Friday Fox Follies – Trump’s Timely Tirade

Trump rally in Dallas

As a certain xenophobic and racist presidential candidate felt himself slipping in the polls, Donald Trump Says He Will Boycott Fox News “For The Foreseeable Future,” which ensures his xenophobic and racists supporters will continue to trash Fox “News,” further fracturing the audience.

To blow my own trumpet, this reporter noted the splintering didn’t begin with Trump’s Tweets™ at Megyn Kelly following the first GOP debate. It began all the way back in June after Dana Perino Flips Out on Bolling for Defending Trump: You’re Just Trying to Get On His Show! Nothing’s ever been the same again.

FOX “NEWS” vs TRUMP: In the latest tempest in a teabag, the question arises, “Who jumped first?” Fox To Trump: We Boycotted You First! Regardless, Now It’s War: Fox News Slams Trump in Response to ‘Boycott.’ The snarky statement to Mediaite read:

At 11:45am today, we canceled Donald Trump’s scheduled appearance on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday, which resulted in Mr. Trump’s subsequent tweet about his ‘boycott’ of FOX News. The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues that Mr. Trump might be questioned about. When coverage doesn’t go his way, he engages in personal attacks on our anchors and hosts, which has grown stale and tiresome. He doesn’t seem to grasp that candidates telling journalists what to ask is not how the media works in this country.

As Fox Contributors Bash Trump’s ‘Childish’ Fox Boycott, the Trump-Fueled Media Circus [is] Causing an Epic Conservative Crackup. While Fox News Contributor Stephen Hayes Calls Donald Trump’s Boycott Of Fox News “Childish,” some note The Right Is Melting Down: [because] Donald Trump Declares He Will No Longer Appear On Fox News. So, The Donald Trump vs. Fox News saga rages on: Why this time is different — and worse — for The Donald.

MEGYN KELLY vs DONALD TRUMP: How did the war begin anew? “Some people say” when The Kelly File Demolishes Trump’s Birther Response – And The Fox Feud Reignites. However disingenuously, Kelly File Fact Check Of Claims Clinton “Started Birtherism” Ignores Fox’s Role In Pushing Those Claims.

Others say it was after Rich Lowry Deserves Suspension for Poor Taste, Timing of Trump ‘Cut His Balls Off’ Comment, which triggered Trump Tweets Outrage over ‘Balls’ Comment: Fox ‘Owes Me an Apology.’ [Just for fun, Check Out The Twitter Storm After Kelly File Guest Says Carly Fiorina Cut Trump’s Balls Off.] No matter the cause because Trump Tweets Megyn Kelly To Take Another ‘Unscheduled’ Vacation, and the on-again-off-again War of the Media Titans was on again. Just wait until he reads CAA Signs Fox News Channel Host & Trump Sparring Partner Megyn Kelly.

As Greta Calls Out Trump for Bashing Fox Again: ‘Give It a Rest!’ and Bill O’Reilly Dismisses Trump Tweets: ‘This Is Just Theater,’ the candidate reaches into the Fox “News” Bag of tricks as Trump Uses Colbert Ratings to Fire Back at Fox News. Yet that didn’t really go over that well when Colbert Brilliantly Exposes Trump’s Duplicity On Birtherism. Read along as you watch:

“I’m going to throw you up a big, fat meatball for you to hit out of the park right now… This is the last time you have to address this question if you hit the ball, OK?… Barack Obama — born in the United States?” Colbert asked.

Trump refused to hit the meatball.

“You know, I don’t talk about it anymore,” Trump said. “I talk about jobs, I talk about our veterans being horribly treated.”

And, that’s how the Duplicitous, Disingenuous Donald™ gets to have it both ways.

ROGER AILES vs DONALD TRUMP: As surely as day follows night, detente follows a Trump Tweet Hissy Fit™:

Fox Boss Roger Ailes To Meet With
Trump About ‘Differences Of Opinion.’

