Hillary Clinton Gets Fired Up And Goes Off On Donald Trump

clinton goes off on Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton got visibly fired up today when asked about Donald Trump and the birthers. Clinton demanded that Republicans stop impugning the integrity of President Obama.

Former Sec.Clinton called on Trump and all the Republican candidates to start behaving like presidents by standing up for the truth.

Clinton said of Trump, “He knew or he should have known that what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds. It was untrue, and he should have from the beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. That level of hatefulness in a questioner, in an audience that he was appearing before. So I would call on him, and call on all of the candidates to stop this descent into the kind of hateful, mean-spirited, divisive rhetoric that we have seen too much of over the last months.”

The Democratic presidential candidate was asked how she would have responded, Clinton answered, “Well, I don’t think that person would come to my event, but if that person had been at my event, I would have called him out on it, and I would have said from the very beginning that has no place in a political discussion like the one we’re trying to have here and not only is it out of place and wrong. It is totally factually untrue, and to quit impugning the integrity of the president.”

Clinton was asked if it was racist, and she said that she thought the rhetoric was prejudiced and discriminatory.

Hillary Clinton took a firm stand and didn’t hold back anything that was on her mind. So far she is the Democrat that has come close to calling the most recent outbreak of Trump birtherism racist. She also directly called out Trump for knowing what he was doing.

Clinton connected Trump to the hatefulness being displayed towards President Obama, and she connected the Republican Party to the political strategy of intentionally trying to divide people. Bernie Sanders was outraged. The White House used Trump to paint a broader picture of Republican behavior, but it was Hillary Clinton who directly called out Trump and the behavior of his supporters.

Trump’s latest birther outbreak is splitting Republicans while reminding voters everywhere that Democrats stand unified against hatred and bigotry.

42 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Gets Fired Up And Goes Off On Donald Trump”

  1. Trump is not a full time politician. HE just plays one every cycle.Gonna get a lesson this time around.

  2. The Donald is hiding because he doesn’t intend on answering for his bigoted attitude. He doesn’t want to offend his followers. He is hateful.

  3. Do not try this at home. Trump is not a full time politician. He just plays one every cycle.He gonna get a lesson this time.

  4. Republicans have to answer that question. Democrats don’t have to answer anything. Nice work if you can get it.

  5. Hey dumbass it was your racist views that you question President Obama birthright. So tell us, is President Obama a citizen?

  6. Sen. Sanders also called out this bullshit. But like Huckabee said Blacks are not human because Dread Scott is still the law of the land

  7. Nice to finally see some signs of sentient life coming from Hillary. I was starting to worry that maybe we’d be better off with a potted plant, but looks like calling President Obama a muslim and a foreigner finally got under her skin.

    I see the Democrats are FINALLY finding a voice to counter the relentless onslaught of lies and bullshit streaming from the right wing. Question is, will the media actually broadcast these comments, or will they just ignore them like they’ve been ignoring Bernie?

  8. Party leaders will likely settle it if it goes the distance. Let Bush’s Brain figure it out for you.

  9. David, You can’t turn this around onto the Dems. Your ilk are the racists and bigots, and the world sees it.

  10. pretty stupid post you posted there. just because you are to deep up your own ass to notice the world around you does not mean stuff does not happen around you.

  11. Democratic politicians don’t have time to make up stupid sh!t and spread it all over the place. They’re too busy

    (1) Doing their jobs, eg fixing the economy, protecting the environment, making peace, and defending the Constitution. All while fighting Republican obstructionism and their repeated attempts to get rid of the ACA, Planned Parenthood, abortion rights, the wall of separation between church and state, voting rights, and the JCPOA;

    and (2) responding to lies, propaganda, distortions, and fear-mongering made up and propagated by Republicans.

  12. Bernie is on prime time, on the cover of TIME, so he can’t play the ‘poor pitiful me’ recording anymore.

    He’s now going to have to step up and face hard questions from us. Where was he for 34 years that he got only 3 bills passed and signed, 2 of them renaming post offices? He supposedly has a GREAT voting record, but that’s followership not leadership. Even in times of Dem majorities he could not get co-sponsors on stuff that is pretty mainstream. He is pro gun, protects manufacturers, is for the F-35, drones, and protected militias. He did not vote for the comprehensive immigration reform bill when it could pass, and he has a tin ear for POC and their anguish.

    He’s hit the mainline, the big time, the front and center. Is he up to it? Who knows yet. Stop giving him a pass – he’s supposed to be for us – make him prove it with more than hollow words, NO policies.

