Will Ferrell And The Red Hot Chili Peppers Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

will ferrell endorses bernie sanders

Actor Will Ferrell and legendary rock band, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, are just two of the 128 artists, musicians, and cultural leaders who endorsed Bernie Sanders for president today.

The full list of artists includes actor Danny Devito, actor/comedian Patton Oswalt, comedian/actress/writer Sarah Silverman, actor George Wendt, comedian Margaret Cho, actress Juliette Lewis, actor Jeremy Piven, and actor Mark Ruffalo.

“As artists and citizens we believe it is time for government to once again represent the people and not just big money,” said writer and director Adam McKay, who with Ferrell, co-wrote and directed the films “Anchorman” and “Step Brothers.” “Bernie Sanders is the only candidate speaking against the wide spread legalized corruption that has handed our government to billionaires, large corporations and banks.”

Several legendary musicians also endorsed Sen. Sanders including David Crosby, Marshall Crenshaw, John Densmore of The Doors, Blues legend Charlie Musselwhite, Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth, and Bonnie Raitt.

“Bernie Sanders is a public servant who places people ahead of profit,” said legendary guitarist Wayne Kramer. “He understands that, above all, leadership is necessary to move this country beyond its current retrogressive political condition.”

The entire list is impressive, and it demonstrates that the Sanders movement is grassroots, but it is attracting the attention of individuals at all levels of society. Bernie Sanders is building something special and endorsements today reflect the enthusiasm that his campaign is generating.

42 Replies to “Will Ferrell And The Red Hot Chili Peppers Endorse Bernie Sanders For President”

  1. …gonna be a ton o’ celeb endorsements for Hillary and Bernie…with some left over for the others…

  2. Who cares? Now if they were someone like Kerri Washington, Sean Penn, Cat Stevens,sorry I cant remember his Muslim name,Danny Glover who knows policy then maybe we should pay attention. Will Ferrell?

  3. He is a once in a lifetime chance that I never thought I would see in my lifetime. Much respect to everyone that looks at this mans life and what he has fought for. #Bernie2016

  4. Save your fingers the trouble of typing that ever again. People just bury their heads in the sand and refuse to see the reality of the past. This is 2015, not 1972. That can’t happen this time.

  5. The Bernie haters are gonna hate. I doubt they give a damn about America. All they care about is getting Corporate supported Hillary elected so we will have more of the same.

  6. We’ve got a few Bernie haters in Rin and DJchefron here on this site.

    I don’t believe that they don’t give a damn about America, but they sure as hell are 100% for HRC – no matter what her weaknesses are.

    They just LOVE to point out ANY little thing that Bernie is weak on.

    I think it is really early to start that, but they are insistent!

  7. John, you know that’s a bunch of baseless crock. There are NO “Bernie Haters” here on this site.

    Both Rin and djchefron only tell the truth and overly-sensitive Bernie supporters who wince every time someone posts a post not in total awe of Sanders only think it’s hate. But here’s the thing…should Sanders win the nom every single person who isn’t for Sanders now will vote for him in the G.E.

    That’s not always the case with Hillary-detractors. I’ve seen too many posts with, “Bernie or bust!” or “if Bernie Sanders doesn’t win the primary, I’m staying home!” or “if Bernie doesn’t win the primary, I’m writing him in in the G.E.! No way am I going to vote for (fill in whatever anti-establishment epithet you wish here)”.

    So please keep things in perspective.

  8. TV won JFK in the 1960’s…

    Internet age… made me learn early on Bernie Sanders has the great solid congressional voting records for all to see in the American Electorate and if American Electorate learn more about him like me they’ll decide to support someone who stood for We The People from day one and never let political pressure change his allegiance for We The People… others I have NO TRUST, nor FAITH that they stand solid. Because when the going gets tough, their not tough enough like The Man Bernie Sanders 2016!!!


  9. John- Bernie is a good man but I do not think he will beat the GOP machine if he is the Democrat Candidate. I know Hillary has a lot of issues but she is the one who deserved to be president of this country. The Clintons have dedicated all their life to serve people in this country and around the world. The Clintons are not perfect but, who is perfect? Hillary and Bernie are fighting for almost the same. We don’t need a divided party. It is the only event that can bring the GOP to the white house again. And If Bernie win the election is going to be a real war btw Bernie and the GOP for 4 more years. If Bernie beat Hillary, he will be destroyed by the republican machine as a socialist. Bernie is the Junior Senator from Vermont and a self-described democratic socialist. Despite this, his policy platform does not seek to replace capitalism and private ownership of the economy with a socialist economic system. This country is not ready for a democratic socialist. People will be scared.

