Donald Trump Claims Voters Don’t Care That He Knows Nothing Because He Can Buy The Presidency

Donald Trump tantrum

This would be awkward for the Republican Party if they held consistent values, but since they don’t, they’re not feeling the sting from a know-nothing bigot who is polling first in the 2016 GOP presidential primary.

It’s Donald Trump, touting his power to buy the presidency as a rich celebrity, in an interview with the New York Times:

“Expressing confidence that American voters do not care if he lacks specifics, Donald J. Trump says he has yet to fully exploit his personal advantages over his Republican presidential rivals — chiefly his enormous wealth and celebrity — and that both will matter more to his political fate than debate performances like his shaky one this week.

“Mr. Trump said in an interview that he was prepared to spend $100 million or more to become the Republican nominee and that most of it would go to galvanizing voter support in states with early nominating contests.”

Remember when Republicans tried to accuse then sitting Senator Barack Obama of being a “celebrity”? LOL. They are getting that handed back to them on a big old plate of payback.

People (and by people, Trump is referring to Republican primary voters) don’t care about his policies; they just want to hear him be angry according to Trump.

“He said he did not give many specific answers at the debate because he believed that most people cared more about seeing his pugnacious leadership style than hearing detailed policy plans. He denied that he was unprepared for foreign policy questions, saying that he had received briefings from national security officials (whom he would not name), but that he preferred to speak in “broad strokes” about his views,” the New York Times reported.

Trump’s “views”, like his birtherism, his hatred of immigrants, his belief that Mexicans are all rapists, the nasty things he says about professional women with whom he is interacting… Yes, those views are the views that the Republican base loves to see on display.

Ironically, those views are also the carefully cultivated views that Republican establishment plants in their base in order to avoid discussing actual policies with them, so the horror of Trump’s popularity is simply the natural evolution of the Republican Party’s Southern Strategy. This is what it takes to sell a debunked economic policy that is designed specifically to benefit the top 2% at the expense of the very people whose votes they need.

Sarah Palin was a 2008 warning shot to Republicans to get it together, but they decided to blame her and carry on in deep denial, pretending all was well. Then in 2012 they took refuge in establishment pedigree with Mitt Romney, who hates half the country. But even he couldn’t sell the people the knife with which to stab themselves in the back. So now here they are, eight years later, caught between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush – or Sarah Palin with less knowledge of government (God help us all) and Mitt Romney with George W. Bush’s last name and the foreign policy posse to back up all that the Bush name stands for.

To make it rain trickle down, Trump will just have to keep insulting everyone but white, hetero Christian males and those who identify with them.

52 Replies to “Donald Trump Claims Voters Don’t Care That He Knows Nothing Because He Can Buy The Presidency”

  1. ‘ Buy the presidency ” Does he really think he can buy votes from Democrats , Indies ,? he must be realy stupid .
    After 2016 he will be known as ” The Orange Crushed “

  2. Its sad to say but he is right. American voters don’t know shit. We are a nation of idiots who cant even pick out our country on a map

  3. “Mr. Trump said in an interview that he was prepared to spend $100 million or more to become the Republican nominee and that most of it would go to galvanizing voter support in states with early nominating contests.”

    Not true. Trump is prepared to spend $$$$ so he can satisfy his narcissism to a ignorant GOP press who know d**n well Trump is only courting publicity for himself, and go along with Trump because he garners high ratings.
    Every sector in this country is amoral, including the church! Its all about $$$$, power, and privilege. It’s the survival of the fittest, white, privileged male WASP. Period

  4. The only logical solution to this is that Trump — and the Republican jackals– are inciting not votes, but rage, with a view to taking the White House not through the electoral process, but through violence.

  5. Money turns some people into damn fools that think every one else is dumb. All of the masses aren’t asses, ask Mitt Romney. Proceed Mr. Moneybags, proceed.

