Republicans And The Media Get It Wrong: Obama Wasn’t Late To Meet The Pope


There is a story being circulated that Pope Francis’s plane was forced to circle in a holding pattern because President Obama was running late. The truth is that the President arrived on time.

Video of Pope Francis meeting President Obama:

There is a story being circulated that Pope Francis was forced to wait for President Obama because the President was running late.

The Atlantic reported, “A source on the ground at Joint Base Andrews said several government officials told him the reason the plane started circling was that Obama and Biden are running late to the greeting ceremony. Ooops. Seems like even the bishop of Rome has to adjust his schedule around Beltway traffic.”

However, according to the official press schedule released by the White House for the day, President Obama was not scheduled to greet the Pope at the airport until 4 PM ET, “4:00PM THE PRESIDENT, THE FIRST LADY, THE VICE PRESIDENT and DR. BIDEN greet His Holiness Pope Francis.”

The pool reported at the event noted, “The Alitalia plane – “Shepherd One” – carrying Pope Francis touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 3:49 p.m. He emerged at 4:05 p.m., descending the steps for a red carpet greeting from POTUS, FLOTUS and others.”

The event was scheduled for 4 PM, and President Obama was on time. The idea that the President would be late to meet Pope Francis at the airport is more Obama bashing from the media and the right.

Let’s kill this falsehood before it has a chance to get off the ground. Sorry, Republicans but those pesky facts and clocks say that President Obama was not late to greet Pope Francis.

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  1. They REALLY need some new material…this is news? I doubt you’ll hear the Pope complaining. I’m so sick of this crap, Obama can’t fart without some rethug building a scandal around it.

  2. Hmmm…of greater importance is whether or not the GOP will be late in doing their jobs and funding the government!

  3. I just left an e-mail for my brother to expect an e-mail from our crazy 94 year old catholic Mother who has been indoctrinated by her wacko wing nut fellow catholic church goers to become a right wing, Christian Talibanist, christo fascist, anti muslim, birther, sharia law believing pope dissing person.

    This is JUST the kind of crap mail that she sends to him, (I blocked her e-mails a long time ago).

    I HATE the people that have done this to her. If there is a Hell, I know that there is a special place there for these ass wipes.

  4. I was watching BRIAN WILLIAMS on MSNBC at 1pm PDT when the Obama and Biden families all met the Pope.

    Michelle was her “just fell off the cover of Vogue” beautiful self in a modest light blue dress. Jacqueline Kennedy would be very proud of her.

  5. Isn’t there usually like a 5 minute window before some one is considered late?

    Seems like to me that the President made it on time to meet the Pope and you know what? The Pope seems to be a really likable guy. He’s like the friend you went to visit while doing your errands. He seems friendly and possibly jovial.. we need more of that is this world.

  6. It’s time we all realize that “R” stands for “Rumor-mongers” and “GOP” stands for “Gossiping Old Prevaricators.”

  7. I sympathize, French Fries….back when my mother was still in my life, I used to have to hide all my Harry Potter movies and books before she visited because I knew she would complain once again that I was exposing my children to devil worshipping.

    She was my greatest inspiration in becoming an Atheist.

  8. CAN’T wait for the public spanking of the republican party by the pope. think they will get it or is the republican party really the anti Christ. they fit the part.

  9. The right wing looks more and more petty and foolish as this socialist Pope comes to America to speak the truth.

  10. I read a comment by Jeb Bush, he said something about the Pope mentioning ‘religious freedom’. I do not understand why the rethugs interpret this as them having the freedom to persecute anyone of a different faith. I think religious freedom means freedom to follow what faith you want to, or to not follow any organized faith.
    The republicans think it means they can discriminate!

  11. I agree this is no story.What if President Obama had been late to meet the pope? BFD…I would have prefered for the President not to meet the pope at all at the airport as he does with so many other foreign leaders. As a Democrat and an Obama supporter I am not at all impressed or fawning over this or any other pope….I can’t wait for him to leave…and go back to his Catholic theocracy…talk about the joining of church and state…

  12. Actually the need to meet the Pope at the Airport is not necessary. The first President to do so was GW all others the meeting was scheduled for at the WH. To greet the Pope at the AP is nice, welcoming gesture. The Pope Plane would have landed on time whether the President had or arrived or not.

    FYI – Pope Francis would have been fine either way. He is a sensible man. To demand to be treated like a king, when he sees himself as a servant of the people, would be out of character. Being sensible is something the RW does not understand.

  13. Jason Easley has it right, POTUS was not late. Shepherd One, or Alitalia Flight 4001 (AZ4001) was early and was forced to alter its route several times and circle over North Carolina before heading to Joint Base Andrews for a scheduled 4:00 PM eastern time touchdown.

  14. …me???
    …I think that since it was Pope Francis’ first visit to the USA ever; the President chose to add the additional protocol…besides…the gesture really ‘fk’ed with the Teahadists brains royally…BONUS!!!

  15. I’m just wondering. Ministering to the least among us is most important. To the poor. To those to whom much is given much is expected. There are problems with this. What if, as young men, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg…. you get where I am going. What if they became priests, or joined the Peace Corps. To make the world a little better for those who suffer. What if all of Wall Street closed down. It’s workers, the millionaires and billionaires sold all their worldly goods and shipped the money to Ferguson and Baltimore. What’s the difference between a sweatshop owner and the Pope? The former creates jobs, wealth, hope. The latter creates resentment.

  16. Huh? You assume peoples comprehension abilities are are as twisted as yours. First I can’t even understand how the hell you got where you went. Then there’s the whole premise that you can’t be a decent human being if you make money or be a creator. SJ, BG, MZ, all were philanthropists, and contributed through their inovation and monitarily. You don’t have to become a priest or join the Peace Corps to help your fellow humans, it’s not mutually exclusive. Why did you even go to Baltimore or Ferguson to make a point? Economics is only part of the problem in those areas, and anyone can tell you can only see things as black and white.

  17. What helps the poor the most is work. And technology. Productivity. In England before the industrial revolution you had the most horrifying rural poverty. And a lot of people lived that life. Then came the factories and the awful conditions Dickens wrote about. I tried a few times to read his novels but they are too depressing. The beginning of David Copperfield. His homeless mother dies giving birth. So, those terrible factories. Which were a good thing. Because they were better than the hell in the farms. And then, for the first time, life expectedly started rising. So, you help the poor by making money. The more money the capitalist makes the better off the poor are. Which goes against EVERYTHING you guys believe. Which is better? One sweatshop or two? Two. Double the workers.

  18. If Dickens is your literatue of choice, try reading “A Christmas Carole”, maybe you’ll get your,” feel good” at the end of that one. You could try living in this century, but stay away from right wing fiction, it’s even more of a downer than what your attempting to read now.

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