Scott Walker’s Attacks On Unions Backfire As Wisconsin Governor Falls To 1% In New Poll


Days after Scott Walker announced his new plan to wage war against unions, a new WBUR poll of New Hampshire shows Walker sinking to 1% support.

According to new WBUR poll of New Hampshire, Donald Trump and Ben Carson are virtually tied for first with Trump leading Carson 22%-18%, but this margin is narrowly outside the poll’s margin of error of 4.4%. Carly Fiorina is in third place at 11%. Jeb Bush continues to fail and flop, as he is tied for fourth place with John Kasich at 9%.

None of the four Republican Senators running for president can break 5% in support. Ted Cruz is in fifth place (5%). He is followed by Rand Paul in sixth (4%). Chris Christie is tied for seventh with Marco Rubio (2%), and Lindsey Graham is registering at 0.9% support.

Former Republican golden boy Gov. Scott Walker is nowhere to be found in the upper tier. Walker is tied with Mike Huckabee for eighth place at (1%).

WBUR Poll:

WBUR New Hampshire Poll

It isn’t a coincidence that days after Walker tried to jumpstart his campaign by promising to wage war on unions, his support has dropped to an all-time low. Scott Walker’s campaign is in a complete state of collapse. The Wisconsin governor has been so non-competitive that he has been by bypassed by John Kasich as a potential running mate for the Republican nominee.

Walker went back to being a one-trick pony candidate, and the result has been one-way ticket on the fast track out of the Republican presidential race.

There are several Republican candidates whose campaigns are on life support. Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum will probably all be out before or right after the Iowa caucuses. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, and Scott Walker all need good showings in New Hampshire, or it will be over for them. Paul has to hang around through the Kentucky caucus that he is paying for, but minus a good showing somewhere, he is a dead candidate walking. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have the money to stay in the race no matter what, and Marco Rubio will try to stick around through Florida.

If Scott Walker finishes near the bottom in Iowa and New Hampshire, his campaign will be effectively dead.

It turns out that Republican voters don’t care about union busting as much as the Koch brothers do. Charles and David Koch are heading for another election defeat, as the Scott Walker horse that they backed has pulled up lame.

22 Replies to “Scott Walker’s Attacks On Unions Backfire As Wisconsin Governor Falls To 1% In New Poll”

  1. Watch the Kochs switch their support to John Kasich.
    They know Ohio is a must win state in 2016. Don’t it
    make those shark eyes blue?

  2. Every defeat for the Koch brothers is a victory for America. Send Walker back to Wisconsin which seems to be the only state with people stupid enough to want him as their leader.

  3. Snotty Scotty is doomed & the Koch Nazi plan is not wurkin for them & they might switch to two faced true ALEC puppet Kasich the racist, parading around in sheep’s clothing.

  4. I can’t WAIT until Snot Walker is forced to go crawling back to Wisconsin with his tail between his legs. Finally the people of WI might see what kind of person they elected. Three times.

    But then again, the way the WI press carries Walker’s water, they’ll try to find a way to spin it into a victory, I’m sure.

  5. Consequences of unions:40 hour work week, overtime pay, paid sick days, paid holidays, safety in the workplace, a bargaining unit representing the worker.

  6. There are some Wisconsinites, like me, who bang our heads against the wall every time Scotty is elected to any position in the state. He isn’t fooling all of us, his pathetic attempts to run a state are sad enough. But to be delusional enough to want to run the country? Sends shivers down my spine.

  7. Yes, and we’ll start recall 2.0 as soon as we can. I don’t think he can win here again. He’s thrown his own Republicans under the bus. Sweet justice.

  8. Plenty of stupid comes out of Texas. I have had some voters point out to me that they do not go along with all the GOP horseshit though.

  9. Union supporters are illegally fired all the time. Democrats have a bill to make that harder.

    When workers try to organize, one of the most effective ways their bosses shut down the effort is simple: fire a few leading union supporters. It’s illegal, sure, but it takes a long time for the National Labor Relations Board to hear the case and impose penalties, and it scares other workers away from vocally supporting the union in the meantime. Oh, and the penalties for illegally firing a worker for their union support are so small that “slap on the wrist” almost seems like an exaggeration. Now, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) have introduced a bill that would change that:

  10. Me either Rick Just perhaps these wisconsinites will get enough gumption to finish Walker off. (electorally)

  11. I’m not worried about Scotty in NH or anywhere else because he has pledged to “wreak havoc” on D.C.! /s/

    It appears to me that he is clueless of the fact that in order to carry out his plan, he has to win the nomination and the general election first. ROTFLMBO.

  12. Maxie2014–the reason Scott Walker was re-elected is called “gerrymandering” and there is also a crooked clerk in Waukesha County who can mysteriously pull votes out of the air when needed for the teapublicans. He is a liar, shows that basketball is more important than education by taking $500,000 away from the University of Wisconsin and giving it to the rich guys to help pay for a new Buck’s Stadium. He also brags how he lowered property taxes–we all got a whopping $3. Wisconsin in on the top ten list of States with the highest property taxes. He’s nothing but a liar!

  13. Now we are stuck with him, more, watch him gin up a real doozy (Doocey?) to gain traction, because by Ronald, he is so certain of victory.
    He really believed attacking the folks who work everyday to make our lives in society better, by being part of society, would do what exactly? The guy is deranged.

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