  6. I watched a Women for Trump supporter on Chris Hayes last night.

    She spoke like a third grader, just like he does. Meaning, in very simple words or terms,

    She used key words/terms, he’s going to make this country great again, he’s going to stengthen the military, we need a businessman to make things great again, etc.

    She was convinced Trump would be the next best thing since sliced bread.

    He looked kinda like Tammy Fay Baker with the black mascara and make-up CAKED on trying to hide how old she really was.

    None of them know how much damage he will do to us since he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.

    Running a business is a far cry from runnning the US.

  7. Learn from HISTORY. I remember a very rich Texan, and his devote followers, thought he could buy the PRESIDENCY in 1992. How did that work out for the Rebubs? Thanks to intelligent voters we elected Clinton, and in spite of a Repubs congress from 1994, we did pretty well.

  8. Mr. Trump is the only candidate that is not a phony which is equivalent of being politically correct.

    The media is full of BS!

  9. If you don’t think Donald Trump isn’t a phony, the buddy, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

    Look at what he stood for just a few years ago. He’s gone completely 180 from those positions, and simply espouses the characteristics that he thinks will get him elected. If THAT isn’t a phony then I don’t know what is.

  10. There’s not enough money in the world that can convince me that Donald would be President.

    Hell, he’s not getting out of the primary stage because the higher ups within the party will do literally everything in their power to prevent him from winning… because if he does win, it’ll be a simple landslide victory for Democrats in 2016.

  11. Not a Trump fan in the least, but would prefer him over any Democrat that’s announced, including Joe Biden. He’s not the smartest guy, but he is honest, he has no fear and he gets things done. He knows how to make deals that are win/win, which I’ve yet to see a Democrat do or even suggest. My way or the highway, is no way to govern.

  12. Keep your blinders on, Salvatore. They’re the reason you were so surprised when McCain and Romney lost in 2008 and in 2012. Those blinders were telling you to ignore all evidence that these weren’t good candidates for the presidency and to believe only GOP/TP-generated polling data. The GOP/TP 2016 presidential nominee needs over 40% of the Hispanic/Latino vote to win the WH, and Trump is investing a whole lot into making sure that whomever is the nominee doesn’t stand a chance at getting it.

    Note to Salvatore—not every American thinks the way you and your brethren in the GOP/TP thinks, and as long as you assume that they do, you’ll always be surprised when your presidential candidate loses.

  13. I wish you had been a student in my civics, economics, and U.S. History classes, because you missed a few things, the primary thing being that the U.S is not a dictatorship. If you’ve been expecting any president to be able to force his policies through Congress just because he says he “wants” this or that, you have no understanding of how our system of government operates. That you’ve reached adulthood and don’t understand how our federal system of government works makes this retired teacher very sad, but take heart, garyDMN, there are others just like yourself, and no matter who is in the WH and/or Congress, you will always be disappointed.

  14. My Dear Friend, Sarah Jones! Awesome article on showing the pure essence of the Republican party with it’s major Clown totally undressed! Love the “Big old Plate of Payback “! #CherokeeStrong

  15. Trump is DUPING everybody under the sun (except dems of course). He will milk this FREE media and publicity for his own self absorbed self and his business in a way that he could never pay for or buy it, and then at the last minute when he falls on the floor laughing, he will find some dumb(er) excuse to drop out of the race
    (and hopefully off the face of the earth while he’s at it!) .

  16. Here is a theory. Imagine if T-Rump becomes president and he continues with his racist rants? What would happen? People, especially he Latin American and Asian countries will boycott T-Rump. How will they boycott him? By kicking the U.S. out of NAFTA, CAFTA, ASEAN, WTO, GATT and other free trade groups.

    Notices when he mentions China, he does not say Chinese Americans, Mexico he does not mean Mexican Americans? He claims he’s not a racist, but his stupidity will destroy trading partners and destroy free trade…hmmm…just a thoery

  17. The GOP/TP 2016 presidential nominee needs over 40% of the Hispanic/Latino vote to win the WH,
    You do know your appeal to authority is a Rubio pollster/analyst, whose job is to turn prognostications and witchfancy into official pronouncements that favor his employer, right?