  13. I wouldn’t worry about Bernie. Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight gives Mr. Sanders 15 to 1 odds at best in the upcoming democratic primaries. Bernie has poured all his resources into Iowa and New Hampshire, which given his plight, isn’t bad strategy. But there are 48 more primaries to go, and I see a freight train barreling down the tracks come the beginning of next year. His campaign desperately needs money and organization to match Hillary’s overwhelmingly huge advantages in the coming primaries.

    Mrs. Clinton also has won the african american vote because over the years she has cultivated a relationship with the black community of trust and respect. Bernie could learn a lesson from Hillary in that respect. One thing I take away from the whole black lives mattrer kerfuffle, is that Sanders admits his shortcomings with PoC and has sat down with BLM activists in the hopes learning from black folks where he needs to change. Will this help him win over the african american vote? …

  14. Very doubtful, but I give him credit as a politician for recognizing a severe problem and trying to rectify it. You’d never see that from a republican.

    My only knock on Hillary is that she’s too close to Wall Street for my liking. But when you compare the two, I see they have a record of voting the same 96% of the time. So I’m not losing much sleep over who eventually wins next spring. I could be ok with either.

  15. Well, the reality of Citizens United requires even liberal Democrats to raise scandalously large sums of money to be competitive in a general election. And it is the Wall St money that is big enough to do that. There is no question that America needs desperately to hold a Democrat in the Oval Office in this next election. Small donations from voters won’t put one there. That is reality.

    Wall St reform is needed but it can’t be a revolutionary overthrow or the entire world’s economy would go tumbling. “Revolution” is silly talk. It is going to take a measured, calculated agenda to set that wrong straight. So, we need to give Hillary Clinton a House and Senate she can work with to that end.

  16. Huckster apparently believes and follows this law of the land, but refuses to follow the law of the land on other issues.. Mr. super Christian! do remember the passage in the bible (again which you say you believe in and follow) WHICH STATES TO THE FOLLOWERS OF jESUS,TO FOLLOW THE LAW OF THE LAND IN WHICH YOU LIVE IN….Huckster follows that which he chooses.

  17. …hey Jagoff!!!
    …it’s dead simple; the Republican’ts are busy tryin’ to ruin this country; and the Democrats are busy doin’ thier jobs…
    …so “Fk” off and eat shit!!!

  18. Like I said, my only knock on Hillary are her ties with Wall Street. Specifically the Peter G. Peterson foundation. This is the guy who was quoted as saying “social security is the mother of all revenue streams”. This is the donor classes wet dream, to destroy FDR’s new deal. They got their wish in Great Britain under Margaret Thatcher, and want to bring that program to america.

    Pete Peterson is a billionaire Wall Street hedge fund manager who wants to privatize Social Security and skim a fat chunk of the money for himself, and Bill and Hillary should distance themselves from him.

  19. Stop lying. Bill Clinton gave a speech at his conference on economics and his main focus was telling the attendees she didn’t have brain damage when she suffered her concussion.

    BTW since you mention Social Security she had this to say.
    Did Hillary Clinton just take Social Security cuts off the table?
    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton didn’t quite lay out a detailed proposal for Social Security, but in remarks at a roundtable event in New Hampshire on Monday, she did suggest that Republican proposals to “privatize” or “undermine” the program are “just wrong.” […]
    “My only question to everybody who thinks we can privatize Social Security or undermine it in some way is, so then what’s going to happen to all these people like you who worked 27 years at this other company? What’s going to happen? It’s just wrong,” Clinton said.

  20. Look, if you want to scold me because I have the temerity to think independently and not be in lockstep with you and your opinions, fine. But I won’t cower to your attempts to gaslight me just for the attempt to proffer an alternate view of your narrative. Not everyone has to genuflect to your authoritarian viewpoint nor should ever be.

    This is America, Jack! And may I humbly add… no I won’t go there.

    BTW: I wrote this in anticipation of your reply, you are very predictable.

  21. Michael, when you post falsehoods, you will be “scolded” here. If you’re new here you can be excused for not knowing that djchefron is an incredibly informed poster/blogger at PoliticusUSA. Considering your “predictible” comment, you’re not new here, and you should know better.

    Dj merely corrected your assumption that because a billionaire hedge fund guy has donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, she’d somehow be beholden to him and would “secretly” try to privatize Social Security. As a Democratic voter, you should know by now that NO Democrat will ever let that happen – and a chunk of Republicans in Congress won’t, either. That’s why Duhbya Bush’s attempt to privatize social security was defeated by a Republican-controlled Congress in 2005.