  10. So now I hate America because I don’t bow down to sanders? No dumbass I know the Constitution and how government works and all those unicorns Sanders is promising aint going to happen. Big ass dummy

  11. Two things. It isn’t Hillary’s TURN”. This isn’t a coronation for the woman candidate or a gift for her patience.
    Then, what do you do? You admit that Hillary is aligned with the corporations.

    It is way past time for what Will Ferrell espouses – the PEOPLE. The country is way past ready for a Democratic Socialist and they are unafraid and chomping at the bit. No more leadership by fear. That’s over.

    I’m voting the ticket. I don’t give a damn which one of these people are nominated. I want President Barack Hussein Obama for a third and fourth term, but that’s not going to happen. He is what a President looks like, except he’s Black. He has the gravitas to handle Putin. All of the world leaders has the right amount of respect and fear for America’s President.

    Right now they are viewing our electoral process and are laughing at us.

  12. The people on this site who say they will stay home, if their candidate does not make the ticket are ———-(fill in the adjective) I’ll just say; you are asking for another eight years of rethug wars, not giving a dam for the people, for the Koch’s to take over, giving the rethugs the right to name the Supreme court for another possible 40 or 50 years. In other words,(YOU), will be responsible for the down fall of our country. Is staying home worth that???

  13. … let’s look at this objectively…Bernie is a great guy, and a more savvy pol than he is given credit for, but he has a plethora o’ probs…some o’ his fans are FANATICS…he’s tryin’ to do this one or two states at a time, his Minority Outreach is slow, and frequently his progress is set back by his Fanatics, his lack o’ funds…his ONE articulate message…he has to aggressively address all o’ these to stay in the race…but CAN he???

  14. And you may Definitely ADD MY NAME TO THE LIST…..!!!!!…..and Proud to Be Included on that list as I SUPPRORT FUTURE PRESIDENT MADAME HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON…!!!!!….And Will NOT be FEELING THE BERN IF……BY SOME UNGODLY CHANCE….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….Supporting him for President…!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Not true. It’s only natural to feel some animosity towards your opponent at the time. The strong Hillary supporters that try to minimize any positive news for Bernie are darn annoying! Still in the general election, against whichever nincompoop the reps throw out there we will vote for the best choice or least bad if you prefer.

  16. So how do you think Clinton supporters feel when she is called a liar using right wing talking points and the old nader line both sides are the same but use the code word of corporatist? And there is one poster on here who has use the term Bernie or else.

    I go on a lot of sites and Sanders supporters are more vile than anything I witness in 2008. Hell a couple of posters on here called me un American just because I correct the record and don’t feel the Bern. I am talking to you John and Pappa Fritoes

  17. Bernie Sanders voted against gun control measures and for bills disallowing gun manufacturers from lawsuits. He voted against immigration reform, saying that immigrants were a detriment to this country because they take jobs from Americans and depress wages. He voted against removing troops from Iraq and for more taxpayer money and replenishment of arms to Israel. There’s Bernie’s voting record.

  18. From This Mature Black Democratic Male(Aligned with Ms.Hillary Rodham Clinton)and who USED TO consider Myself liberal…!!!…but NOW a Pragmatic Democrat who Sees The Forest Through The Trees….!!!!…if your savior(feel the bern)is the Democratic Nominee…I will Gladly Suffer the consequences…No I will NOT be voting for your candidate in ANY shape….form or fashion….PERIOD….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Whether one is a Hillary supporter or a Bernie supporter, it is totally self-defeating to insist you will not vote for the Democratic nominee (whichever one it is) in the general election. Do you want one of those Republican right-wingers filling Supreme Court vacancies and running your life for the forseeable future? Getting a liberal or progressive majority of justices on the Supreme Court is of the utmost importance. We’re talking about whether the Citizens United decision will be overturned or whether abortion rights will continue or whether the 2nd Amendment (re guns) will be sensibly defined or whether voting rights will be protected or whether we’ll ever have a real separation of church and state in our lifetimes. Think about who any of those Republican clowns would try to put on the Supreme Court. This is a serious matter and not one where we can afford to take our ball and go home if our dream candidate is not the Democratic nominee.

  20. Rhondayes…how can you read “it’s Hillary’s TURN” in Raul Rosario’s post? I sure didn’t.

    Raul merely makes valid points that the Clintons have worked very hard serving this country, pulling the Democratic Party out of the morass of RW-lies that gave us Reagan and G.H.W. Bush for nearly sixteen years. They’d been excoriated, demonized, persecuted, embarrassed, called “murderers”, all the while fighting to improve the lives of average Americans and American children.

    Hillary Clinton is, by far, the most experienced and most prepared to accept the reins from President Obama’s very able hands, and lead this country forward, compared to the other candidates.

    That’s all Raul is saying. Stop being so sensitive.