    These sorts of projections often hold all else equal from 2012 and assume that the white, black and Asian vote shares won’t move. Will Obama’s coalition percentages transfer to the 2016 Dem nominee?
    And these projections offered typically involve the shares of the Hispanic vote (or that of other groups) that Republicans would need to win in order to take the popular vote. Of course, our elections are determined by the Electoral College, and Hispanic voters are much less relevant for the Electoral College than the popular vote.
    And it ALL hinges on turnout.

  18. Sadly, what you say is true for a portion of our electorate and many of them appear to be Trump supporters and RWNJ’s.

  19. I have to wonder if Trump had some news regarding his financial position that he hasn’t shared with the voters because only a month ago, he was saying he was prepared to spend up to $1Billion to win the campaign if necessary. He also said he makes $400 million/yr and acted as if $1B is peanuts. Is that why he decided not to run for President in 2012 so he could collect his piddling $3M salary for the Apprentice? I remember thinking that was a small amount for a man who claimed to be worth billions and percentage wise it is, although it’s a fortune to most people.

    Trump is used to doing & getting what he wants. People who work for him won’t tell him no and he thinks it would be the same as President. This is extremely delusional on his part as he is obviously unaware of how our gov’t works. Yelling at our allies or our enemies is not going to accomplish a thing except to alienate the U.S. from the rest of the world. He’s going to take us back in time to the Bush era or …

  20. The devil has this dude by the tail and he will do nothing but harm to this nation it’s people and to the stability of the world. He should be called, “Wars Gallor Trump.”

  21. Oh, you mean the guy that was a Democrat up until 5 minutes ago until it no longer suited his purpose?

    I love how Trumpites throw around the word “politically correct” like they actually know the meaning. For them, being “non-pc” means giving them free license to be an as*hole. Since when did that become a presidential qualification?

  22. This is in response to “charlie” who said the Hispanic vote is irrelevant (for some reason, I can’t directly respond to your post).

    You SADLY underestimate the Latino community. I don’t get my information from some website, like you clearly are, I LIVE in their community, and I KNOW how much his remarks about them and threats toward them have effected them. You don’t think this is going to drive them in greater numbers to vote this coming election year? Keep on dreaming…

  23. Wow…you should really read your posts before you put them online. Honest? Are you kidding me? The man runs around calling everyone that opposes him “ugly” whilst he looks like a deflated cheese doodle. He can’t even be honest about his own appearance, for pete’s sake. Fearless? Yeah, until someone calls him out on ANYTHING and then he retreats to twitter to piss and moan like a 14 year old girl. He’ll get the job done? I guess you forgot all about those little ol’ four bankruptcies, huh?

    You’re the one being dishonest by saying you’re not a Trump fan…you clearly worship the quick sand he walks on.

  24. in response to “charlie” who said the Hispanic vote is irrelevant
    I did?
    I thought I was stating that there are pitfalls associated with predictive analytical modeling that can seriously (and wrongfully) skew the results.
    But since you mentioned it, no, the Republicans don’t necessarily have to put up a historically good performance among minority groups to win the White House.

    I LIVE in their community
    And it sounds like you might be having an unproductive conversation swirling with identity politics. Do me a favor and ask the people opposed to Trump’s immigration enforcement proposal… “How would you design the US immigration system? How would it work? What would the goals be? Would people of different nationalities view it as fair?”

    I think when you force detractors to come out from behind the “offended group” security-blanket, and ask them how they would design things, it forces debate back in a productive direction.

