Republicans Try To Rig The 2016 Election By Blocking LEGAL Immigrant Citizenship and Voting


All of the chatter on the Republican campaign trail is about illegal immigration, but Republicans are pushing back on an effort by President Obama to get legal immigrants citizenship and registered to vote. There is an effort mounting on the right to stop legal immigrants from becoming citizens and voting.

According to Politico:

It turns out that many Republicans consider legal immigration a more immediate and existential threat to the GOP than illegal immigration. While the total number of illegal immigrants is estimated at 11 million, there are more than 13 million permanent legal residents — and that number could grow at a clip of a million a year.


Conservatives have increasingly been raising the alarm about legal immigration as a more imminent threat to Republican power than any possible pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the U.S.

Just last month, immigration hard-liner Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) called for reducing the number of green cards issued each year, warning that the government is on track to allow 10 million new permanent residents into the country over the next 10 years. While his analysis focused on what he considered the potential negative economic impacts, the political implications were unsubtly telegraphed in the states cited to put the 10 million figure into perspective: The new residents would be “larger than populations of Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina combined.”

The Republican objection to immigration is about keeping the electorate small, white, and conservative. Republicans saw what happened when new voters of color entered the political process in 2008 and 2012. Demographics are not working in their favor, so the opposition to citizenship for immigrants is another way to keep people from voting.

Instead of competing for the support of these potential voters, conservatives are putting their efforts into excluding them from the electoral process.

As a reminder, these are legal immigrants that Republicans are trying to keep from becoming citizens and voting. This group of immigrants followed the rules and did everything the correct way, but conservatives are still trying to stop them from becoming citizens and voting.

The Republican Party can’t win a contest of ideas, so they are going to try to rig the game. Legal immigrants should respond to these tactics by completing the six-month long citizenship process and immediately registering to vote.

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  1. They don’t want neither legal or illegal immigrants to vote? WTF??? This is a product of the Republicans own making. It would have been much easier to reach out to immigrants and have concerns about their issues rather than bad mouthing or ignoring them.
    This means immigrants from European countries can’t vote, either. Not all immigrants, whether here legally or not. are from none white countries. The Irish, Germans. French, Scots….have immigrants here, too.
    And since all of us, except Indians, are immigrants, that means none of us can vote!

  2. They are so obvious. I have said before that the GOP could have had a great pre-election season by simply passing the infrastructure bill Boehner won’t bring to the floor. Millions of good paying jobs, desperately needed projects going. There is one locally where they are replacing water and sewer lines that are 100 years old! Presto! They could actually convince Americans that they do know how to create jobs and help the country.
    Instead, they are dead set on defunding an organization that helps millions of citizens with health needs. Period. That’s what they do. So what does the GOP do? Grab onto fake videos as if they were from Moses, waste time and money on hearings, and in the end, PP will get their funding, because if the GOP shuts down the government again, the party is through.
    So whomever is in charge of you idiots, you did this to yourselves. It is very clear who is waging war on immigrants, women, kids, the elderly and everyone but rich white guys. Bye, GOP.

  3. These Republicans are the most anti American as you can get. They need to move to a country where these things are normal like Russia.

  4. Why is this bill still sitting on Boners desk?

    Democrats introduce bill to end gerrymandering

    2016 Republican Voting Check List:
    We HATE Immigrants – Muslims – Jews – Blacks – Hispanics – LBGT’s – the poor – the Pope – Catholics – Civil Rights – the Government –Infrastructure spending – healthcare – SNAP – Regulations – Government – Consumer Rights – Clean Energy – Food Programs – Wall Street reform – Gun safety – Science – Education – the child – Women are a “Lesser Cut Of Meat” – recreational sex – the environment – unions – social security – Medicare – veterans – first responders to 9/11 – gun control – Americans
    We have NO new ideas – We offer the same shit that has never worked but it’s different year.

  5. Rethugs HAVE to rig elections when all they Run On is Starting another war, Cutting Social Security, Phasing out Medicare and Repealing the ACA.

  6. Keep in mind that this is in addition to the dirty deeds such as:

    Voter id laws that would – at best- prevent a handful of fraudulent votes. Meanwhile these laws are disenfranchising many thousands of elderly, disabled, and low income voters.

    Reducing early voting periods.

    Reducing the number of polling places in poor or minority neighborhoods

    Purging eligible voters from the rolls. Voter caging.

    Outlaw Republicans have also used flyers and robocalls to mislead targeted (eg minority) voters, by telling them that their polling places had been changed; or that election dates had changed.

    Intimidation tactics, eg poll “watchers.”

    All this and more to keep Democrats, Independents, but especially minorities from voting.

    Because otherwise the Democrats would win by cheating. Bizarro.

  7. Watch it. This whole Trump candidacy could be more Schleichering. If they can promote a three-way race so that no candidate has 50.01% of the vote, it goes to the House of Representatives… and you know what happens then.

  8. If the DNC had any brains or a spine, they’d be trumpeting this stuff from the rooftops every day and calling out the GOP for its lying and cheating. Instead, they just continue to let the republicans control the narrative and get away with it. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a terrible DNC chair, and she needs to go. We need someone with some courage and determination, someone who will loudly and insistently label the republicans by their appropriate name: traitors.

  9. I’m afraid your wrong reynardine. The magic number is 270. That is how many electoral votes are needed to with the presidency.

  10. I wouldn’t put anything past them, but just how can they stop people who are already here, legally, who are qualified to apply for citizenship from applying and becoming naturalized citizens? (Obama’s current video urging those qualified to “join us” must be driving the GOP bonkers right about now.)

  11. Legally passing a Law Limiting the Number of Immigrants has been done in the USA in the past… This is nothing new… “Green Cards” do NOT allow for Permanent Residence in the USA… And obtaining USA Citizenship is at least a 5 year process, and the Immigrants looking to gain USA Citizenship must pass Citizenship Tests that most USA Born Citizens wouldn’t pass, and then the New Citizens would have to Register to Vote, so it will take a VERY LONG TIME for any change to occur in Our Voting Public even WITHOUT ANY LIMIT TO LEGAL IMMIGRATION…

    And the Presidents and Congress allowing Illegal Trespassing Immigrants to Stay thru Amnesty is setting a DANGEROUS LEGAL PRECEDENT REGARDING IMMIGRATION…

  12. I love how Rethugs are suddenly all experts on immigration. Any moron with a computer can copy and paste an article, but immigration isn’t that cut and dried. It depends on the individual, the country, the education level and above all MONEY. Money is God in our country.

  13. I wonder what the thugs are capable of in their extremity? They have shown us clearly that they will keep leveling up their attacks on voting no matter what. Now they want to disenfranchise the legal immigrants. I would expect yet another level of republican madness but where or what form that might take. They see their party spinning off into irrelevance and the gods only know what nastiness they might have in store. They keep the madness up then no uncommitted person will vote for them or at least they will offend more than they convince.

  14. What the GOP likes: The Rich – Rich Men -Rich Men’s Wives and Mistresses that will vote the same way their men tell them to – Corporate Payouts – Rednecks who don’t know any better…

    Let’s keep this list growing, I’m sure we can!

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