Pope Francis Rebukes Republican Fear Of And Bigotry Towards Immigrants

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Pope Francis spoke out against the fear of immigrants and bigotry that are the defining traits of the Republican position on immigration.

During his address to Congress, The Pope said:

In recent centuries, millions of people came to this land to pursue their dream of building a future in freedom. We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners. I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants. Tragically, the rights of those who were here long before us were not always respected. For those peoples and their nations, from the heart of American democracy, I wish to reaffirm my highest esteem and appreciation.

Those first contacts were often turbulent and violent, but it is difficult to judge the past by the criteria of the present. Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our “neighbors” and everything around us.

Building a nation calls us to recognize that we must constantly relate to others, rejecting a mindset of hostility in order to adopt one of reciprocal subsidiarity, in a constant effort to do our best. I am confident that we can do this.

Francis was talking about accepting immigrants and the urgent refugee crisis in Syria. His remarks can also be viewed as a rebuke of the anti-immigrant position of Republicans.

The Pope took on the main excuse that Republicans give when they oppose immigration reform. When Republicans originally extended the invitation to Francis to address Congress, they were hoping to use the address to score political points.

Instead, they have had their bigotry and closed-mindedness towards immigrants called out by the Pope on the global stage.

20 Replies to “Pope Francis Rebukes Republican Fear Of And Bigotry Towards Immigrants”

  1. It blows my mind how Rethugs are CONSTANTLY talking about “sending them all back”, without a care or thought to the fact that millions of these people are children. I thought these as*holes were all about saving babies? Yeah….so long as those babies aren’t brown.

  2. John Boner is such a complete phoney. The balcony scene makes you think that he had one drink too many this morning.

  3. I don’t suppose he mentioned excommunication to any of then hyperbolic hypocrites in the Chamber that pretend to be Catholic?

  4. Makes no difference what he says, they will continue on.He likely has some influence most places he goes but he’ll get a taste of what it is like to deal with American so-called conservatives on this trip.

  5. Boner was fidgeting and kept wiping his nose. What’s up with his mouth, he had to keep licking his lips, over and over, all signs of an alcoholic.

  6. Boehner looks horrible. Cannot imagine what his liver looks like.

    I think he has self-medicated so long with alcohol, that he really doesn’t feel anything.

  7. It’s probably a sign that Boehner quit drinking for a few hours before the Pope’s visit. And or he was in nicotine withdrawal along with alcohol withdrawal.

    I don’t understand why he even bothers with the Speakership. Why not do the right thing for our country and not worry about being voted out of his leadership position?

  8. Well at least they didn’t boo and hiss the Pope nor shout out “You lie!” I’m pretty sure the Pope’s words fell upon those deaf Republican ears.

  9. The speech moved me to tears. His Holiness, Pope Francis, made the importance of stressing that every individual in this planet is important. Immigrants arrive to their respective host countries to better themselves, and see a future where their children can thrive. Many of them don’t want to come, but would rather stay in their homelands, but see the dire conditions makes them realize that a better future is somewhere else. This makes me reflect on my own ancestry, which for many generations have lived in the same region for centuries, since the arrival of the Spaniards of course, with a mixture of the Native Americans. I’m a proud mestizo and a Mexican-American, but I see my early ancestors that had to leave their homelands and their comfort behind for an unknown future in the “new world”. I’m lucky to be in the situation where I can just visit my hometown and indulge on my own comfort. Not many immigrants have that luxury, especially when they can no longer visit their towns.

  10. Sorry for the long paragraph, but this really touched my heart. Anyways, I’ve seen the faces of many Iraqui and Syrian refugees that show fear and uncertainty for the type of future that awaits them. It just breaks my heart to see individuals/politicians attacking them for their culture, and demeaning them for just wanting the basic necessities of life for survival. I’ve seen many immigrants who make an effort to speak English, while many taunt them for the accent. As public servants, politicians should understand the needs of their contituents, but rather many just use the strategy of race baiting to win. Not only is this strategy disgusting, but it’s demeaning to the value of the human life. Pope Francis has shown that every individual is sacred, and that everyone is equal, as it should be.

  11. Will Pope Francis influence the GOPers… don’t think so. Remember, these are the same people that said we needed MORE GUNS after the Sandy Hook Massacre. In short, GOPers are insane.

  12. DJ. My sense is that there are quite a few Catholics looking for a reason to leave the GOPers behind. Therefore, I think a GOPer feud between the Vatican will help to open the exit doors.

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