With His Campaign In Flames, Scott Walker Is Dropping Out Of The Republican Presidential Race

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The Koch brothers chosen candidate, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) is dropping out of the race for the Republican nomination.

Reuters reported:

Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin plans to drop out of the 2016 U.S. presidential race after deciding he has no path to win his party’s nomination, a Republican familiar with the decision said on Monday.

Walker’s campaign announced he would hold a news conference in Madison, Wisconsin, at 6 p.m. ET on Monday, but it did not say what he would discuss. His campaign did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Walker went from being the Republican leader in Iowa to registering at less than 1% in the latest polling in near record time. Scott Walker’s inability to avoid foreign policy gaffes combined with an ability to flip-flop on his own positions within hours of issuing them quickly doomed his campaign.

As a last ditch desperate effort, Walker revived his platform of union busting and promised to take it federal if he was elected to be the next president. However, his attempt to scare Republican primary voters by warning them about the unionized monsters under their beds fell on deaf ears.

Within the Republican Party, this is the year of hating immigrants and Muslims. Walker bet on the wrong horse, and he lost. Scott Walker was never a charismatic presence on the campaign trail, and he appeared to know precious little about the issues. Donald Trump put the final nail in the coffin of Walker 2016 at the second Republican debate by pointing the Governor’s broken promises and poor economic record in Wisconsin.

Scott Walker was the candidate that Koch brothers said should be the Republican nominee. Instead, Walker is headed back to Wisconsin as a failed 2016 contender.

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  1. I called it months ago. One day he was doing an interview and they asked him about Florida and he said he wasn’t going to fight for that state because Rubio and Jeb! have history there.

    I Yelled Case Closed and said he is out.

    He tried to walk it back but the dumbass made it clear. If you do not compete in a state in the primary then you have no organization for the general. And Florida is a must win for them.

  2. This just made my day. I am quite pleased. Now I hope the people of Wisconsin get rid of him asap. Koch sucker has bit the dust!

  3. The thing about Walker is that he was supposed to be the candidate that the Koch’s backed with unlimited cash. He was in it for the long haul, and the media told us about the billionaire daddies who could keep these candidates in the game for months, and that they had a whole lot of leeway. Now you see that these billionaires are cheap, they only want to spend “other peoples money”. And the real fact is that Walker was supposed to fundraise from the rubes that conservative media has targeted and fear mongered over the years.

    Don’t look past that curtain Toto.

  4. Last month from POLITICO:
    Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker won a surprising nod in an informal straw poll of major Conservative Donors gathered by the Koch Brothers’ operation last weekend in Orange County, California, according to sources familiar with the gathering.

    In a closed-door session that included about 100 BIG donors, Republican pollster Frank Luntz asked Donors to clap to indicate their choice for the Republican Party’s nomination. While Luntz did not formally track or announce the results, sources say it was clear that Walker got The Most Applause, followed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who received roughly the same amount of applause. The next most applause was for former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.


  5. That was fast. I hate to give him credit but this is a better move than the other 15 are willing to make. I wonder if his spawn will re-enroll in school?

  6. Lol! Francie I wondered the same thing, if his kids would re-enter college since they left to work on his campaign…

    Probably not, after all education is only for the “elites” according to the GOP; they like them dumbed down.

  7. This is effing hysterical. Hell hath no fury like a fired Walker aid. Liz Mair forgot to tweet his main problem. He’s fucface Scott Walker. He’ll finish “wreaking havoc” on WI. But they did vote for the dolt 3 times. Have fun WI, he’s baaack!

    Fired Scott Walker Aide Is Tweeting Up a Shitstorm About What He Did Wrong
    —By Molly Redden | Mon Sep. 21, 2015 5:20 PM


    Liz Mair @LizMair
    Not educating himself fast enough on issues outside governor’s remit. Educating himself on some things by talking to the wrong people.
    3:41 PM – 21 Sep 2015

  8. Hope this no- account goes back to Wis and the people there clean his clock good. so good we never hear of him again.

  9. And don’t think the Koch’s aren’t fuming about all the money they threw away on this idiot, either.

  10. The Eagle scout has flopped out. Yeah, he said he was qualified to be Commander in Chief because of his Eagle Scout experience. Come On…Really? !!!!!!!Oh, and another one: He is capable of staring down and standing up to Putin, because, get this: He stared down and fought the Unions in Wisconsin and won. Oh Wow! Geeze. Yes, Putin will quake in his boots because he’s facing the Union Buster. Give me a F*cking break!
    Ok, he’s gone. Next. I say Uncle Ben Carson is next. Betcha.

  11. On May 22nd I have on my calendar these words and I haven’t doubted this for a minute despite all the noise about all the others.

    Bush/Rubio vs Hillary/?

  12. Okay, you win this time.

    But, I’ll see your Walker and raise you Santorum, Gilmore, Jindal, Graham will be next.


  13. What the donors at the Koch event don’t realize is that their choice for POTUS is not most voters choice. They like Walker because he has taken away the rights of citizens and workers in WI and given wealthy business owners more power over them. With the assistance of the WI branch of Americans for Prosperity and a corrupt court system, he has been protected from being held responsible for his wrong-doing. He, his advisers, and his wealthy backers thought their money and advice could propel him into the WH. Now, they see that it didn’t work, so Walker is headed back to WI in a state of shame and embarrassment. He just knew he coulda been a contender because he said God told him so. It’s strange how God seemed to have suddenly changed him mind about Walker! /s/

  14. Majii, good post, especially the part about Walker being protected by AFP and the courts.

    Now, I wonder if the “investigation” that was going on in Wisconsin, where he came out of smelling like a rose is entirely dead or will it be reborn and pursued further?

    He obviously had the dirty money to shield him.

  15. The eagle [scout] has landed!

    If it was God who spoke to him telling him to run for the president and his God can’t make mistakes, just WHO was speaking to him?

  16. Scott Walker thought they were really his friends? I hated this guy because I was afraid of him. No more my feelings are back to dislike and utter contempt. After his comments on a wall on US Canadian border I tweeted that I was happy that Walker had proved himself to be just as shallow and ignorant as we always knew he was. He is gone and he ain’t never comin back, as far as 2016 is concerned anyway.

  17. But he and the GOP still own the politics in Wisconsin. Along with the state Supreme court. Now that his dreams of being president is trashed, he’ll be looking to amass a personal fortune in the time he has left as governor.

  18. RNC needs some new rules on who can run for 2024. The same old spectacle is getting old. Can’t wait to see who party leaders replace Trump, Carson, and Carly with. Plenty of time. Bush’s Brain will take over.

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