  21. billy moore, I love you. I really do. I love your passion for Hillary Clinton. I understand it, too.

    But every Liberal, every Progressive, and every Democrat should pledge to vote for the candidate who wins the Democratic Party primary. I will happily vote for whomever wins because I really fear another Republican in the White House.

  22. Exactly, but there are a group of Bernie supporters who attack anyone backing Hillary. I’ve been attacked numerous times, and I question if this group within a group are true liberals. Do they think Bernie will be easier to beat? The anti-Hillary b.s. has to stop, it’s not going to help Sen. Sanders in the general election should he get there.

  23. If, despite all those problems, Sanders wins the nom, we should ALL pledge to cast our vote for him in the G.E. He will be a far better president than any Republican even if he won’t be able to get much through in Congress (unless we give him a Congress he can actually work with).

    We simply cannot afford to have another Republican in the White House. We just can’t. And neither can other people and nations across the globe.

  24. No one ‘deserves’ the presidency, nor is it anyone’s ‘turn.’ It is an office that needs to be occupied by the most-qualified person to do the job effectively for the people. Sometimes a few that are a good fit don’t even run. I would have been thrilled if Elizabeth Warren and/or Sherrod Brown (Sen. from the swing state of Ohio) had entered the race. Even if HRC was a big frontrunner, they would have forced her a bit more left (well, with the pathetic DNC debate schedule, maybe not so much). Yes, I’m a Sanders supporter, but if Hillary is nominated, I would certainly vote for her. The SCOTUS is WAY too important to leave in the hands of any of those asshats.

  25. Endorsements. Real ones. Very crucially important ones. Biden possibly entering the contest should be of interest even to people who consider SNL comedy endorsements to matter.

    And what is going on with the CBC, the front runner and Biden should be of interest to all actual democrats.

  26. I don’t entertain it as a possibility. It is beyond mere hypothetical it is a total absurd impossibility.

    I heard Fallon from her campaign say the internal tracking polls show NH is tied. Her campaign insiders said they are confident Hillary will win IA and NH.

    Priorites USA said they got 25 million so far this quarter already.

    Hillary has the whole party behind her – from the progressive caucus to the CBC.

    I watched her speak today in NH at the dem convention in NH and she blew the roof off the place and nailed it and the crowd went wild for the entire speech and jumped up constantly.

    Watch it. Then watch Bernie’s speech a little while later. The crowd with Bernie signs almost looked bored, on their phones, embarrassed, shrugging at the cameras and wincing – swear to GOD they were pretending to care and barely even stood.

    His speech rang more hollow than ever. He was attacking without mentioning names – Obama, Hillary and Democratic Party.

    Watch the whole…

  27. Ya think? Oh my.

    I was on a conference call months ago and the states with ballot requirements were started, Virigina was one of the two early ones that were first.

    Oh well, no training wheels this is the big time.

  28. It’s not good or bad. It’s reasonable and legitimate. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat. He should be running as a Socialist or an Independent. I’d have more respect for him if he weren’t such a hypocrite. He’s voted against our Democratic president repeatedly and destructively throughput President Obama’s two terms.

  29. river, the bad thing is in the three states which require petitions they did not start them yet!

    It takes months to get so many people because you have to get them in specific cong. disticts quantities.

    They check each signiture against voter files and if the person didn’t sign their name the way it was on the registration form it is tossed.

    They can toss half the petitions.

    This is for all candidates. Hillary’s volunteers started months ago.

    Amateurs didn’t know till now?

  30. Amateurs still think they can win the general election with the revolutionaries sending in their small donations. :)

  31. Sorry ICH…But My Conscience will Not Permit Me to Pull the lever for that man….WHATEVER THE CONSEQUNCES may be…!!!…I Cried Many Tears when Hillary Lost the Nomination…!!!…I was devastated,but,I chose to at least vote for Barak Obama…do not regret that AT ALL…But I BE DAMNED if I have to go through this with pseudo fake ass white progressive INDEPENDENT person who has done not one IOTA as a Senator and feel he can Save the Democratic party…!!!!…BULL CRAP…!!!!!…Will Not…!!!!…Can Not…!!!…!!! for him AT ALL…!!!…This Stubborn Ass Gemini Has MADE MY DECISION…!!!!!….GO HILLARY…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. http://www.dailydot.com/politics/clinton-sanders-2016-issues/



    Thank you for your reply and for your deep concerns. I hope the above links help?!? But the more I/we learn, the more I AM convinced that I am voting for Sanders, but if Clinton should win the nomination… I definitely will vote for her, but in the mean time… I am definitely doing my best in my attempts to win others for Bernie Sanders…
    Keep fighting for what you believe in. Great Day!!!


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