Exclusionary Anti-immigrant Rhetoric Dooms GOP’s Chances To Win Over Asian-American Voters


The Republican Party’s diminishing appeal to Latino voters has been well documented over the past decade, but the GOP is arguably in even worse shape when it comes to winning the votes of Asian-American voters. The rate at which Asian voters are defecting from voting Republican to voting Democrat has been accelerating at an even faster rate than the move of Latino voters to the left.

While Hispanic voters have gone from being a moderately Democratic constituency in presidential elections to a solid Democratic constituency, Asian voters have switched allegiances from being a reliably Republican voting bloc to a staunchly Democratic bloc.

In 1992, according to exit polls, George H.W. Bush won 55 percent of the Asian vote to just 31 percent for Bill Clinton, while Independent Ross Perot picked up 15 percent. Republican Bob Dole also won the Asian-American vote in 1996. Although Al Gore and John Kerry defeated George W. Bush with Asian voters, the contest for their votes was competitive. In contrast, by 2012, Barack Obama crushed Mitt Romney with Asian-American voters by a 73-26 margin.

Although Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric has mostly focused on demonizing Mexican immigrants, the “Know Nothing” anti-immigrant fervor he espouses is also something Asian-American voters witness with concern. 74 percent of Asian-American adults were born abroad, so anti-immigrant rhetoric is something that catches their attention.

For Asian-American voters, Trump is not the only GOP offender, when it comes to voicing xenophobic rhetoric. When Jeb Bush stepped into controversy by arguing that “anchor babies” were primarily “Asian people”, that set off alarm bells with Asian-American voters who felt the GOP candidate was stereotyping and stigmatizing all Asians with his remarks.

Asian voters only make up a small percentage of the overall electorate, but they are the fastest growing immigrant group in the country. Since 2009, more Asian immigrants have entered the United States each year than Hispanic immigrants, so their numbers will only continue to grow. The Republican Party’s anti-immigrant politics of exclusion will only ensure that Asians who are eligible to vote, will continue to abandon the GOP in droves. The Republican Party no longer offers Asian voters anything of substance to earn their votes.

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  1. and no ‘f’ng jews!’. whos left for the baggerpaloser? its the banjo kid from deliverance, and all the intermarried cousins…

  2. So, let’s see… They hate anyone that isn’t white, racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.

    You know what this means? A generation of Democrats in charge!

  3. I hope that there is no way for republicans to capture the white house in 2016. I can’t see what national coalition brings them to power, unless there is lower voter turnout or somehow they cheat. As a coalition, we need to stay together, and massively vote for the democratic nominee. Remember, 2016 is about the future direction of the supreme court.

  4. I look for the German Kochroaches to just keep crawling over the constitution. I witnesessed discrimination first hand from a white man working for one of Carly F.’s former companys. I fronted this joker and threatened to inform his bosses if, he didn’t stop dogging this student working his way thru college & let him finish loading my truck in peace. I watched, never bothered the white folk, but kept this guy’s mind off his job. I never reported this to my bosses, but I lit this guy’s ass up, bigtime. And yes, his harassee was an Asian college student. I got my truck loaded properly, he was a very focused student at that. Got loaded without his boss’s harassment. If I had to do it again, I would do it in a New York minute with no regrets.

  5. Why am I not shocked that the RNC has not only allowed this boil to fester, but almost give in to this type of politics. If you look back at the RNC’s history, heck they have always allowed this kind of rhetoric, in some form or another. The Donald Trump effect, okay I’ll give him his due,he’s doing what he has to do to win. Even if that means bad mouthing women or blatant stereotyping people based simply on there skin tone. I guess the RNC has forgot or no longer care about demographics. As a middle aged minority, I am not shocked by the Republican way. This goes back to Nixon and the Southern strategy of race back the 60’s to Reagan’s first campaign stop in Philadelphia, Mississippi in the 80’s, to Bush Sr with the Willie Horton boogeyman campaign ad in the 90’s. This is their brand of Politics. So for our younger folks, this is sadly not a shock to the system, but a standard for the last 50 years.

  6. The republicans have a support base among the illiterate white rednecks, the only problem is they probably do not understand
    how to use a voting machine.

