Boehner Ally Calls Ted Cruz Republicans “Right Wing Marxists”

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Although Republicans will never admit openly that the deal they made with the Koch devils to create and install extremist teabaggers in positions of power in Congress was a disaster, the five-year inter-party civil war reveals their obvious distress. Now, ultra-right wing extremists in the House are conspiring to unseat Speaker John Boehner for not embracing Ted Cruz and the House Freedom Caucus’ crusade to shut down the government; this time over, among other things, religious opposition to women’s reproductive healthcare providers. The latest threat is that if Boehner dares move ahead with funding the government with Planned Parenthood funding in place, after the extremists shut down the government they will shut down Boehner’s tenure as house speaker. One way or another, the extremists want to close the government and if the Republican leadership is not with them, they are the enemy.

Many Republican voters are convinced that shutting down the government is a winning tactic based on their near-sweep in the 2014 midterms and their belief is hard to dispute. After all, Ted Cruz told them to shut down the government for 16 days costing the government tens-of-billions of dollars, killed thousands of jobs and they still increased their numbers in the House and won control of the Senate despite “creating havoc with the budget over the course of several years.” Republicans typically hate everything about the federal government, and as in the mind of un-American immigrant Senator Ted Cruz, if Republicans cannot eliminate it permanently, they can at least shut it down just to show their supporters they mean business.

Although the primary driver of the current shutdown threat is Republicans’ belief that Congress exists to pass legislation founded on a bastardized form of Christianity, there is more than just Planned Parenthood funding at play for extremist Republicans. There is, of course, women’s reproductive health, the debt ceiling, the Iran nuclear deal, raising military spending, and slashing most domestic spending to death; all valid extremists’ reasons to shut down the government if “right wing Marxists” fail to get what they demand.

The Republican who labeled shut-down advocates “right wing Marxists” was House Speaker John Boehner’s ally Representative Devin Nunes. Nunes lashed out at “Republican insurgents” in the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) for “undermining Boehner’s authority and stirring up this trouble.”  Nunes said, “The right-wing Marxists have teamed up with Pelosi. They’re the ones who always team up with Pelosi. They are the Pelosi Republicans. The Freedom Caucus is an arm of Pelosi.”

Obviously the HFC, although they are like all Republicans right wing Marxists, have not “teamed up with” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, their antics do provide House Democrats with a measure of power a minority party seldom enjoys. Nunes has had sharp words for the Cruz-inspired Marxists in the past when he called them “lemmings with suicide vests” in 2013 for the “Obamacare shutdown fight” Democrats were instrumental in ending to save Boehner. Perhaps Nunes’ goal was insulting the HFC by linking them to the Democratic leader, but he obviously does not comprehend the resolve of  the “right wing Marxists” to shut down the government to show their theocratic leader Cruz and extremist base that their raison d’être is eliminating the federal government.

The House Freedom Caucus has been eyeing this shutdown for some months because “none of the House committees have done their jobs, there is no budget proposal to send to the Senate, and the deadline for the current budget appropriations is rapidly approaching.” There are not even plans in the works for Congress to pass a continuing resolution to run the government because a shutdown was always the goal of the right wing Marxists. And according to a “longtime congressional observer” Stan Collender, the odds are at 75% that the Marxists will succeed because the “ongoing dysfunction is most likely an insurmountable challenge for Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” Translation: Boehner and McConnell do not lead their respective caucuses, Ted Cruz does.

The man expecting to emerge victorious from a seemingly certain shut down is the leading right wing theocrat and Marxist Ted Cruz. Cruz successfully engineered the last government shutdown and although some Republicans were put off, the Canadian immigrant made major points with the theocratic anti-government Republican base; the base Cruz needs for his Republican presidential nomination bid.

As noted earlier, a potential government shutdown is part of “religious Republicans, fiscal scolds, and military hawks” strategy to force their extremist agenda on Americans. However, no-one will benefit more than Ted Cruz. Cruz is once again screaming loudest that Republicans have to shut down the federal government to save America. He is particularly opposed to any domestic spending for any reason, he and his preacher-daddy demand an end to women’s reproductive healthcare, and he wants the United Nations nuclear deal with Iran scuttled and replaced with immediate plans for another Middle East war on Israel’s behalf.

As the right wing Marxists’ lead extremist, Cruz laid out his set of demands to keep the federal government operational. Cruz said, “Congress should pass a continuing resolution that funds the government, but that provides two conditions. Number one, it does not give taxpayer funds to a private organization — Planned Parenthood — that is under multiple criminal investigations. Number two, it uses the power of the purse to force this administration to hand over the Iranian side deals.”

First, evangelical Republicans in states around the country have “called for” investigations and hearings on Planned Parenthood, and some inquiries were “announced” in Arizona, Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Ohio, and Texas; but the medical providers have been cleared of any wrongdoing. As an aside, the dirty outfit that created the video evidence is under a Justice Department investigation. Second, the United Nations Security Council members, including President Obama, have no side deals with Iran to give to anyone, much less an un-American Canadian immigrant like Cruz. Still, it has not stopped Cruz from claiming that “the world’s leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism, President Barack Obama, ‘did too’ make a secret deal with Iran.”

