Republicans Fear Pope Francis Bombshells May End Their World Thursday

Pope Francis
Since 1964, when what we now think of the Religious Right set out to take over the Republican Party, the line between religion and politics have become increasingly blurred on the Right. We have seen conservative Christian theology legislated into law with damning frequency, whether it is related to abortion or contraception or marriage, or any of a number of other areas.

So when Indiana Republican Sen. Dan Coats says of the pope’s address to Congress Thursday, “I’m always concerned about those who are bringing spiritual messages that step too far over the line in terms of political issues,” you have to laugh.

Republicans have no shame when it comes to utterances like this.

Coats thinks Pope Francis should not be able to say the sorts of things Evangelicals say every day. Republicans like Coats want Pope Francis to stay out of politics, even though Evangelicals not only cross the line every day into politics, but control a major political party.

You want to know how much Coats hates mixing politics and religion? Check out this tweet:

Jeb Bush told voters in New Hampshire, “I don’t get economic policy from my bishops or my cardinals.” No indeed. He gets his policy from the largely Protestant Religious Right, like every other Republican candidate.

Ben Carson tweeted last week,

Apparently, only Republicans can speak for God, even when the pope is in town.

Pope trickle downBut then, this is the same group that thinks Christians are being persecuted in this country even as they impose their religious views on the rest of us on abortion, contraception, marriage, the treatment of the poor, and so forth. And it’s not just religion, as when Francis said when asked of gays, “Who am I to judge?”

The pope has really riled up Republicans since he began to address the threat of climate change. After all, hell hath no fury like a Republican whose income is threatened. Never forget these men are not employed by the American people; their real employees are the fossil fuel industry.

“I think it’s totally inappropriate that the pope is weighing in on all the real sensitive, far-left issues,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe, said. “I’m not a Catholic, but my Catholic friends in Oklahoma are not real pleased with it.”

What is amusing is that Inhofe can insist the pope remain silent on “far-left issues.” If he was saying there was no climate change, Inhofe would be urging him to speak up. If Pope Francis was a big supporter of capitalism, Inhofe would be beside himself with joy.

I think in a court of law that would be hearsay. The only relevant part of that statement is that Inhofe is against it. I’m not a Catholic either, and I think it’s great. Unlike Republicans from Donald Trump to Ted Cruz to Ben Carson, the pope is not running for elected office in the United States.

Trump tweeted the other day,

But the pope is talking Jesus talk, not capitalist talk, and certainly not fossil fuel industry talk, or even the Religious Right’s culture war talk. And this is a problem for all those Republicans in Congress who cringe at the thought of the things Pope Francis might say when he addresses them Thursday.

The worst part, from their perspective, is undoubtedly that Francis will have a huge television audience. Things might be said that Republicans don’t want Americans to hear. Things that undermine the Right’s idea of an AR-15-armed white Anglo-Saxon Jesus who hates poor people and immigrants.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) isn’t even going to show up, for crying out loud. “When the pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician, then he can expect to be treated like one.” If you listen, you can still hear the echoes of his feet stomping, a sound that will echo through eternity.

Gosar is going into hiding while the pope speaks, and is probably in search of a suitable happy space to curl up in a fetal ball until it’s all over, hoping when he comes out, some semblance of the Republican world still exists.

It is funny also that the pope has finally made the Right realize there is a difference between religion and politics after decades of Republicans actively combining the two.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie complained to CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that “The fact is that his infallibility is on religious matters, not on political ones.” If there is a difference, then we must ask why all these Religious Right figures are pretending to speak for God on such openly political matters.

Certainly if they are free to do so, then so is the pope.

Obviously we don’t know what Francis is going to talk about, or what he will say. What is critical right now is that it is only conservatives who fear the Pope. You don’t see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders fretting over the pope’s appearance, or Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

Bernie Sanders is even tweeting the pope’s message, because as it happens, his message is identical:

The Hill opined this morning that, “The pope has become a political football,” but I would suggest here they have it all backwards. This Pope is nobody’s football. He is not the guy who is kicked, but rather the guy who does the kicking.

Thursday, the pope can say anything he wants, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop him.

And that’s why Republicans are so afraid.

44 Replies to “Republicans Fear Pope Francis Bombshells May End Their World Thursday”

  1. …oh Lord YES!!!
    …the whole country, {And the whole WORLD!!!} shall see what hypocrites the Reich-Wing is on REAL religion, not thier ersatz brew…
    …I don’t agree with the Pope on everything, {I haven’t been a Catholic since age 3 so I’m told.} but he’s closer to the Teachings of Jesus Christ than any Pope since St. Peter…THAT’S what panics Teahadists…

  2. I see this as payback for their cowardly invitation to Netanyahu. So the GOP can shovel it out, but they can’t take it. Big surprise. I hope the Pope, who should be their hero right? tells the GOP exactly what they are: evil. They haven’t the slightest idea what Jesus would do, nor do they care. And what does it really say if a bunch of Catholics refuse to even attend the speech? It says way more about them than it does about the Pope. Either their church is part of their lives, or it is not. And if they really believe that church and state should be separate, hallelujah! Maybe maybe maybe the media will take note and stop asking them to conflate the two.

