Republicans Feel No Shame Over Starving America’s Kids To Give Tax Cuts To The Rich



America is a wealthy, if not the wealthiest, nation when compared to every other industrialized nation on the planet, but the preponderance of wealth is held by the notorious one percent and the military industrial complex. Still, with all the wealth available the nation’s infrastructure ranks 25th in the world, tens-of-millions Americans live in extreme poverty, and only one nation on Earth has more children going to bed hungry every night of their lives than in the richest nation in the world.

It seems that a couple of times each year since Republicans destroyed the economy, another world agency condemns America for human rights violations against its own people and yet Republicans cannot or will not be bothered to reverse the trend of creating an entire nation of peasants barely surviving. Instead of being respected as one of the world’s leading humanitarian nations, the United States has become the object of pity, scorn and even ridicule among other industrialized nations for abusing its own citizens while Republicans call their handiwork exceptional and pledge to bring more shame to a once proud nation.


Since no amount of pleading from President Obama and Democrats to help Americans by addressing hunger and income inequality Republicans seem intent on increasing, a group of activists thinks they can shame Republicans into changing their evil ways. It is admirable that some private citizens have taken matters into their own hands to “shame” Republicans into action. But they are not going to do anything whatsoever to reverse the dire situation their trickle down austerity has produced and put an end to hunger in America; the groups’ efforts are futile and their mission is doomed.

One of the groups, Great Nations Eat, is a non-profit organization that started a “hard-hitting media campaign using an unusual and highly provocative ad campaign” to move Americans to force Republicans to act. Great Nations Eat and Share Our Strength hoped to “raise awareness that every day in America, one-fifth of the population has no idea where their or their family’s next meal might come from.” The founder and CEO of Share Our Strength, Billy Shore, stated the obvious: “That doesn’t happen in any other developed nation. It shouldn’t happen here.” So, since Republicans willfully refuse to do anything whatsoever to reduce hunger and poverty because they are busy increasing both, it is left to altruists to engage in a monumental exercise in futility producing documentaries about the plight of hungry Americans.

One of the filmmakers involved in making the documentary, “A Place At the Table,” Lori Silverbush, justified the groups’ efforts thus:

In 1968, the CBS documentary ‘Hunger in America’ transformed the national conversation about hunger, and we all but eradicated it by the late 1970s. But we’ve moved backwards. Now, it is our turn. Great nations are capable of great acts. We have millions of dollars in donated media, now we need the powerful voices of Americans crying out for change.”

The documentary is made up of citizens of other, very poor countries, offering to help hungry Americans and wondering why this happens in the richest nation on Earth.

Of course America has moved backwards. It is exactly what Republicans have been screaming they and their hateful supporters want for over six years; to “take their country back.” Although they ramped up their efforts after Americans elected an African American President, their evil crusade to create a nation in poverty began when their man-turned-god and B-movie actor Ronald Reagan was president.

According to the executive producer on the film, Tom Colicchio,

If you look at the public health issues the government has solved before like yellow fever and cholera…these are issues that we thought were just crises of the poor, issues of the inner city. As a great nation we resolved to end them, and we did.”

The silly ignorant altruist assumes that America is still a great nation, and although that might have been true 40 years ago, Republicans have worked tirelessly to erase any greatness America once had. A nation of racists, religious extremists, and warmongers is not great; just exceptionally and structurally violent toward its own citizens. In fact, this group’s belief that the only solution is shaming Republicans to reduce hunger and care for America’s starving citizens is proof that where greatness is concerned, America rivals Somalia and Yeomen.

Since the end of June of last year, Great Nations Eat created a “media blitz across virtually every type of print, broadcast and digital platform” that resulted in about one billion views over a six-month period. The groups’ effort included enlisting “campaign partners” such as the high-profile international advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and numerous film industry, creative and marketing partners. The results of their efforts have not swayed Republicans who instead made plans to eliminate what remains of America’s paltry anti-poverty programs, have kept wages low and corporate profits raging, and refused to consider making any increase in the minimum wage.

As the group notes, this gross income inequality and hunger problem could be solved easily, but Republicans have zero political will to even address the issue outside of telling Americans to work longer hours for less pay and be happy they get paid at all. The real goal of Great Nations Eat and Share Our Strength was, at the very least, to use a massive media campaign to raise awareness and send a wake-up call to the people to “humiliate and shame Republicans who have ignored the problem of hunger for too long.”

It is sad that these groups, although well-intentioned, actually believe that Republicans can be humiliated and shamed for ignoring the “problem of hunger” when the GOP is well aware that a third of the population is hungry and a quarter of the nation’s children go to bed hungry and live in dire poverty; they just do not care. More telling, actually, is that their base of support does not care even though more often than not the base is suffering from Republicans’ refusal to address hunger or poverty.

Republicans know tens-of-millions of Americans are hungry, just like they know the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission has condemned America for criminalizing homelessness, withholding food and shelter from the poor, and in many states making it a crime for private citizens to feed the homeless; a move that is wildly popular among the base. It is true that Republicans are “gutless puppets to the billionaire investor class and corporations,” but they would not be in power without ardent support from their hateful, compassionless base.

