Donald Trump’s Phony Christian Routine Earns Boos at Values Voter Summit

As announced the other day, Bible in hand, Donald Trump strutted out before the crowd gathered to hear him at the Values Voter Summit and proclaimed he is a Christian.

“Most importantly,” he said, “I brought my Bible,” and lifted it up for all to see.

Given what followed, you can be sure he is not very familiar with its contents, as he spent the next 20 minutes on his usual spiel, showing a complete lack of humility and loads of hubris, and an utter disparagement of everyone who is not Donald Trump.

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“I’m going to be the greatest jobs president God ever created,” he boasted. You know, because boasting is so very godlike. Listening to him, you’d have thought the book he carried out was about him, and not God. Because he didn’t spend much time on God. It was a prop, pure and simple, no different than Clint Eastwood’s chair.

In fact, he got so far off the subject of being a Christian that he felt the need to reassure the crowd that he really is:

“People were not sure I was a nice person,” he said, “and I am. I am. I am. I am. I’m a giving person. I believe in God, I believe in the Bible. I’m a Christian. I have a lot of reasons. I love people.”

And he showed just how much he loves people by attacking Marco Rubio, He earned the first boos of his campaign when he referred to Rubio as “this clown,” telling the crowd “I’ve been so nice to him, so nice…”

He closed by saying the Bible (again held aloft) is “the key” but how much of a key is it if he fails to obey some of its most basic strictures, like turning the other cheek? Later, when questioned by reporters, Trump continued the attack, calling Rubio a “baby” who is simply “using me for publicity.”

Pollster and political consultant Frank Luntz did his best to re-purpose those boos as a new species of boo, “boos of agreement,” in a tweet:

But Red State was having none of it. Nor were any of the mainstream media outlets.

On the other hand, he gave a not-so-ringing endorsement of Kim Davis by telling Huffington Post in an interview Friday, “I haven’t been opposed to her stand and I think it’s fine,” he said.

Trump has claimed he is very popular with Evangelicals, but Gallup has exposed the holes in that assertion, and his new national co-chairman had recently questioned his “moral center” in emails.

Trump is going to have a difficult time convincing many people that he is a genuine Christian. Of course, fake Christians will be more than satisfied with his bona fides (his Bible) because they have not read the book either. Simply having it, pointing to it, invoking it or holding it, has a magical power all its own.

Without doubt, many Evangelicals are leery of Donald Trump. Progressive Christians are not fooled at all. His performance Friday will satisfy the bigots for whom the Bible is simply a weapon, but the more religious type of Evangelical will have problems with Trump, and doubts he did nothing to dispel Friday, about his sincerity.

In the end, he did nothing at the Values Voter Summit to convince them that he is one of them. The very fact that he felt the need to wave a Bible and proclaim himself one (when have you ever seen Obama do that?) shows that Trump himself understands the extent of the gulf between them.

41 Replies to “Donald Trump’s Phony Christian Routine Earns Boos at Values Voter Summit”

  1. Did he actually open it up? It may have been a blank book, or better yet, the Book of Donald…a list of his wonderful acts as a human being. As I said, blank.

  2. While the Donald excoriates others in direct opposition of the teachings of Christ, he shows his absolute hypocrisy and his disdain for Christians and their beliefs. I don’t know who the bigger fools are – Donald – or his supporters.

  3. For RW Christians AKA Social Conservatives the Bible is a talisman. They carry the Bible with them everywhere. Of course they do have a problem of actually knowing what is in the Bible, besides what they have been learning in Bible study lead by their Pastor who tells them what the Bible actually says. 700 club mentality.

  4. …the Bible does NOT tell ya who to vote for…but Jesus sets an example which tells ya who ya SHOULDN’T vote for…

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it again until I’m blue in the face:

    NO ONE that truly believes in the message of Christ would support a man that wants to throw 11 million human beings, many of them children, out of this country and back into almost certain poverty. No amount of prayer or church attendance or wringing your hands about abortion will change this fact.

  6. Trump with Bible in hand, to me was sacrilegious. FIRST, it doesn’t fit his image, it does NOT look good in his hands.

    SECOND, If he knew of ONE passage in the Bible that he knew would be right for the moment, he would have OPENED “his” Bible and read it! Proof that he doesn’t know of nothing in the Bible. Like someone above said that he uses it as a fake prop. You just don’t see the connection of Trump and a Bible.

  7. Over and over he makes declarative statements about how good he is going to be about this or about that with ZERO behind them to back them up.
    The dictionary defines paper tiger as one who has the appearance of strength or power but is actually weak or ineffectual.
    Wikipedia says this about paper tiger: “The term refers to something that seems threatening but is ineffectual and unable to withstand challenge.”
    He is most certainly that.

  8. And if he was speaking to a consortium of fast food restaurant franchisees, he’s be waving around a cheeseburger. They’re all props. Just like his baseball cap. Capt. Phony.

  9. …WAAAAAAY back durin’ Le Shrubs first Regime…I commented that what we really needed was a militant Proctologist to invade DC and start removing hemorrhoids from the body politic…
    …too late for that now…we need an Oncologist…and we have already found thier first ugly mass o’ metastasized haemorrhoid to be removed…

  10. One of the failures of my accepting of Christianity comes from a saying I learned early in life, “make him swear on a stack of bibles.”
    I always wondered why this was so significant to the faithful. I read somewhere that swearing wasn’t allowed, even making promises for heaven’s sake wasn’t to be done. Give your word, and that should be enough, so long as you keep it. But Trump shows that whether a stack of bibles, or just one in your hand, you can still lie and accuse or berate others without reproach. I guess we have God to thank for him being like he is, everything else be damned.

