Mike Huckabee is an Awful Human Being and Needs to Go


Mike Huckabee did not distinguish himself last night on The Donald Trump Show, otherwise known as the GOP debate. He was barely noticed and contributed little. I suspect people, even in his own party, but certainly at CNN, have drawn the correct conclusions about the former Arkansas governor: he is an intellectual lightweight.

He demonstrated several degrees of “out there” after Obama’s announcement about taking in Syrian refugees by suggesting Monday at the Eagle Forum that the Syrians fleeing the violence in their homeland just want to come here for our cable TV:

“Are they really escaping tyranny, are they escaping poverty, or are they really just coming because we’ve got cable TV? I’m not trying to be trite, I just don’t know.”

If you don’t know, it’s because you are a dumb*ss. But then you’ve already demonstrated this by claiming Kim Davis imposing her religious views on other people is a demonstration not of religious tyranny but of religious freedom. Last night you asked,

I have an answer, and it comes out of the mouth of Thomas Jeffersion: that if “our civil rights have no dependence on our religious opinions,” how much less do they depend on another’s religious opinion?

Unsurprisingly, Huckabee found himself tweeting for cash last night for his foundering campaign:

Look: arguing that Syrian refugees are only here for our cable TV – well, you can’t say that’s higher ground. You just can’t. Syria is being torn apart by civil war. These people don’t want cable TV. They want to keep breathing. They want to live. They want their children to live, just like you’d want your children to live.

In fact, the ground Mike Huckabee is standing on can’t be lower. He’s even talked himself into believing rejecting Syrian refugees is the Christian thing to do. The verdict is clear: Huckabee, as well as being an intellectual lightweight, is an awful human being.

Do you remember this episode of M.A.S.H., Dr. Pierce and Mr. Hyde, which aired in 1973? The photo below really says it all:


Let’s face it, the last person a presidential candidate should want to be compared to is somebody who thinks the Chinese and North Koreans were fighting us to get our modern toilet facilities. Yet that is what Mike Huckabee has done by saying Syrian refugees want our cable TV.

That’s sitcom material. Not a political platform.

Huckabee’s critical tweet last night went right over his own head, when he said,

That person last night was Mike Huckabee. There are easily a baker’s dozen who were on that stage last night who didn’t belong there and they all proved it, but some are clearly beyond their expiration date.

Mike Huckabee has amply demonstrated has lack of presidential bona fides over the span of two debates and appalling comments in between.

I’ve already suggested that Rick Santorum missed his cue to exit stage right. After last night, Scott Walker must immediately join him. Huckabee needs to tag along like the afterthought he is.

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  1. I’d say you’re being a bit too kind too the Huckster, Christian Charity?, by saying he’s failed to prove his bona fides over the last two debates…

    he’s failed to prove them over the last two Presidential campaigns… same goes for Santorum..

    egos, however, must be fed and grifters gotta grift…

  2. If republicans were serious, I know an oxymoron, they would say if you are not polling above 5% then no debate for you.

  3. SunnyDay, Now your insulting every slice of toast that is consumed daily, may Heywood Banks smite you! :-)

  4. when I read the quote by Mr. Huckabee I thought it was a joke. Alas, after reading the article I have to conclude that the joke is Mr. Huckabee.

  5. Huck’s only concern for the Middle East is we start the Final War there so Rapture Jebus can come down and save his fat ass. Not gonna happen.

  6. Maybe we need an online petition to sign to convince RNC to adopt some new rules for 2024.It is truly sad to see what the GOP has become.

  7. …nope, he sold his soul to Mammon long ago…and got the shitty end o’ that deal…and many others!!!

  8. Once again Huckabee has illustrated why he doesn’t have the temperance, intelligence to be president or any other elected position and PS he is sorry excuse for christian as well.

  9. …which is tantamount to mocking Charlie Browns Bag of Rocks…{It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!}

  10. Huchster is not alone..most of all the So called (Christians) who follow him and all the other like him are awful humans.

  11. Huckabee proves that his interpretation of the Constitution is as creative as his interpretation of the Bible. Just cherrypicks facts and twists them into his own logical fallacies. Then he tries to say that HE’S right and that the SCOTUS doesn’t have the ability to interpret laws or the Constitution! That HE is the only one who is right!

    Typical Dominionist Christian. Twisting logic and reason into tiny little pretzels before they go down his gaping maw.

  12. He claimed fake concern for the struggling Americans (to get them to sign on) during the debate he would increase the minimum wage by $.50/hour for 3 consecutive years.

    WTH are people going to do with $20 a week–and that’s IF they work 40 hours a week, which no one does because their (job-creator) bosses might have to pay them benefits.

    Santorum missed his exit stage-right cue a long time ago. Someone needs to kick his a$$.

  13. As a side note the actor Larry Linville who portrayed Frank Burns could not have been more of an opposite than his character. He was a great guy from every thing I’ve read or heard,his hobby was building, repairing and flying sailplanes.

  14. He actually lost his soul to money way before Fox came along. Because he’s no Joel Osteen, preaching didn’t keep him in the lifestyle to which he aspired, so he had to begin grifting for a living.

  15. Don’t forget he was the pitch man for a fake diabetes “Cure”. He is a con man, also commonly referred to as a huckster.

  16. Huckabee got an undergraduate degree in religion. He then dropped out of seminary after a year to go into religious broadcasting. He has no training or education which would qualify him to be President. He should go back to some Southern Baptist church where his education may qualify him.

  17. Most “Christian politicians” do their faith a major hurt…if they were truly followers of Christ their message, verbiage, and actions would emulate Him. Even a cursory glance into their public ‘persona’ fails that validity test. Perhaps the public arena is not the place for these folks. Frankly, I would not miss any of them.

  18. Shadowwolf, I actually did the whole “I gotta’ rock” thing when comparing what was handed out from people on All Hallow’s Eve. Even had the ghost costume with all the holes cut in it once or twice. Damn! I miss the 60’s and my innocent youth!

  19. Well, maybe they WOULD appreciate cable TV, because I’m PRETTY SURE that Syrians primarily had Satellite Television!

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