Hillary Clinton Calls Out Carly Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood Lies

hillary clinton discussed planned parenthood

During an interview on CBS’s Face The Nation Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton didn’t mention Carly Fiorina’s name, but it was clear who she was talking about when she called the misleading and inaccurate statements made about Planned Parenthood at the Republican debate.


Transcript via Face The Nation:

DICKERSON: Let me ask you about those Planned Parenthood videos. Have you watched them?

CLINTON: I have seen excerpts from them. And I have certainly read about them.

And what I am troubled by are the misleading, inaccurate allegations about them that we heard from Republicans at their debate. This is really an attack on Planned Parenthood, which provides a lot of health services, from cancer screenings , to contraceptive services, to so many other of the needs women have.

And to shut down the government, which some Republicans are advocating, over funding for Planned Parenthood, which takes care of millions of women’s health needs, is just the height of irresponsibility.

DICKERSON: That’s the policy debate this has turned into. But what was your reaction just when you watched them?

CLINTON: Well, look, as Planned Parenthood has said, these were misleadingly edited. They were intentionally taken out of context.

The fact is that, if we want to have a debate in this country about whether we should continue using — or doing fetal research, then it’s not only Planned Parenthood that should be involved in that debate. All of the experts, all of the scientists, all of the research institutions, everybody who is looking for cures to Parkinson’s, for example, should be asked, should we continue this?

But so far as I am aware, what they did, despite the way it was portrayed, is within the laws that were set up for this.

Clinton didn’t mention Fiorina by name, but she didn’t have to. The Republican has risen in the polls after her fact-free attack on Planned Parenthood during the Republican debate. Fiorina was asked provide proof of her bogus claims made during the debate about Planned Parenthood, but her campaign could provide nothing related to her statements.

Republicans continue to cater to a small fringe of anti-choice activist within their party by attacking Planned Parenthood, but Clinton made it clear in her interview why pursuing this issue against her is a terrible idea.

Former Sec. Clinton brought up a great point. If Republicans are so interested in banning fetal tissue research, why are they only targeting Planned Parenthood? The answer is that the Republican attack isn’t really about fetal tissue research. Republicans are on a mission to take healthcare options away from women.

Carly Fiorina is enjoying her moment in the sun by lying about Planned Parenthood. In the coming days, Fiorina will continue to press the issue until Republicans in Congress cave and Planned Parenthood is not defunded. Hillary Clinton is going to give Fiorina any free publicity by calling out her name, but the Republican Party and Fiorina are tap dancing on a landmine if they plan to use Planned Parenthood to attack Hillary Clinton.

40 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Calls Out Carly Fiorina’s Planned Parenthood Lies”

  1. There are idiots with a warped sense of what it takes to “win” a debate. The only folks who think this woman won anything are those who either don’t care that she lied her behind off or actually agree with her lies. If she is ever in a debate with either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, I have no doubt that they would use her lies against her. The only debates that can be truly called a win are those that are firmly grounded in logic and facts. Apparently, in Bizarroland, where these folks reside, being loud, belligerent, and outtalking others qualifies as “winning,” regardless of substance or truth.

  2. It is smart not to call out Fiorina by name because the Republican is not a serious candidate. Clinton would only elevate Fiorina and take away from her own message by calling her out by name.

    It is not an implication of weakness, or anything else. Fiorina has been trying to get Clinton’s attention for months. Clinton isn’t taking the bait.

  3. You do know reading is fundamental? At no time did I suggest Jason edited his post. What I said was until Democrats call these liars out by name then it don’t mean shit to dummies like you

  4. You are so right, Jason. The entire GOP debate sessions are about baiting the left. I actually think Debbie W-S is correct not to fall into the trap they want to set to have more Dem debates. Why? We have two solid contenders. Those of us who care are following them. The RW won’t watch anyway, will they? You aren’t going to get uninterested people more than a year out. Watch and wait. Hillary is getting out there more now. She is refining her message, and hitting the right, which the media refuses to do at all. Chuck Toad is a GOP shill. He wouldn’t know truth if it was on his cue cards. Lacking a Maddow on Sunday AM, the GOP is allowed to push their idiocy every weekend, all all we can do is hope that Bernie and Hillary are given the same amount of time as Snarly and the Ego.
    But Hillary should NOT name names, and like Palin, Snarly will just attack harder and look like the egotist she is.

