Ted Cruz Accuses John Boehner of Leaving Office to Help President Obama

ted cruz

Upon the startling news that Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) is resigning October 30 (aka, fleeing from the Tea Party caucus), Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) accused the Speaker of leaving office “presumably land in a cushy K Street job after joining with the D’s to implement all of President O’s priorities”.

Per Reid Epstein:

So, Cruz is either saying Boehner already implemented all of President Obama’s priorities, which isn’t true by a very long shot. Or he’s saying that Boehner is leaving office in order to help Obama on his way out — as in, by not shutting down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood. Or, he will help him after he leaves, at this cushy K street job. Cruz is never good on facts or logic, but the gist is Boehner is leaving office to help or after he helped President Obama implement his priorities. Ted Cruz is accusing John Boehner of being a Democrat because Boehner isn’t crazy enough to defund the government over fake Planned Parenthood videos.

That says a lot about Ted Cruz and not much about John Boehner, except that as I have been writing for years, John Boehner has had to put up with a lot of crap from the Republican Tea Party caucus. Boehner has been inept but it’s hard to see how he could have done anything else, because to stand up to the Tea Party is to meet the fate of Cantor. And that’s essentially where Boehner is now, kicked out of his own party even if he did “quit” before they could oust him from his leadership position. Cruz has had a banner day. He also bragged about his plans to get rid of the Department of Education:

And just yesterday our resident circus barker was quoted calling President Obama the terminator:

“The reason why Republicans always lose these fights is because Republicans assume Barack Obama is the Terminator—he will never stop, he will never give up—and Republicans surrender at the outset,” Cruz told the Daily Signal.

No, the reason why Republicans “never fight” is – well, wait, they fight all of the time. The reason they don’t fight Ted Cruz’ fights is because “they”, as in the non-Tea drenched, know it will go nowhere for their party.

Ted Cruz sure is a uniter, eh? He accuses his own party leaders of working for the other side.

Image: Liberty Institute

51 Replies to “Ted Cruz Accuses John Boehner of Leaving Office to Help President Obama”

  1. Not even minutes after Boehner said ‘Screw you guys, I’m going home’, this happens.

    Gee, Ted… not willing to wait, aren’t ya?

  2. DSM-IV will in the future be listing new diagnostic disorders(emotional,insanity,social dysfunctions,etc.). Like cruzmaniac, teamaniac, trumpmanic etc.

  3. Did anyone see a muzzle on Joe Wilson’s snout
    yesterday during Pope Francis’ speach? We were
    braced for another “You lie” classy outburst. Now
    that Ottis Campbell’s leaving Teaberry, the flies are
    really going to swarm. The pope has asked us all to
    pray for him and I&I honored his request. We are
    going to need his father’s help to rid ourselves of the
    Cruz crazies in Congress. Bless up.

  4. Cruz is delusional, he sounds like a dictator. He is a very dangerous man. He will create chaos like we have never seen before.

  5. Maybe the Teapublicans ought to make the CRUZer the next Speaker of the House. Hell, he is their leader for all intents and purposes.

    And to think that I was ecstatic when Kay Bailey Hutchinson hung it up. Anybody would be better than Kay Bailey. Was I ever wrong.

  6. And so it begins!! With Boehner gone, the Republicans will be free to attack each other, display their full range of ignorance, show their appalling lack of patriotism and, finally, in an arrogant fit of anger and hate toward each other, IMPLODE from within. Let’s just all sit back and enjoy the show.

  7. Remember when they shut down the government before, Boehner was not calling the shots, Cruz had infiltrated the congress and done his dirty work, he is a troublemaker and a nasty piece of work (along with his Dad) I think he has some kind of mental problem, he is causing the most division in the republican party, McConnell had better grow a spine and stand up to him.

  8. I believe Cruz is only running for president, so if elected he can close down the federal government, which he doesn’t believe in.

  9. Never liked Boehner’s strategy but being disrespectful of the man by his own party is very telling. At least cannabalism is considered illegal, isn’t it?

  10. I would like to see repigs put a woman in charge. Maybe they can bring back M Bachman, since you don’t have to be a member of the house to be its speaker. If not her then that Blackburn woman is almost as simple. This could solve the Ted problem. He may be a hateful shit heel, but he might back down from attacking a woman teabag leader. Anyway about it the house leadership is and will be an embarrassment to this country until the republicans no longer have control.

