Donald Trump Admits He Won’t Correct His Supporters If They Are Racist Towards Blacks


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Donald Trump isn’t trying to hide his racism anymore. When asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper if he would correct a supporter who asked a racist question about blacks, Trump said no.



Transcript via CNN:

TAPPER: But what if he had said, we have a — what if he had said, we have a problem in this world; it’s called blacks? Would you have said something then?

TRUMP: No. I would have probably just — I listened to his question.

I mean, who I am? I listened to his question. He made a question/probably statement, but I listened to his question, and I actually didn’t respond. This was the first time — because, over the weekend, as you know very well, because you covered it and your — and CNN covered it very well — but it was a very, very big subject.

And I said, this is the first time I have ever had a situation like this where I didn’t even say anything. So, it was a question that was asked in front of a totally packed house. Nobody thought much of it until the following couple of hours, when it came became a pretty big subject.

The only way that Trump’s intentions could be made more obvious would be if he changed his campaign logo to a burning cross. Donald Trump is the candidate of the racist element of the Republican Party. His entire campaign is based on prejudice and bigotry.

Trump is trying to expand his base by extending his bigotry towards blacks and Latinos to include Muslims. In Trump world, all Mexicans are rapists and all Muslims are terrorists.

The Republican frontrunner is making it clear that all forms of racism and bigotry are welcome in his campaign. When he promises to make America great again, what Trump is really talking about is putting a rich white man in the White House.

The ugly undercurrent of Trump’s claim that America isn’t great has always been a belief among many on the right that America stopped being great when a black man was elected to their White House.

Trump is being open about it. He wants the votes of people who hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, and Muslims. Those people can expect to be among friends, and they have found a voice for their hatred in Donald Trump.

30 Replies to “Donald Trump Admits He Won’t Correct His Supporters If They Are Racist Towards Blacks”

  1. … OH YEAH!!! Trump wants to head up the Party o’ Stupid…because…”It’s YUUUUUUUUGE!!!!”
    …sorry Don, the haters are a wee minority o’ total voters…and Democrats do NOT have a Psychotic Wing in OUR Party for you to commandeer…
    You can’t buy the Democrats to ignore all the shit you said in the primary and vote for you in the General…

  2. Does anyone out there want to get a hood for Mr. Trump there?

    I mean, he is acting like ‘Yeah, the people who like me… well, I won’t stop them. Let them hate, for hate drives me to be what I am today: A bigoted billionaire with an ego the size of New York City itself’

  3. Trump is trying to dispel the notion of political correctness. Trump speaks the truth, unlike our current president Obama, who refuses to even say radical Islamic extremists.

  4. I have a feeling that Trump has hitched his wagon to Horses, or Jack-Asses, that will eventually drive him over the proverbial cliff. Everyday, this guy is proving to be an obnoxious blow-hard. NOT the kind of person you would want representing the United States of America. He would be the WORST choice. He is the iconic UGLY AMERICAN.

  5. Scary that history can repeat itself…and humans dont’ learn from it…..80 yrs ago (1934 ), a wacko so full of himself used the same hate tactics and nationalism to lure the German people to elect him!

  6. For anyone who has any intelligence, who can pick up on symbolism, and knows how to interpret inference and innuendo during a discussion, this is Trump’s “tacit approval,” of the extreme opinions of his supporters’ bigotry. He says he doesn’t know why everyone complains when he didn’t say anything at all.

    He is giving his consent with his silence, and he will be held accountable.

  7. Why oh why would tRump want to correct his racist white supporters… they are HIS people! LOL!

    Any day now I expect somebody on the GOPer side to nominate Terry Nichols or Charles Manson for President. Wow!

  8. Funny how Trump supporters seem to think they coined the phrase “politically correct”…I hear this crap 50 times a day. ONCE AGAIN, Trump is not “non-pc”, he’s an as*hole. An as*hole that wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in his chubby rump (there’s your non-pc).

  9. I hope Trump gets the nomination. While he’s at it, pick Sarah Palin as VP. Trump will do worse than “self-deportation” Mitt Romney with Hispanics, right?

    His polling among AA’s will get even worse if Dems run ads that he’s been the Godfather of Obama’s “birtherism” movement for years. Sending his PI’s to Kenya & Hawaii because he couldn’t accept a black man is president & smarter than him.

    He made fun of Obama being a “community organizer” though Obama has an impeccable education & resume. No experience is suddenly a virtue with hypocrite Republicans.

    How does Trump win with old, white bigots as main supporters? Is Trump going to mass hypnotize everyone to vote for him? It’s impossible for him to win without substantial minority support.

  10. Did anyone ever jump all over Trump’s nonsense comment that if he had said anything about countering the guy’s question/statement that he would be accused of violating his first amendment rights?

    Clearly, he has no clue about what the first amendment (and probably a bunch of the other ones as well) means. It’s about prohibiting Teh Government from making laws limiting the free exercise of speech.

    It has nothing to do with a private citizen telling another private citizen that they are full of shit.

  11. In fact, though Hitler made a strong showing in the last three free elections, he was losing ground in the last two, in spite of all the force and fraud he could muster. It was the political maneuverings of Schleicher and Papen, each seeking to use Hitler as a cat’s paw against the other, that resulted in Hindenburg appointing him Chancellor. Afterwards, the convenient Reichstag Fire enabled Hitler to use the Emergency Act to suspend all parliamentary procedure and constitutional guarantees, and when Hindenburg died, Hitler assumed the powers of the Presidency also. The year after that, he passed the Nuremberg Laws.

  12. like any self respecting Fascist he needs to cultivate hatred for the other or group perceived as the other:Mexicans,Gays,Muslims, blacks,etc….. when he says we are going to do something about Muslim living here, what does he mean, internment camps, deportation ?

  13. Did you get that word from me? It’s the one I use if “festive”, “droll”, “whimsical”, or “picturesque” don’t quite fit.

  14. The rise of Teflon Don was solely due to those who are bigots. His mantra “Make America Great Again” was his dog whistle.
    He’ll never live in the White House. That is terrific.

  15. Cheryl, the sad part is a lot of White people still think America was “Great” when “Blacks” could not vote under Jim Crow laws.

  16. At one point, I clearly heard Trump say “Right.” when he was listening to the man. That sounds like an agreement to me.

  17. Actually he did respond. He said “We need this question”. So really he explicitly agreed with the guy who made the statement.

  18. I have to disagree. Granted, Archie was a bigot but did not have the hatred and contempt against blacks, etc. that Trump and his followers are showing. I base this on the one episode where Archie is invited to what ended up being a KKK recruitment. When he found out these people were KKK, he bowed out quickly. I forget exactly what he said to them but it amounted to the fact he didn’t like blacks either but did in no way hate them enough to use the hateful, violent ways the KKK was known for to get back at them for being black. It showed that deep down inside, Archie wasn’t as bad as his rhetoric made him sound.

  19. “Trump is trying to dispel the notion of political correctness.”

    That “notion of political correctness” you blather about USED to be known as COMMON DECENCY.

    Apparently it doesn’t suit yours and Trumps racist purposes.

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