Coward Donald Trump Goes Into Hiding As Birther Backlash Grows

donald trump

As criticism is mounting over Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn his supporters birther remarks about President Obama, Trump backed out of a candidate forum at the last minute with the excuse that he has a “business deal” closing.

The Hill reported:

Donald Trump is cancelling his appearance Friday evening at a major campaign stop for the GOP’s presidential field in South Carolina as he faces criticism from Republican and Democratic presidential candidates over his failure to address claims that President Obama s a Muslim and “not even an American.”

Trump’s campaign announced in a statement Friday he no longer plans to speak at the Heritage Action Presidential Forum at the Bon Secours Arena in Greenville.

“Mr. Trump has a significant business transaction that was expected to close Thursday,” it said in a statement.

Donald Trump is proving that there is no spine behind his bluster. Instead of facing the music for his birtherism, Trump has gone into hiding. The excuse that Trump had to back out of a big public event at the last minute because of a business deal closing doesn’t wash, because Donald Trump has business deals closing all of the time.

The mainstream press has been suggesting that Trump’s bankruptcies will be his undoing as a candidate when in reality the key to his demise has been right in front of everyone’s eyes.

A recent CNN Poll found that 29% of Americans, 43% of Republicans, and 54% of Trump supporters believe that President Obama is a Muslim. The birther conspiracy has always appealed to the far right, and since the Republican Party continues to shrink down to its most extremist core, 43% believing that Obama is Muslim makes sense.

Anyone who isn’t a Republican doesn’t believe in the birther conspiracy. By not correcting his supporters who claimed during a rally yesterday that the President is a foreign born Muslim, Trump has doomed himself to fringes of the Republican Party.

The campaign has gotten hard for Trump, and his first reaction was to run away and hide.

How is Trump supposed to make America great again when he can’t handle negative media coverage?

Donald Trump has been exposed as another Republican coward. Behind the tough talk is a fraud who when the going gets tough runs and hides.

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  1. …he just kissed the General goodbye…is there enough Teatards to get him through the Primaries??? Somehow, I doubt it…

  2. Of the photo above….IT’S ALIVE!! It’s Alive It’s Alive!!! Well the hair is but the brain underneath is DEAD!!

  3. I always knew the Birther thing would be the millstone that finally sinks the Trump shit show. I’m amazed it took this long to come up. Maybe now we’ll finally get some sanity from the mainstream press, but I’m not holding my breath.

  4. “Hey, whadya want from me? Sure I’m running’ for President and all that, I thought I’d help ya out. But you don’t think I’m gonna’ let it interrupt my cash flow do ya? ” I got billions on the line, billions. “

  5. …Joseph, after repeated studies o’ Trumps “hair”I have come to the conclusion that it is NOT OF THIS WORLD…God would never let a chinchilla be mutated into THAT…THING!!!

  6. Hey, you can’t let a little thing like “running” for President get in the way of making money.

    Re: That picture of Sideshow Donald above, it finally occurred to me what his hair reminds me of: that annoying silky crap that you get when you shuck an ear of corn. I hate that stuff.

  7. I don’t know how many times I heard that people love Trump because he is honest. That he tells the real truth. That people respect his “tell like it is,” responses sans the political correct speak. Whereas I’ve heard him, hedge the truth, misrepresent the facts, and outright lie a couple dozen times, and his campaign is just starting. I mean, are people now going to start saying that vaccines or their preservatives cause autism, because that’s Trump’s campaign truth.

    I saw an interesting representation of the extreme right’s “political correctness,” with the kids of Virginia who say the Confederate flag is just a reflection of “Southern Heritage,” and that’s all. No affiliation with racial bigotry, or institutional slavery and oppression.

    That’s where the generational ignorance starts. Trump is the apex of its application.

  8. Not Trump’s job to defend Obama. If someone thinks Obama is a Muslim, maybe they have good reason to believe that. And if Obama is a Muslim, so what, is he ashamed of it?

  9. Anyone who believes that Obama is a Muslim and wasn’t born in the U.S. believes it because they want to. President Obama has produced both his short-form and long-form Hawaii birth certificates and people still say he wasn’t born here.

