Bill Clinton Exposes How The Media Works With Republicans To Push Hillary Email Scandal



Former President Bill Clinton is exposing how the media and the Republican Party continue to work together to push the bogus Hillary Clinton email scandal.



CNN’s Fareed Zakaria asked former President Clinton why Hillary Clinton is having a tougher time than many imagined as a candidate, and he answered with the truth.

Clinton said:

So, this is just something that has been a regular feature of our presidential campaigns, except 2008 for unique reasons. Ever since Watergate, something like this happens. And so, I’d rather it happen now than later and it was always going to happen.

The other party doesn’t want to run against her, and if they do, they’d like her as mangled up as possible. And they know that if they leak things, say things that that is catnip to the people who get bored talking about what’s your position on student loan relief or dealing with the shortage of mental health care or what to do with the epidemic of prescription drugs and heroin out in America, even in small towns of rural America, or how are you going to get jobs into coal country given how much they’ve lost in the last 20 years.

So, that just happens. It always happens. We’re seeing history repeat itself. And I actually am amazed that she’s borne up under it as well as she has. But I have never seen so much expanded on so little.


But it’s obvious what happened. You know, at the beginning of the year she was the most admired person in public life and she earned it. Why? Because she was being covered by people who reported on what she was doing. The new star treaty, the Iran sanctions, tripling the number of people on aids getting medicine for no more tax money.

America was — when she left office, our approval rating was more than 20 points higher than it had previously been. What happened? The presidential campaign happened. And the nature of the coverage shifted from is she based political? And it happened. You can’t complain.

This is not — this is a contact sport. They’re not giving the job away. And people who want to race, wanted her to drop some, and people in the party desperately wanted it because she’s already put out more positions on more issues and said how she would pay for them I think based on the others combined, based on the two — the Republicans based on the two debates I saw.

What makes former President Clinton’s point even stronger is the fact that the media has ignored other high profile email scandals.

In 2011, The Boston Globe reported that before Mitt Romney left office as governor of Massachusetts 11 members of his staff bought their hard drives and wiped all of the emails, “Just before Mitt Romney left the Massachusetts governor’s office and first ran for president, 11 of his top aides purchased their state-issued computer hard drives and the Romney administration’s e-mails were all wiped from a server, according to interviews and records obtained by the Globe.”

Reuters reported that Romney spent nearly $100,000 in taxpayer money on replacing all of the computers in his office just before his term ended.

Mitt Romney wiped his email server clean, something that Hillary Clinton did not do, and the media never covered it. Do you remember Mitt Romney apologizing for his email scandal? Of course not, because it never happened.

Former President Clinton was right. Republicans are feeding the email story to the media, and the press is running with it because they are bored by the real issues of the campaign. The mainstream press claims that the reason their political coverage is so superficial is because the American people don’t care about the issues.

The reality is that the media has chosen not to devote time and energy to the issues. It is much easier and cheaper to cover the scandals and the polls, which are influenced greatly by the media’s own coverage decisions than to inform the electorate.

Bill Clinton nailed it. There has to be one scandal in every campaign that the media tries to hype to near Watergate levels. Republicans can’t beat Democrats on the issues, so they are working with the country’s lazy corporate owned media to push Hillary Clinton’s emails as a scandal.

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  1. So why is the media doing this? Are they so stupid and naïve that they let themselves be taken advantage of that easily. Just watch the journalist’s today, they’ll ask a question and won’t even pay attention to the answer and then on to their next question….

  2. AMEN….!!!!!!!!!!!….STAY STRONG HILLARY…!!!!!!….and TO the Vile Cretins in BOTH PARTIES/THE NUT ASS MEDIA/The ILK that SLIME CANNOT EVEN COVER when it comes to your hatred of Ms.Hillary Rodham Clinton….!!!!!!!…..JUST PLEASE REMEMBER THIS and IT IS SO VERY TRUE….!!!!!!….AN OLD BLACK SAYING….”GOD DON’T LIKE UGLY…and SOMETIMES PRETTY…BUT HE REALLY DON’T LIKE UGLY.”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….Keep THAT in mind as She Becomes The First FEMALE PRESIDENT OF THE USA NEXT NOVEMBER,2016..!!!!!!!!!!!!!….THAT WILL REALLY MAKE YOUR SORRY ASSES PUKE…!!!!!…GO HILLARY…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lisa, it’s called job security. If the media wasn’t in the business of keeping shit stirred up, or actually stirring the shit up themselves, there would be no business.

    To wit, Donald Trump?

    Voters should keep in mind that SOS Clinton has been baked, sautéed, roasted, broiled, flambéd, toasted, boiled, barbequed, steamed, roasted, souffléd……

    Well, you get my point.

    Mrs. Clinton has been vetted, and like The Big Dog said, she’s still standing in spite of the never ending conspiracies forged by the rabid righties.

