Religious Right Encounters the Constitution and Tosses its Collective Cookies

Oh, they are at it again, yes they are. Fresh from the Kim Davis martyrdom, we have just seen Republicans try (and fail) to impose a 20-week abortion ban on American women, and Ben Carson state categorically (and in defiance of the United States Constitution) that a Muslim should not be president.

Not content, those who had not already jumped on the stupid bandwagon, hastened to follow. Tony Perkins, eager to reveal that he, too, has failed to read the Constitution, jumped in with Carson, claiming on his “Washington Watch” radio program that Islam doesn’t have First Amendment protections because it’s not really a religion:

Religious freedom and our liberty is ordered liberty under the Constitution. And as Dr. Carson pointed out, and I know this is driving the left crazy, that Islam is not just a religion, Islam is an economic system, it is a judicial system, it is a compressive system which is incompatible with the Constitution. That’s what Dr. Carson said and he happens to be correct.

Of course, if Islam is not really a religion, then neither is Christianity. How is it, if Christianity is not a judicial system, that the Religious Right wants to control our lives with its own version of Sharia Law, called the Law of Moses? And if it is not an economic system, why do they subject us to endless David Barton monologues on the subject? Why claim Jesus was a capitalist, that capitalism was in his DNA?

As far as what is or is not a religion, Islam was understood by our Founding Fathers to be a religion, just as was Christianity. It is the world’s second-largest religion, in fact. And the Religious Right wants to delegitimize and disenfranchise it on the sole basis that it is not Christianity.

Never mind that we could argue Tony Perkins’ own religion is not Christianity either. Given the absence, you know, of anything resembling Christ.

But Perkins was far from the only one talking out of his backside.

Talk radio host Michael Savage says (and I’m paraphrasing here, but accurately, I think) that only psychopaths are tolerant. I know, right?

President Obama appointed a gay men to be Secretary of the Army, and of course, the Religious Right lost its cookies, heads exploded, and absolute mayhem ensued, along with the death of all common sense and reason.

Mike Huckabee already informed us all that “Homosexuality is not a job qualification,” but Savage went a step further and claimed on Friday,

You don’t understand that a person can be insane and not look crazy, you don’t understand the definition of psychopaths, do you? We have an openly mad president who is doing everything he can as quickly as he can to decimate everything that this country stood for, stands for and would stand for.

Savage isn’t making any sense. Apparently, gay men “decimate” what he stands for, which as we can all see, is an unreasoning hatred and bigotry of everyone not like himself (or as some are sure to suggest, everyone like himself, if you take my meaning).

And he wasn’t finished:

As Brian Tashman describes it on Right Wing Watch:

Savage, who recently wondered if seltzer water’s “little bubbles of carbon dioxide poisoned the brains” of liberals, also beseeched his listeners not to listen to “the communist, Maoist vermin in the media” composed of “left-wing America-haters, family-haters, God-haters, church-haters, family-haters, drug addicts almost every last one of them.”

“Almost every one of those psycho-leftists are on drugs.”

Haters gonna hate. And then claim everybody else is the hater. I think we know who the psychopath is. I can’t remember our articulate president ever talking like this.

Which leaves us Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, who, in defense of Kim Davis, says elected officials should refuse to obey “unlawful” orders from “an increasingly tyrannical, statist, secular government” – because those orders don’t come from God.

You would like to ask yourself what part of the United States Constitution Cass doesn’t understand, but you’d be wasting your time. Yeah, you don’t get this kind of stupidity every day. I’d direct Cass myself to the Constitution but he wouldn’t read it anyway, because it would violate his belief that it is something it is not.

Simply put, God doesn’t run the country. Never did. Never will. Can’t hold office, can’t vote. God isn’t in the Constitution.

Political power belongs to us, the people. And we don’t speak for God. We speak for ourselves, and chose the leaders we want – at least when Republicans aren’t rigging elections and turning our votes into votes for them.