  11. Just when you think to your self, “they can’t get any crazier or say anything more vile and repulsive”, the sun comes up and we have a whole new day.

  12. Ted Cruz is Patient Zero when it comes to the insanity that is the Republican House. HE is the one who initiated the last shutdown, costing the US economy 24 billion dollars. Gee, that’s a lot of roads and bridges in dire need of repair we could have fixed.

    But no, instead we piss it down the drain to serve one man’s massive ego. I cannot WAIT for his political come-uppance, which WILL happen sooner or later.

  13. That guy is such a creep. No taste, no manners, and nothing to help Americans. It’s all about him, his ego, and his blind ambition. He loves to hear himself talk too….

    Amazing that Texas saw a reason to elect him. An ugly hand puppet….

  14. A fascist. Funny how much the Right talks about Adolf when they have their own version already…. A Cuban from Canada….and he wants to be president? Way more foreign than this president born in Hawaii.


  15. Time for this teabaggin Canadian Nazi Crook to go back home where he belongs & take his daddy with him, he has the audacity to think he can be a president? Yeah prez of the sanitation dept where he can clean up all the garbage. We must vote 2016 so we can bring back our country because America is weeping right now.

  16. Doris, I could not agree with you more. I actually agree with Peter King who said the party is being taken over by “the crazies”, and Cruzzzzz is leader of that cabal.

  17. Doris I agree with you except that I don’t believe he has the ability to run a sanitation dept. Imagine all the trash that he would leave behind.
    Everytime I see his face I just want to smack him in the pusser. He is so very obnoxious!!!!!

  18. CyberMind Grrl
    That won’t happen until Texas turns purple in 2024. I hope it is 2020 but I am not holding my breath.
    Google Hispanic Paradox to find out why Texas will turn purple.
    There is no doubt about it and I am going to shout it, if for no other reason than to piss TX Rs off.

  19. As long as President Obama has a veto pen, Ted Cruz is just blowing hot air. What can he do, really? Obama will never defund Planned Parenthood or Obamacare.

    I almost feel sorry for cry baby drunk Boehner. Almost.. He can have some semblance of a peaceful life now. Not surrounded by back stabbing, rabid lunatics in his own party. I bet Republicans in Congress hate Boehner for inviting the Pope to speak.

  20. With the far right being so vile on immigration issue and disrespectful toward the Pope, the red has already started to bleed out on Texas soil.

    If Democrats don’t win, maybe we’ll see (assuming they exist) more moderate Republicans and fewer tea partiers carry upcoming elections.

  21. Cruz is supposed to outside the mainstream & evangelical. Why are his polling numbers so bad. He’s almost an asterisk among Republican voters. Because for all his bluster, he can’t stop shit. Obama always out maneuvers the crazy bastards in congress.

  22. Absolutely agree.

    Every time I see his smug mug and hear his shrill rants — only for 5 seconds because that’s all I can handle — I need an immediate shower to eradicate the accumulated grime from my body — and soul.

    This is NOT America.

  23. Lorrene suspect you’ve retired, DSM-IV has been revised to DSM-V, but still look forward to the new Dx you mentioned.

  24. this creepy Texan a**hole makes Eric Cantor sound like an angel and I hated Cantor for a very long time eversince I started following American Politics.

  25. Wrong house of Congress. Cruz is a senator. I think he needs to go open a church somewhere. He’s a preacher wannabe if I’ve ever seen one.

  26. Ted Cruz is a clown. He knows how to perform for the Obama haters who believe any lie they are told. They
    hate the first none white president so much a clown like
    Cruz wins their vote without ever presenting any real plan
    to improve or solve any problem. He only needs to hate

  27. …WAAAAAAY back durin’ Le Shrubs first Regime…I commented that what we really needed was a militant Proctologist to invade DC and start removing hemorrhoids from the body politic…
    …too late for that now…we need an Oncologist…

  28. Rafael Cruz defeated Paul Sadler 56.5% to 40.5% in 2012 and got 40% of the Hispanic vote in Texas. Clearly Democrats need to do better in Texas somehow.

  29. Why has nobody demanded to see his birth certificate? I read that his mother renounced her US citizenship before he was born. Is that true?

  30. You are right there is a DSM-V but that it is recommendation of new definitions of Dx. so usually still refer to DSM-IV.

    Yes you are also right, I am a retired RN, physically but not mentally. Always researching and learning new ideas, searching for peace and love to all fellow travelers in life.

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