Koch Brothers Crushed As Chosen Candidate Scott Walker Gets <1% Support In New Poll


The chosen candidate of the Koch brothers, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), has fallen to dead last at less than 1% support in a new Republican poll.

A new CNN/ORC Poll released today revealed that the Republican top three remain the same faces, but only the order has changed. Donald Trump is first (24%), Carly Fiorina is second (15%), and Ben Carson is third (14%). Marco Rubio has passed Jeb Bush for fourth (11%).

Bush is still stuck at 9%, and the rest of the Republican field is the usual group of no chance candidates. Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee are tied for sixth (6%). They are followed by Rand Paul (4%), Chris Christie (2%), John Kasich (2%), and Rick Santorum (1%). The final group is the candidate walking dead consisting of Jim Gilmore, Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Lindsey Graham, and Scott Walker all at <1%. The former leader in Iowa and Republican top tier candidate Scott Walker has fallen to the level of Bobby Jindal and Lindsey Graham. Walker's reboot of his campaign with him playing the role of the new union-busting Reagan has completely flopped. The governor of Wisconsin has lost support in the polls since he promised to take his union busting agenda federal if he is elected to be the next president. In April, David Koch told donors that he wanted Scott Walker to be the Republican nominee, “We will support whoever the candidate is, but it should be Scott Walker.” Walker began his presidential campaign with a nearly point by point reading of the Koch agenda.

The wheels quickly fell off of the Walker campaign as numerous high profile gaffes exposed Walker for who he is, a college dropout who has little or no knowledge of the issues. Scott Walker quickly made things worse by flip-flopping on the issues with a frequency that would make even Mitt Romney’s head spin.

Donald Trump has muscled the Koch brothers’ chosen candidate nearly out of the Republican field. Scott Walker is a dead man walking, and will be remembered for authoring one of the most spectacular collapses of the 2016 election.

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  1. Were the Kochs supposed to be SMART? Who was their second choice, Sarah Payme? Did they even spend time with Snott, to hear what his ideas are? Was he supposed to be like putty in their hands, doing their bidding? Too bad, so sad. Look at him, I have seen homeless people with more intelligence in their eyes. He looks like a dullard.

  2. The Koch’s don’t get it. Americans don’t like their ideas for us to become their slaves who work for crumbs. The Koch’s can’t be too bright, we don’t want them to own the USA.

  3. They know him. The engineered his every action in Wisconsin, and thought by buying him his seat, that they could pass him off as human to the rest of us. Fortunately, people in Republican/czar states are waking up to the cruelty and insanity of the Koch/ALEC agenda. I hope it isn’t too late.

  4. Maybe Snot Walker will wake up one morning and come to the realization that American’s DO NOT want a union-busting, Koch-sucking college drop-out as a national leader. I truly don’t understand what he’s thinking, how he can gauge American support for unions so badly. Is he really so ignorant that he doesn’t know the history of workers rights in this country?

    I guess that would be a resounding YES.

    Bye Scotty, been nice knowing you. Thanks for single-handedly ruining the evil Koch agenda.

  5. His eye is on the money from his masters. He will say and believe anything they tell him too, so that the gravy train doesn’t stop.

  6. At Real Clear Politics the latest poll has the goggle-eyed homunculus at a whopping 0%. Can’t take his Koch puppet masters on the road. He had to open his mouth by himself & even the stupid GOP voter reject him now. There must be a limit even they have to voting against their best-interest. Scotty will be at the kiddie table now in future debates. No one will notice.

  7. so when the Kroch bros yank their hands out of him and abandon him by the side of the read, just how wide will he “gape”?

  8. Beam yourself outta here, Scotty!
    Scott is a pathetic puppy looking for attention and status. He’s a bully to most and a codependent on his financiers.
    Unfortunately he will be returning to Wisconsin with vengeance to launch his 2020 campaign on our backs. He must be knocked out of all presidential ambitions now.
    Wisconsin: Our motto was ‘Forward’…now we’re in another gear.

