Bobby Jindal Praises Cops For Arresting 14 Year Old Muslim Student With Clock At GOP Debate

jindal teen arrested with clock

While saying that the teen should not have been arrested, Bobby Jindal praised the police for being vigilant and arresting the teen during the CNN Republican debate.

During the first Republican debate, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Bobby Jindal about striking a balance between security vigilance and anti-Muslim discrimination, and Gov. Jindal answered:

Sure, I don’t think a 14-year-old should ever be arrested for bringing a clock to school, so are you asking me am I glad he was released? I am glad the police were careful. I am glad the police were worried about safety and security issues. Look in America, we don’t tolerate. Right now, the biggest discrimination that’s going on is against Christian business owners and individuals who believe in traditional forms of marriage. They’re throwing this woman in jail in Kentucky. Let’s talk about that.

A 14-year-old Muslim student who was arrested for bringing a clock to school is no big deal. The real problem is Christian public officials who break the law being thrown in jail.

Jindal’s statement should horrify anyone who opposes discrimination. The authorities can argue otherwise, but there is no doubt that a 14-year-old white student would not have raised the same kind of suspicion if he would have brought a homemade clock to school.

It is absurd to compare a public official who knowingly broke the law to a teenager who was discriminated against because he is a Muslim. Bobby Jindal’s answer was troubling because it showed how deeply ingrained discrimination is within the Republican Party.

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  1. Jindal warned of being the stupid party but he didn’t take his own advice. How could you be anything but stupid if you voted for Bobby Jindal?

  2. …me??? I woulda figured Jindal would be the LAST to be racist and culturally insensitive…
    …and boy, I was wrong!!!

  3. Does Jindal realize that if a man of his age and skin tone pulled out a digital clock in similar circumstances he’d be another police shooting statistic?

  4. Governor Booby only said that in a pathetically vain attempt at PR-spin turned damage control. Only a semi-comatose vegetable would assume a flagrant hypocrite like Governor Booby would take his own advice.

  5. The school and police claim that they had to respond as if it were a credible threat, until they were sure it was safe. As I read it, they didn’t evacuate the school. They left the clock at the school.

    The only thing removed for the sake of everyone’s safety: Ahmed Mohamed, the 14 year-old clock maker.

    Plus the police called the device a “hoax bomb.” And they apparently had zero training in recognizing bombs or improvised explosive devices: ’cause they didn’t seem to know that a bomb needed something to make it, you know — explode.

    The thin blue line is looking mighty thin these days.

  6. Must be nice to be a cop. You can be as dumb as a box of rocks, afraid of your shadow, shoot puppy dogs, and still have lifetime employment, and all you have to be is a golem with a penis.

  7. The story that was posted at Raw Story said that the student brought the clock to school to show his engineering instructor. Certainly an engineering instructor would have known whether or not this was a bomb. What I don’t understand is why the police didn’t check this out with the engineering instructor. The police also did not, according to what I read, notify his parents prior to “interrogating” him.

  8. The police also did not, according to what I read, notify his parents prior to “interrogating” him.
    All I know is the city of Irving just made that American boy a millionaire

  9. What a fine young man. I was happy to see the responses and invitations from White House, MIT, Facebook and more. He has a good future ahead of him. I wish the parents could get out of Texass.

  10. Don’t bring anyhing to school. No aspirin, no swiss army knives, no pokemon pets, no electronic devices, no joints, nothing. His parents should have been watching him and told him what big people think.

  11. Carly Purina dog chow doesn’t use her real name, either. Her maiden name was Cara Carleton Sneed. So what is she trying to hide?

  12. Bobby Jindal thinks he’s fully assimilated since he knows English. He believes he’s immune to racism now that he’s running with the big dogs.

    I hope this kid owns that school district before it’s all over. The only thing explosive, was the stupidity of all adults involved and the way they blew it out of proportion.

    Traumatizing a 14 year old kid braniac, was real heroic of them all. He really looks like he needed to be handcuffed for their ptotection. He appears so violent, so strong and resistant to arrest. How afraid they must have been. Shame on his parents for not enrolling him in the Scripps Spelling Bee, instead.

  13. George Takei….I love this dude

    You may have heard the story of Ahmed Mohamed, the 14-year old Dallas student who was arrested after bringing a home-made clock in to show his teacher. They believed it was a bomb, likely because Ahmed is a Muslim. Since I don’t know how to reach this young man directly, I thought I’d post a letter to him here.

    Dear Ahmed,

    I’ve never met you, and it’s quite possible you’ve never heard of me, but my name is George Takei. I am many decades older than you, but your story and your experience—when you were arrested at your school simply because you brought in a clock for your teacher–struck a chord with me. You see, when I was a bit younger than you, I was also viewed by others as “the enemy” and treated as such, simply because I happened to look like the people who had attacked America.

    Like you, I was just a kid trying to find his place in the world. I loved my country, and I looked forward to all the opportunities and challenges ahead. But my childhood was interrupted by fear and ignorance. When the authorities came for you because they believed you had built a bomb, I was reminded, in a way, of when the army came for us. They ordered us out of our home believing we were suspicious people because of our names, our faces, our ancestry. I spent my childhood in an internment camp because of that fear and ignorance.

    But I want you to know, while America may have done a terrible thing to me and my family, and to 120,000 other Japanese Americans, I have great hope for this country, and I believe we do learn. There was a Japanese word we often said in the camps: Gaman. It means to keep on keeping on, with dignity and fortitude. I think you understand this word already. While certain school officials and police officers may have shown you the worst side of our nation, I understand many others have since shown you the best side. I was touched to hear you say that we all have to be true to ourselves.

    Ahmed, you are now part of the story of America, and many will learn from your fine example. I see great things ahead for you.

  14. I’m hopeful that racism may improve once caucasians become the minority in the U.S., and generations of older bigots expire. It will take a demographic shift for real change to begin.

  15. Aloha DG,
    Here in Hawaii Caucasians (such as myself) ARE the minority and the racial tensions are exponentially lower here (though not perfect) than on the mainland. I have a relative R.W.N.J. who is scared clueless that “they” are going to take over and treat “us” as we have treated “them”. My experience here dispells that notion.

  16. Hey Bobby Jindel, wannabe white man, Maybe someday some cop might mistake you as a some Muslim terrorist but in the meantime go ahead and keep disgracing yourself because you will NEVER be president!

  17. I dont trust people that dont use their real names, Piyush. What are you hiding from? So we know this young man is way smarter than you.

  18. Rightwing nutjobs always have a way of shooting themselves in the foot. They have unintentionally elevated this kid’s status because he’s being invited to the WH by a president who appreciates his intelligence and ingenuity that the educated fools at his school and the clueless cops who arrested him didn’t. They have doubled down on their stupidity, which they showed by not only not evacuating the school if they thought he had a bomb but also by not having a bomb expert check it out. Then, the effect of their stupidity was compounded by the officers who didn’t allow this kid to speak to his parents or to a lawyer while they had him in custody. They have egg all over their stupid faces, while he gets his status deservedly elevated after his traumatic experience. Bobby Jindhal is a stupid gremlin who can’t make an intelligent public commentary on any subject to save his life, and he would have done himself a favor just by not commenting at all.

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