Carly Fiorina Peddles Shameful Lies About Planned Parenthood To Push Her Candidacy

Carly Fiorina
The mainstream media is gushing about former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina’s performance at Wednesday night’s Republican debate, declaring her the winner of the 11-person GOP free for all. In the way that the American press scores political debates, where striking cheap emotional chords with viewers counts for more than making coherent policy arguments, Fiorina probably did “win the debate.”

However, voters should be concerned that Fiorina built her debate victory on a bed of lies. None of those lies was more blatant than her emotional diatribe against Planned Parenthood. During the debate, Fiorina railed:

I dare, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, to watch these tapes. Watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking, while someone says we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. This is about the character of this nation!

To loud applause, she concluded her rant by saying:

And if we will not stand up and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us.

Fiorina’s lurid horror story was a real crowd pleaser, but rather than daring Clinton and Obama to view the video tapes maybe she should watch them herself first. Nowhere in the 12 hours of sting videos released by the anti-abortion group attempting to defame Planned Parenthood, does the gruesome scene Fiorina mentions take place.

The brain harvesting discussion and the fully formed fetus flailing on the table aren’t anywhere in the tapes Fiorina urges Obama and Clinton to view. However, that doesn’t matter to Fiorina. She knows that by inventing grisly tales about Planned Parenthood, she can further her political career and endear herself to the right-wing, anti-choice religious fanatics who vote in GOP primaries.

The Republican debate was chock full of candidates spreading lies, but Fiorina’s recounting of watching a horrifying video that doesn’t exist was the night’s biggest whopper. Yet, sadly it went unchallenged by any of her GOP opponents, who are all too willing to spread their own lies about Planned Parenthood. The organization is a convenient bogeyman for the GOP to demonize in order to score cheap political points.

In addition, none of the three obsequious CNN moderators dared to call out Fiorina for her bald-faced lie either. Rather than swallow her fake horror story, one of them should have dared her to watch the video again because the scene she describes is a figment of her twisted imagination. Shame on Carly Fiorina for making up the lies, and shame on CNN for letting those lies go unchallenged.

Demanding honesty from our politicians is a test about the character of our nation. If we will not stand up and demand that Carly Fiorina stop spreading blatant lies, then shame on us.

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  1. Thank You, Kieth!
    What Fiorina said is making the biggest splash in the RightWing World!

    You watch:
    Carly Fiorina just might Win the Presidential Nomination!
    She has never held Political Office in her life. She’s just winging it!

    After Eight-Long-Years out of the White House…
    These Republicans have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of Honor to offer the American People!

  2. HYPOCRITE and she NO chance against Boxer in SOLID BLUE CA

    That Time Carly Fiorina Got Caught Dissing Her Opponent’s Hair On Camera

    Fiorina’s HP Earned Millions From Sales in Iran

    lying b**ch
    Carly Fiorina Sugarcoats Her Disastrous Tenure At HP
    Fiorina Fired At Least 30,000 HP Employees

  3. no push back on all the lies the candidates were saying I got physically ill and had to turn it off. So scared of these whack jobs.

  4. Last night was a full-on view into Wingnut World.

    I had nightmares and woke up in a cold sweat at the thought of any one of these jokers running this country.

  5. The key to success in the Republican run for the nomination — make crap up, but do it with great conviction.

  6. I hate to say this, but my son is one of those ignorant ones, who actually believe these lies. Yesterday we got on the subject of PP, and he said he was disgusted with the picture of the newborn who was getting his heart removed while still alive, and you could see it flopping on the table as they removed the heart, and someone saying something about keeping the brain alive. I knew then that he had passed from critical to explosive.

    All I can think of that changed his mind was his new conversion to an Evangelical church. He can’t see their lies for what they are.

  7. If you really want to know who she is, ask someone someone who worked at HP during her tenure.

    Like my Pastor

  8. Wow…..Carly wins a academy award for her acting skills. Make no mistake, she knows very well what she was saying is in FACT a lie.
    The lengths these people will go to to win are the most frightening in my lifetime.
    They can not win on facts, so they make up stories to try and win the emotional voter…ie tea bags and repugs.
    Disgusting human being and disgusting reporters/moderators for not standing with the truth.