This drive to shut down the government is, as one observer noted, “a crucial part of Cruz’s presidential campaign strategy” to make him heroic for pushing “squishy” Republicans to “confront the President” over issues important to religious anti-American immigrants like Ted Cruz.  When the possible shut down fails, Cruz will blame “Washington Republican insiders” for being weak and set himself up as the only “true conservative” willing to go to war against President Obama.

Cruz, desperate to bolster his “anti-government and anti-Washington” bona fides with anti-government extremists lashed out at the Republican leadership on Tuesday claiming that “The position of Republican leadership boils down to this: They will support 100 percent of the priorities of Democrats. Today, the leader in the Senate is Harry Reid because Republican leadership has said nothing will pass without Harry Reid’s support. Today, the leader in the House is Nancy Pelosi.” It is interesting that the opposing sides in the Republican civil war both accused the other of allowing Democrats to run Congress, and it is just another signal that the GOP is truly off the rails; or as Devin Nunes said, “a bunch of right wing Marxists.”

Republicans are right wing extremists, all of them, and the current dysfunction the party is experiencing is its own fault for embracing radical religious and anti-government maniacs. For many on the left it is entertaining to watch the Republican civil war raging in Congress, but like all wars there are always noncombatant casualties, and collateral damage. Sadly, the only casualties are the American people suffering yet another worthless Congress and tragically for this country, none of the casualties are religious and anti-government Republicans. However, that is something voters can reverse in 14 months.

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  1. …if the GD Teatards trigger the “American Revolutionary War, Part 2” they’ll blame Obama for that too…

  2. Lets not forget that Rafael Cruz was raised by an extremist father, who convinced him that hes some kind of deity, rendering Pops “father of a god”. Hes nothing more than an unsuccessful Jim Jones. I dont trust politicians that refuse to use their real names. I would never trust Marxist “Ted”.

  3. Shad, right you are. They were promised a revolution when they bought their “gonna be confiscated” guns/ammo, food rations, bugout bags, and hidden fortresses. They made big money off these easily fooled low educated people. They even had tv shows to show them how to become paranoid parasites in America. Now that Obama hasnt killed them all, people want something for the money they wasted.

  4. As taxpayers, I wish we could replicate the Montgomery Bus Boycott and collectively stop paying taxes until Congress get their shit together and start working on behalf of all the American people, and not just for some.

  5. Someone please define ‘right-wing Marxist’ to me. Marx correctly pointed out that when wealth is concentrated in too few hands and money is the only measure of worth, the workers will no longer cooperate with Capitalists. Or royalty.

    Also, the GOP objective is not to ‘defund women’s reproductive healthcare services.’ Their objective is to create official 2nd class citizens by stripping women of constitutional rights.
    Women pay the taxes that fund PP.

    FYI – the Hyde amendment is the root cause of rape in the military, where ‘separate and unequal’ is the order of every day. If women are not the sole masters of their bodies, they are slaves, not soldiers.

  6. “…Republicans’ belief that Congress exists to pass legislation founded on a bastardized form of Christianity”

    Right on target.
    Perfectly expressed.
    An indisputable observation.

  7. The gopers can hurt government but they won’t destroy it. But shutting down government will destroy the GOP. What worked last time won’t work this time. America isn’t asleep and shutting down government will blow up in their faces. No amount of money and gerrymandering will save them if they are stupid enough to go there. Enough is enough…

  8. Silly Republicans…always confusing the “left” with the “right”. Here’s a hint. Marxism is EXTREME LEFT wing politics. Nazism is EXTREME RIGHT wing politics. Get your absurd metaphors straight before embarrassing yourself in the press, Boehner!

  9. Let’s all hope that the 2016 election cycle brings about another round of soul searching for the RNC. Hope for a landslide victory for Democrats in the Executive and Legislative branches of government. I’m not a Democrat, but Republicans have done nothing but hurt this country.

  10. What the heck is a right wing Marxist? You mean an authoritarian corporatist? You mean an ideological nativist? You mean an authoritarian reactionary? Right wing Marxist makes no sense.

  11. It makes perfect sense in terms of a dipshit conservative trying to manufacture the most brutal snarky takedown of another conservative.

    Logic and reason don’t factor here. Frankly, I’m kind of surprised that he didn’t go for “Socialist Gay Liberal Alinsky Hitler Republicans”…

  12. The GOPers believe that any gubment shutdown is good for them politically because of the 2014 Mid Terms. They will keep shutting down the Gubment until voters tell them differently.

  13. According to the chatter on FSTV’s Stephanie Miller
    show, the Boner’s resigning from Congress. Guess his
    holiness shook some sense into the town drunkard.
    John Fugelsang said that now he’ll have more time to
    work on his tan. So much for the devil we knew, but
    who knows which judas goat will replace him. Pray
    for us, Pope Francis, please!

  14. “right wing Marxist” is incorrect terminology. The correct name for these right wing extremists is “Fascist”.

    The author of this article, “Rmuse” does everyone a disservice by repeating this incorrect phraseology and never giving the correct name to it.

  15. I just tweeted the same to @Rep_DevinNunes. To Republican RWers, “Marxist” or “Maoist” no longer has any bearing on real critique. It’s just another pejorative in a long list of misused terms, like “Liberal” or “Progressive”. Reality and fact has no linkage with the present Republican party.

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