Collectively, the Religious Right sounds like a bunch of little kids shrieking as they watch a horror movie. And that is what the United States Constitution is for them: a horror movie. A movie where everybody has equal rights, even people who follow other religions, even women, and even gays and lesbians oh my.

They so badly want the United States Constitution to be the Bible that they insist they are identical even when they’re nothing alike, even when the Founders expressly rejected religious tyranny in their writings, and warned of mixing religion and government. You wouldn’t think people could be this…well, dirt stupid…but they can, and they are.

It’s been hard on the Religious Right lately, and its getting harder with Bernie Sanders, and now the Pope, piling on. If you want them dry-heaving, you can do your part by choosing each day to be a good human being and showing a little tolerance of the diverse and pluralistic culture around you. They really hate that.

Really, we should be good people just because we should, but let’s face it, a little added incentive doesn’t hurt.

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  1. It seems to me a person could be ” good people” to these so called Christians, till the moon turns blue. They would still not change their minds. The money grubbing Preachers have full control. The Sermon on on the mount means nothing to them. They only have ears for the deceitful, treacherous dishonest, men who claim to know God and what he stands for.
    Know a few, there is no talking to them NONE!! Being kind, gentle, understanding only opens the door for them to think, they have you on the run their goal is to
    infect) everyone.. Yes.. I do mean infect.

  2. They are so hateful. And if your quote is right, what he said was, “Islam is not JUST a religion.” Well, to them Christianity is not just a religion either, or it would be Sunday mornings in church to get inspired for the week ahead in their non-Catholic or non-Methodist, or non-Presbyterian world. But no, they want their edited, bastardized version of Christianity everywhere, and claim the theists, Deists and humanists who wrote the documents want the DEMAND the same. But that is fine. A religion that they don’t understand is evil; their own is from God and has to be obeyed. What a crock. And about as unAmerican (and unChristlike) as anything else they claim.

  3. The sad part about RWingers is that they seldom research or investigate anything. Truth is antithesis to what they want & believe. All they need to hear is what they believe, all they want is everyone to agree with them because they are “Right” and everyone else is wrong.

    Also, they assuredly do not want anyone to point out their behavior is hardly “Christ-like” & against everything that Jesus taught.

  4. …get’s too much worse, the terms “Teahadist” and “Teatard” will no longer have separate meanings…

  5. End Times. End Times. End Times. It’s time to start being a bit more specific/accurate with our use of terms and labels. The radical xtian right is first & foremost an end times cult.

    Their fixation with the term American Exceptionalism is a dog whistle to the faithful that America was created specifically by god as the chosen place for the 2nd coming. Their bromance with Israel is all about fulfilling their beliefs for what is a required pre-condition for god eternally smoting all those who do not follow their version of their faith by casting the souls of the unsaved into an eternal lake of fire & damnation, while right believing xtianists dance w/jebus in a world remade just for them….and only for them. These people and the forces behind them are Christians in name only, and are actually xtian end times cultists by their daily words & deeds.

    Pay attention to what they are saying.

    Take them at their word.

    Respond accordingly.

  6. Until the government, and I mean all three branches of government grow a set and tell these morally void grifters that their BS will not be tolerated any longer, this will continue. Unfortunately, the Republicans have sold their souls to these religious nut jobs and won’t stand up to them because they need their votes.

  7. Islam is a religion, by any definition of a religion that any (educated) person can think of. It is, admittedly, one that a few countries have used to base their legal system on, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, but that doesn’t make it less of a religion. Qu’ranic law also influences the way many Middle East companies do business, so there are legal firms beginning to specialize in contract-writing for businesses that want to transport halal meat, for instance.

    So, Savage and Perkins are saying on the one hand, Islam can’t be a religion because it influences legal and economic practices in countries with chiefly Muslim populations; while on the other that Christianity is a religion, and people here who want to use it to protect their actions, like refusing to obey American laws, or use it to shape economic practices, like refusing to do business with people whose lifestyles they object to, are being religiously persecuted. Perkins and Savage are incredibly twisted.

