Donald Trump Chews Up Scott Walker and Spits Him Out At CNN Republican Debate

trump takes down walker at cnn debate
Scott Walker tried to attack Donald Trump and fell flat on his face as the billionaire brought up the Wisconsin governor’s record of economic failure in Wisconsin.


Trump called out Walker’s terrible economic record in Wisconsin. Walker accused Trump of using Democratic talking points. Walker accused Trump of being a bad business person and taking companies to bankruptcy. Trump responded by saying, “When the folks of Iowa found out the true facts of the job that you’ve done in Wisconsin, all of the sudden you’ve tubed. He was number one now he’s number six or seven in the polls.

He continued, “Look, we brought it out. You were supposed to make a billion dollars in the state. You’ve lost two point two. You have right now a huge budget deficit. That’s not a Democratic point. That’s a fact, and when the people of Iowa found that out, I went to number one, and you went down.”

Scott Walker has been a complete failure as a presidential candidate. Walker tried to take on Trump and was completely demolished.

The other Republican candidates have looked helpless against Trump. Whatever flurry Walker had in him as a candidate is now dead, and there is no one on the debate stage that looks like they have the strength to stop him.

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  1. OMG!! I missed it! Did Scott Walker cry?? Not a Trump supporter, but no one has felt the need to publish Wisconsin’s record under Scott Walkers tenure. The way he has single handedly decimated Wisconsin… America other 49 states should want NOTHING to do with Walker.

  2. Good for Donald. Scott Walker is a Koch Brothers slimebag marionette who screwed the working people of his state.

    Sounds like The Donald is Feeling the Bern! :-)

  3. Scott Walker was devastated. Did anyone tell him not to go against the “Republican Informer”? Yep, he’ll leave the library with Christi trying to console him after they’re done. Poor dummy.

  4. Donald’s holding up fairly well with the other money changers at the podiums, especially Jeb. He’ll leave devastated like Scott Walker. Keep schoolin’ em’ Donald. This debate should be called Trump vs the Federation Show. Trump 102, Feds 1.

  5. Walker deserved everything Trump dished out to him! The Koch brothers must be crying a river!!!! Walker can kiss his Presidency goodbye!!! Every single one of them is losing to a none Presidential candidate! Hysterical!!

  6. In Wisconsin I wish he’d hang on a bit longer for the scrutiny and keep him out of WI. The republican legislature is fighting among themselves which is great to see. He has nothing to do here but rubber stamp ALEC legislation and he has accomplished almost everything he wanted. I don’t think he’d quit because he hates his Lt. Gov Palin Lite (Kleefish, whose husband is in the legislature). I don’t think he’ll run again though. Most of what these people want to run to republican welfare is a run for the White House. And hey, he was in the Boy Scouts so that’s military experience, right?

  7. What a lot of BS! Walker hit back at Trump with a vengeance. I am not a Walker supporter, but he held his own and then some! Is this Trump supporter/writer even watch the debate? lol. Trump is flailing at every topic except shameless self promotion.
    Fiorina is owning it though.

  8. Thank goodness I didn’t watch the debate, I’m celebrating for Mexico’s independence day and don’t want the day ruined with idiotic racist republican comments. The rise of trump scares me, and even worse when he is actually competitive with Hillary Clinton, hopefully we go out in mass to vote and get the White House and Congress democratic.

  9. She is?
    Fiorina: Need the strongest military on the face of the planet and everybody should know it. 50 Army Brigades. 350 ships.

  10. Sounds like the writer of this article is a Trump supporter….did I wander onto the wrong website?

    I disagree with you, by the way. The man has no policy talking points no matter how good his “I know you are but what am I?” childish put-downs are.

  11. We spend more on defense than the next 10+ nations combined. There are 10 supercarriers in the world (soon to be eleven) and the battle groups that go with them – all US. How much stronger do we need to be carly? Smarter is BETTER than stronger. There I said it.

  12. Fiorina is kind of bitchy tonight. Not impressed. Walker is in way over his head.

    Bottom line, they are a scary bunch of liars. To think one of them could be President is appalling.

  13. At this rate of bombastic empty rhetoric Trump will self-destruct long before November 2016. And he’s going to make sure he takes every other candidate down with him. More power to the clown, is my thinking. If conservative Republicans support and vote Trump for prez, he’ll be sure to disappoint them before his final crash and burn scene. Democrats, you have to ensure everyone you know that thinks normally should get out and vote to make this guy a loooooser once again.