    If Mrs. Clinton is the Democratic Nominee for President, we already know the caca the republicans and the unprincipled media would use to try to take her out.

    On the other hand, they chewed up and spit out President Jimmy Carter, Vice President Al Gore and the patriotic war hero John Kerry. What might the unscrupulous media and the unified demonic cyborgs of the republican party have in store for any Democratic nominee other than Mrs. Clinton?

  4. Oh I believe every word Bill Clinton said. The media is not happy unless they are causing a problem for a candidate and they have for over 20 yrs. now been trying to nail Bill and Hillary on anything. Her e-mails have been proven to be perfectly innocent and for them to make a big deal out of it is ridiculous. It was ok when GWBush/cheney got rid of 22 MILLION E-MAILS and No ever heard a word about it. What about what all the other candidates are doing????? They don’t report that shit either. And you wouldn’t mind, but it is all NEGATIVE press, but Bernie they have said not one dam thing that he has done wrong. now we all know he is not perfect. Why can’t he get any endorsements from other elected officials. His own governor of Vermont refused and so did the one before him refused to endorse Bernie. WHY???? They must know something.

  5. The more the Republicans melt down, the more I am for Hilary. We need competent people in our government in order to negate the fools the Rs keep putting in.

  6. Hillary must possess some Mighty Powerful Ruby Slippers that CONs covet for themselves.

    The Daily Media:
    “Oh, No…More Bad News for Hillary Clinton. More E-Mails have just been discovered”

    ‘Death by a thousand cuts’

  7. Notice, too, that the media is pushing Sanders and giving Sanders air time, knowing full well he will never be a serious candidate for the presidency. It’s just another way to damage Hillary Clinton, to soften her up for the Republicans can be more competitive against her.

  8. “The other party doesn’t want to run against her”
    This is pure BS spin. When it comes to what the GOP want, I listen more to Ann Coulter than Bill Clinton:
    Ann Coulter declared, “”I wish Fox News would go a little easier on Hillary Clinton. She’s the one we want to run against” on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” on the Fox Business Network. Coulter argued, “I wish Fox News would go a little easier on Hillary Clinton. She’s the one we want to run against. Could you guys just back off? Because I feel like I’m living through this, I feel like this is déjà vu again. We used to say, ‘Oh, the next president isn’t going to be a guy named Barack Hussein Obama.’ Our next president could be Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) if you people keep this up.”

  9. If you want to wail any nash your teeth about Hillary’s and the media, do so, but leave Bernie Sanders out if it. The media are not criticising him because he doesn’t lie, he doesn’t prevaricate or obfuscate – he says the same thing all the time, and he says it directly and simply. Hillary keeps changing positions, contradicting herself and generally flip-flopping al the time – and they media LOVE to play gotcha. Look at this clip from CNN and it will tell you all you need to now about why the media like to go after Hillary:

    And as far as Bernie not getting endorsements, why is this in any way surprising? Their endorsements were promised to Hillary years ago – Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC have been preparing for a coronation, and Bernie is crashing the party — hence the horrible debate schedule.

  10. The media is “pushing” Sanders? What planet do you live on? Bernie has been completely ignored by the media until recently. When he started his campaign his name recognition was in single digits. He has made progress, but 40% of voters still don’t know who he is — this would not be the case if he were being “pushed” by the media.

    Bernie Sanders has been serving in Congress for 35 years. He never ONCE got invited to be on Meet the Press until this summer. Now he is starting to get some attention, but only because he is ahead in Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie is going to win the nomination, and he will win the general election. He is already doing better than Hillary in head-to-head polls with GOP frontrunners.

    So I urge all Hillary supporters to do the responsible thing and support Bernie Sanders – because if Hillary wins the primary, it will be another election like 2010 or 2014, where 63% stay home, and Democrats lose.

  11. Dianne, you should be supporting Bernie Sanders. Here’s why:
    Positions held / Votes Taken
    The Invasion of Iraq ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    The Bank Bailout ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    The TPP ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    The Patriot Act ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    The War on Drugs ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    “No Child Left Behind” ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    Charter Schools ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    Walmart Board of Directors member ~ Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    Supported NAFTA ~> Sanders: No. Clinton: Yes.
    Marched with MLK ~> Sanders: Yes. Clinton: No.
    Wall Street Reform ~> Sanders: Yes. Clinton: No.
    Student Loan Reform ~> Sanders: Yes. Clinton: No.

  12. The media love to play “gotcha” and Hillary keeps giving different answers … the “death by a thousand cuts” is self-inflicted, i.e., the thousand different comments and explanations that are drip-drip-dripping out of Hillary’s mouth. The media love to catch politicians contradicting themselves. Example:

  13. Once upon a time the media was owned by 50 corps. But, then greed premiated the stock market & the greedy bought up the media outlets to control how they are perceived. Now the Media is owned by only 6 corporations. Time Warner, Disney, Viacom, NewsCorps, CBS & NBC. Who are the people behind the big 6? Time Warner – Jeffrey Bewkes; Disney – Robt. Iger; ViaCom – Sumner Redstone, Exe. Chair & CEO Philippe Dauman; NewsCorp – Murdoch; CBS – David Rhodes; NBC – Stephen B. Burke.