Fox’s Roger Ailes to Sit Down with
Donald Trump to Discuss Coverage

Fox’s Roger Ailes And Trump
To Hold Peace Talks – Again

Third time’s the charm. However, it’s worth reading In Love and War, Who Needs the Other More: Fox or Trump?

FOX “NEWS vs THE POPE: This week Fox “News was also fighting a WAR ON RELIGION, something that it always decries when others do it. Just small sampling of the crazy on display:

Fox’s Gasparino: “I Believe Jesus Is A Capitalist, Jesus Would Say Thank You For Making Money”Bill O’Reilly Uses Pope’s Visit To Smear Obama And Pro-Choice DemocratsHow Right-Wing Media Are Welcoming Pope Francis To AmericaA “Marxist” Who Should “Stay Home”: The Worst Of Conservative Media’s War On Pope FrancisFox News Host Tells Pope Francis to Leave U.S.: He Doesn’t Belong Here: Capitalism is Our SaviorFox’s Brian Kilmeade Wonders If The Pope Disagrees With Fox Because He Doesn’t “Understand America”Conservative Media vs. The Pope: The Worst Reactions To Pope Francis’ Climate Change EncyclicalFox’s Bill O’Reilly Uses Pope’s Call To Help The Vulnerable To Attack ObamacareFox Obsesses That Wealthy Donors Only Getting ‘Good,’ Not Great Seats For Pope’s St. Patrick’s ServiceFox’s Bill Hemmer Uses Pope’s Visit To Attack Obama For Having Gay And Transgender People On His Guest ListFr. Jonathan Morris Uses The Pope To Attack ObamaJohn Bolton Says Pope Francis Is Delusional? Bill Hemmer Doesn’t Care!

However, the absolute worst came from a self-proclaimed Roman Catholic: Fox’s Napolitano Questions Pope Francis’ “Political Motivations,” was also noted in Fox News Columnist Goes Off The Rails, Links Pope Francis to Satan. His ridiculous column needs to be read to be believed, but I’ve pulled a few quotes from False prophet? Why Pope Francis has disappointed many Roman Catholics, in which Judge Nappy says:

I am going [to hear the Pope speak…] But within me is fear and trembling over what he might say. […]

Now, here comes Pope Francis to use moral relativism to take the Church in two dangerous directions. The first is an assault on the family, and the second is an assault on the free market — two favorite political targets of the left.

[…] In his papal exhortation on capitalism, Pope Francis spectacularly failed to appreciate the benefits of capitalism to the health, wealth and safety of the poor. Instead, he has reworked the Peronism of his youth to advocate government-mandated redistribution of wealth and to condemn those who work hard, employ others and achieve wealth — even when they give some of that wealth to the Church.

[…] Pope Francis is popular on the world stage, and the crowds love him. But if he fails in his basic duties as the pope, if his concern is more for secular than sacred, if he aids the political agenda of the atheistic left, he is a false prophet leading his flock to a dangerous place, where there is more central planning and less personal liberty.

Who was the person on Fox “News” who showed the most common sense? Fox’s Shepard Smith Says Pope’s Positions On Climate Change, Refugee Crisis, Inequality Are Not Political Issues and Shep Smith: People Who Think Pope’s Caring is ‘Political’ Need to Look in Mirror sum it up nicely. Watch for greater context:

Shep is so often the voice of reason.

FOX “NEWS” vs TRUTH: Killing The Truth: Chronic Fabricator Bill O’Reilly Returns To Role Of HistorianRon Reagan Rips Killing Reagan Author Bill O’Reilly As A “Snake Oil Salesman” — Reagan: “I Didn’t Know My Father Was The Next One To Get Killed In Mr. O’Reilly’s Universe” • Ron Reagan, Jr. Thinks His Father Would Consider O’Reilly And Hannity As ‘Just Hucksters’

THE CARSON SHOW: There’s nothing Fox “News” likes better than some Reach-a-round Republican Rehab™. This week, after a rocket scientist neurosurgeon candidate stepped in the pile he dropped, Fox News Defends Ben Carson’s Objection To A Muslim U.S. President, while Fox & Friends Rehabs Ben Carson’s ‘Honest’ Opposition To A Muslim Being President. Even Hannity Helps Ben Carson Rehab His ‘Muslim President’ Comments as Christianity Defender™ Fox Host Todd Starnes [says]: Ben Carson Is “Right” That A Muslim Shouldn’t Be President. One Fox Host [says]: People Should Follow Ben Carson’s Lead And Say That Sharia “Is Not In Tradition With American Values.”