It is refreshing that private groups have spent a fair amount of money to reach a billion human beings in hopes of shaming Republicans into addressing hunger and poverty in America, but their money would be better spent providing materials for food banks and homeless shelters. Because no matter their good will and intent in trying to humiliate Republicans for deliberately creating the conditions that have sent so many Americans into poverty and hunger, all they likely did was encourage Republicans to build on their trickle down success and bring more “pity, scorn and even ridicule” on Americans who will never wise up and help themselves at the ballot box.

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  1. stealing a line I wish I’d thought of from someone on TPM…

    Republicans fervently believe in the ‘right to life’ only until the child is out of the womb…

    the follow up is that then they’re expected to take personal responsibility for their own survival…

  2. “Republicans Feel No Shame Over Starving America’s Kids To Give Tax Cuts To The Rich” Well of course not–sociopaths never feel shame. They have no empathy or a sense of human decency, so why should they feel shame? Conservatism is a mental disorder. Republicans are mentally ill.

  3. …may ALL o’ these greed-stricken bastards wither and die o’ the same diseases they would condemn the poor to suffer…

  4. OPTIONS: Will President Obama, Clinton, or Sanders ignore the illegal actions of the Republican congress and save 31 million children from poverty? If the Fed can give trillions to the banks, and the Congress give trillions to the rich and corporations, why can’t President Obama give money directly to the people and serve the public good, unlike the others? We need a basic guaranteed income!
    First, Forgive Student Loan Debt!
    Make the Federal Reserve give money to the people instead of banks.! Make the US Treasury Issue a Coin.
    Why We Need a Guaranteed Income

  5. Flat OUT!!! Republicans are NOT AMERICANS!!!. I’ve said it before and it STILL rings true…It’s not Democrats vs. Republicans any more! It IS AMERICANS vs. Republicans!!

  6. We can not feed the kids because:

    There are too many…

    And we need money to send to the Middle East, to all those countries that hate the USA, maybe they will like us better..

    And Jesas said”:the poor will be with you always”…it is right there in the good book

  7. But he that knew not and committed things worthy
    of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto
    whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be
    required; and to whom men have committed much,
    of him they will ask the more.
    Luke 12:48

  8. Au Contraire Robyn…they are Sociopathetic creatures to thier cores…I don’t think o’ ’em as Human anymore…

  9. The shame belongs to those other voters who pouted and stayed at home in 2010 and 2014 because they weren’t being given exactly what they wanted.

    In 2014, I groped my way to the polls puking bile. While I was there, nobody else came to vote at all.

  10. This right here. Only 18% of Democrats voted Their excuse, we had nothing to vote for. Now people are complaining what the American Taliban is doing but they had nothing to vote for

  11. This is no joke people. When Trump can command free media time 24/7 to the other GOP crazies, you know the US could be headed down a dreadful future. Sensationalism has become America’s new journalism! You must vote no matter what. Watch out for voting machines switching votes and make sure you’re registered in whatever way is necessary. Our entire future is at stake. Can you imagine Trump having the ability to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whomever he wants with that gigantic EGO and spoiled child like behavior? Remember those who support him the most are bigots and racists!!! UGH

  12. I don’t know how this works because I always went to polls with my kids but maybe voting absentee will ensure your vote is counted

  13. …been sayin’ since Le Shrubs regime: “See the opposition??? Yeah THOSE cockeyed SOBs…are ya sure you want ’em in office??? NO??? Then when those polls open; be there!!!”

  14. And that shame is from 2010 when these GOPers took the House and 2014 when they took the Senate.

    NOT VOTING has consequences people.

  15. Santorum said on the debate last night that he wants to start looking out for the working poor in order to ‘represent’ them and said he would institute a $.50/hour increase every year for the next 3 years to help them out.

    We all know this equates to $20/week–and that’s based on a 40-hour week which, we all know, employers won’t hire people for 40 hours/week because they might have to pay them benefits.

    I needed a drink after watching those superficial, bible-thumping lying morons.

  16. You do not have to look closely at conservative politicians and what they say to know that the only thing conservatism in America is interested in looks like this: $$$.

    Conservatives think the only reason the government should exist is to support the economy. In fact, they want everything “marketized” or “economized”–even people.

    Which would you rather be? A citizen? Or a “speck of capital”?

    In other words, the conservatives are hide-bound money addicts. Perhaps we should perform a nationwide intervention to help conservatives with their pathological addiction to shiny things.

  17. the GOP seems driven by little more than money, fear and hatred. They long for the good ole days of inequality for anyone that isn’t heterosexual,Christian and white. Throw in old and selfish as qualifiers. I guess it helps to actually own some firearms too. Their tent gets smaller with each passing month. I am past being amused by them and feel fear that they will take back WH and do God knows what. Wm Kristol thinks Cheney/Cotton is the dream ticket. It is horrifying is what it is. I didn’t really believe even that wing nut would seriously propose such nonsense but he did. Both of those men are insane in my book and very dangerous. We have got to get the vote out guys. One way or another we have got to. I have volunteered to help but I never did it before and am afraid I don’t have the stomach for it. I know in my heart I must help. If we lose in 2016? I have become very protective of Democratic candidates. I hate seeing them fall out. Vote and take people with you.

  18. I did a mail in vote in Florida, in ’14. I am not at all sure it was counted! I sent it in early, received confirmation that it was received, but no confirmation that it was counted. There is so much fraud in Florida, I don’t know whether to go to the polls or to do mail-in again.

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