Pope Francis Will Enter Hostile Republican Territory When He Visits Congress

Many pundits have noted that if biblical Jesus ever appeared in America preaching from the Gospels to care for the poor, obey the government, pay taxes, and protect the environment, teabaggers, Republicans, and sundry conservatives would seize and crucify him on the spot with extreme prejudice. However, if “Republican Jesus” showed up with an AR-15 strapped across his back and a battalion of white armed militiamen in tow to kill people of color, take food away from children and the elderly, and slaughter poor people seeking medical care conservatives would welcome him with open arms and proclaim him god almighty. Fortunately neither of those mythological characters are ever going to show up in America, but next week Jesus Christ’s representative on Earth is coming to Washington and he will be preaching like biblical Jesus to angry Republicans who have quietly waged a war on the Pope. One hopes the White House has arranged very robust security for the Pontiff when he visits Washington D.C. because he will be entering hostile territory and be met by very angry enemy combatants in the Koch Congress.

There has been a well-executed Republican war against Pope Francis that began in earnest in January that has continued unabated leading up to the papal visit next week.  As a self-labeled “proud Catholic” from Arizona, Republican Paul Gosar exemplifies the battle-ready “theocon” combatant preparing to ambush the Pontiff for being a follower of Christ. Gosar wrote a very typical evangelical Republican screed that would make Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz proud announcing why he intends to boycott the Pope’s historic visit to Congress next week.

Gosar wrote that Republicans concluded that when the Pope visits America next week he would seize “the opportunity to be the world’s great religious advocate and address the current intolerance of religious freedom.” He claimed that the Pope’s message should be “challenging the government to address the persecution and execution of Christians, and to address the enslavement, belittlement, rape and desecration of Christian women and children.” Republicans also expected the Pope to spend most of his time “condemning the intentionally planned genocide of unborn children by Planned Parenthood and American society,” and take the opportunity to “refocus America’s priorities on right from wrong.” Of course, Gosar, evangelicals, and their Republican facilitators expected a ‘Republican Pope” to lay down some serious theocratic conservative policies to embolden the Koch Congress and put the fear of god and the church into Democrats.

Since the Pope has instead spent the past year reiterating Christ’s teachings about caring for the poor, the environment the poor live in, and the unfettered corporate greed keeping the poor in poverty, conservatives are waging a war against the Pope. The crux of the issue for Gosar and Republicans is that this Pope is adhering to Jesus’ teachings and not Ayn Rand, Charles and David Koch, and every angry racist teabagger in America. Subsequently, the Pope’s visit to Washington will place him in extremely hostile territory surrounded by enemy combatants in Republican ranks. Gosar summed up the mindset of Republicans by justifying his decision to boycott the Pope’s congressional visit when he said, “when the Pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one.” What irks Gosar and Republicans is that the Pope chooses to act and talk like Jesus Christ, and because he does conservatives are at war with him.

In January, one theocon, Maureen Mullarkey, wrote a nasty article condemning Pope Francis as “an ideologue and a meddlesome egoist who views man as a parasite and sullies his office by using demagogic formulations to bully the populace into reflexive climate action with theologized propaganda.” Republican shill and Catholic conservative Steve Moore wrote that the Pontiff’s “public policy pronouncements on economics and the environment are a complete disaster proving  he’s allied himself with the far left and embraced an ideology that would make people poorer and less free.” It is a typical Republican and Koch brother claim that combating income inequality is an ideology that makes people poorer and less free, and one wonders if any Republican will argue with the Pope about his “completely disastrous ideology.”

The real problem conservatives in general and Republicans in particular, have with this Pope “is simply that Francis has broken free from too many elements in the Republican Party’s platform.” Between the Pope’s less-than-hateful statements about homosexuality, calling for forgiveness for abortions and divorce, criticism of unrestrained capitalism and trickle-down economics and caring for the environment, Republicans have had just about enough of Pope Francis. They are sick to death of him talking like Jesus Christ; or in conservative parlance like a liberal humanitarian. It is just too much for conservatives to take and they are rejecting the Pope’s Jesus message and embracing religious Republican hate and dedication to greed.

Republicans have had a measure of success defaming the Pope at every available opportunity because according to a Gallup poll, the Pontiff’s popularity declined from 76 percent a year ago to 59 percent in July. It should surprise no American that religious conservatives are driving the Pope’s declining popularity and there can be no doubt it is because he advocates for Jesus’ teachings and not Republican hate.