Meanwhile, just before she had to rush out for a post-coitus cigarette, Fox Host Kimberly Guilfoyle Swoons Over ‘Dreamy,’ ‘Gorgeous’ Dr. Ben Carson. Hoo boy!

While Bill O’Reilly Says Carson Is Entitled To Oppose A Muslim President “Without Being Branded A Racist Or Whatever,” and O’Reilly [believes]: Carson’s Muslim Comments ‘Another Phony, Manufactured Controversy,’ there was some push back by people Loofah Lad routinely ignores when they disagree: Bernard Goldberg Slams ‘Unqualified’ Dr. Ben Carson. Fox’s Goldberg: Carson’s a Gaffe Machine, Makes Biden Sound Like Churchill, while you can also Watch Fox’s Charles Krauthammer Demolish O’Reilly’s Defense Of Dr. Ben Carson:

Not that The Falafel King paid any attention, much to Krauthammer’s visible and audible consternation.

BE OUR GUEST: Robin Leach Tells Fox News: Half Of Britain ‘Is Under Sharia Law Already’On Fox, Trump Pal Suggests Obama May Be A Muslim – Because Rev. WrightFox Guest: ‘We Don’t Recognize’ America Because Of ImmigrationFox Guest Revives Keystone XL Jobs Myth To Attack Hillary Clinton

FOX BYTES: While Fox Condemns ‘Pigs In A Blanket’ Chant, Fans Plot Murder On FoxNews.comRight-Wing Media Deny Role Of Islamophobia In Ahmed Mohamed’s ArrestFox Contributor On Muslim Teen’s Arrest: “I Don’t Feel Sorry For Ahmed … He Was Passive Aggressive”Leave It To Fox News To Defend ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin ShkreliJimmy Kimmel Flatters O’Reilly: Only You Could Beat Donald TrumpKim Davis Tells Kelly She Wouldn’t Give Marriage Licenses to Her Own Gay ChildrenFox’s Dana Perino Snarks About Central Park Trash; Central Park Actually Fires BackFox’s Kilmeade Does His Research, Discovers Clinton Is Right About Feminism: “It Is Just Somebody [Who] Wants Equal Rights” O’Reilly Tears Into Wasserman-Schultz: Should Resign over ‘Vicious’ Rubio SmearBill O’Reilly Challenges Will Ferrell to a Debate (No, Seriously)O’Reilly to Fiorina: You Won’t Tweet Means Things at Me, Right?Geraldo Explodes at Bolling: ‘You Said That to Make Me Look Stupid and I Don’t Like It!’Fox Wants You To Think Trump’s Birther Questioner Was A Plant

Headly Westerfield is head writer for the Not Now Silly Newsroom and your genial host of Fox Follies & Fallacies.

16 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Trump’s Timely Tirade”

  1. Can they play the victim over everything? I read one story where Rush is blaming Obama for Boehner’s resignation. Seriously. I guess if the President had just rolled over and let Boehner and his cadre of evil have their way on everything, then Orange John would be a hero instead of a squish? Sorry, Rush. The President is an adult, doesn’t go to bars, and cares about all the citizens of this country, not just the 1% who donate dark money to campaigns. And frankly, if John had an ounce of leadership ability, like Mrs. Pelosi, he would have told the Tea Party to shove it, and passed a jobs bill. And that could have changed everything.

  2. Its Friday, thats when he says/does something most outrageous so hes the talk of the Sunday shows – free advertising. tRumps a cowardly clown thats goin down. Sally – Flush is back on Oxy.