    Yes it was Trump’s job to defend Obama when someone is saying something about him that simply isn’t true.

  10. I’m pretty sure we have a few in the Democratic party who think Obama is a Muslim.
    I think they said about 20%.
    Talk to one another about these things. Set these idiots straight.

  11. Senator McCain did in 2008.

    So far Graham and Christie have denounced this.

    Trump must believe the complete lies about this and isn’t worthy of be president of the free world.

  12. he’s insulted the latinos and women…so far.
    and now he’s playing to his uneducated followers, who believe all this non-sense.

    The guy who asked the question also said “HOW DO WE GET RID OF ALL THE MUSLIMS”

    They only want a caucasian and christian United States and the rest will be cleansed out.

    Even when presented with the ACTUAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, they think it’s fake.
    Over on the FB side, someone said his race is listed as AFRICAN-AMERICAN so it’s fake because that term wasn’t used in 1961.
    The mothers and fathers race is listed on birth certificates, not the childs.

    Obama Birth Certificate Released By White House (PHOTO)

    Hatred is the fuel of fear and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  13. LOL!!!
    Trump run?!?
    No it can not be?!?
    He is not done with making a fool/expose of the teabaggers out of their voting base impenetrable intelligence level of stupidity… whatever???
    Hasn’t the GOP max feed their voting base for ages (Fox Daily Bread) for their crazies to exist throughout generations to come??? Family/PARTY groups that feed on each others racist, anti-equality, hate, fear, war mongering all based on their religious understanding with inability to reasonably think that their wrong IS A DEEPLY PROFOUND MYSTERY AS DEEP AS THE SPACE WE ARE STILL TRYING TO UNDERSTAND… is like… no matter how much you try to reason with them… Is my perception that Trump did not even try to correct/reason with them publically. Wow Trump, your doing a great job of exposing what the GOP continues in try to keep SECRET?!? And when a maverick is using their talking points… All of a sudden IT IS NOT COOL?!?
    The same BS is for establishment, but NOT ok for the outsider!!!

  14. rashim amendajah, birthers conveniently forget President Obama’s 20 year relationship with Pastor Emeritus of Trinity United Church of Christ Rev. Jeremiah Wright, except when they want to slam both of them for a cherry-picked often misquoted intemperate comment Wright made.

  15. Donald Trump locked himself in a closet so he can have some down time to remind himself…
    I’m so rich…
    I’m so great…
    Everybody loves me!

  16. but, but, he had some big business deal… I wonder how REAL world leaders would responder to this behavior.

  17. “The campaign has gotten hard for Trump, and his first reaction was to run away and hide.”

    Imploding in 3…2…1…

    Poor baby.

  18. Run and hide seems to be his M O. 3 divorces, 4 bankruptcies, draft dodger, Atlantic City unemployer,supporter of China & Mexican economies with clothing line manufacturing outsourced overseas to avoid paying a decent wage and avoid American taxes.

  19. If 43% of Republicans think President Obama is a Muslim, then the attacks on Trump should make him more popular than ever, and the Republicans attacking him less popular.

    Let’s see.

  20. Always a genius or two to hit the “no way” button. Could be some egg on someone’s face. Don’t think Trump can last but it would be fun to see party leaders hijack the thing and turn it over to Bush’s brain.

  21. WOW ! Glad they didn’t ask her about Kim Davis. We are brought up in this country to believe we are as intelligent as any other nation.( if not more so) Reality may disappoint.

  22. Does anyone else think Trump pulls one of these moves every Friday for the free face time on every Sunday show ? Doesnt cost him a cent.

  23. But he’s not a Muslim, he’s called himself a Christian. It’s irrelevant in that there is no religious requirement for the Presidency. If PBO was Muslim, he would fully acknowledge it, but he’s not. End.of.discussion.