  8. I like to think of them as Xinos. BTW, haven’t I seen pictures of that bearded guy in sandals holding up the sign: “Repent, the end is near” in my brother’s Mad Magazines from the 1960’s?

  9. The word “God” isn’t in the Constitution. Religion is mentioned only twice, once in the 1st Amendment and once in the 6th, an only briefly. In both cases, it’s used to talk about what can’t be done – a state religion can’t be established, its free exercise can’t be prohibited, and it can’t be used as a religious test. However, the Republican party has set religion as a shadow test of the legitimacy of a candidate. You can’t run as a Republican unless you’re flamboyantly Christian and use the Bible as your rule book. Every campaign speech has to have some mention of God connected to running the US. I am totally baffled about why they object to other countries that do the same thing.

  10. “Simply put, God doesn’t run the country. Never did. Never will. Can’t hold office, can’t vote. God isn’t in the Constitution.” God is a fairy tale and never has and does not exist.

    Fixed it for ya . . . .

  11. If someone is kind and tolerant, it is more often than not construed as weakness by the religious right. They try to take advantage of that.

    I don’t know if these people will ever find sanity, I don’t think they want to find it, because they think everyone else is insane.

    However, this is why our votes are IMPERATIVE at every election; not just presidential, but from local to national.

    We must loosen the foothold of these destructive people in our government.

  12. Teabaggers posing as Christians have extremely bad reading comprehension. They clearly dont understand The Bible or The Constitution. They walk around spouting off regurgitated fox entertainment false “parrot points”void of forethought, chicken pecking the verse they can twist to validate their hatred and discrimination.

  13. Shadowolf,yep you’re correct I misspoke. But actually I could not care less, ALL religion is just a scam and a con game. Something told me I was wrong as soon as I typed it.

  14. Christianity, Judaism and Christianity all claim Abraham as a common father. Abraham – rapist, child killer, psychopath.
    All three insist that god speaks only through the written symbol, which can be interpreted only by a priestly class.

    Which are always male. No gurls allowed.

    The internet has kicked down the gate between ‘revealed text’ and reality. So they revert to Abraham’s tactics and offer to slaughter innocents to make god happy.

    Euro-Christianity has been using that shtick to lay claim to the world and everything in it. It’s brother cults have jumped on the ‘me, too’ wagon.

    time for the rest of us to just say ‘no.’

  15. Of the ten commandments, only three are crimes: Murder, theft, and perjury. One is the basis of advertising: Coveting.

  16. Ironic that Christians want to impose the laws of Moses on us when not even most Jews (who wrote the laws of Moses) want to do that.

  17. I’d prefer to stay out of all this religious mumbo-jumbo, but it does occur to me that “Islam is not just a religion, Islam is an economic system, it is a judicial system, it is a compressive system which is incompatible with the Constitution.”

    I think that Catholicism is not just a religion, it too has used economic traits over the 2000 years, it developed Canon law as well as other dogmas that were enforced–sometimes with the death penalty, and since it is led by a life-long leader who issues orders to the faithful by fiat, it may not be all that compatible with the Constitution.

    I couldn’t possible say where God is in all this. Maybe everyone. Or nowhere.

  18. Joseph, did ya ever notice that those who actually live thier faith get no ink???
    …when a person lives by the tenets of thier faith, they are extremely boring…the press HATE boring; so they focus on the extremists, these are the cafeteria religious types…
    …I’d much rather have a devout Muslim family living next door than a Teahadist, NeoConArtist, or a Teatard family…
    Live with it!!!

  19. To begin with all of the cults, sects and religions ( only difference is how long they have been leeching off the poor and how much they have succeeded in pocketing) are scams on the delusional preying on fear, hate, bigotry and ignorance.

    About Carson’s and others comments that because islam has adherents that govern countries in the name of islam that this disqualifies any Muslim from running for president.
    I am for disqualifying as many of the delusional as possible but why stop there?