  11. I STILL believe he is mocking the GOP candidates and their supporters, and this latest stunt — holding the bible up high — is my proof. In fact, I’d even go so far as to suggest that Trump is making a mockery of the entire political process. For what purpose, who knows? To satisfy his ego? No, he’s receiving too many negatives for that to be the case. Did someone dare him to run? Is he doing it to assist the Democrats? He’s not stupid, so he must know that the crap coming out of his mouth SOUNDS stupid, which proves that the Republican base supporting him IS stupid.
    My bet is that if he wins sufficient primaries and becomes the nominee, he’ll confess.

  12. These ” Christians ” the more they mention ” God ” the more stupid they make him look..
    If ” god : is their inspiration . then ” God ” must be very stupid

  13. …Trump is a whino o’ rare vintage, from grapes o’ exceptionally thin skins…the other Republican’ts are more vin ordinaire’…
    …We the People are tired o’ whinos squeezed from Sour Grapes…me, I wanna beer…lol

  14. If Trump was unable to spew a steady stream of petty insults at his critics and political opponents, he would be speechless.

  15. Trump can con the bible thumpers all he wants, but I’m sure many of them see through his charade, just the same. He is like a political experiment gone wild. His entertainment factor doesn’t disappoint.

    Trump has got to be a Democratic plant, or he’s entering the initial stages of dementia. You know his kids can’t be this foolish. He’s making them look bad, too. He has got to be gaining something from this process. He’s not an ignorant man, no matter how much he’s trying to appear that way.

  16. I was thinking about that passage in the bible where Lot got drunk and porked his own daughters, and then I thought about when Trump said about HIS daughter, “she’s got the best body….if she wasn’t my daughter, I’d want to date her”.

    No WONDER he loves the bible!

  17. I firmly believe, that to Donald Trump, any publicity is good publicity. I don’t think he cares about being president as much as he cares about seeing his name in the media every day. At some point he’ll be asked about bankruptcies and his personal gain from it. At that point he’ll announce that his businesses are keeping him too busy to continue campaigning.

  18. …and he’s gettin’ more company with every passing day…soon enough the Teahadists, NeoConArtists, and Teatards that plague us so here will be there too…to wonder why they can’t dine at Satans Table…

  19. well, I, for one, am gonna support mr. trump’s candidacy – I cannot imagine a bigger slam dunk for ANY Democrat than to run against him – Hillary’s campaign would steam roll over him; Bernie’s too. so, keep up the relentless BS, donald.

  20. Maple and DG, you folks are getting past the illusion
    and closer to the solution of this egotainer. Bet you
    are savvy poker players. Jah bless.

  21. …I’m not a poker player…me Dad once took me for $45.50 teachin’ me there ain’t no such thing as a “Friendly” poker game…

  22. You’re right, JW, there is a prohibition against swearing in the NT in the Bible.

    James 5:12, International Version~”Above all, my brothers and sisters, do not swear–not by heaven or by earth or by anything else. All you need to say is a simple “Yes” or “No.” Otherwise you will be condemned.”

  23. 2016? Is that the number of times he’s been divorced? Filed bankruptcy? Twittered about how great he is? Insulted minorities and women? Made us all want to vomit?

  24. “Booing in agreement”.

    That’s a good one. I’ll have to remember that. From now on I will boo in agreement and clap in disapproval. Just like a Republican.

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  26. Trump is wasting his time with these fundamentalist religious freaks. They aren’t his base. He does very well with conservatives who are Christians of a more normal stripe, who aren’t fixated on other people’s sex lives. When he talks about issues outside the realm of nutty religious impositions into government, he’s attractive to Republicans. He should be talking about his 1%-5%-10%-15% tax plan and leave the religious junkyard to the ones he’s been beating in the polls primarily because he’s not a religious nutter himself.

  27. Well, it is my opinion that many Voters are gullible ..seems George W. Bush was able to ‘use’ the Name of the Lord Jesus and Christianity to swagger into the office of President!Now, Donald Trump is being allowed to become a cancer on our Nation too,because he is getting attention from Americans who like to blame others rather than take responsibility for their own hateful, prejudiced ,extreme closed-minded ,un-Christ-like opinions!That element of our Society seems to draw much Media attention!In my view, the Republican Party is becoming known for attracting loud mouth ,empty headed ,self-gratifying is so sad:(

  28. I have always found that those who talk the most and the loudest have the least to say. Those who profess the loudest to be “christians” are the least likely to behave in a Christ-like manner. We have perfect examples of true Christians in Pope Francis and President Carter. Yet, look at how the christofacists treat them. ‘Nuf said.

  29. Trump probably has some Playboy pictures glued to the pages in the Bible. Perhaps if he carries that Bible a few years, he might learn ONE Bible verse.

  30. Probably true. I don’t know if I’m happy he got booed or sorry such a group of misanthropes didn’t like him.

  31. Here is my post on another article.
    It’s my take on the REAL Christian in our house: THE POPE!
    —You must remember the distinction of Pope Francis: He is a SPIRITUAL LEADER not POLITICAL LEADER. Therefore, he is a phenomenal SPIRITUAL LEADER for Global Catholics. A great Leader, nevertheless.

    Can any other Religious Leader of other faiths travel the world and get this type of crowds and/or adulation? I haven’t seen it. Just look at the crowds in Washington, D.C.; New York and Philadelphia. Just look at the over the top SECURITY put in place, compare THAT to any world leader who travels to America or elsewhere. Not even our President gets that type of security or crowd adulation today. Not even “Royalty” from other countries. Would the Ayatollah from Iran get this? Would a Jewish Grand Rebe get this? Would the Queen of England get this? Would the King of Saudi Arabia or Jordan get this? Or the heads of other religious organizations get this? I don’t think so. It is amazi…

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