Republican Crazy On Steroids: Bobby Jindal Wants To Fire The Entire House

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Governor Bobby Jindal (R-LA) wants to fire elected officials — but only in D.C., obviously… Because he’s an elected official in Louisiana.

Jennifer Bendery of Huffington Post tweeted of Jindal during the Value Voters Summit:

Basically this is the right wing idea of making government smaller to make government better on steroids. Jindal wants to just get rid of everyone, especially people like Boehner who actually know things. Sure, Boehner wasn’t a good leader and coming on the heels of Nancy Pelosi’s exceptionally productive leadership he looked even more inept, but Boehner only had two choices: Bow to the Tea Party or quit.

So Jindal is running for president as the person who wants to fire everyone in D.C., as if replacing everyone will make things better. But replacing Republicans with new Republicans will only lead to more Senator Ted Cruz types — the selfish, grand-standing delusionals who use government to raise money for themselves.

The Republican party is imploding on itself, and even the non-crazies like Jindal are falling like dominoes into the power vacuum built by the extremists in the party. The pull clings to even the sane ones, dragging them down into the quicksand until they have no choice but to save themselves or cave to an ugliness that will not go down well in history.

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  1. Is this the same guy who admonished the GOP to stop being the “stupid party”? Short term memory is the first to go….

  2. Good luck to the next fool who takes Boehner’s job, he’s sure gonna need it.

    It’s like a chicken applying for a job at KFC.

  3. …one o’ the only places chickens go to the head o’ the line!!!
    …now if we can only put chicken suits on the Teahadists and Teatards…

  4. They all need to go. Both parties. You’ve seen the mess our government has created the last 20 years haven’t you? Have you not realized they don’t care about “us” anymore? They only care about getting re-elected, appearing on cable news, going to lavish DC parties, and getting retirement (created for and by themselves) that would break any privately owned business. If you think it’s only a republican problem, you’re very na├»ve.

    It’s not a D problem or a R problem. It’s a government problem. And the ones to blame are the buffoons in both parties. In particular, the elite establishment in both parties.

    I would love to see both houses cleaned out and replaced with freshman from both parties. We would finally see them working together again because there would no longer be a pecking order or seniority.

    As a conservative I’m so glad Boner is resigning. I hope McConnel follows.

  5. Punjab said, “You see this is how things are done in India” so lets do it here too.

    Welcome to ‘Murica’ pal, time to join in the real democracy.

  6. If you want to say that both parties have crooks, I’ll stay silent. But the old, “both parties are the same” is a load of bovine excrement. One party says the minimum wage should be raised while the other party says there shouldn’t be a minimum wage. One party thinks everybody should have health insurance while the other party tries to abolish the strides we’ve made. One party thinks all Americans should be able to vote while the other party does its best to prevent minorities from voting. One party thinks people of all faiths should have equal protection while the other party thinks only Christians have the right to decide the laws of America. Sorry, but the old “both parties are the same” is just another variation of “BENGHAZI” or “IRS SCANDAL” or “EMAIL SCANDAL”. Stop the conservative shuffle of changing the subject. Just once, either defend Jindal, in this case, or say you think he’s wrong.

  7. I have to object to Bobby Jindal being referred to as a “non-crazy” republican — but then, I guess compared to some of the others he is less crazy.

  8. Jindal has nowhere to go. Mr 1/2% is not wanted by anyone, nationally or in Louisiana. He’s worse then DEAD MAN WALKER.

  9. I didn’t say both parties are the same but said both parties are to blame. Regarding issues, of course there are a lot of differences.

    But regarding similarities within the establishment of both parties: Power and fame are very addicting and getting re-elected is more important than doing what they were elected to do. They all promise more spending cuts and fiscal responsibility but are afraid to make cuts on programs/subsidies in fear of losing votes. Too many of them vote on bills as to how it will benefit themselves instead of the country. They’ve given themselves pay raises and posh retirements.

    I do not put most the young senators and congressmen/women in that category. Even a few (very few) of the older ones.

  10. But, you’re still doing the same thing. Deflect and change the subject. In comments about Bobby Jindal, you don’t even mention his name. I’m all for change, but the old “just blame everybody” without being willing to point out individuals is no help. Or, how about at least taking a stand on an issue?

  11. “The Republican party is imploding on itself, and even the non-crazies like Jindal are falling like dominoes”. I agree with this statement up to non-crazies like Jindal – he’s as crazy as the rest of them. If anyone can still find a sane Republican in office or running for office – good luck. They have all lost their ever loving minds.

    However, Jindal is correct in that the House needs a cleaning. But, only on the Republican side. We need to put in as many Dems & Progressive Indies as possible to get this country moving forward again.

    With what we have now – we are only inching forward slower than a snail’s pace. We can do better.

  12. Hey Kid, stop with the both to blame crap.

    President Clinton gave us balanced budget and surplus before he left office, GOPers wasted it on Tax Cuts for Millionaires and Iraq.

    President Bush said the Iraq War would cost $60 Billion tops and he treated it like an Asset, Iraq has cost over $1.2 Trillion and counting.

    President Bush got rid of the Sunni Buffer Zone between Iran and Saudi Arabia and now the Sunni’s and Shiites are toe to toe; as they have been for about 1300 years.

    Democrats pushed for and passed the Stimulus and it got us out of a Depression.

    Democrats pushed for and passed help for our Auto Industry and now it is thriving.

    Democrats got us out of Afghanistan and Iraq because everyone knows we cannot stay there for perpetuity.

    Democrats pushed and passed ACA and almost 20 Million Americans have health insurance instead of the Emergency Ward.

  13. Inching forward at a snail’s pace seems a generous assessment. We move forward, then spend time/ money/ energy fighting — repeatedly — to retain the gain, defending our advance.

    It’s amazing we make any progess at all.

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