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Coward Donald Trump Goes Into Hiding As Birther Backlash Grows

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 06:13 pm

donald trump

As criticism is mounting over Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn his supporters birther remarks about President Obama, Trump backed out of a candidate forum at the last minute with the excuse that he has a “business deal” closing.

The Hill reported:

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Donald Trump is cancelling his appearance Friday evening at a major campaign stop for the GOP’s presidential field in South Carolina as he faces criticism from Republican and Democratic presidential candidates over his failure to address claims that President Obama s a Muslim and “not even an American.”

Trump’s campaign announced in a statement Friday he no longer plans to speak at the Heritage Action Presidential Forum at the Bon Secours Arena in Greenville.

“Mr. Trump has a significant business transaction that was expected to close Thursday,” it said in a statement.

Donald Trump is proving that there is no spine behind his bluster. Instead of facing the music for his birtherism, Trump has gone into hiding. The excuse that Trump had to back out of a big public event at the last minute because of a business deal closing doesn’t wash, because Donald Trump has business deals closing all of the time.

The mainstream press has been suggesting that Trump’s bankruptcies will be his undoing as a candidate when in reality the key to his demise has been right in front of everyone’s eyes.

A recent CNN Poll found that 29% of Americans, 43% of Republicans, and 54% of Trump supporters believe that President Obama is a Muslim. The birther conspiracy has always appealed to the far right, and since the Republican Party continues to shrink down to its most extremist core, 43% believing that Obama is Muslim makes sense.

Anyone who isn’t a Republican doesn’t believe in the birther conspiracy. By not correcting his supporters who claimed during a rally yesterday that the President is a foreign born Muslim, Trump has doomed himself to fringes of the Republican Party.

The campaign has gotten hard for Trump, and his first reaction was to run away and hide.

How is Trump supposed to make America great again when he can’t handle negative media coverage?

Donald Trump has been exposed as another Republican coward. Behind the tough talk is a fraud who when the going gets tough runs and hides.

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