  3. You said a mouth full Shadowolf.. The thugs do not like it when truth is spoken. after all.. lies have worked so well for so long.
    agree with you on this Pope.

  4. Any Catholic politician who disrespects the Pope by boycotting his speech to Congress, or who even openly criticizes His Holiness in public should be excommunicated from the Church. The Pope is considered to be the Vicar of Christ, so being disrespectful to the Pope is almost like dissing Christ Himself. I hope the Pope calls out all these hypocritical psuedo- Christians in Congress and exposes them for what they really are- pure evil.
    He won’t “end their world” because they will just ignore his teachings, and their constituents will still keep voting them in for another term of office, but it will be good if Francis makes them squirm a bit on Thursday.

  5. 1. The republicans will feel no shame about their blatant hypocrisy because they’re sociopaths–and sociopaths don’t feel shame. They’re incapable of normal human emotions like empathy and compassion, which explains the republican modus operandi.

    2. Donald Trump is to real politics as the WWE is to real professional sports, which is to say not at all. The fact that Trump is the republican frontrunner speaks volumes about the hollow inauthenticity of the republican party. The GOP is a total sham.

    3. Hey Mr. Trump, I just thought someone ought to tell you that “I’ll be great” is not policy. America deserves better than that from its President.

    4. Anyone who isn’t part of the 1%–especially any woman, veteran, minority or LGBT person–yet votes for the GOP is an absolute fool.

  6. The Pope’s message will be strong and simple. He will own congress. The repugs and their phoney evangelical preachers should be very worried.

  7. Right on , Sally! I’ve been thinking the same about the Pope being retribution for Bibi. Ah, the delicious irony of it all!

  8. Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

    He ranks as one of the great thinkers: people whose words teach and inspire, even among people of different beliefs. Martin Luther King. The Dalai Lama. Pope Francis. Jesus.

    Too bad so many people listen to uneducated minds. Rush Limbaugh. Bill O’Reilly. Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump. John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Sarah Palin. George W. Bush. Dick Chaney.

  9. I wonder how Justices Roberts, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas & Alito, all conservative Roman Catholics will react to the Pontiff’s views?

    Methinks $$$’s over moral convictions will still prevail.

  10. The Republicans who do show up will sit there, acting as if they are listening attentively and then go about their business of screwing over the American people as they’ve been doing over the last 30 years.

  11. Didn’t rethugs love Pope John-Paul because he was so out spoken about communism? His stances were considered very political in his in his native Poland and in other communist countries. I guess they were down with him beccause he didn’t pose a threat to them financially. Rethugs asked him to speak because tradtional catholic beliefs were in ine politically with the big box evangelical rantings. This pope has came in and shook things up, and is trying to be more inclusive to the next generation. I guess if they wanted a sermon pre-approved by the likes of Reince Prebus, they should have invited Franklin Graham.

  12. The sociopath GOTP will be semi-polite, but ignore anything meaningful that does not line their pockets or the pockets of their owners. They worship Mammon, not the Christ.

  13. I feel these extreme beliefs of “religious fervor” by this new X-tains, even “God” is marginalized in their interpretation of Christ’s teachings.

    What intelligent foresight our Founding Fathers agreed on about, “what is Caesar(politics) and what is God(religion).

    Shadowolf – I whole-hardily agree with your above post. Especially the 1st one.

  14. “Facts? We don’t need no stinkin’ facts! We’ve got our carefully constructed lies and bullshit that are magnified by our compliant mainstream media to support us! We don’t need no pointy-hat wearing Pope to come along and tell us that everything we’ve said is complete and utter bullshit.”

    The wheels are finally coming off the Republican bus, and it’s so very satisfying to watch.

  15. Oh, yes…here comes Da Man with a mixed bag…concepts that challenge the very essence of the Republican Party, most particularly its far right extremists. These concepts from a man who labors in the a vineyard that needs so much change from its centuries old religious control of men.

    I like what I hear from him but I am not sure he can deliver without first proving himself in Rome.

  16. I have said before that Republicans/Conservatives are not Americans, but now it seems painfully real that they do not even qualify as even Human.