  9. The Koch brothers have money, but that doesn’t make them politically savvy. Their extremism doesn’t play well with most Americans and that clearly shows with Walker’s rapid decent from an early favorite.

    Walker deserves being at the bottom of the pile….hopefully is political aspirations will be ended by the Wisconsin voters, now that they have seen the real man behind the facade.

  10. It’s unbelievable this filthy, destructive, lazy-eyed weasel was once first in Iowa polls. He’s bright as a bag of rocks & has the personality of a corpse. When he spoke at the debates he couldn’t form a sentence without stumbling all over himself.

    Besides being a disgusting person he’s a dullard with zero personality. The Harley persona doesn’t cut it. Acting bad-ass reeks of phoniness with the worm’s frail, pasty body & nasal voice.

  11. Stick a fork in Walker (Union Busting) Koch protegee. DONE! At the bottom of the barrel. No way he can overcome that -1%
    So why does he still stick around? He should do a Perry and slink off the stage with some kind of face saving action. He really does NOT have a chance. Just could NOT see having a Koch Trojan Horse in the White House.

  12. When will the Koch brothers find themselves a new hobby besides buying a country? Its not been working so well for them. It only raises the costs of elections.

  13. All I can say is [Winky] ????????????????????
    Even dumb Republican voters know we need unions and a educated public. What a epic fail!!!!!!

  14. Don’t you hate it when old, super rich, ultra-right wing white guys fail to purchase the government outright after super rich, ultra-right wing white guys fail to maintain their psychotic death grip on the government.

    Just breaks my heart.

  15. In 1980 David Koch ran on the Libertarian ticket as VP Clark-Koch.

    Their ideas were the same then, as they are now.

    When all the votes were in, Koch received 1% out of the nation. Something tells me people STILL don’t like their ideas.

    Wise up old men, enjoy your money, and STF out of our politics.

  16. He is a useless pathetic idiot puppet. He needs to ride his union made Harley into the sunset and keep going. and Harley should sue him for using their brand. Let’s do another recall so he can get a real job flipping burgers for minimum wage. I know he couldn’t pass the union basic knowledge test to get a union apprenticeship! And definitely not a teaching job…., he would have no friends there.

  17. This is just *SOOOO* wrong! I mean, come ON! This is AMERICA!! If rich people, people with huge piles of money, people who create jobs, people who are the economic drivers of this country, can’t just step in and pay lots of money to put the guy they want into whatever office they want him in, well, I mean, what is the *point*?!?!? That’s it! I am resigning from America and exmigrating to Canada! Well, no, not Canada – they’re a bunch of socialists with government-run death-squad “health care”. No, no, let’s make it – Great Britain. Whoops, no, wait, they’re even worse – two of their major political parties are LABOUR and the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!!! Eeeeeeek!!! OK, hang on, I’ve got it – GERMANY!!! Lederhosen! Biergartens!! Aryan supermen!!! Wait, no – what? They’re taking in lots of refugees?!? Weak, weak, WEAK! OK, hold it, hang on – ummmmm…North Korea! Family-run! Conservative values!! Personality cult PAR EXCELLENCE!!! Finally, a place where a staunch conservative can feel at …

  18. Oh, yeah! I FEEL your pain!! These guys have spent TONS of money on…what’s-his-name. But, y’know, the great thing is that…this is all TAX DEDUCTIBLE for them! WOOOOT! WIN-WIN-WIN!!!!! (Yeeeah – except for Marky-mark – but he can go back to Cheeseland secure in the knowledge that his campaign didn’t cost him Dime One. RRRRUUUUHHHHH-SPECT!!!!!

  19. He is a useless ignorant man with a God complex. He can ride his union made Harley off into the sunset and not come back. Let’s do another recall so he can try to get a real job at minimum wage. He couldn’t even pass the apprenticeship exam for a real job (union of course).

