Live Blog: The CNN Republican Debate


Join PoliticusUSA’s live blog of the CNN Republican debate.

Here is the live blog for tonight’s Republican debate:

6 Replies to “Live Blog: The CNN Republican Debate”

  1. i am glad there is a cub v pirates game on espn. if i had to listen to these grifters, i would have to od on xanax…

  2. Trumps “tell”when confronted is red face and twitching. Hilarious to see his insecurity. So un-presidential and immature.

  3. They’ve all omitted quite a few facts. Randall Paul made two sensible statements. Token B Carson hasn’t made any sense at all, only conveys his stupidity. They just can’t seem to rankle the “stupid broadcaster”, Donald. He made Scotty look dumbern’ Boss Hogg.

  4. We caught lightening in a bottle when we elected Barack Obama as POTUS. He’s kinda to blame for all these amateurs getting ambitious.

    The GOP has Jindal, Cruz, and Rubio in the clown car so they don’t need Carson as a token.

    Nope. They hope Carson is their Obama. BO is AA; Carson is AA. BO had limited experience; Carson has limited (i.e. no) experience. BO is brilliant; Carson is brilliant (as a surgeon). BO was a long shot; Carson is a long (i.e. no) shot.

    And Fiorina is their female Obama. Or she could be their Clinton.

    ‘Cause the Republicans are actually quite jealous of what we Democrats have. Not that they would ever admit to that, of course. Especially not to each other.

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