How A Joe Biden Campaign Could Help Bernie Sanders Become the Democratic Nominee

A CNN/ORC poll released on September 21st reveals that if Joe Biden enters the Democratic presidential race, his candidacy would cut into Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders, giving the Vermont Senator an opportunity to surpass Clinton and win the Democratic nomination. The poll found that without Biden in the race, Clinton leads Sanders nationally 57 to 28 percent.

With Biden in the race, her lead remains substantial, but shrinks from a 29-point advantage to an 18-point edge. In the three-way contest Clinton holds a 42 to 24 percent advantage over Sanders, with Biden just behind Sanders at 22 percent support.

Some Democrats nervous that Clinton’s favorable numbers have taken a hit from the relentless media drum beat over the phony e-mail controversy, have turned to Joe Biden as a potential political savior for the party. Many of those Democrats are fearful that Bernie Sanders would lose a general election to Republicans, so they view Biden as a “plan B” candidate, in case Clinton continues to lose ground in the court of public opinion.

However, the CNN/ORC poll points out that having Biden “rescue” the party might actually backfire for anti-Sanders Democrats, as Biden’s candidacy would peel support away from Clinton, ironically making it easier for Sanders to secure the Democratic nomination. Even with Biden in the race, Clinton would remain the favorite. However, a three-way race clearly gives Sanders an opportunity to win, as Biden and Clinton could split the centrist pro-establishment vote, while Sanders could ride the progressive vote to a plurality in the Democratic primaries.

Joe Biden’s support has crept up from 14 percent in August, to 20 percent in early September, to 22 percent in the survey released on September 21st. He would certainly be a formidable candidate if he entered the race, giving the Democrats three strong options for their party’s 2016 nominee. Biden would be a welcome participant in the race.

However, anybody calling for his candidacy as a way of preventing Sanders from winning the nomination, had better reassess their thinking. A Biden candidacy would aid Sanders in his bid to secure the Democratic nomination, rather than thwart the Senator from Vermont’s efforts. Joe Biden entering the race could turn into the kind of “perfect storm” that could eventually propel Sanders into first place in the Democratic race. His activist base is likely to hold firm, while many Clinton supporters could shift their support to Biden.

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  1. …I don’t wanna hear “My candidate or I’m staying home!!!” For those espousing those views. lemme ask one question…{NO, not “What’s in your wallet?”} Which Goppie do you wanna win???

  2. As much as we love Joe, his entry into this primary
    probably would do more harm to his party’s hopes
    for continuing PBO’s legacy, IMHO. Just sayin’…
    also, why do repugs relish the thought of a Biden
    candidacy? Mr. Brekhus’ reference to a “perfect
    storm” is spot on. Thanks and praise.

  3. Shadowolf, spot on. If someone’s Dem candidate does not win the primary, we cannot afford:

    1. People staying home and not voting because their ideal candidate did not win.


    2. People “writing in” their ideal candidate that did not win.

    It is of the utmost seriousness in this election that all Dems get out and vote for the Dem primary winner, even if you have to plug your nose and vote. If you don’t, you might as well vote for the GOP. We cannot let them win this election. Any Dem candidate is better than a GOP.

  4. Hillary Clinton is extending her lead over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders after months of losing ground in the Democratic primary, according to a new CNN/ORC poll.

    The former Secretary of State is supported by 42% of Democratic primary voters nationally, compared to 24% Sanders, 22% for Biden and 1% for former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley.

    Clinton’s 18-point lead over Sanders is larger than in early September, when a similar CNN/ORC poll found her leading Sanders 37 to 27, or 10 points.


  5. The above column, just like the last erroneous one which purports Hillary losing 15 points, is not in the realm of reality.

    It is illogical.

    But besides that, do you really think TPTB in the Democratic party, forget for a moment Obama, Biden or Hillary, lets just go with the plethora of elected officials.

    THEY do not want Sanders at all, so you think they would let Sanders take over the party?

    They would join forces and destroy him.