  20. My question: How can a college dropout ever dream of becoming the leader of the free world in the 21st century?

  21. LOL, the cokers bought most of the dirty fracking oil fields in Alberta Canada so you don’t want to come here.

  22. Yeah, but now he’ll be spouting Kochroach BS from the kiddies’ table, and no one will care what he says.

  23. Americans wiping there bottoms with Scott Right To Work Walker, who defeated the Taliban Unions and stood tall against the people and working class of his own state, cant imagine using any one elses toilet paper, Scott Charmin removes the dung…The Kochs will need Clorox to get the stains off there wrist watches…

  24. Outstanding comment – my favorite of the month. Snotty Walker has no place in politics. Hopefully, he will fade away – and quickly.

  25. “I’ve seen homeless people with more intelligence in their eyes.” o.O Really?! I was homeless for two years after my father died because my husband and I lost everything supporting my father as he battled cancer. Does that make me a moron? Do you equate homelessness with stupidity?

    I agree with almost everything else your post said but really, think about what you’re saying and/or implying. Please.

  26. His Kock daddies bought him a state. I’m sure he believes that their money can truly buy him anything in the whole wide world.

    Vercua Walker doesn’t care how, he wants it now!

  27. Don’t forget CyberMindGrrl the Koch agenda will arise again. They have not given up. It will come back in new form with the same goal.. They have nothing if not patience, beyond belief. Soo that means (we) must be vigilant. Not become complacent thinking WE, have won.

  28. An old Irish proverb: Walker needs to build a bridge and get over it. Wait, I mean jump off of it!!!

  29. HAHAHAHA!!!! i don’t know what cheered me up more, the article and it’s news or the comments. not just that i agree with them but they were lol funny. thanx to one and all.

  30. what makes anybody think the koch’s or their agenda have failed? there are plenty more in the clown car that can be bought

  31. Scott Walker is a skeezy coat holder for the Kochs, but I’m sick to death of all the stories start with “College dropout”.
    So what?!? Dubya has a Masters from Harvard. Sarah Palin has a degree from Idaho. All the Wall St hotshots who brought down the world economy in 2008 have at least a Bachelors and more than likely a Masters.
    Greedy, vile and stupid have nothing to do with your academic level. Get past it!

  32. It’s not about being a college dropout, especially since he was THROWN out for cheating, he didn’t drop out!! The rest of the politicians you mentioned, I believe they paid cash for their degrees or family connections, which Bush had in spades!! They were just tired of seeing Palin, she went to six different schools in five years, for journalism, and never worked on the university papers etc!

  33. Now two off the clown-bus. Only 15 more evil people to get off that bus before the next Dem takes office on Jan 20 2017.

  34. Guess he couldn’t think on his feet, his seat or anywhere else. lol.
    they should have kept him out of situations where someone could ask a question that there wasn’t a scripted answer too. Or, they should have drilled him better on questions that weren’t a part of his initial campaign announcement.
    I’m sure the Koch Brothers will get with the time and build a better robot in the future.
    Wish the type of people who would have supported him to begin with will get a clue to the fact that the Koch’s are putting millions into a number of republican campaigns. And, if they have their way. Americans will be no more than peasants for them to work to death in their pursuit of profits.

  35. Overheard at Koch HQ: “Charles, how could you pick such a loser?” “Hey, David, you forget YOU picked him.” “Well, whatever happened, what do we do now?” “I don’t know. Maybe just go back to making toilet paper. At least we know that will last longer than Walker did.”

  36. Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Roger Stone quit August 8th after David Koch purchased Trump. Now Trump`s Campaign manager Corey Lewandowski has ran American`s for Prosperity and has been a KOCH brothers boy since 2002. Trump is the new Scott Walker. He does not want your money. He has billionaire owner named KOCH who has 899 million to get him elected. Today walker says go after Trump. It is a staged game so KOCH wins. Koch was the number one segregationist in America. Now trump wants that name. Koch will be Trumps vice President

  37. o.O

    Ummmmmm, I don’t know how to process this. Can you provide any links that you’ve based your conclusions on? Maybe I’m missing something….

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