  7. You got that right, TexMex. Getting Dems to the polls next year shouldn’t be too hard, thanks to these repuglican buffoons…they are downright inspirational! But, Dems have to stay motivated to vote in the midterm elections too! Could you imagine the influence Obama would have had if he had a Democratic majority in Congress??? We have to ensure that the Democratic president has the support of Congress, throughout his or her 2 terms (gotta hope, right?)!

  8. So the republican party is left with nothing but angry old white men, and angry young white men with less than a high school education.

    Who didn’t see that one coming?

  9. So. The minorities win. They get 52% vs 48%. The black Asian Latino vote swings it. And so the 48% naturally have to keep shelling out. Food stamps, welfare, gov unions. The whole shebang. So what’s in it for them? NOTHING!!!!!! Just keep giving the cash. So then the 48% might decide they want no part of this. What do you think the tea party is? Democracy is not a big ATM for the majority. The whole political correctness thing is being challenged because people are getting tired of being shut up. There are things we need to talk about.

  10. Ok let’s look at republican scorecard on what groups have they alienated: African Americans, Hispancs, Muslims, Gays and now Asian Americans. Hey GOP your tent is shrinking and as loyal Democrat I’ll just quote the man I admire most:PLEASE PROCEED!

  11. That generally applies to everybody except teabaggers and head-up-the-*ss Republicans.

    As for ALL Asian-Americans being smart: a few years ago, I ran into a young AsAm man who wanted to know what’s up with so many cell companies and wireless providers having “com” or “comm” in their names.

  12. Google “welfare myths” and read what you find.

    If you’re shocked by how wrong you were in your comments here, congratulations. You’ve taken an important step to seeing just how much propaganda the right wing is feeding you.

    If you still buy into the lies, consider yourself brainwashed.

  13. You make an awful lot of assumptions – STUPID assumptions.

    And your rant is quite incoherent. A rather telling indicator of how that collection of ganglia atop your spinal cord functions.

  14. …nope, and I never met one who minded explaining a prob…if they didn’t have the answer; they knew somebody who did!!!

  15. Don’t forget the angry white men stepford wives too, (the ones that can’t think for themselves and do whatever their husbands tell them to do)!

  16. This is what happens when you get your “money for nothing and your chicks for free!”. You speak your mind. The ONLY reason for so many republican candidates it the free money. It’s a greifter’s paradise! Every single rethug candidate is a con man of a different stripe. tRump is a real estate con man, huckaJesus is a religious con man, chris Crispy is a “Mob” con man, the list goes on for 20 freaking names!

  17. Hillary is way out ahead on this one. She has an AAPI division of her campaign and recently hired a director to head it.


    “8% of Clinton campaign staff identify as ‪#‎AAPI‬. Gov. O’Malley’s AAPI staff at 2%. Sen. Sanders has no AAPI staffers.”

    Also, she has history at State with all those countries and is known world-wide…

    Just sayin.

  18. you see you don’t have facts. the white folks are the most on welfare, so please understand do a bit of research.

  19. That GOP “Big Tent” is about the size of a 4-man Coleman now.

    Good luck with that, Republicans.

  20. No Rin….their SAVIOR is TOO BUSY Wooing the Fake Ass Pseudo white progressives and wing bat liberals whose ONLY position is….ANTI…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..I Lump them with goon birds being lead by Toupee Wearing dingbat and the reotards…!!!!…and let them battle for BEYOND IGNORANT.In The meantime…My Mantra as Ususal…GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Since 2009, more Asian immigrants have entered the United States each year than Hispanic immigrants

    Sheesh! Don’t let the rabid rightwingers know this! They will REALLY start freaking out!

  22. Boy have you ever swallowed the rhetoric of the right. You should research the stuff you are spewing out. It is a FACT that most people on welfare, feeding off of the gov’t as you indicate are WHITE, Southern and have only a high school or less education. The more education you have, the better chance at a good job, the better chance at actually thinking for yourself. It’s not your tax dollars that are supporting the minorities, its your own “people” that are sucking at the gov’t teats. (and I’m speaking as a white, well educated woman). Do some research.

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