Bernie Sanders Shreds Donald Trump For Reviving Debunked Obama Birtherism

bernie sanders donald trump a disgrace

Bernie Sanders called Donald Trump and his birtherism a disgrace during an interview on CBS This Morning. Sanders strongly condemned the birther mythology and ugliness surrounding President Obama.


CBS This Morning released a clip of Sen. Sanders discussing during a commercial break Trump’s encouragement of lies about Obama.

Sen. Sanders said, “I think it’s a disgrace. To again question whether or not the President Of The United States was born in this country. Whether he’s a Christian. I thought we were beyond that. It’s an outrage.”

CBS’s Norah O’Donnell compared Trump’s statement to how Sen. John McCain handled a similar question during the 2008 campaign.

Sanders added, “To continue this mythology and the ugliness that suggests that the President Of The United States and we all remember Trump was one of the leaders of this effort a year ago. I thought maybe he had learned something from that. This is not what American politics should be about. Let’s debate real issues.”

Charlie Rose brought up the media’s favorite false equivalency by claiming that Trump and Sanders are pulling supporters from the same mood that there is something wrong in this country.

The Democratic presidential candidate shot that down, “Well, something is dramatically wrong when the rich get richer, and everybody else gets poorer, but that has nothing to do with whether or not President Obama was born in America, or whether he’s a Christian.”

Trump’s refusal correct a supporter who believes that President Obama is a foreign-born Muslim is not surprising because Trump himself has continued to hang on to his birther beliefs. In an interview with NBC News in July, Trump was questioned about his birther beliefs and refused to admit that President Obama was born in the United States.

Trump can’t be honest about President Obama because polling has revealed that a majority of his supporters believe that the President is a Muslim. If Donald Trump told the truth about President Obama, he would lose votes in the Republican primary.

Sen. Sanders nailed it. Trump is a disgrace, but what is even more outrageous is the fact that so many Republicans continue to believe in debunked birther nonsense. Bernie Sanders was correct. America has real issues that need to be discussed. Every second that is wasted on Trump and the birthers is another moment where our real problems are ignored.

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  1. The Birther controversy is what keeps Donald Trump relevant to his base. He is not going to back down on this. It will both be his strength and also his downfall. :-D While he focuses on that the other Presidential Candidates of the Democratic and Independent parties will focus on the issues. Which will drown out the noise of this Muslim/Birther BS.

  2. Funny- I never heard Senator Sanders’ outrage when all this was happening, when he “thought we were beyond that.”

    Not once did Sanders, or any Democratic senator for that matter, stand on the Senate floor and show his “outrage.” Not once, before today, has he EVER stood up for the president.

    Too little, too late.

  3. Why would anyone think that he would correct a statement, present or past that he made? He doesn’t apologise period. Unless he uses the old shtick, “I was wrong once, but I was wrong”. He’d loose more votes from his followers than he’d gain from democrats for being a standup guy this once.

  4. …nothing o’ substance to Trump…he might as well change his name to “Will O’ the Wisps”…

  5. The whole birther debate is nothing but a distraction.
    It doesn’t matter where POTUS was born. His mother is a citizen. Unless you can challenge her citizenship it doesn’t matter where he was born. DONE

  6. I can’t believe how many uneducated and frightened people are out there. I can hear them walking from a mile away with all their loose screws ratteling.
    How can you live being frightened all the time????

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white Christian conservatives their hatred of anyone who is different masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back!

  7. Just throwing this out there I believe the guy that spoke with to much animation about Muslims was A TRUMP HIRE audience plant, thats why “donald” THE dickhead didnt correct him.

  8. Trump has nothing to offer, brings nothing to the table. His whole shtick is designed to divert our attention. He has no specifics to go with his YUGE ideas, so instead he attacks the President. And the thing is, President Obama isn’t running for ANYTHING! I hate to refer to him as a “lame duck”, because he sure isn’t acting like one. Trump, on the other hand, is just acting.

  9. …are ya kiddin’??? NONE o’ the Republican’t Potty field o’ “Dream on Alice, you’re back in Wonderland!!!” has shown the slightest hint o’ Jesus’ Teachings…
    …now our Jimmy Carter; there’s a guy I tip me hat to…

  10. Correct. Barack Obama could be a Kenyan-born Muslim, an Indian-born Hindu, or a Russian-born atheist. None of that prevents him from legitimately being POTUS as long as his mother was American.

  11. “…but what is even more outrageous is the fact that so many Republicans continue to believe in debunked birther nonsense.”

    What’s truly tragic is that so many people don’t understand our laws and our Constitution. We can thank (blame) our inadequate educational system; a dearth of critical thinking skills; and MSM that pump out grossly false and inaccurate information…lie-discuss-repeat.

    From DailyKos 9/15/2015:

    • Percentage of people living in Turkey who say they are “very concerned” about the Islamic State: 33

    • Of people living in Israel: 44

    • In the United States: 68.

    Overreact much?

