (Merriam-Webster)]

    I detest Fiorina and say that there are plenty of things to criticize her for that don’t involve her womanhood.

    Like Kim T. saying above, “Fiorna is a bit of a sociopath in her lack of emotion…”

  26. The water boy probably knows his chances are dim but he is young enough to run again and will be remembered in the next cycle. Truly amazing how some think they would have a snowball’s chance.

  27. I think trump was the night’s big winner. I think he’s the best thing since sliced bread. I’m voting for trump in all the online polls I can find today. I hope trump wins the republican nomination and goes head-to-head with Hillary or Bernie or ANY of the Democratic candidates in the general election. I can’t wait to see trump slink away after he’s been soundly rejected by the American electorate.

  28. Agree with much of your assessment, but I wouldn’t list rubio in the winner column. I find him to be amateurish and his grasp of foreign policy is shallow and simplistic at best. While he may be the republican party’s best and brightest and most articulate as some claim, I just don’t see it. Last night rubio’s performance reminded me of a poor student who crammed for an exam and memorized answers without understanding the complexity of the underlying content.

    You mentioned scott walker’s sweating problem. I thought walker looked like the Sahara Desert compared to rubio who was gushing like Niagara Falls. At least rubio was trying to stay hydrated.

  29. I’m amazed that nobody mentioned one of Trump’s major screw-ups, Trump University.

    “Never licensed as a school, Trump University was in reality a series of real estate workshops in hotel ballrooms around the country, not unlike many other for-profit self-help or motivational seminars. Though short-lived, it remains a thorn in Trump’s side nearly five years after its operations ceased: In three pending lawsuits, including one in which the New York attorney general is seeking $40 million in restitution, former students allege that the enterprise bilked them out of their money with misleading advertisements.”

  30. When Bush made the comment about his brother had “kept the country safe,” I just about fell outta my chair.

    Safe? On 9/11/01, which was a result of George ignoring an imminent threat of the memo of 8/06/01 about “Obama determined to attack U.S.?”

    Safe, as in November of 2005, Hurricane Katrina, during his flyover?

    What planet it JEB! living on?

  31. Ya Know. I am a registered Democrat who wants to vote for Bernie Sanders. I have NEVER voted for a Republican I just started receiving your emails and I am now very disappointed to see how narrow minded your comments really are. I thought Carly Fiorina did an excellent job. I live in south Florida and before these debates have never had a use for Marco Rubio and he was impressive last night too.Donald is fading in my eyes, and the good Dr. everyone loves just seems to be nice – without much substance. The others are less interesting – Christie talks like a Democrat in Republican clothes – Jeb has too much family baggage. Marco Rubio has a shot – maybe as VP. But all in all, I really liked Carly Fiorino the best.. What upsets me the most is that “you” are one sided and ignorant with your comments. I am still voting for Bernie but I am NOT happy with “YOUR” lack of fairness.

  32. “Obama determined to attack U.S.?”

    I think you probably mean “Osama determined to attack U.S.?” ?

  33. I shut it off after 2 hours and suddenly realized I wasted an irretrievable 120 minutes listening to bloviation, lies, and absolute B.S. I would have enjoyed reality TV more, something I never, ever watch.

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