  5. When Fiorina said she wanted Obama and Hillary to watch the same video’s she watched with fully formed babies being murdered, I wanted Obama and Hillary to CALL up the debate, and say well SURE we will watch them, just send them on over!!! Fiorina is a lying BIATCH!

  6. Hillary, Sanders, and the rest of the Republican party should be shouting out snarly Carly’s lies from the roof tops, and by name. She is the strongest Republican rival and now is the time to squash her rise in the polls. Carly must be seen for the manipulative “Cerberus” that she is.

  7. Truth? Those tapes were edited, changed, and every state that has investigated Planned Parenthood has found they did nothing wrong. Be against abortion if you like, but how can you be against contraception information for girls and women, STD checks, and all the other things they do at low cost? If this were truly about abortion, the right would be all over themselves making sure all women had easy access to contraception, which is was stops abortions, instead of trying to ban that as well. This is about controlling females, and we are not letting that happen again.

    “The Character of our Nation?” I’d think honesty should be at the top of the list, and Ms. Florina shows little regard for that.

  8. You know I have heard that any republican is not a serious candidate for to long. Reagan wasn’t serious because he was a b actor. Bush wasn’t serious because he was dumb. Dismiss at our risk but come November when you wake up and ask WTF? Then you will know

  9. DJ. Raygone would be flaming Liberal Socialist Dictator to this insane bunch of candidates… If he was running.

  10. I disagree. When your opponents are digging wholes to crazyville, there is no need to stop them.

    Continue Carly, Trump, Carson whoever.

  11. I have to call bullshit over that video. You may be someone who can swallow bullshit fed to you with a spoon, but some people require a little more information. Just seemed bogus to me that a fetus that small if you were trying to “keep it alive to harvest its brain”, you wouldn’t just be holding it in the palm of your hand. Seems like you’d actually BE TRYING to keep it alive if that was your priority. Everything just looked too pristine to me, to be what it was susposed to be. I may think too much about things but, some don’t bother to think at all.

  12. Fiorina and the rest need to be asked what steps they have taken to ensure that neither they, nor anyone for whom they may make medical decisions, will not receive and/or benefit from any medical procedures which are derived from fetal tissue research.

    They should all have a signed medical directive in place to instruct medical practitioners that under no circumstances are they to receive anything in anyway which in anyway was developed in any part from this branch of science.

    If they don’t, then how soon before they get a proper medical directive in place to take care of this?

  13. Good answer to the Jeb! bullcrap from the debate about his brother keeping us safe.


    Bush’s campaign blames “Hillary”s political machine” but this ad came from associated “friends” but not directly. It is just one more rapid response liberal group and Jeb! better watch what he says because they are watching every single word.

  14. Bristol Palin has upped the accusation to where they’re butchering tiny, live babies so they can sell their fresh little genitals. Her fantasies are a most unwholesome sign in a mommy.

  15. Suga, that is the video that has been discussed for a while and the one Carly lied about. I didn’t watch it all – too gruesome, but know it is a hit job of propaganda against Planned Parenthood and at least some of it didn’t have anything to do with PP.

    The image of the fetus with the leg moving was likely they say from a miscarriage.

    They cob jobbed different parts of different video to make a horror hit piece against abortion and they edited the hell out of the actual footage, supposedly.

  16. Too bad the late Reagan can’t run. Even dead he’d be a better choice for Republicans than the 15 knuckleheads who are running.

  17. “The RW won’t watch anyway, will they?”
    The RW watch and listen to facts and logic? He** no! Their heads would explode listening to the truth.

  18. I can’t wait for the real debates, Democratic vs rethuglican, and the fact-checkers’ report afterward. :)

  19. The two rethuglican ‘debates’ weren’t debates at all–I call them a rethuglican orgy where they were looking for the biggest liar to fulfill their platform of hate and divisiveness.

  20. Wonder if anyone has asked Fiorina about the story that is online about Hewlett Packard going round the Iran sanctions to sell them millions of dollars worth of stuff.This was under her watch.

  21. Any person, especially women, who have lost HC coverage while between jobs will tell you PP is a God send.

    Between jobs with only unemployment coming in and all my savings being used or nearly gone to cover living expenses I needed a GYN exam. The OB-GYN I had would not give me the same break as they give the HC Insurance industry – but 10% discount if I could pay cash. I did not have the money – so I contacted PP & they directed me to a Doctor that was affordable for me, along with grant funds from PP for the exam. This was for a routine GYN exam.

    This is one of many functions of PP which helps millions of women in financial need get the HC they need.

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