    That won’t be necessary. Hillary can do it all on her own – Biden in the race or not.

    She did it already. Biden dropped out, Edwards dropped out. Hillary and Obama ran neck and neck to the finish line.

    This time she has the whole party behind her – unlike last time.

  6. DJ. According to burners, Hillary is a poor debater and will get demolished October 13th. I have a hunch she will hold her own.

  7. All the poll averages have her double Sanders as she has been for a long time.

    He has to double his support to be where she is now. In 50 states. In 4 months he must be prepared with campaign coast to coast – he is ready for that right?

    He has a plan right?


  8. She is a ninja.

    Sssssshhhhh. More fun to watch them talk for the next three weeks on how he is going to teach her, spank her, beat her silly, and how they need more debates than 6 to show how he is the smartest man ever.

  9. Sorry this is kind of off topic, but Walker is ending his campaign. Imagine it won’t change the numbers for the GOP too much, since he had 0%.

    At least we know he won’t be the nominee.

  10. It’s a difficult decision, especially while still grieving the loss of his son. Nevertheless procrastination is generally a sign of disinclination, and his heart just doesn’t seem to be in it.

  11. Biden has had two failed campaigns. Both times when there was an open nomination. What makes people think it will be different this time?

  12. …me, I just don’t see it…Joe’s still emotionally crippled, it’s late in the financing game, he has family who needs him…
    …he’ll probably help the Democratic field effectively, less stress…

  13. Well, he did gain stature as VP, no doubt.

    He might get full backing from Obama? He might have made a deal with Warren when they met? He might have the Culinary union in Nevada and the Steel union in Pa?

    He also supposedly has a boat load of big money backers willing to fund his pac.

    I know he would not get in unless he had a few aces up his sleeve and these are just a few that come to mind as potentials.

    He sure is active suddenly – more so out in public than he has been in a very long time and it sure is in “traditional” water testing ways.

  14. The only activity I see is the media knowing that Sanders cant slay the Clinton dragon are trying to pump up somebody else. No he wont have the Presidents support if he gets in because the President will stay neutral. Where was the big money donors during his last run? I don’t think we will run because without active support from Obama and his coalition I don’t see a path to winning. Now unless the media provide evidence that Hillary had Vince Foster Killed sold his body parts to Planned Parenthood to fund whitewater and then took that money to kill Stevens in Benghazi then all bets are off

  15. DJ, they are still looking for the bodies and they always will be.

    I personally and sincerely hope he ends his WH days on a high note and with grace goes on to greater good in private life.

    It would have to get ugly and NOBODY wants to go there. Nobody except that media! They already have Anita Hill as front page again…

  16. The media and republicans, at this point, would even be willing to hype or pit Former President Jimmy Carter against SOS Clinton.

  17. How the hell can so many democrats still prefer Clinton over Sanders? Even Trump might be better than corrupt Clinton, scary thing as that is to say.

  18. Do you have a few dozen hours? I can explain my reasons but this is my 6th campaign with the name Clinton in it so it will take a while.

    I also lived in NYC for decades. And I lived in Vermont so that too will take quite a while.

    I also spent many decades in the Democratic party as a volunteer – so that will take hours.

  19. Hillary’s platform:

    She wants to strengthen ACA and has plans for it.

    Bernie wrote a bill to remove ACA and instate a medicare for all plan which would cost approximately 15 Trillion dollars. It would also completely remove all the insurance companies and all their employees. It would be a giant government bureau and we all know how well that works. Everyone would work for the government instead of private carriers.

    I will stick with ACA, passed by Obama and polished up a bit by Hillary. But thanks.

  20. For all his fiery rhetoric, Sanders isn’t known in the Senate as a legislative wonk who passes a large volume liberal legislation. The lack of clarity around his bill to break up the banks is likely why it has not yet attracted any cosponsors in the Senate.
    What more needs to be said

  21. Do you remember my arguement back in April or so with Robert about guns?

    I said at that time it was one of the most crucial issues for me and went on and on about Gabby Giffords and Brady, etc.

