Pope Francis Enters the House Chamber and Gives The Only Handshake to John Kerry

francis kerry handshake
Lawmakers had agreed not to reach out for handshakes from Pope Francis as he entered the House chamber, so it was a pointed and deliberate move when the Pope saved his only handshake for Secretary of State John Kerry.

The Pope knows Kerry from his recent work on the Iran deal, but this is also a profound shift for Kerry. Josh Lederman of the AP pointed out that Kerry was once denied communion over his support for choice for women.

Lawmakers were urged to not use the Pope’s speech for partisan cheerleading, as it should be. But it shouldn’t go unnoticed that the Pope honored John Kerry for his historic work on the Iran deal — a deal Republicans have been trying to destroy since negotiations started.

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  1. This may have only been a handshake but it spoke volumes in regards to what REAL diplomacy can achieve by REAL diplomats. To the Reich Wing diplomacy is measured in firearm caliber and megatons of nuclear weapons. How much clearer of a message do the Republicans need when it comes to who really knows how to achieve and maintain peace.

  2. I loved that handshake, the Pope followed the Iran and Cuba deals closely and it is evident that he is a great fan.

  3. John Kerry and Pope Francis shake hands. Wow! Now I really want to know what happened to those voting machines in Ohio in 2004.

  4. J. Kenneth Blackwell. The late Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones who represents the East side of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County ripped him apart in a Congressional hearing over this issue. When Blackwell was running for Governor in 2006, he AVOIDED her and angry Black folks in Cleveland.

  5. Think whatever you want but the Pope probably was apologizing for the past transgressions of the church towards John Kerry and asking him to partake in communion. This was not a political move, although I am sure he will let people believe it is. He’s one smart pontiff.

  6. oh, don’t try to make it look like something deliberate and political. since the state department relied on some papal input in it’s dealings with cuba, it’s just probable kerry has had more dealings (if not personal but indeed departmental) with the vatican, after all it is considered a country. it’s not surprising the pope might wish to acknowledge someone he knows. if there are republicans who want to get twisted all out of shape, that’s their problem and i suggest they get over it. after all, a lot of them are whining because they feel he didn’t talk on topics THEY wanted talked about, like bibi did. and the justices who decided to sit this one out, those ‘good catholics’? apparently they felt it’s not good to be seen pouting in public. just couldn’t even muster a modicum of manners or at least give a lame excuse (‘my robe was in the wash’) rather than act like petulant toddlers.

  7. He is a very subtle and cool human being who is very intelligent.
    I’m an atheist who says this butt, You’d be wasting your time to find a religiomatic who would say that about me.

  8. The talks started under W. All GOPers weren’t against them; just after Obama took over! More GOP racist Obama Derangement Syndrome showing up.

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