  14. What’s really hilarious, other than Jeb Bush attacking things his brother is responsible for is them debating fighting things that the U.S. caused such as 9/11, ISIS, heroin. Wake up and smell the coffee. And Ted Cruz attacking Obama care which is insuring millions of people.

  15. What is the point of a debate when the questioner doesn’t pull them up on their lies- now that would be fun to see them talk their way out of that

  16. This will be a just under the radar theme with Bush. It is on purpose.

    What he is doing is subtly giving both sides of the issue days apart on several subjects this way he pleases half the people one day then the other half days later. It is a tried and true political ploy.

    How many answers did he give that first week on Iraq? It gets confusing where he stands when someone (Hillary) has to point he said THIS and then he can pull out him saying (also) the opposite.

    Old trick. Something to everyone.

    The empty suits lie and pander depending on the audience of the day – north- south- rural – urban – hispanic – etc.

  17. thom we need more military simply because the men who manufacture the military equipment need (NO, want more) money money money..makes no difference to them how many are needed. No difference to them we spend more on military then all the nations of Europe put together. Makes no difference to them how many men, women children, homes, cities, schools, hospitals country’s are destroyed, as long as we have WAR!! WAR makes money…..

  18. Last time I checked Jeanne isn’t running for president of our country. Her military experience is irrelevant. Try again, troll.

  19. Walker never had a real shot at the 2016 prize. Anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention knows exactly what the Governor of Wisconsin is all about and knows why he never had a shot outside of the echo chamber.

  20. Every time I hear Walker he repeats the same three things. “I’m going to do big and bold things.” “I took on special interests.” “I was elected three times.”

    So I was delightfully surprised the dolt lashed out at Trump. Our local political shows, always slavishly covering up his criminal actions, timidly acknowledged that he had to do something to stand out in this debate or his run might be in trouble.

    His own advisors told him he had to be noticed in this debate.

    So how does fetal alcohol syndrome boy decide to get noticed? It could have been unleashing some extreme policy thing ALEC cooked up and plans to ram down our throats at some future date, but no.

    The village idiot goes and pokes the junkyard dog.

  21. Did you really expect them to? They’re corporate (spelled Republican) owned and operated now. They no longer do it to inform the public. They do it for the ratings.

  22. A journalist would do that. Unfortunately journalism is all but dead here in America. The corporate owned “news” outlets are nothing more than ratings hungry sensationalism tv. They probably agreed to not call them out on their lies as a condition of being allowed to host the debate.

  23. I agree with you Rick. When I was young, we actually had real journalists, reporters, and anchors. They were people who investigated the issues. Now, we have entertainers looking mainly for ratings. I miss the days of Walter Cronkite but those days are long gone.

  24. Is taking on the “special interests” the fact that he has done all he can to weaken and destroy unions? It seems to me that when there may be a problem with something and if it’s not perfect, we correct the problem–we don’t destroy the whole thing. This is true of unions–some say they protect the ineffective workers–so if that’s true, address that problem. But don’t abolish unions which have made America great and protected workers from being abused by the powerful rich.

  25. Donald Trump did not chew him out, he lied about the guy, and at the end of the altercation Scott Walker even said the Trump was making up numbers and that he had rose the gains in his state. You are giving Trump more credit than he deserves. I do NOT want a president that lies and makes up numbers to run our country!!

  26. I don’t know what you mean by “rose the gains in his state” but if that means “skipping payments on Wisconsin’s debt so the taxpayers have a ballooning interest bill to pay off after he leaves office” you may be on to something.

  27. …served only 3 1/2 years…but it was on the USS New Jersey BB-62…Multi-National Peacekeeping Force Beirut Lebanon 1983-84{{{Lebanese Civil War}}}
    …thanks to ships briefings, we understood a fair bit about the politics in the Middle East…{{{I learned long ago, regional turmoil ALWAYS comes from politics!!!}}}
    …we also got English language editions of papers at any port we visited…even then, the Likud Party and Netanyahu…according to my logs from that time; I thought they were all a bunch o’ “Fk”ing warmongering assholes…
    …I was right…

  28. I do hope you never voted for a republican then Joel. lOOK BACK A THE RETHGUS who have been In office. The only one who did tell the truth from my remembering is Eisenhower. Nixon, Bush Bush have told lies ..don’t expect anything less from the present list.

  29. They all lie, and the best ones do it with a smile on their face and loads of conviction. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are absolutely C-R-A-Z-Y, but they know how to rally the nutjobs, and could both be pitch men for snake oil.
    I’m rooting for Trump to keep his shtick going as long as he can, to screw with them all. He’s a Democrat’s dream.

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