CNN Goes Birther After Anchor Calls President Obama President Muhammad


CNN needs to correct the record and apologize to their viewers after anchor Michaela Pereira accidentally called Obama President Muhammad.


Transcript via CNN:

PEREIRA: All right. Here we go with the five things for Friday. No. 1, Donald Trump taking some heat for not correcting a man at a town hall in New Hampshire who called President Mohamad [SIC] Muslim and also said that the U.S. needed to get rid of Muslims. The campaign contends Mr. Trump did not hear that part of the man’s comments.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, warning Republicans not to shut down the federal government over Planned Parenthood funding, blasting the GOP candidates for what she calls their, quote, “hateful rhetoric and lies.”

That Muslim teen who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to his Texas school, he’s not going back to that school. Ahmed Mohamed’s family saying he has too many painful memories so they are now looking at other schools.

I suspect this was a simple screw up, but what was she thinking? She was doing a story on Trump and his latest birther fiasco, but her timing could not have been worse.

Once again, President Obama is not a Muslim. His name is not Muhammad. Pereira has not apologized for this subconscious voyage into birtherism, but both the anchor and CNN should.

The fact that the nation has been dealing with a group of lunatic fringe Republicans who still continue to believe that President Obama was not born in the United States and is not a Christian for seven years means that when mistakes like this happen, the record must be corrected.

If CNN values factual accuracy and doesn’t want to be lumped in with the birthers, they need to make sure that their viewers understand that President Obama is not a Muslim.

Pereira’s statement was an unfortunate verbal gaffe, but it is up to the anchor and CNN to set the record straight.

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  1. I don’t think it was a gaffe. Studies have shown republicans and I am quite sure with her tax bracket she is an republican thinks the President is a Muslim and even if he was what difference would it make? I rather have a competent booger digger than an incompetent fake religious nut job leading the country any day of the week

  2. Maybe she got ahead of her stories? The third story she was leading up to, was about that 14 year old Muslim kid with clock. His name is Mohamed.
    It’s a gaffe. I think. Subconscious association with the stories on Muslims.
    President Muhamed Barack Hussein Obama! LOL!

  3. This is exactly what Preside Obama has had to deal with, ever he took office. A bunch of ignorant nobodies, trying to make a name for themselves. Notice I said ignorant, because first of all why would she want to support the GOP who is doing every damn thing to take away some of her rights, making sure she doesn’t receive equal. But she’s to stupid to understand this, just do and say thing to impress her massa’s. As far as CNN and all the rest of the media goes, it’s all about the ratings and money so why not sell their souls to the devil. Not on media station has any integrity or truth, so what you read or hear should go in one ear and out the other. If politicians want to get this country right. They should amend the 2nd Amendment BS, and force the media to report the truth. But that’s a joke. They don’t know what that is.

  4. Fire him. Martin Bashir was fired for what he said about Palin.

    It was no accident, these people are just plain racist and bigots. Their ugliness never fails to astound.

  5. Uh…President Muhammad?? This isn’t a gaffe or a slip of the tongue – unless it’s a case of what the heart overflows with, the mouth speaks. It’s not as if President Obama is an unknown in the world.

    CNN should offer a public apology and correct the woman. But I’m not going to hold my breath with the Conservative News Network that hates President Obama almost as much as Fox “News” Network.

  6. It’s time to ask the clown car crowd if they favor an amendment or other appropriate legal move to require a religious test for office.

  7. The GOP just can’t stand that Obama is Smarter than they are. he gets done what he says he will, he beats them EVERY TIME, even when THEY have the majority, he makes them look like ignoramuses every time they open their mouths, He will go down in history as one of the best Presidents in our history, and they will go down as one of the WORST congresses in our history…he has WON and they have lost and they can’t STAND IT!!

  8. Journalist’s today are mostly just ill-prepared for their work. Saying that, I do not believe there was malicious intent on this part.

  9. So the Trump supporter who wants to “get rid” of the Muslims, and God knows who else, ya think that was a slip of the tongue? No big deal, eh?

  10. If it actually was a slip of the tongue, then definitely an apology from both the newscaster and CNN is in order. If there’s no apology, then it wasn’t an accident. Simple as that.

  11. To the five who gave a “Thumbs down”. to my comment. Question. You can’t believe the reporter committed a gaffe? Hey! Think about this. She (reporter) could not have planned to call the president beforehand. Ok? It would be career suicide. She is a reporter (On camera), NOT a pundit or opinion type on air reporter. Plus, she is a Liberal Democrat. So. What say you? Be wise. Be logical.

    She made an on air gaffe! Simple. Case closed. Don’t make it a Benghazi moment, ok? Unless you are a Republican, grasping at straws. As usual.

  12. We always post what you have to say without even reading it so I don’t know what you are talking about

  13. Ok. No problem….my comment is posted. Under the commentator I responded to. I should know this….since I am a regular.

    My bad.

  14. DJ: The “I agree” Thumbs up is mine. I should have looked for my comment (response) under the poster’s comment. I kinda wen’t stupidly saying Whaaat?Where’s my comment? I should have known better. Ok? My bad.

  15. Hanlon’ Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

    If she doesn’t have a history of bad-mouthing the Predident, then it could well be that she got mixed up or flustered. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

    Nevertheless, she needs to apologize.

  16. The people who give the rethugs an easy way out, are not remembering just what these rethugs really are. lies, deceit, manipulation, deception are the regular way they see things being done. When has any rethug said sorry, for any thing done by one of their own? When has this party ever, said an apology was in need? Never that I an recall.

  17. Chris Cuomo didn’t correct her or offer her an opportunity to correct herself? Did no one off camera call her comment to her attention so that she could correct herself on air?

  18. …been thinking about this…
    I’ve seen a LOT o’ on-air bloopers over 50+ years… superimposing the NEXT persons name on Current persons name happens a lot…you don’t wanna how many innocent bloops, spooners and accidental swearings I’ve committed…
    Give her a break…

  19. CNN is slithering down the pole of truth, trust and morality. Compare The President with other world leaders, he is in fact number one internationally, then look at the GOP people… is there anyone of them who could compare favourably…NO there isn’t.

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