  25. There was a bi-partisan agreement on immigration but your people the racist teabaggers said no. Don’t try to rewrite history like your ancestors

  26. Do you always support legislation that fails to do what it is designed to do?

    The central purpose of bill S.744 was to reduce future illegal immigration. In fact, Schumer said that its passage would mean “Illegal immigration will be a thing of the past.”

    But the CBO analysis of the legislation confirmed that the bill would have almost completely failed in that regard.

  27. Do you ever read what you link to?
    Estimated Impact on the Federal Budget for 2014 Through 2023
    The increase in the number of legal residents stemming from the bill would boost direct
    spending for federal benefit programs; direct spending for enforcement and other
    purposes also would rise. Under the bill, federal revenues would be higher as well,
    mostly because of the larger size of the labor force. Finally, implementing the bill would
    require an increase in discretionary funding (that is, funding subject to annual
    appropriation actions) for immigration-related activities.

  28. To all you numbskulls that think rump the businessman would be great for America. We previously had two businessmen with an MBA in business running the country. One gave us the depression and the other gave us the great recession from hell. Hoover and Bush. You can not run America like a freaking business and come out with any other consequence.

  29. And all this seems about as important as worrying what color you should paint your toenails when you go in to have your foot amputated.

    But here.

    The CBO projected 4.8 million new illegal immigrants and their U.S.-born children will be living in the country by 2023 if the bill becomes law, compared to 6.4 million without it – a mere 25% reduction in future illegal immigration.

    And one of the reasons that illegal immigration would remain so high, is the bill itself would ENCOURAGE illegal immigration.
    “Aspects of the bill would probably INCREASE the number of unauthorized residents – in particular, people overstaying their visas issued under the new programs for temporary workers”.

    (page 23)

  30. You’re funny, Charlie. You have a problem with any immigration policy proposed so far, but you’re cool with a policy that gets rid of 11 million people in 2 years, which any human being with a brain would realize won’t work, short of shoving them into cattle cars. Your special skill may be copying and pasting, but you clearly know nothing about people. If you LIVE in their community, you obviously never bother to mingle with them.

    The Republicans don’t necessarily have to put up a historically good performance among minority groups to win the White House? I guess you were asleep the year Mitt Romney WASN’T elected and the Republicans started falling all over themselves trying to placate the Hispanic people.

  31. 80% Rate Illegal Immigration A Serious Problem

    While 34% support Obama’s executive action on immigration

    Yes, Julz. I include myself in the 80% majority and no Julz, I do not include myself in the paltry percentage that agrees with Obama’s action.

    Most of your comment proves you to be a demagogue appealing to emotion and “feelings” rather than use rational arguments.

    Blanket notification:

    I don’t care about what you feel. If you want to talk about your feelings, your mother would love to hear from you.

  32. Nice try, Charlie….resorting to insults because you have NOTHING to back up Trump’s idiotic immigration policies. You are proof, once again, that Republicans don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves. You keep copying and pasting, it’s all you’ve got. At the end of the day, you don’t see these immigrants as human beings, you see them as obstacles to your perfect, white world. Well, get the hell over it. They’re not going anywhere, no matter how much you and your fellow bigots want them to. You couldn’t last a day if you had to do what they do to survive. So go ahead and underestimate them at your own peril.

  33. For DJ Chefron.

    I don’t know how many Hispanics or Latinos there are in Oklahoma. I know there are plenty in Texas. Read this link:

    I expect Texas to turn purple by 2024, maybe sooner because of the Hispanic Epidemiological Paradox. Texas ought to be blue by 2040.

    That ought to scare the shit out of plenty of Texans.

    Remember the incompetence of Gen Santa Anna is why Texas won its independence from Mexico.

    Viva la raza.

    Donald Trump, BAH!! No, UGH!!

    PS Spanish is my native language as neither of my parents spoke English. My first direct line ancestor born in what is now NM was born in Bernalillo, NM in 1636. His father was born in Mexico City in 1589.

    I also dabble in genealogy.

