A Bitter Scott Walker Blames Donald Trump For Being A Big Downer As He Quits GOP Race

scott walker drops out of Republican race

A bitter Scott Walker blamed Donald Trump for his spectacular failure as a candidate and claimed that he was quitting the Republican race so that somebody else could take out Trump.

Scott Walker name dropped Ronald Reagan a few times and said:

Ronald Reagan was good for America because he was an optimist. Sadly, the debate taking place within the Republican Party today is not focused on that optimistic view of America. Instead, it has drifted into personal attacks. In the end, I believe that voters want to be for something and not against someone. Instead of talking about how bad things are, we want to hear about how we can make them better for everyone.”

Walker framed his quitting as leadership, “Today, I believe that I am being called to lead by helping to clear the field so that a positive conservative message can rise to the top of the field. With this in mind, I will suspend my campaign immediately. I encourage other Republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive conservative alternative to the current frontrunner.

In other words, the Republican Party under Trump’s leadership was too much of a downer for him, so he is quitting. Walker was blaming Trump for his demise and virtually begging other Republicans to drop out of the race and rally around Jeb Bush. Walker kept referring to a positive Republican message, which was a phrase lifted right out of the Bush talking points.

The Republican Party’s move to stop Trump has begun, and the first domino to fall was Scott Walker.

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  1. …awww, don’t feel so bad Weasel Kochsucker…we here in Wisconsin want you to leave too…I’ll bet the Kochs won’t give unlimited funds THIS time!!!

  2. Trump did America a favor. Those debates exposed Walker for the fraud he was. Trump is a fraud, too, but Trump hasn’t destroyed a state’s economy, underfunded higher education, and proudly boasted he was for paying slave wages to workers. Not to mention his ignorance on everything.

    Walker sees Trump exposing him to a international audience as a disgrace, whereas it shows trying to buy an election for the few to benefit the few will collapse in a democracy

  3. It’s not my fault I suck! WAHH WAHH! Trump is such a total Debbie Downer!! WAHH WAHH!

    Take a hike, dill weed! While you’re at it, you can also take that money you stole from education to fund the Bucks’ new stadium and shove it up yo sorry candy ass!!!

  4. So Walker blames Trump for being a bully and kicking him out of the sandbox? If the Koch brothers cannot make you likable to Americans, no one can.

  5. He could have at least taken his lumps like a man. Even Carly would do that. Oh that’s right, she thinks she is Da Man. Walker’s own record sealed his fate!

  6. I’m so glad Walker bites the dust. Let’s just hope he becomes another Rick Santorum and stays in the dust!

  7. Nobody is to blame except Walker.

    The people do not like his ideas, period. Who in their right mind would like those ideas?

    Stupid, he’s just stupid. He thought $$$ was going to buy him the presidency. Maybe it did for governor, but this is a big country, and people who work hard do not take kindly to being pillaged.

  8. Not so fast. The RNC has rules in place to deny trump the nomination and from I understand they intend to use them if trump has the most delegates. It might not be Walker but the kochs have invested a lot of money and they wont go down without a fight

  9. My whole bankroll of “two cents to spare” is riding on the Bush/Rubio team since I predicted it in May.

    I was positive then and still am.

    Who gave Bush $114 million dollars in the shortest time? Bush finally officially declared his long stalled candidacy because he was getting the backing of the machine.

    In Florida – our news is that the Koch and Adelson money is so deep here you have to kick it out of the way to walk.

    They want Florida. They want Bush/Rubio.

    Like I said from before the candidates announced – the rest is noise.

  10. Chin up Koch chosen boy. You are in good company with all the other ***’s of the DUST BIN of HISTORY…. the also ran want-a-be’s.

  11. So he’s a leader? Uh-oh. Good thing he is dropping out. Better to see his true “leadership” before he won the election. Kidding about him winning. Put the big L on his forehead for LOSER!

  12. David Cameron called him a complete idiot. And that coming from a conservative. In the U.S. it has a whole different meaning. They don’t tolerate idiots like we do here.

  13. Is this the start of the “Domino effect” ?
    The next to go is at the bottom right now, waiting for bump to knock him or her down, and out. I wonder who?

  14. I do not think Donald Trump is to blame for Scott Walker’s early exit. Scott himself is to blame by screwing up his own state. Now, he better start working positively for Wisconsin or Wisconsin in the end will take care of Scott Walker.

  15. Walker is just one of the many running for President in the Republican Party who want to destroy the middle class for the benefit of the wealthy . It’s no longer a game folks !!

  16. Well even though Trump signed that worthless pledge, he could always give the RNC the one finger salute and run independently. He could change his mind if he didn’t feel they were being fair to him. At least thats what he said. I think ego will come into play if he gets that far and they strip him of the nomination. He may not be a politician, but he has the money and he knows how to use the courts to get himself on the ballots as an independent. The RNC could truley unleash hell on themselves, and this country.

  17. What the Hell is a positive conservative message? In the United States in 2015 Conservative is synonymous with negative. Republicans are against abortion, healthcare, contraception, regulation of Wall Street, affirmative action, separation of church and state, birthright citizenship, religious freedom, gay marriage, homosexuality, women in the military, minimum wage, social security, unions, public schools, planned parenthood, legalized pot, prosecutions of crooked bankers and the list goes on infinitely. What is a positive conservative message?

