Scott Walker And Rick Perry Flushed 43 Million in Super PAC Money Down The Drain

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The failure of the Scott Walker and Rick Perry presidential campaigns might be a sign that super PAC money isn’t worth the paper its printed on. Super PACs backing the two candidates fleeced mega donors out of 43 million dollars, while the two GOP hopefuls couldn’t even muster enough political strength to make it to the nation’s first primary contests.

Governor Walker and Governor Perry turned out to be worthless investments, leaving their millionaire donors high and dry. The collapse of the two candidates reveals that even in a post-Citizens United world, no amount of money can salvage the political fortunes of a lousy candidate.

Some of the unspent money may end up getting returned to donors, but the demise of the Walker and Perry campaigns underscores some of the weaknesses of being too beholden to super PAC support. Super PACs aren’t allowed to coordinate with the actual campaigns. The campaigns need to pay for their own travel and staff expenses. Those are costs that cannot be passed on to super PACs.

Rick Perry was overly dependent on pro-Perry super PACs. The former Texas Governor’s campaign barely raised over a million dollars, while two wealthy donors funneled 11 million dollars into his Opportunity and Freedom Super PAC. In total, pro-Perry super PACs raised 17 million. That money however, could not be used to pay staff salaries, and the cash strapped Perry campaign eventually became unable to sustain a payroll for even a skeleton crew.

Super PACs supporting Scott Walker raked in 26 million dollars, but were unable to keep the hapless Wisconsin Governor afloat. No amount of marketing was able to salvage a product that voters didn’t want to buy. Walker exited the race on Monday.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling opened the flood gates to mega donors contributing piles of cash to dark money super PACs, in order to prop up obsequious candidates who do the bidding of the uber-wealthy. Yet, the 2016 election cycle reveals that millionaires who bankroll super PACs might want to reconsider their strategy. Super PAC spending is proving to be a colossal failure in the early stages of the 2016 race.

25 Replies to “Scott Walker And Rick Perry Flushed 43 Million in Super PAC Money Down The Drain”

  1. But just you wait, the Roberts court will change the rules to allow that money goes directly to the candidates. This is why this election is important to preserve democracy. If you are a Democrat no matter who is the nominee stop your nonsense about write in votes or any other bullshit because your candidate didn’t win and drag everyone you know and pull that lever for Democrats

  2. The American people are awake and no amount of money is going to prop up any of the poor excuses put forward by the GOP. Sane voters are well aware of the goper ideology and the parrots of that ideology will be rejected. Will one of the clowns win the goper nomination? Sure. But win the national election? Not a chance in hell.

    The GOP is finished unless it finds a way to create policies that reflect our everyday common reality. It doesn’t make any difference which puppet they tout as the new messiah. The ideology is bankrupt.

  3. Democrats & Independents, get off your ass and make it to the polling booths. If you have to crawl, walk, do the moon walk, get to the booth and vote. There will be openings in the Supreme Court and you do not want a Republican White House to fix the court. No protest votes, no bullshit votes, just serious votes and that dose not include Republicans. Vote with your mind and heart not with your ass.

  4. Good. I love to smell someone else’s money burning.

    And look what good it’s done for the economy; all those political consultants and ads and posters.

  5. According to Rachel last night another republican candidate is about to be hit
    with new legal problems, she will reveal tonight, my money is on Christie.

  6. They are buying what they want. And they are certainly not idiots. The focus is too narrow here. It’s not the egomaniacs that are the faces on all this money. It is who is the end recipients. The Pacs are just a legal?way to launder money. Throw around enough words and It’s not real any longer. Every dollar goes into a pocket or an offshore bank account or to another country somewhere. It is those pockets and exactly who is passing it on the media should be investigating. But then we have to think about how much of it goes directly for ads. To be used by the five or six men that controls the huge majority of what we are allowed to know. And their agendas for one thing.
    An example, we just heard this week Murdoch has taken over National Geographic. The Kochs name is showing up on PBS.
    Who really thinks for one second the “investors” expected Scott or Perry to win. But the money is in play now. It’s ALWAYS the money. Remember Murdoch is an immigrant.

  7. This is absolute proof for GOP “trickle down” economics. Give money to idiots and they spend it like idiots.

  8. …I think I called it right when I did the “Idiot+” labels… now to come up with one for Teahadist donors…Idiotligarcs..Oligarchs who do stupid things to buy elections…anybody wanna coin a better word???

  9. 15 of these idiots to go and we need at least 1/2 of a functioning congress.Even then we will need to guard against sedition in the ranks. The seeds of which have been sown and certain members will likely be approached.Sad what people will do for competition in politics.

  10. Because it is important to note that the very rich cannot always buy a worthless candidate.

    Citizens United is deplorable in a democracy and the very idea that corporations are people is utter nonsense.

  11. You tell it! We CANNOT afford to lose this fight! My disabled 18 year old is registered and raring to vote, there ARE no excuses for something this important!

  12. it also proves that simply accumulating numbers in a banks computers does not equal being very bright or non-crazy

  13. And how much of that money went directly into Perry/Walker’s pockets? What do you think $arah has been living on all these years? Why do you think The Huckster is even in this race at all? Who is “funding” Trump? (Hint: Kochs) None of these crooks is in this because they actually want to be President, except perhaps Jeb. He doesn’t need the money, but probably thinks he can “rehab” W’s failed legacy. Plus, he can start another war and suck up some more oil from whatever Middle Eastern country he decides to “liberate.”

  14. That’s nothing, Walker’s refusal of Fed dollars for RAIL likely will cost Wisconsin 200 million, & yes that is tax-dollars, not to mention zero economic development related to it…while those dollars went to other States that did amazing things with it. For ideological reasons, he rejected a Ferrari, because he didn’t want to pay for the gas.

  15. How long have you been a complete idiot?
    We all pay taxes to the Fed & State Governments.
    You are currently using a taxpayer funded/created internet to tell the world how ignorant you are.

  16. Actually, Walker doesn’t really have much money of his own, & they are gonna refund the donations, but he has another PAC…
    I did wonder if Trump made a deal with the Koch’s to destroy the GOP once & for all, & replace it with ‘Tea Party’ which is a sick cynical false joke invented by David Koch.

  17. This is what 30 years of “Trickle down” backed up by citizens united looks like. Stupid people with millions of your tax dollars to waste.

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