  34. At the end of the day, you don’t see these immigrants as human beings, you see them as obstacles to your perfect, white world.
    Demagogue continues with demagoguery.
    Becoming more strident in your caterwauling is typically useful to you?

    You couch your argument in terms of all those horribly insensitive American people that are bullying our more noble and defenseless guests. Please. There’s no point in discussing anything with anyone who is that dishonest. In truth, the U.S. is the most generous host in the world, and never more so than during the present time.

    To mean anything, laws have to be followed. When newcomers choose to ignore them, then the entire structure of jurisprudence crashes. If illegal aliens are free to ignore federal immigration law, why can’t actual American citizens likewise pick and choose which laws they find inconvenient and too hard to follow?

    *not done*

  35. And I’m sure you would never mention how the influx of millions of illegal aliens unfairly undercuts the wages of the working American poor, especially in times of high unemployment. I don’t care. Julz? No, I don’t prioritize the way you demand and I care about the adverse effects of the free-for all at the border on American citizens. I care about the million of applicants who wait patiently in their home countries to have their education, skills, and capital resources evaluated. But they are punished with delay or rejection because they follow our laws.

    It’s time that Americans revisit the issue and ponder very carefully the immorality of entering the U.S. illegally.
    And just remember, Julz…the vast majority of the American people don’t think as highly of your arrogance and dogma as you do yourself.

  36. Another PS

    Breast feeding is common among Hispanics or Latinos. I remember as a young kid, there were always plenty of women with nursing babies who would volunteer their services until the new mother’s milk came in. I wonder if there is any tie in with the Hispanic Paradox when compared with babies started on formula right away?

    When I was picking up my MBA, I remember walking into the Wright State library only to see a young mother calmly breast feeding her baby. Nobody gave it a second thought.

    I wonder what the La Leche League makes out of all this?

    The cult of the mammary gland worshippers meets every Friday night.

  37. Gary,

    The Great Depression was the result of the incompetence of Harding and Coolidge and letting the good times roll. Hoover was merely the stuckee. However, Hoover had happy days are here again people advising him. So he must share in the blame.

    If you will recall, FDR had the country on a roll until he let the GOP sweet talk him into less spending in 1937 and 1938. Result was back into the dumpster. Only the mega spending of WWII brought us out of the Great Depression.

    The Great Recession was mostly the Shrub’s fault but he had plenty of help from St. Ronnie and Daddy Bush. Even Slick Willie played a part.

    Take a quick look at this:

    Interesting no?

  38. LOL…look at Big Word Charlie, who thinks he sounds SO intelligent, despite the fact that he STILL cannot defend Trump’s bogus immigration policy. You can keep coming back all you like, but no one here is going to buy your bullshit. You would be very popular over at Breitbart with your fellow clan members, though.

    If you actually had a heart, I would explain to you that these people have neither the money nor the many years it takes to get their papers. I would explain to you that favoritism is given to only those that can afford an education and legal representation. I would explain to you that immigration isn’t as cut and dried as outsiders think, and that certain countries, such as Mexico, aren’t given equal treatment to others. But why bother? You only care about yourself and those like you. You are barking up the wrong tree, though, if you think you speak for all Americans. You most certainly do NOT. You ONLY speak for you and your fellow bigots.

  39. TRump, always and forever, will be a big, steaming pile of sh–. He’s full of b.s. and will continue to be so.

  40. I rather enjoy the high moral ground, thank you. You might want to jump off your high horse and join the rest of us here sometime. Believe me, your pseudo-intellectualism is no less boring. Your attempt at a large vocabulary makes you come off like a pretentious boob.

    Still waiting for you to tell me how you’re going to get rid of 11 million people in 2 years. Hard to spin that one into $10 words, eh?

  41. I too love family history Ohio Lobo. Yours sounds very interesting. My Mother was born in NM and My family also came from Ohio to Mn. Mine came to this country in 1642 yours beat me by 100 years…WOW!!!!

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