    When so few own so much we should know that we are only going to get the information that they want to give us & will get them the biggest return on the $$s

  14. …when Bill isn’t being “The Wizard of IS,” {couldn’t resist…lol} he is so insightful…can talk with those o’ us on street level with an authenticity NO Republican’t has…and he’s tellin’ it straight: the NON liberal press HAS teamed up with the Republican’t Potty…and these smears have been dumped on Hillary wholesale since her days as First Lady…of ARKANSAS!!!
    …when will folks learn this the umpteenth reiteration o’ Scandal City???

  15. “The Wizard of IS”?

    Shadowolf, we’d all be a little less enlightened, deprived or tickled blue if you could resist.

  16. If you believe Ann Coulter is telling the truth, I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn going cheap. The Republican/tea thugs don’t want to run against Hillary. You’re catching their bait.

  17. So your dumbass would condemn him because of sex but you have nothing to say about people who robbed you of over 24 billion dollars. I would send your tight ass 10 dollars so you could get a blowjob but I doubt you can get it up

  18. I agree with President Clinton. And where is the “scandal” about what the insane GOPer candidates are actually saying in front of mics and cameras?

  19. Considering that Bill himself went through the proverbial wringer with his scandals and came out pretty much unscathed from it, he is the perfect guy to talk about made for TV scandals that seem to follow the Clintons like flies on poop.

    There’s no scandal or issue here… the E-Mail thing is just a Trojan horse to cover up what the right is really about: Their Anti-American ways and how they want to infect our nation with their hatred.

  20. Are you part of Operation Chaos 2016, Eyore – I mean, EuroYankee? Because your posts have that feel.

    Everybody with any common sense knows that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat that Republicans most fear. So Operation Chaos 2016 is geared toward weakening her to get a weaker candidate through the Democratic primaries in order to defeat him. Have we forgotten the 2000 debacle already?

    That said, you continue posting that Hillary Clinton “flip flops”, but in order to understand her change in answers, you actually have to understand policy-making.

    That said, if you want to mention flip-flopping, how about Sanders’ flip-flopping on the 2007 immigration reform bill, i.e., voting against it because of guest worker language but then voting for the 2013 immigration reform bill with the very same language contained therein?

    Talk about flip-flopping…

  21. I admit when I heard her say it on Bill Maher, I was sceptical, but when she said it to colleagues on FIX News and on, it seems likely that it is true. Her reasoning, after all, is sound: when the GOP beat up Hillary in 2008 they got a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama as POTUS. And the way the polls are going now, it is obvious that history is repeating itself.

  22. …let’s not forget…Bill Clinton was the first white man in recorded history to be crucified for gettin’ a blow-job…

  23. I’m a yellow dog. I’ll support whomever the Dems put forth. I prefer Hillary and will support her in the primary but if Sanders gets it of course I’ll support him.

  24. you might as well be pissing in the ocean, trying 2 reason with these idiot’s is usless,WE have the chance of a lifetime for electing a real peoples president and these Clinton or no one fools are going 2 mess it for the media covering Bernie it’s mostly negative if they bother at all.t-Rump farts well 2 wall coverage, Sanders draws 30,000 no coverage, except on Free Speech Tv. I learned long ago ,You Cant fix STUPID. I’ll vote Sanders in primary and whoever win’s in the General

  25. Sanders isn’t actually a Democrat and never has been. He’s just inserting himself into the Democratic primaries for money and attention. I would have more respect for him if he would show some integrity and run as who he is: as a Socialist or as an Independent.

  26. Well, You certainly have left no doubt about your political leanings. You are wrong a lot, but you are entitled to your opinions…and so am I.

  27. Hillary is the true witch of the supposed “witch hunt” – frankly, that evil… Champion of women? Hardly! She, as SoS, steadfastly refused to put Boko Haram on the Terror Watch List in her 4year tenure despite urgent requests by many. Remember this group? #BringBackOurGirls? It turns out that there’s a Nigerian billionaire that “worried” about the bad publicity that move could make on the country’s reputation. This same man donated many millions to (you guessed it) the Clinton Foundation in the same time period. Boko Haram has gone on to create many atrocities and has grown exponentially. Kerry immediately put them on the list, freeing up millions to combat their cancerous growth.
    Thanks for nothing, Witch.

  28. You need to stop reading right wing rags and educate your dumbass on why they weren’t added to the list. One reason was they are an Nigerian problem not an international one

    Media Matters has even more on the State Department’s decision to not name Boko Haram as a terrorist organization, including Nigerian Ambassador to the U.S. Adebowale Adefuye in 2012 flatly opposing the designation.

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