    So what you’ve posted is merely fearmongering. It isn’t based in fact, thinking independently or not. That’s why you were corrected (which you call “scolding”).

    I hope that cleared it up for you.

  22. You made a charge that is not true now if you have some facts other than what you pulled out of your ass then show me and I will apologize

  23. I like to sit back and take in the ambiance of the political situation. I am not heavily invested about who wins the primaries. I see advocates that proffer both sides of the debate, and that is good. Both of you call me a liar, or profligating falsehoods or fearmongering. That’s fair, but I hope that I’m not coming out that way everyone. And if my posts offend folks, it doesn’t offend me, I can stop.

    Look there are many pie fights going on simultaneously across the interwebs, and I apologize to adding to them. You both add to the problem too by reading past posts. So consider us all corrected.

  24. If all printers were determined not to print anything till they were sure it would offend nobody, there would be very little printed. — Benjamin Franklin

  25. That is the masthead on Zandars blog.

    Look, I see you as Hillary supporters. Good for you. And my point is that there are a plethora of opinions that will both support you and your political suppositions, and others that don’t. We’re a nation of a population of approximately 320 million, and opinions abound.

    You guys get all apoplectic on me because of your Hillary or die modicum. Good for you. And BTW, I really like Hillary as a person. I expect that I’ll vote for her in the general and I love what Bill and Hillary did for america in the ’90s. They helped way much more than they hurted. I hate purity trolls.

  26. No I am not a Hillary supporter and as proof just Google my discus account from 2007. What I wont tolerate is lies from the left or right. Now do I think SOS Clinton is our best chance of picking up down ballot voters yes. Do I think Sanders is our best chance? NO. As far as policy is concern there is no difference between the two base on voting records. But unless you live in the emo bubble there is no way Americans will elect someone that has any thing to do with socialism. Don’t hate the player hate the game and the game is socialism could rank up there with George Carlins dirty words. Nevermind that we already have socialism and it is written in the Constitution Americans are stupid and they have been brainwashed in the way they think. I am just being pragmatic. To fund Sanders proposals to the tune of 18 trillion, I am for it in my heart but my head tells me that shit aint going to fly. Case in point, bush promise a tax cut. Its your money and you should keep it. Americans ate that shit up even though the 99% didn’t get shit but the rich made out like bandits. Just think when the RW noise machine get going. They wont hear its on the rich. All Americans will hear is your taxes are going up and that will be that and the RW will get more entrenched with nominating judges to do the bidding of the 1%

  27. The RWNJ’s keep asking and saying “She’s not DONE anything” and “What has she DONE?”, and my answer to that is the candidates that suck tea and Koch, must not know how to do research, or their minions don’t know how, or they THINK that those statements will garner votes for them. There is NOT ONE of them that is fit to be in the WH!

  28. Now you gave me fodder for which we can agree on. I’m not a Clinton supporter either, but I expect to donate to and vote for her.

    As for the 18 trillon news article hack that the Wall Street Journal put out on Bernie, I consider it a smear, but not as bad of a smear and outright lies the The New York Times put out on Hillary’s emails. Hillary is getting downright pummeled in a very willing press to hack at her favorabilities. She is absolutely right about the vast right wing conspiracy, not to go all Alex Jones on you, but Beghazi for evah!

    So now, I wholeheartedly agree with you on your last post. Hillary is the gal that Fox News has in their sights, and will be unrelenting in their ad hominem visceral attacks. As I said before, Nate Silver gives Sanders a 15 to 1 set of odds at best. The handwriting truely is on the wall. Enough said.

  29. And that chart is Sept 8th and also doesn’t take into account the campaign let it be known they have 440 Superdelegates in her back pocket and pledged but not public yet.

  30. Bernie has stood up for Blacks all his political life,was arrested while marching with MLK, some how that is being ignored by the press & by black lives matter.No other politician has stood up for Black, Brown,& the poor as much as Bernie has.
    please do some research before making statements that are just not true.

  31. Joe Biden is as decent and as Democratic as they come. He’s a fine human being. But in the end I am confident he will endorse Hillary Clinton and campaign for her. Democrats are focused on keeping a Democrat in the Oval Office and Hillary Clinton is the one who can win the general election.

  32. Cyber. That post is lame.

    Hillary has been going toe to toe with GOPers for a long time. She has also been a Democrat since 1968 NOT since 2015.

    Give em hell Hillary!

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