    That was long before I knew Bernie’s record on guns in full.

    I have 500 other reasons now but none of them matter – the two post offices – etc.

    He is just not viable. Not in a primary, not in a general. Not worth it.

  22. Lol if the Debates can move Carly Fiorina into second place on the Repug side, what do you think they’ll do for Bernie Sanders, who 40% of the country doesn’t know yet?

    And I remember Obama crushing Hillary in the debates. That’s why when she was begging him for more debates in 2007, Obama realized his time was better spent elsewhere.

    Hillary is still a war-hawk, the left doesn’t want more war.

  23. Sounds like you are describing Clinton actually. Just your everyday run-of-the-mill corrupt politician who takes money from billionaires like Trump. There is nothing special about her whatsoever. And then she is involved in an email scandal to boot.

    Sanders, on the other hand, doesn’t even have a super PAC. He is America’s last chance to be saved from the billionaire class. If Clinton becomes president say bye-bye America once and for all. She is ruled by money.

  24. I’m all for the ACA, I was without health insurance for four years before it was implemented.

    But it’s still too expensive, and none of her “one fixes” seem to solve that. It’s still not going to cover everyone and people will still choose to opt out.

  25. Fresh off the presses.

    She said in April she was going to talk to people and learn what they want. She said in June she would roll out her plans over months but gave an outline.

    As each plan was announced it was rolled out with a full plan and bullet point type announcements as well.

    She has plans for every single little thing she wants to do.

    She is kinda well known for her history of accomplishment in this field.

  26. But you are comparing them to democratic voters by saying id Fiona with her lies can make inroads with the American Taliban why cant Bernie? Now are you saying for Sanders to breakthrough he has to lie and fool the gullible?

  27. Jesus H Christ. Do you even know the purpose of the ACA? It was to insure people who couldn’t afford to buy in the current system. The vast majority of Americans still get their insurance from private plans and therefore have no reason to use it. All you are doing is using right wing talking points to not give the President credit for helping Americans in getting healthcare. But I understand. Since a blackman did it, it doesn’t count. Now if ST. Sanders could accomplish a quarter of what the President did you would be calling for monuments in his honor. That’s why you bernbots will never win, because you denigrate a black President because he wasn’t your lawn jockey

  28. Well, it isn’t going to be *exactly* like the Republican debates, but like the “light side” alternative.

    So, instead of Carly Fiorina lying and fooling the gullible, Bernie will be honest and awaken those who have been gullible for too long.

  29. If Biden runs it will be to win. It will do nothing but make Clinton and Sanders and Biden, whoever wins, stronger and more competitive in the general election. The article is pure speculation not born out of facts.

  30. So its a feeling. Like people believe bush because he had a feeling in his gut. Peddle that bullshit somewhere else. I deal with reality not feelings

  31. Canada has national health care as well as private insurance companies. They co-exist. Even with Medicare, supplemental insurance is often necessary or desirable. Medicare is probably the best run program in government.

  32. Settle, DJ. I don’t know what you’re basing half of your post off of.

    I was one of those people who couldn’t afford health care.

    When I say “It’s still not covering everyone” I’m not talking about people who have private insurance. I’m talking about the low income families who live in red states where the governor’s have refused to expand medicaid. Or the Republicans I know that would rather pay the fine than give the president a “victory.”

    It’s not right wing talking points, it’s left wing talking points.

    As I said, I personally benefited from the ACA, I had aged off my parents plan at 23 before the 27 year age limited was implemented by the ACA. My parent’s insurance choose not to retroactively start covering me again. I was without health insurance for 4 years until the individual mandate was implemented. I breathed a sigh of relief when I got coverage again.

  33. This is essentially what I’ve been saying since the Biden rumblings began. For those of us on the left who are very uncomfortable with Hillary’s long-standing Wall Street ties and her tendency towards hawkishness, Biden has many of the same vulnerabilities (apart from being arguably a more likeable human being). So if he enters the race, it is Hillary h takes supporters away from, not Bernie.