  12. “Charlie Rose brought up the media’s favorite false equivalency by claiming that Trump and Sanders are pulling supporters from the same mood that there is something wrong in this country.”
    Schmitty, the mcshame staffer who tried to get paylynn elected, said some VERY similar things on Maddow the other night.
    I think schmitty has got himself a new job as a trump apologist/excuse maker.
    Schmitty the creepy sleazy political operative, I guess he can pay his bills now that he has such a craptastic new job.

  13. There goes the African American vote Trump supposedly needs to win, because he can forget about the Hispanic vote. We should never forget about Trump’s despicable crusade to prove Obama was born in Kenya. It should disgust everyone, but his racism should especially bother every single African American. If Obama wasn’t of mixed race, Trump would have never pursued his radical birtherism agenda. Going as far as to send private detectives to Hawaii & Kenya.

  14. It took all of Trump’s willpower to restrain himself from jumping into the audience … and giving this clueless bigot a bear hug.

  15. Rachel Maddow Interviews Bernie Sanders “Republicans Get Away With Murder!”

    Sanders said, “Republicans get away with murder, because they are never challenged,” he told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. “Last night, I have to tell you, I did quit after two-and-a-half hours. The energy was just sucked out of my body. I was exhausted watching this stuff.” “Did you hear one word from anybody who said, ‘Well, climate change is a real threat to the planet — we need bold action?’ No,” the Democratic candidate told Maddow. “Did you hear one person say, ‘The real value of the minimum wage has declined significantly over the years — we need to raise the minimum wage?’ No.”

    Watch Entire Rachel Maddow Show on YouTube:

  16. Sanders has voted in opposition to President Obama consistently on many issues – gun control measures, withdrawal from Iraq, reducing the Pentagon budget. Sanders has his own agenda of high taxation and income redistribution in the socialist mode of Scandinavia. For him to come up now to defend the President on this silly issue after all his years of opposition to President Obama’s agenda is a bit hypocritical.

  17. Then you haven’t been paying attention,Bernie has spoken out many times on this issue as have many other Democratic politician’s.
    Free Speech TV for Real news

  18. Bernie is the only one speaking truth, as usual corporate owned media tries to muddy the water thanks to Bernie for not allowing that to happen.
    Free Speech TV for Real News

  19. Whitesplaining:

    The act of a Caucasian person condescendingly explaining racism and/or sociopolitical issues related to race to a non-Caucasian audience.

  20. …as opposed to EXplaining, which means telling the facts as you know them same way no matter who you’re talking to…

  21. Well, he’s most likely been informed that he’s not winning over the Black vote with Cornell West nor the Obama Coalition, and that it will hurt him in South Carolina in February 2016 and other Southern States in March 2016.

  22. Jewel, if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound?

    In order to curry favor with African Americans and Hispanics, you need to build a relationship with them. Asians, in contrast, are fine with the things you say and how you’ve voted, but Blacks and Hispanics are far more skeptical and distrustful. These groups need you to build a friendly rapport with them in order to win their support. Senator Sanders has never felt inclined to do so before, and now he’s having difficulty winning over these two major Democratic supporters who form the true base of the Democratic Party.

  23. Every Hillary article has a Bernie mention, the same isn’t true of the Bernie articles. Plus Hillary went after Trump On Air and not during a commercial break. To win you can’t sit on the fence and cow tow to the anti-Hillary and anti-Obama crowd. I’m disappointed in the way the media dismisses Hillary unless it’s a phony scandal, even so called progressive and liberal media. Then again the people don’t trust any media….which is a good thing. I’ll vote for Bernie if I have to, because I have nothing against him and like his positions, the ones Hillary holds also, but I honestly believe we need Hillary in office. And I’m getting tired of Bernbots causing a division between the two candidates. We MUST support each of them, and pledge to vote Democrat, not Bernie or Bust which is saying “if Bernie doesn’t win I’m not voting”…that would be a deadly mistake for our party. We need to get the Teathuglicans out of Congress, and a Democrat in.

  24. Rabid Right Wingers are so ignorant, so willfully stupid they actually BELIEVE that the Federal Government, Congress, Justice, FBI, CIA allows someone to waltz in, produce a phony birth cert. & take over as POTUS…They actually BELIEVE that with something like 400 million Americans in the world…this ONE guy cannot possibly be an American. It is utterly fantastic.

  25. Yes, and you just wasted three minutes of my time talking abouot Donald Trump and birthers.
    Sanders should just call it a disgrace and refuse to elaborate. The talk about how to rebuild the middle class and taxing the rich and corporations to pay for infrastructure improvements.
    That is what CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and others should be discussing. Birthers and Muslim Presidents go with unicorns and faeries.

  26. “It should disgust everyone, but his racism should especially bother every single African American.”

    She’d be EXplaining if she’d stopped after the word “everyone.”

    It’s “whitesplaining” because she continued on to tell “every single African American” how to feel about the birther myths.

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