  18. The Golden Rule. Part of the conservative msg. Treat others as you would like to be treated. So for example, don’t steal. That’s the problem with public schools. Healthcare minimum wage. Social Security. Teachers are paid. But its not voluntary. It’s tax money. Theft. That pays them. When I buy apples at the supermarket they get my money. Because it’s given willingly. Another thing about conservatis is it deals with the way the world is. Women do not belong in the military Else it would have happened sometime somewhere. But it never did. Same with gay marriage.

  19. Truth, DJ and Francie. I think if and when the GOPTea screws Trump out of the nomination he’ll view that “pledge” he signed as toliet paper* and will do everything he can to steal as many votes as possible from the rights chosen ones.** And I so hope it goes down like that.

    * For his undocumented workers, of course. Trump probably has minions that wipe his ass for him.

    ** I think you’re right too, Rin. I think Bush/Rubio are what they will be eventually peddling. Makes me want to vomit.

  20. I wonder if that’s why he dropped out of college too. He was too much of a leader. He had to lead his fellow students by dropping out so others could graduate. [wink]

  21. This is a moment of hilarity in the midst of the embarrassment of dumbing down the nomination process of picking a president. As hateful, inflammatory, and irresponsible a bigot as Donald Trump is, Scott Walker has only himself to blame for his crash-and-burn presidential campaign. His horrible stewardship of his own state came back to bite him in the worst way, and he attempted to use his governing tactics as proof ofhis worthiness to be a presidential nominee. I hope all of these idiots suffer the same fate, including the last man or woman standing and getting the GOP nomination.

  22. Every year that Obama is in office the national income declines. More businesses are closing than opening. No Republican would get away with that. Blacks, being at the bottom, are still there only worse. Socialism (theft) helps no one. But the least of society suffer the most. Money is fleeing. This we know. Nobody can dispute it. It’s because it is safe outside. You have to be crazy to invest here. So the teacher union can get their grubby hands on it? More welfare? More food stamps? Is that why people study and work hard? To feed cocaine addicts and foreigners? Look, Mom, I got accepted to Harvard. In four years I can start feeding government ‘workers’. Gee, I can hardly wait.

  23. …no; the only “Golden Rule” the conservatives have is is “He who has the Gold makes the Rules”
    …now as me Irish forebears woulda said “Now sod off you bloody daft imbecile!!!”

  24. The national income is declining (for the 99%) because companies refuse to pay people more. Profits are higher than they’ve been in years, worker productivity ditto, yet real wages are declining. Obama has nothing to do with that. He doesn’t set wages. He did sign an executive order to make contractors working for the government pay higher wages and guarantee sick leave for their workers.

    Welfare payments and food stamp use are declining as the unemployment rate declines. Both the debt and the deficit as a percent of GDP are the lowest in decades. “We all know” that “money is fleeing”? I hadn’t heard that one, and I’m pretty well informed about economics. I’m not sure where the basis for your rant is coming from – I think it has more to do with your amygdala (primitive brain) than your frontal lobe.

  25. Calling names changes nothing. Money is fleeing. Because of people like you. Who are in power. Taking taking always taking. It’s never enough. It’s like a rapist. When are you gonna leave the poor woman alone? It’s this need to cut people down. We are dealing with psychology.

  26. The one thing that gives me hope in all this is that money isn’t talking as well as so many people assume. Walker was backed by the Kochs and flamed out; Bernie won’t take PAC money, and he’s drawing thousands to his rallies; JEB! raised all that money before he even declared himself a candidate, and he’s way behind a guy who’s paying for his own campaign (though let’s not get into the rest of that.) I’m so tired of reading articles full of conventional wisdom that score candidates according to the amount of money they’ve raised. In spite of Citizens United, just maybe the election won’t be determined by money.

  27. Well informed about economics. I really doubt that. Almost weekly another drug company merges or is taken over with a foreign one. Ireland a lot of times. To cut down on corporate taxes. The highest in the world. You have not heard about the 1.5 trillion dollars offshore? Not coming back until taxes are lowered. And your proposals? Why, of course, more thievery.

  28. Name calling. Because I talk about the tax rate. Income dropping. Businesses closing. Drug companies leaving. By the way, if things are so wonderful why is the President getting approval rates in the mid 40s? Why did he lose both the House and the Senate? Please, take off the blinders. Does everybody have to think the same way? I remember Michigan was run exclusively by Democrats. And it had the highest rates of people leaving. Now it is right to work. What do you want here? An echo chamber? Can you tell me with a straight face that the African American community is better off after seven years? Is the country more united? Is the world more at peace? And the answer is always the same. It’s the Republicans. Bush did it. It reminds me of a doctor injecting poison. And the patient is getting worse. So the doctor increases the number of shots. People need to keep an open mind.

  29. Scott Walkers state is in a state of disgrace. Thanks to him saying one thing when he ran and his doing something totally different once he won. (Union decimation)…Hey Scott, news flash, Wisconsin doesn’t want you back…. haha?????

  30. We knew Wanker would not make the grade. Now we got his sorry a** back in Wisconsin. Watch him take it out on Wisconsinites. Hope one of his gun slinging right wing nut jobs takes him out and saves the state. Or he gets a Kochsucking job for higher pay. HaHa, his campaign is $700,000 in the hole. Add that to his net worth of $77,000.

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