  17. sociopaths don’t feel shame. They’re incapable of normal human emotions—————:Republicans and their poor assed folowers. We’ve got to understand, this has been going on for years & years and continues. It’s just that Republicans, since 2008, do not take kindly to anything black. Asphalt, dominoes, opponents black checkers, tires, used motor oil, EGR valve deposits, black smoke, black lingerie, black holes in space, dark caves, nightfall, dark skies during storms, black ink, black plague, black masks of the Lone Ranger & Batman, black crosses when the flames go out, survivors dressed in black at funerals, Rick Perry’s dark rimmed glasses, ect..ect. Just anything or event that’s dark looking, they’re very smart & intelligent Christains otherwise.

  18. That’s true, but Obama has the bully pulpit, and I guarantee that he’ll use it fully. Every speech, every pronouncement will include a reference to Pope Francis’ message and the Teapubs won’t have an acceptable response without looking and sounding very “un-Christian”!

  19. you know what? these holier-than-thou fake Christian hypocrites run their mouths over and over saying god is real and god will judge all you sinners. ok then, so let god judge and STFU already!!! who are you fools to judge anybody then???

  20. I agree with what you say. However they will condemn and excommunicate themselves as once again they represent their own agenda by not representing the people.

  21. I find it hilarious that their accusing him of him acting like a “leftist-politician,” when he is actually quoting the traditional (not late 20th century) dogma and teaching of the Catholic faith. So in fact he is acting, as a religious leader and the pontiff that he is. His message is clearly spiritual, moral and religious, whether or not some of those teachings have political ramifications (or run counter to their so-called political “philosophy”). He is not talking politics, he is expressing religious doctrine. It’s an interesting reflection on their way of thinking that they take his spiritual and religious teachings, believing it the same as a political message.

    And for those who has said he has no place addressing congress. Sadly, for them, this is one of those places where religion and politics meet, as he is in fact a head of state, and as such it is perfectly appropriate for him to address the leaders and representatives of our nation, as so many other heads of state …

  22. Rick,

    Did you know that Pope John XXXIII and Pope John Paul II were Canonized on 30 Sep 2013 and that Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI concelebrated the Canonization Mass on 27 April 2014? There were countless Cardinals, Arch Bishops and Bishops concelebrating the Canonization Mass with Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

    That makes me wonder if the Catholic hierarchy who concelebrated the Canonization Mass for John XXXIII and John Paul II would rather Canonize or Demonize St. Ronnie.

  23. ““I think it’s totally inappropriate that the pope is weighing in on all the real sensitive, far-left issues,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe, said. “I’m not a Catholic, but my Catholic friends in Oklahoma are not real pleased with it.”

    Just like the old racist’s BS, “Some of my best friends are “negroes, colored, black, Afican American or whichever fits”.

    Inhofe to see the wizard.

  24. Yvonne,

    Newsmax is a RWNJ web site I sometimes monitor for laughs. Did you know that when Newsmax started, William Casey and Richard Mellon Scaife provided a hefty chunk of change to get it going good?

    Who are Casey and Scaife?

    Casey was CIA Director for St. Ronnie for several years before illness forced him to retire. His replacement? The honorable Robert Gates. It is beyond me why The Big O kept Gates as SOD after he replaced The Shrub.

    Scaife spent a gazillion dollars to try to get Bill and Hill.

    Casey croaked many years ago. Scaife croaked last year. Good riddance to both.

  25. And the interesting part of that story is Scaife sat with Hillary for a few hours in 2008 and grilled her.

    He was so impressed he said so publicly and his paper endorsed her (on the Dem side) and he donated to the Clinton Foundation, etc. I think he worried as he got older he needed to make peace with the world of hurt he caused and to help ease his guilty conscience.

    Bill gave his eulogy and it had lots of humorous lines.

  26. I hope he brings it. The words and works of the Jesus I learned and stopped believing in long ago were strikingly left wing. Simple things like feed the poor, care for your brother and equality for all is the stuff I heard. I never him talk bad about LGBT people, African Americans, Latinos or immigrants, quite the opposite. this RWNJ jesus though is a stomp down freaking racist, xenophobic rich man. It’s unreal how the right wing has perverted the Christian religion which was of no use to me since the third grade. “Why doesn’t he cure all the blind people Mom and why would the only God be jealous” was the start of my apostasy and I’ve stuck with it. I just don’t believe in spirits I guess. If the Pope preaches the Jesus I grew up on the Thugs have got to hate it. Jesus’s ideas are currently in line with US liberalism. What a non surprise. I hope the christy freakin thugs choke on it. Like a I choke on their phony Jesus.

  27. I remember back when Henry VIII was on his throne and the Church told he he could not do something. This split started the Protestant church with the head of the church being Henry himself.

    Could this be the catalyst for the USA to have their own Pope supporting only the US’s interests..

  28. Their world is a bleak, misogynist, racist, and selfish place. What happened to caring Republicans that worked to make America better instead of working to destroy it?

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