After stating again that he is a proud Catholic, Gosar boasted his Jesuit education where he was taught to think critically, to welcome debate and discussion, but he also claimed to be a conservative member of Congress, a constitutionalist and a firm believer in First Amendment protections; particularly the freedom of religion.” But, he says, all that critical thinking education and love of debate and discussion drives his moral obligation and “leadership responsibility to call out leaders who ignore Christian persecution and fail to embrace religious freedom and the sanctity of human life. If the Pope plans to spend the majority of his time advocating for flawed climate change policies, then I will not attend.” Gosar reiterated what most Republicans claim should be the Pope’s only topic for discussion when he addresses Congress; “religious tolerance and the sanctity of all life…not the fool’s errand of climate change and concern for the poor.”

The Pope likely believed that coming to a country that Republicans spend no small amount of time preaching is a “devout Christian nation” would be a friendly visit and that Republicans, particularly, would welcome his Christ-like messages. However, Pope Francis represents the Jesus of the Gospels, the humanitarian Jesus, and Republicans expected the conservative Jesus with guns blazing and trampling the poor and sick asunder. After a year of preparation and propaganda that the Pope is an abomination to “theocon” ideology, the Pontiff is entering hostile territory and a war zone rife with evangelical Republican combatants waiting to ambush him in the Koch Congress.

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  1. …so, are the “Conservative Catholics real Catholics??? Or are they the “I’ll follow you as long as you go where I tell you” types???

  2. This Pope scares the SHIT out of our faux, bible-thumpin christians because he KNOWS the bible and THEY don’t!!!!

    I’m a protestant and I approve of this Pope! My Scottish protestant Granddad would NOT approve at all, he HATED catholics and called them several derogatory names.

  3. Republican Catholic heads will explode all over The U.S.
    I think my Scottish republican protestant ancestors would be pleased to see the Pope stand up for Jesus teachings.

  4. So Gosar considers himself a critical thinker, yet he still considers himself Catholic? Sorry does not compute.

  5. Thus what the GOP is clearly stating is that the POPE is choosing to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Then when they claim the POPE is preaching support for policies that the (LEFT) supports are they not then saying that the (LEFT) is on Jesus’s and the POPE’S side?
    If they were true Christians would not the GOP support the teachings of Jesus as the (LEFT) is doing then?
    Or is the GOP clearly declaring they are the false sheep that Jesus spoke of and are against Jesus… Only GOD knows for sure, but the explanation to GOD by the GOP would be interesting to hear, would it not….

  6. its interesting that when JFK ran for President the slam against him was that he’d be a lackey for the Pope..

    now all the Republican candidates are proud to be Catholic and are falling all over themselves to make sure everyone knows that the Pope doesn’t speak for ANY true believer ‘Catholic’..

    and it only took 55 years…

  7. These EvangelicoTalibanicoChristophiles
    know less about Jesus
    than a Republican knows about decency.

    Let these lizards slither,
    much to our entertainment.

  8. They thought the Vatican was going to control D.C….so much for that.

    This Pope has made the republicans look like complete fools

    The Latest: Pope hails US-Cuba detente as model for world, urges Obama, Castro to persevere

    Pope Francis Endorses Iran Nuclear Deal

  9. Before I begin….please remember that the Pope is a SPIRITUAL Leader…NOT A POLITICAL leader, Ok? And he happens to be a CATHOLIC. The Evangelical Protestant Republicans should know this, and act accordingly.

    So, with that said. Give the Pope a big shout out, and Much Respect. He speaks for Billions in this world. Many Republicans, I suspect ARE Catholics. Yes? Ok. Continuing…..IF the Republicans dismisses or Disses the Pope, it will be another Nail in their coffin. So, my advise to them is: Listen. Put it together and do NOT put his words or ideas into your DISCARD bin. You Will regret it. In other words, take the Pope at his word. Don’t play the partisian game. The devisive game you play, day in and day out will NOT play to the American public. You will LOSE! The Pope is NOT an Imam or an Ayatollah figure. He IS for PEACE. OK?So WATCH your words and attitude, next week. Don’t dig the hole you’re in any deeper. BTW I don’t care how far down you are, but watch your …

  10. Hateful George Will writes of our Pope:

    Pope Francis’ Fact-Free Flamboyance:

    Pope Francis embodies sanctity but comes trailing clouds of sanctimony. With a convert’s indiscriminate zeal, he embraces ideas impeccably fashionable, demonstrably false and deeply reactionary. They would devastate the poor on whose behalf he purports to speak — if his policy prescriptions were not as implausible as his social diagnoses are shrill.