  34. I still like the job the President has done and is continuing to do. I just feel like Sanders is the best next step.

  35. No, you misunderstand. It’s not a feeling Bernie has. It might be a feeling people have about him, because of his honest and genuine quality.

  36. There are dreamers like Sanders and fans, then there are people who actually accomplish what they set out to do. Hillary can “Get ‘er done,” and she will.
    Hillary has worked for this her entire career, even when backing Bill. She has the credentials for the job, and a proven track record on the National level. Nothing has or will be handed to her.
    Obama has been a great President, but his initial run would not have been the same without enthusiasm for his race and its historical perspective. I am NOT saying he wasn’t worthy. I’m just saying he ran an excellent campaign, and was able to rally and rely on votes that likely won’t be counted on in this election.
    The GOP has to make up lies to try and discredit Hillary. You can discredit Fiorina and the rest of the Republican candidates with simple truths.

  37. In the end, I feel sure Biden will endorse Hillary Clinton and campaign vigorously for her. He’s a Democrat. Hillary Clinton is a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat.

  38. Hillary was the person that tried to get healthcare through when Billie was riding high. How’d that work out? Now she is going to polish obamacare?
    I think more choice is a good thing and will make the party better. Hillary is already co-oping some of Bernie’s ideas. Nation polls mean very little at this point. O’Malley is the forgotten man right now but let’s see if a cross between Hillary and Sanders in a youthful form will appeal to both sides once the dabates begin. Goooo “someone good”!!

  39. Billie? Really?

    You are either a Republican or you are too young to have actually lived through those years or you were too oblivious to understand them.

    If you think her giant battle against the vast right wing conspiracy is a minus then please keep up your silly talk.

  40. …whatever else ya think o’ Hillary Clinton, she’s a survivor…having lived through those times as an adult, I was witness to the relentless Reich Wing attack du Jour that was her life as First Lady o’ both Arkansas and the USA…she survived the worst that that eras NeoConArtists could dish out with dignity and humor…I wouldn’t have…I woulda been walking into thier offices with a Louisville Slugger and announcing “AND THIS IS MY REBUTTAL TO YOUR BULLSHIT!!!”
    …the principle being, they attack me thier way…then it’s MY GD turn!!!

  41. What are you talking about? Bill put one of his prime issues in her hands after winning the election. She organized sweeping discussions inviting everyone involved. Sounds good, except nothing, NOTHING got done. She gave a good effort but ended up defeated. That’s the way it happened. I was born in the 40′ s so I’m not too young to remember. I’ve never voted rep. except in one primary and getting defeated by what was then a much easier right wing effort than Obama faced successfully is no badge of honor. That’s the facts Jack.

  42. She has guts, Shadow, I’ll give you that but she’s not the living goddess that some believe her to be. She has picked up some good talking points by listening to other good candidates, had a few of her own. Great. When she wins a major battle on her own I’ll be more inclined to take her seriously as a candidate. Let’s see what the debates show us. May the best person win.

  43. I love the V.P. but I hope he doesn’t make another run. He has served his country well and deserves to be with his family and enjoy the rest of his life in peace. I also like Bernie but I think he best serves the American people right where he is, the Senate. I can understand the dislike the brain-dead ignorant people in this country have for anyone who is smarter than they are. During the run-up to the election in ’08, I heard an elderly women say, “We’ve got to get those Harvard people out of there!” I didn’t know who she was taking about at the time… I thought Bush went to Yale, but I could be wrong. I think her point was: we don’t want any college educated intelligent person, we want someone like Bush. I will support whoever the Democratic nominee is. But, my fear is that Bernie will never have the $$$ to take on the Kochs and he will not win. Do you really want the White House turned into The Trump Outhouse? OMG!

  44. Von. And you think Sanders is a Dove? Ask his former staffer, Jeremy Brecher, about his Dove stance on The Balkans.

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