    By his standards no Catholic should be able to run since it has its own country (vatican) so it to is a political organization. as well as a scam on the delusional. Good bye jub! and most of the SCOTUS

    Oh How about no Angilican ( Episcopal) since the head of the Anglican Church is also the head of the British government ( Queen of England) so they are disqualified as well.

    And does the King of Sweden hold some position in the Lutheran church? If so that disqualifies all lutherans as…

  20. Yall need to learn your history.:
    “I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus. I have little doubt that our whole country will soon be rallied to the unity of our Creator and, I hope, to the pure doctrine of Jesus also.” Thomas Jefferson
    “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.” John Quincy Adams
    “The Congress of the United States recommends and approves the Holy Bible for use in all schools.” The US Congress 1782
    “We have staked the whole future of our new nation, not upon the power of government; far from it. We have staked the future of all our political constitutions upon the capacity of each of ourselves to govern ourselves according to the moral principles of the Ten Commandments.” – James Madison

  21. They are not the Religious Right – they are the delusional, hateful and spiteful “Religious WRONG”!

  22. Need more?
    “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian Nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” John Jay the first Supreme Court Justice (for those of you who didn’t know that)
    “Only one adequate plan has ever appeared in the world, and that is the Christian dispensation.” – John Jay
    “The United States of America were no longer Colonies. They were an independent nation of Christians.” – John Quincy Adams

    You bring up the constitution a lot, but may I direct your attention to the document that made us a nation. The treaty of Paris 1783. That is when the rest of the world recognized the USA. And the preamble reads thusly:
    In the name of the most holy and undivided

  23. Why do I get the feeling that your quotes are just as cherry-picked as the christianist quotes from the Bible?

  24. The right wingers will not read the Constitution because they think what we are handing them is not the real Constitution. The real “Constitution” to these people is the one that Jesus wrote. The imaginary document they believe exists somewhere hidden from us heathens says the same thing as the Book of Deuteronomy—without all the rules that they do not follow. Their “Constitution” stones gays but does not forbid eating shell fish or cutting your hair. Their “Constitution” definitely does not turn them into long haired hippies with uncut beards.

  25. Your quote about the bibles, if authentic, is nonetheless irrelevant. The date is prior to the establishment of the Constitution, ie before the establishment of America’s doctrine of separation of church and state.

    As for the other quotes, I’d bet they’re either apocryphal or taken out of context. Christian revisionists are always pulling tricks like that to “prove” that the U.S. is a “Christian nation,” that we’re all misinterpreting the Constitution and the intent of the founding fathers, and so on.

    So please provide references for the quotes, preferably source documents. That means, for example, a document written by Adams or Jefferson. Not a document written by a revisionist who “quotes” Adams or Jefferson.

  26. Because they *are* cherry-picked.

    For example, he quotes from the period of the Articles of Confederation, in effect after independence and BEFORE the Constitution. The Constitution was written in 1787, ratified in 1788, and has been in operation since 1789. The Constitution replaced the Articles in order to “form a more perfect Union.”

    Liars for Jesus, by Chris Rodda, is a great expose of the Right’s revisionism. Rodda also has books debunking David Barton’s lies about Thomas Jefferson.

    Barton calls himself a “self-taught” historian. He’s the Right’s go-to guy for the Christian version of American history. Probably the source for tidewater4ten09’s misinformation.

  27. So which part of the “holy” bible do you think we should teach in schools?

    -The part where they teach you how to treat your slaves?
    -The part where 2 women are starving and decide to eat one another’s children?
    -The part where a guy gets so hammered he screws his own daughters?

    Ah, yes….the kiddies will just LOVE that. Pull your head out of your ass for 5 minutes and actually READ the damned thing.

  28. I’d love to meet some of these guys…& make them cry like cretinous little snots, which they obviously are. I could eviscerate them with logic, gut them like a fish with reason, & the fact that they are all likely 3rd generation at best.

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