  11. “challenging the government to address the persecution and execution of Christians, and to address the enslavement, belittlement, rape and desecration of Christian women and children.”

    Is he talking about Josh Duggar?

    Other than that, I don’t know what Gosar is talking about. Is the US enslaving, belittling, raping and desecrating Christian woman and children? Not that I know of. I know many people are shot and killed every year and the Republicans want to put more guns out there without any rules. I know millions don’t have a livable wage and live in poverty in America. I know thousands of vets are being ignored and put on the street and the Republicans keep voting against funding our real heroes.

    I truly believe that Gosar is saying this shit so he can be a millionaire like Rush, Palin, Buchanan, Cruz, Huckabee, etc. etc. etc.

    And the commentors here are right … they better be very wary about what they say about our Catholic Pope because he is doing WWJD.

  12. Well, fvck them. They need to have their phony Christianity called for what it is and be publicly shamed.

  13. Excellent article my dear friend,”RMUSE”! There is definitely a stench of death surrounding the Repugs like cadavers not prepared for burial. But burial will take place sooner or later to them all. I would love to hear what will be said at the PEARLY GATES before a lever is pulled for the DOWN CHUTE! LOL ROFL LMAO! #CherokeeStrong

  14. Rmuse just keeps getting better with each piece.
    And somebody PLEASE put a muzzle on Rep. Joe
    Wilson so that dawg can’t bark “You lie!” Thanx and

  15. How totally disgusting that members of the US Republican Party are determined to demonize the Pope – therefor all Catholics. I assume Catholics are on the anti list with Hispanics, Blacks, Muslims, Women, babies, Democrats. Republican demagogues have risen.

  16. I am not a religious person although I was raised in the Lutheran Church. Reading this article astonishes my sensibilities. Here, in the 21st Century, I again see Christians pitted against a Christian who espouses true Christian thought and values. I thought we had moved past that when Kennedy was elected President in 1960. What a sick commentary on this country when freedom of religion, a founding principle, is being strangled by intolerance and bigotry.

  17. This is just another example of republican insanity. They have no respect for God or man. The Pope use to be honored and viewed as THE man of God by republicons but now he’s disrespected and hated just like the president. They, do the devil proud…..

  18. What a funny lot the republicans are, they all say that they are not scientists so do not believe in global warming, but they are nuclear experts who know the Iran deal is bad. Now they seem to think they know more about christianity than the Pope.

    The fact is, they only care about dollars,
    and who has paid for them.

  19. I saw this coming from a mile away. Don’t forget, the Pope was Latino long before he was a Pope. The majority of Latinos in this country are also Catholic. The guy that hates Latinos is the Republican front-runner. Surprised, anyone?

  20. I’m not too worried about this Pope. I think he will have a way to shame these assholes with compassion and bluntness. For all the talk about how conservative Americans do not like this Pope, I’ve yet to meet one personally. Sure, I read stuff in the papers from the Opus Dei contingent for whom nothing short of the Inquisition will appease them, but your average Catholic (with the exception of our Bishop Paprocki) seems to embrace his philosophy. I left the Church long ago, but even I am impressed with this Pope and his humility and humanity. The crowds that will come to see him should give the Republicans in Congress a pause to reflect. Oh that’s right. Republicans have no self-reflection.

  21. All of my friends, be they Catholic, other religions, pagan, atheist, et al, have the Pope’s back. The Pope knows the anger coming from the right, but is not afraid to speak. The GOPTea party are showing their true colors. These phony Christians don’t have a clue who Jesus Christ is, or what Jesus’ teachings are. They bastardize old Testament scripture to suit their needs, they never quote the Christ they profess to follow, because Christ doesn’t stand for what they believe. If Christ were to reappear these neanderthals would crucify him all over again, because Christ teachings are liberal, about taking care of the poor, against greed, etc. I’ve got your back Pope Francis!

