The Right Is Melting Down: Donald Trump Declares He Will No Longer Appear On Fox News

The Trump caused Republican meltdown has now consumed Fox News, as the Republican frontrunner has announced that he will no longer appear on Fox.

Trump tweeted:

Donald Trump is tearing at the core fibers of the Republican Party. Fox News is the media megaphone that keeps the right united. If there is one thing that Republicans can agree on, it is that they trust Fox. Well, they used to trust Fox News until Trump came along.

The billionaire is using Fox News’s own argument against them. Fox is built on the idea that the rest of the media is liberally biased and treats Republicans unfairly. Fox News has spent decades drilling the message into their viewers heads that the media is out to get them.

The message itself built a weakness into the Fox News/viewer relationship. If Fox News viewers believe that there is bias in the media, since the network itself is a part of the media, it has always been possible for their own viewers to figure out that bias exists at Fox News.

Republicans don’t care if the network is biased against Democrats, but they do care if Fox appears biased against other Republicans. Donald Trump is turning Fox News’s own viewers against them, and Fox place a crucial role in the Republican Party.

As the GOP has become more fragmented, Fox News has been a consistently unifying message delivery system. By attacking one of the few pillars of Republican unity, Trump is turning the party’s primary into a total free for all.

If Republican viewers doubt the credibility of Fox News, they will be open to getting their information from somewhere else a.k.a. Trump. Fox News needs access to the Republican frontrunner more than Trump needs access to them.

The worst possible scenario is becoming a reality for the Republican Party. Donald Trump is exploiting the divides on the right, and blowing up the GOP. This is great news for Democrats, as even Fox News is being taken down a few pegs by Trump.

32 Replies to “The Right Is Melting Down: Donald Trump Declares He Will No Longer Appear On Fox News”

  1. …this thin skinned bastard has no place in politics…threatening to sue over a MILD political ad…{{{spits TWICE}}}

  2. As much as I dislike what Trump represents, even the broken clock is right a couple times a day. Sifting reality out from bombast still remains a problem, but Trump is right on very narrow issues every once in awhile. Okay, maybe not – but once in awhile…

  3. Anything that diminishes the influence of Fox “news”
    can only be regarded as a victory for truth in the world
    of fact versus fiction. Do your thing, Donnie!

  4. To think that it was only 4 short years ago, numerous members of the Klown Kar Klan were double parked in their Klown Kars outside the Trump Klown Klan Kingdom of Trump Tower to Klown Klan Kiss the ring and plead and beg for his endorsement and appearances at their kampaign rallies!!

    Isn’t KARMA wonderful!!!

  5. If he sues for this, I think President Barack Obama has one hell of a lawsuit to file against rump. Slander suit. Wouldnt it be funny to sue this clown and donate the millions to the poor?

  6. Except being amused, I don’t feel affected. I wouldn’t give any of them flies to eat if they were starving to death, and I’m ok with that. So…….

  7. Trump continues to expose the crooked GOP elite, the liberal leftist MSM propaganda, including Roger Ailes Fox News.
    Trump does not cater to the media, special interests, lobbyists, the establishment or to any particular political party.
    Trump is running for America, We the People. He is kicking A$$ and Exposing Names!!!
    Trump 2016

  8. Jsmith you clueless Dolt! There is NO SUCH THING as Liberal MSM! OR Liberal propaganda. What you STUPIDLY call Left wing propaganda to the REAL world is called the TRUTH! T-Rump cares ONLY for his own bloated ego and YOU are STUPID enough to eat it up, Seek professional psychiatric help.

  9. Maybe Trump can buy a whole tv network dedicated to “The Donald” 24/7 about how huuuge & terrific he is. No opposing opinions allowed. A slightly less deranged Glenn Beck.

    There’s a little f*cker on Fox who dissed the Pope. Said the Pope should stay out of America, like Fox News owns the country. Greg somebody?? Saw a clip on MSNBC of the jerk slamming the Pope for caring about the climate & the poor. Don’t watch Fox but why are they dragging the Pope into their slimy rightwing cesspool? Can they show some respect & restraint for a few days while the Pope is visiting? No, just spew that vomitous hate. I can’t believe there’s no backlash.

  10. His followers believe if the wealthy Trump is elected president, they will be wealthy.

    Based in this logic..
    if Clinton becomes president, we will all turn into women?

    I wonder if these people need help tying their shoelaces???

  11. “Say anything bad about me and I’ll sue.”

    “Grovel at my feet and kiss my ring or I won’t come on your show/network.”

    How is it possible this conman with the emotional maturity of a three year old is the GOP front runner?

  12. He may well be able to but just like Limbaugh he will need sponsors. While the pockets run deep even the Donald can’t continue to support his ego on a national level without help and just like Limbaugh his sponsors will jump ship when the outrage gets to boiling level. Limbaugh still has fans, mostly elderly white men, that geographic will change in a short amount of time and Limbaugh as well as Trump will just be a cartoon that no one remembers.

  13. Dear youngster J smith,
    You are not making sense, clearly you do not understand the meaning of several of your parrot points. Mr. Rump offers no substantial ideas or policy knowledge of any kind. He’s devoid of any real leadership qualities. Bullying and name calling are not leadership qualities in America.

  14. I’m with you let him do his worst. If he lays claim to all the truely over the top bat shit crazy in the republican party, then he has their majority! He should then be encouraged to break from the rethugs and run as an independent. He will have to distinguish himself though from just being independent. He should call his new party the ” Independent Patriot Republican” party. This way even the dirt dumb nose pickers should be able to keep up with the switch.

  15. I’m sure you’ve all read the articles and comments where the right wing nuts are trying to turn blacks against Hispanics, saying they’re taking “their” low-paying jobs. They also use the argument that Trump’s rich and lives lavishly just like rap singers. Could they be any more insulting?

  16. What’s this “we the people” crap I keep hearing from the Right? Speak for yourselves. Most of us on the Left wouldn’t vote for him if you put a gun to our heads. We’re the damned people, too! Overly idealizing ANYBODY running for office is bad form. To hear you people speak, you would think this creep walks on water and shits gold (he’s not Jesus OR Tywin Lannister, you know).

  17. Once again, I think we’re giving Trump a little more credit than he deserves. He may have turned a network we all hate up on their heads, but I doubt there was any intelligent strategy behind it. Everything this moron does is driven by ego. Good grief, I’m surprised he hasn’t declared HIMSELF a party yet. He STILL has a long way to go in this campaign, and biting the hand that feeds him wasn’t the smartest move.

    Still, I’m good with him hating on Fox. Every minute he’s hating on them is another minute he’s not hating on Latinos, Blacks, Muslims, Asians, women….yeah, this could go on for days.

  18. This is known as “reaping what you sow.” Fox, Murdoch, and Ailes have sown hate, homophobia, bigotry, Islamophobia, racism, divisiveness, fake patriotism, rank stupidity, ignorance, and all kinds of other despicable sh*t since its inception. Profit was/is the name of the game. Enter Trump who doesn’t give a d*mn what any of the aforementioned persons thinks/feels. Trump is only one of their Frankenstein monsters. Ailes thought he could control them all, but Trump has broken away and has turned on his “master,” Fox News. The Fox press statement is very revealing and surprising and indicates that someone at the top at FN is very pissed at Trump. Never thought I’d read about anyone at FN speaking so frankly and openly about one of its own. I like it!

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