  3. For a couple of months now, we’ve heard nothing from Trumpites but, “Trump’s climbing high in the polls, he’s going to be the next prez, polls don’t lie!” Now that he’s dropping in the polls, we hear nothing but, “these polls are rigged, liberals have contrived it, it’s a conspiracy against Trump!”

    I’m bored to tears with that whole crowd and their constant need to play the victim.

  4. “The press predictably jumped to cover his tweet, creating yet another distraction from any real issues…”

    Gee. I wonder where “the press” honed that skill into a science?

  5. This is really a hoot if you just think about it with eyes and mind wide open. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with who jumps first…but everything to do with who is writing the scripts. Polls? What BS! It’s just money being laundered and empty words. It is over a year before the election and we don’t even know who will be running.
    One thing IS real. Rupert Murdoch is an immigrant and if the truth was known he got into this country in some illegal way. Money talks and BS walks. He may not be from Mexico but he certainly is everything Trump claims for immigrants. That must be who Trump was thinking of when he made that first anti immigrant speech.
    Just thinking of the harm Murdoch has done to the US and every country foolish enough to allow him in, it is clear once again. It isn’t only Health Care that is better in Canada. With all their political problems Canada has sense not to allow Murdoch’s kind of poison to rot their country.

  6. John Boehner’s problem is that he is an alcoholic – plain & simple. He exhibits all the hallmarks of an alcoholic – the crying, the selfishness, charming one minute, combative the next, making promises that he knows he can’t keep, digging holes deeper & blame – never taking responsibility for anything. How do I know? I am a survivor of alcoholic parents. It never leaves you & makes you always on alert to the behavior & actions. You cannot trust an alcoholic to put someone else’s needs before their own. You cannot trust that they will tell you the truth & don’t ever believe they will keep a promise.

    3 main types of drunks that I know of.

    1. Drinks until in a stupor and falls asleep. Wakes with no memory of anything. My father.

    2. Crying, whoa is me drunk, the apologizer. – My mother (John Boehner)

    3. Mean nasty drunk. Mean when sober, meaner when drunk. – Stepfather.

  7. Trump is leading the Republican Party around by the nose and loving every minute. The party leadership can’t control Trump so they want him gone. But it ain’t gonna happen. Those in Middle America who lean conservative aren’t the wild eyed religious freaks and those Republicans have for the most part repudiated the crazy “Christian” nut jobs. Trump has a following, like it or not. He stands a good chance of either being the Republican nominee or of running as an Independent and destroying the GOP’s hopes for 2016.

    Hillary Clinton will smack Trump silly in a general election. I look forward to it.

  8. I feel sorry for John Boehner. I always I got the sense he wanted to do the right thing, but his alcoholism & need for approval from the dysfunctional GOP got in the way.

  9. …damnitall…nobody left any good material for me to work with…lol
    …fact is, the whole “F”ing Republican’t Potty Establishment is entering its death throes, wanting to do as much damage to anybody in range before it gets put down for good…
    …rest in pieces assholes…

  10. Shadowolf, Must have been a mentor in another life, so many times, you write exactly what I am thinking..Only you say it better.

  11. Trump hates any question that makes him look dumb, which is most of them. He wants to pick and chose which question he is asked and needs to stick to the basis ones: What’s your mothers maiden name? What school did you attend? What’s your favorite color? Never ask him about foreign affairs and anything HARD or he becomes mean and belligerent.

  12. Performing on a stool
    .we’ve a sight to make you drool, seven
    .. virgins and a mule
    …Keep it cool. Keep it cool.

    We would like it to be known the exhibits that were shown were exclusively our own…

    See the show!

    Emerson, Lake & Palmer

  13. Trump is such a weakling and so is Fox. It’s good to see them finally coming up for Kelly but only after selling her out first.

    And now Trump is bitching because they are finally standing up to him for his misogyny. Who’s the little girl now?

    Jesus the GOP is a pathetic mess.

  14. I wonder if Trump even knows how badly Colbert owned him in that video about Obama.

    ‘I don’t talk about that anymore because I’m an embarrassment to my country that questions the president’s birthplace’.

    The GOP is such a bunch of rats it’s not even funny.

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