  22. I’m all for listening to the Pope’s advice, and hope he has a positive impact on current human suffering and the environment. But a friendlier and more personable Catholic figurehead, doesn’t make the Church any less hypocritical. To think otherwise, is foolish. The numbers of tithing Catholics have decreased world wide. That is the only reason we’ve witnessed what seems to be recent progression and limited decisions of acceptance within the Church.
    Catholic or not, Republicans won’t pay any more attention to the Pope, than they ever have. Why should they? I am not Republican, and no longer Catholic by birth. I am a realist. Just saying, this Country does not depend on a religious leader for advice. We should do the right things for the right reasons, without invoking any religion to do so. Republicans are generally self-centered and could care less about humanity. This visit will change nothing! Don’t get your hopes up.

  23. . However, if “Republican Jesus” showed up with an AR-15 strapped across his back and a battalion of white armed militiamen in tow to kill people of color, take food away from children and the elderly, and slaughter poor people seeking medical care conservatives would welcome him with open arms and proclaim him god almighty”.. that sounds a lot like the ANTI CHRIST!!!.. and what’s ironic is the way they talk about Pope Francis sounds eerily like the way they talk about President Obama…Why does the GOP hate Mankind so much?

  24. I think he will have a way to shame these assholes with compassion and bluntness……the problem with that, is I don’t think they are SMART enough to know THEY are being shamed, unless you are Straight out BLUNT to their faces…

  25. It irks them that their own preachers are the “money changers” in the Temple. That they cherry pick the Bible and it’s true meaning. That is why they despise them.. It’s putting acid on their thoughts and ideas. They fear that even one one of their mutants will start to think and stop listening to their false ideas. I hope they all shudder in his presence for none of them are worthy of his words. They just seek to mock him and destroy his truthful words. They will try to shame him so their followers will feel a false joy. After all,most of them are spawns of the Debil himself. The smell of Sulfur will be evident when they assemble.

  26. Just as in the book “Stranger in a Strange Land”, if Jesus were to come to present day America he would be taken down, not followed, by the masses.

  27. Thankyou for this excellently written article. As a Catholic, I have to wonder why most of the American bishops are Republicans, when the Republicans ignore the words of Jesus to care for the poor, of course the bishops also ignore Jesus’ command to protect the innocence of children from clergy sexual abuse/rape.

  28. The Pope speaking to the republican-majority Congress is like Bernie Sanders speaking to the right wing lunatics at Liberty “University”: it’s casting pearls before swine.

  29. Why? Because conservatism is a mental disorder, and republicans are conservatives. There’s your answer.

  30. GOP politicians are sociopaths, and sociopaths don’t feel shame (or empathy, or any other real human emotion). Expecting them to feel genuine shame for their attitudes and actions is therefore unrealistic.

  31. This man is not Pope of the United States. His teachings are for all but he will encounter what the rest of the world does when they deal with us. Suddenly your word is only good with half the nation.

  32. Them there Publicans don’t like them dress wearin’, hippie, peacenick Popes always trying to stop wars and bringin’ up Jesus to try and git there big ole guns. They like them there conservative, “mega church”, good ole boy PREACHERS who have a direct line to Publican Jesus. You know, the GOOD Jesus who knows his guns, drives a big ole 4×4 with the stars and bars, not some wussy “pope cart”, and knows how to kick ass all over the world just like the Bible says he is supposed to do. That EYEtalian guy needs to get in his pope cart and head on back to NEW YORK CITY or wherever he is from and stop all that hippie talk.

  33. In the name of FREEDOM First…for the ‘pope’ claims to be a son of the land of the free.

    “pope francis” ( Jorge Bergoglio) promotes FREEDOM of Rights, Freedom of Religion as the “god of fortresses”.

    And this Freedom that the “pope” glorifies in fact defines, justifies, and dictates that it is RIGHT & GOOD, a right, to be free to worship ( without judgement) ANY ‘god’…whether it be the “Catholic” god, the “Christian” god, the “Jewish” god, the “Muslim” god, the Buddhist god, the Hindu god, the satanist god, the voodoo god, the atheist god (belief), etc.

    His works confess this FREEDOM as a “god of fortresses” that protects all “religions / beliefs” of man….and man desires and carries its mark on his forehead and hand.

    BUT the One Creator said that man is to worship ONLY HIM, the One True Way of Good. HE forbid man to take of the forbidden tree, to worship any other gods. In other words HE said that man is NOT FREE to worship any other ‘gods’, warning man that if he…

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