  24. I think one way to explain Trump’s widespread acceptance in the GOP/TP and his supporters ignoring the fact that he doesn’t know what he’s doing is to look at how long it took them to realize that Sarah Palin is an empty vessel. It took them 6 years to realize that she didn’t know what the h*ll she was talking about, from 2008 until she bombed out in 2014 and gave the speech filled with gobbledygook. Trump’s main supporters are persons who are strongly motivated by fake expressions of strength. Theyvcan’t defend Trump’s failure to appear at the Heritage event, so in order to preserve their inaccurate view of him, they vote down comments and move on. It will never occur to them that they chose the wrong candidate until later, much later. Trump is taking them for a h*ll of a ride, promising them things he’ll never deliver, and they’re eating it up. They don’t know that Trump will never, ever invite them to his home and sit down and have a beer with them.

  25. Donald’s been put in time out for being so horribly and terribly bad this week. Mrs Trump: Your son Donny does not play well with others and is an arrogant, clueless spoiled brat.

  26. Unfortunately for Democrats, I expect we’re seeing the beginning of the end of Trump as the GOP presidential nominee. Of course, there never was any way he’d win in November.

  27. Trump aint going no where. When 60% of republicans believe this nonsense he is just reinforcing their idiocy

  28. I don’t think it was so much the “birther” question that Trump mishandled in Rochester, although the MSM is feeding on it right now.

    I believe the real reason for his sudden cancellation of appearances was caused by the event aboard the USS Iowa in which the great experienced business man was duped into participating in a fundraiser for a group called “Veterans for a Strong America with thousands of veterans” which, in fact, has no members at all.
    The “Veterans for a Strong America appears to consist of just one individual: Joel Arends , a scam artist from. Sioux Falls, South Dakota who has quite record,
    Arends’ group has also been under investigation by two Arizona agencies for alleged election irregularities. Arends is also facing allegations in Texas of being involved in a super PAC scam.
    Heads are roling in the Trump Camp!

  29. All republican politicians are frauds. They don’t give a rip about serving the public–they’re only in it for themselves and their rich cronies. Anyone who isn’t part of the 1%–especially any woman, veteran, union member, minority, or LGBT person–yet votes for a republican politician is an absolute fool.

  30. {{{please don’t kill me}}}
    …I gotta say, when Trump was asked that he laughed, and said “We really need THIS…”the subcontext seemed to be one popular back in the ’70s when I was a kid “I really need THIS…like a hole in the head.”
    …Trump shoulda done more than semi-brush off the question…even lacking the courage of John McCain way back when…unless he’s afraid of his own base…

  31. If he’s not beaten in the primaries, the party could toss those results.
    The primary process itself is a well thought out construct of the entire apparatus of the DC political class.

    And Trump is screwing it all up.

    Tee hee.

  32. I am just posting the RNC RULES. I hope they get to the convention with trump winning and they snatch it away from him.Then the real war would start between the idiots

  33. Then the real war would start between the idiots

    Always a possibility, although I’m quite sure that Wall Street, the CoC and K Street lobbyists want to see a take- down much before that.

    They’ll pay any price to keep throwing Trump thermonuclear curve balls.

  34. NEWS FLASH! Trump’s response today, via Twitter, is that: ” He has no moral obligations to defend President Obama”. “It’s the first time I got in trouble for NOT saying anything”. “Obama would not have defended ME if someone said something to him about me either”.

    Well, show him the clip of McCain taking the mic from that real down in the gutter bigoted ol’ woman who said that Obama is an Arab.(With utter revulsion for Arabs, as if they are not humans or decent people). McCain said to her: No ma’m he is not, he is a decent Christian, family man, I only disagree with him on certain policies…..etc., etc.” NOW, that was comendable of McCain. Proving that he is not in the same gutter with those nuts. Trump, IS in the gutter with them. His followers are ex-Sara Palin followers.

  35. Trump is not going to become president, he will not be put up at the GOP Convention, and if he does make the primary he still will not become president. His base is not large enough to vote him in as President.

  36. Trump was trapped with no way out because he knew that man represented the majority who would vote for him.

    He couldn’t afford to do the right thing.

  37. Donald Trump is NOT a coward. He just knows which battles to fight, unlike the rest of the presidential candidates.

    If God wants Trump to be our next president, nothing the NRC/GOP can do will stop Trump from becoming the next president of the USA.

    Trump knows exactly what he is doing & he is a extremely intelligent man. Many of the republican presidential candidates are scared to death of Trump because they know he can Win and he will WIN!

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