With Boehner Gone, House Republican Suggests Taking Out Mitch McConnell Next

Mitch McConnell
On the day that House Speaker John Boehner announced he was resigning, the party’s right wing wasted no time in identifying their next target. Republican Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-5) texted Utah Senator Mike Lee a message that said:

Next guy in the crosshairs is probably gonna be McConnell.

Although dislodging McConnell from his leadership position would be a difficult undertaking, Salmon minced no words when defending the idea of removing the Senate Majority Leader. Defending his remarks, Salmon stated:

Mitch McConnell is infinitely worse as a leader than Boehner. He surrenders at the sight of battle every time.

Other House conservatives echoed Salmon’s sentiment. GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney (SC-5) hinted that conservatives now need to step up pressure on McConnell and he suggested that Boehner’s resignation should serve “as an absolute warning sign to McConnell”.

Getting McConnell to step down after over three decades in the Senate is probably a right-wing pipe dream. However, there is no question that the anti-compromise, “shut down the government if we don’t get our way” wing of the Republican Party is earnest in their desire to oust McConnell.

After waging a successful political coup to get House Speaker John Boehner to fall on his sword, the hardliners would like nothing more than to help write Mitch McConnell’s political obituary as well. Reporters often liken the GOP infighting to a civil war within the party. While the war analogy might be a tad overstated, the terminology being used by the congressional combatants is indicative of warfare.

For example, Salmon didn’t text something simple like ”we should persuade McConnell to quit”, he texted that McConnell should be put in the crosshairs next. Clearly Salmon’s suggestion is a metaphor, and not a call for assassination, but the use of the metaphor itself underscores the level of antipathy that exists between the GOP’s establishment and the far right House extremists.

The extremists in the Republican Party are emboldened by Boehner’s departure. They are not about to give up their fight to purge the party of “sell outs” who compromise too willingly. They are aiming high, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may be the next person they will aim to remove.

20 Replies to “With Boehner Gone, House Republican Suggests Taking Out Mitch McConnell Next”

  1. …whileas I wouldn’t miss the Turtlemann, the arrogance o’ these nihilistic SOBS should be puttin’ us on high alert…we may have to deal with them ourselves…

  2. Republicans will do the un imagine able to have gotten into bed with the Teaparty. Big mistake Mitch, very big. Just ask Mr. Beohner.

  3. Tyrants. These people are absolutely dangerous and evil. How far will they go? Guess we will have to wait and see.

  4. Better a revolution in Washington and a war between D.C. and Wall Street than in the streets.
    Too many guns out here in the real world.

  5. Hey Republicans! Go for it! Get rid of Mitch. He’s the face of your failures and low ratings EVER in history. His only aim is to be the voice of NO. That’s NOT the way to govern. He has failed his wet dream to make Obama a one term President. Obamacare? He and his termites FAILED to bring Obamacare down. What does that tell you? And Boehner, another failed leader on your side. To you, he and Mitch could NOT destroy Obama, so you believe that any another “leader” you choose would be in any way be successful in that quest? Hey, guys….Your party STINKS right now, nothing you do or anyone else you select will remove the stench of failure and dysfunction you are in right now. My suggestion? Get rid of the T-Party TERMITES in your party. They are the ones messing things up for you. No wonder your party is percieved to be the party of Clowns and Bat-shit Crazies. Lawd have mercy—Wise up! Boehner left because he sees that you are all LOSERS! Take a hint.

  6. The RINOs (Tea Party) in the GOP are the GOP’s only real problem. If the GOP was as smart as they like to think they are, they would expel the Tea Party from the House GOP Caucus.

  7. Can you imagine how much Obama would have accomplished if the repubs had worked with him instead of against him? America would have been a much better place if our senators and congress people had cooperated with each other instead of against each other.

    The dems repeatedly tried for to work across the aisle, the repubs rejected them every time.

    Can you imagine the political blood bath if Thomas, Scalia or Alito resigned and Pres Obama tried to replace them.

    Nothing is going to get done until Nov 2016, we ought have the elections in a month instead 13 months from now.

  8. AYE!!! Let the arrogant GD misbegotten MFing treasonous SOBs sink or swim on thier own…
    …anybody got any extra millstones???

  9. The teahadist’s and hitler…….look at the similarity in traits! And they are loaded to the teeth with weapons……training, showing up at places in distress to terrorize the public. The government really should of took control of the Bundy ranch situation. They are only empowered now!

  10. The Tea party movement is far more frightening than any external threats to our Country. The GOP got in bed with the f’nuts, and they have literally taken over. They have held this Country hostage for nearly seven years already, and they are quickly weeding out the Republican base. This will not end well for the GOP, or the rest of us. These fools are not going anywhere. They are on a hateful mission of self-destruction. They could very well be the cause of another civil war. Even more concerning, they are the ones with weapons and no brains.

  11. I’m strangely detached from what is happening in the GOP/TP, meaning I’m watching it happen, but I’m not feeling any angst about it. I’ve watched Boehner, McConnell, and other high level GOP/TPers assist in bringing this insurrection to fruition. I have concluded they have only themselves to blame. They put PBO in the cross-hairs and set out to riled up the far right, hoping that they could remove him from the WH. What they didn’t count on was becoming the targets of those they’d empowered. Oh, Boehner and McConnell didn’t say much in public, but I believe they were working like crazy behind the scenes to give legitimacy to the crazies for the purpose of increasing their political power. Well, they increased the number of TPers in Congress, but it seems they’ve now become top members on the TPers “Most Wanted” list. The Frankenstein monsters are inviting guests to dinner, and they have Establishment GOPers listed as the first course on their menu.

  12. At least Boehner can find a few drinking buddies to
    drown his sorrows with. But in Mitch’s case, it’s like
    PBO said.”You wanna have a drink with MM? Then
    YOU go have one.” Turtle soup anyone?

  13. This movement, or bowel movement I should say by the Tea Party is going to backfire on them, but unfortunately the rest of us will have to suffer as well.

    The state of affairs as they are now, and IF the gov shuts down..leaves OUR COUNTRY as a sitting duck. It shows weakness, division, and it leaves us as a prime target.


  14. The rich and powerful have been using the play book of the nazi’s!
    From the Herman Göring trials:

    ” people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

  15. Birds of a feather flock together. (With all due respect to birds and our feathered kin.)

    Greed and love of power take over? We need to prevent this from happening. If not, our country will be forever doomed to failure by the RW extremists.

  16. RWingers trumpeting the death knell of the Republican Party. Should we have expected anything less? Of course not. These are anarchists of the highest order. Total destruction is their goal – Not only of the Republican Party, but the government of the United States. They will not be happy until they institute a modern version of the Dark Ages.

  17. Watching the Republicans devour each other would be more enjoyable if it weren’t for the fact that the surviving grown-ups are going to be the ones left to clean up the mess, provided they aren’t either devoured along with the rest of the Republicans, or crushed to death by the falling debris.

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