  9. Snarly Carly Purina dog chow scares the hell out of me! Sad truth is, she’s their smartest one running. I’m really afraid the bitch will end up with the Republican nomination. I don’t want her pissing on the White House lawn.

  10. CNN wanted her in that debate. She didn’t belong and she wasn’t challenged in any way, by either Tapper, or the other candidates. She stood there all stiff and smug with her stone faced lies. Glad somebody is fact checking. People need to know the truth about her. She’s as manipulative as they come and could take this Country back to the dark ages.

  11. The problem is when a supposedly reputable “news” organization like CNN doesn’t immediately call out the lies, they are believed by many and it’s hard to correct. Shame on CNN.

  12. Can we please rein in righteous indignation, just enough to stop using “bitch” and other sexist epithets? It comes across as attacking Fiorina for being a woman, rather than for being a vicious, malicious, incompetent lying sack of Republican excrement.

    Thank you.

  13. I demand she put up proof of her statements. Lets “see” the tape, lets see your proof of any Benghazi lie. Put up or shut up!

  14. Also Andy, expecting the media to correct lies told by a rethug.. is a dream…. the Media just will NOT do it.. The few times any Media has called out the thugs on lies, can be counted on one hand and it is surprising when it does.

  15. angryspittle expecting a Reporter or Media person to challenge the thugs(0n lies) is not with-in the realm of possibility.
    We Dem’s must remember this…The thugs also know , there will be no challenge, and the lies get bigger and more extreme.

  16. And Bernie Sanders just keeps putting forth solutions in the form of legislation. Such as his newest that would end for-profit prisons, a real evil, unlike PlannedParenthood.

  17. Don’t put it past them to insert such footage, which they will have procured themselves on special order from one of their very own back alley butchers.

    I’d point out that a fetus near or at viability is no longer a good source of stem cells, and the heart would be of no use except to another preemie.

  18. The high mark for most appearances at number 1, the most admired woman in the world, belongs to Hillary Rodham Clinton who has ranked number 1 for 19 of the past 22 years (1993–2014).

  19. I think Ben Carson is the smartest one running on the Republican side. He’s deceptively calm, trying to be another No-Drama-Obama and hoping to appeal to people on all sides of the political spectrum. Make no mistake. He’s just as extreme as all the other clowns in that packed clown car.

  20. She is no Carly. That’s for sure.

    Remember how Carly came to national fame?

    McCain brought out Palin and Carly to his campaign to fight against the mobilized Hillary campaigns vast women coalition strength.

    She has been my champion for many decades. She was my Senator and she was fiercely loved in NY and would still be in her seat over 19 million souls if she didn’t give it up to head State.

  21. And what are Carly Fiorina’s accomplishments?

    Shipping jobs overseas and tripling her compensation after which she bought a million dollar yacht and five corporate jets.

    Yeah. Real presidential material there. NOT.

    And she’s unapologetic for outsourcing those 30,000 jobs, too!

    “Fiorina has not been shy about acknowledging that many jobs were outsourced overseas. In January 2004, Fiorina provocatively told Congress, “There is no job that is America’s God-given right anymore.”

  22. But a certain obnoxious blogger had a slightly different response:

    I’m sorry, I have to call BS on this exercise, if only because it is emanating from Carly Fiorina, whose public policy accomplishments are exactly “zero.” If, say, HRC had (as I think it’s clear she did) a formative effect on the long effort towards universal health coverage, it’s vastly more influence than Fiorina has ever had on public policy.

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  23. The sad truth is simple: Carly is misogynistic. Closeted homosexuals are often said to harbor “internalized homophobia.” There is a direct parallel in Fiorinaism.

  24. No, because it could be taken as a compliment. In mythology a harpy was a creature of divine vengeance.

    Francie had a nice phrase in another post. Referring to the debate: “a douche baguette and ten colostomy bags.” I like it and it reminds me of the importance of context.

  25. I thought the same thing during the NON-debate, that if a Dem said anything iffy, the challenge would be BIG TIME!

  26. I kinda changed my mind. I think she should be a colostomy bagette. It’s all about the content, and douche bagette just doesn’t do her justice.

  27. “And if we will not stand up and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us.”

    She’s going to get her wish. The President WILL veto both house bills and any budget calling to defund Planned Parenthood. And no one will have to force him.

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