Bernie Sanders Is Surging And Has Cut Hillary Clinton’s National Lead By More Than Half

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A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released today found that Sen. Bernie Sanders has cut Hillary Clinton national lead from 34 points to 15 points without Biden in the race.

According to the poll, the rise of Bernie Sanders is coming mostly from Democratic voters supporting him. Sanders has gained thirteen points of support between July and September. The Senator from Vermont has seen his support grow from 25% to 38%. Hillary Clinton has lost six points during the same period and dropped from 59%-53%.

Until Vice President Biden is a declared candidate for the Democratic nomination, using polling that includes him is akin to playing political fantasy football. Biden is currently not a candidate for the Democratic nomination, so any poll that includes the Vice President is engaging in a hypothetical.

The contest for the Democratic nomination is between Clinton and Sanders. The NBC News poll backs up what every previous poll about the Democratic contest has found. It isn’t that Hillary Clinton is unpopular with Democratic voters, but that Sen. Sanders is gaining in popularity.

Bernie Sanders is doing a lot of things right in his campaign. Sen. Sanders has a clear and simple message of economic populism that is driven by a belief that government should be working for the people, not billionaire political donors and corporations.

The Sanders campaign has reached out to red state Democrats that are all too often ignored by the national party. The Sanders campaign is energizing new voters to enter the process and is willing to fight for the issues that matter most to working Americans.

The biggest positive that Sen. Sanders has brought to the table has been a rejection of negative campaigning. His refusal to attack former Sec. of State Clinton has made his candidacy more acceptable to Democratic primary voters. Sanders isn’t running as a negative outsider bashing Clinton. In other words, he isn’t Donald Trump.

The support for Sen. Sanders that was once most visible in the early primary states has spread to the national polls, which means that Democrats have a real contest for their nomination.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is on the march and continuing to rise.

18 Replies to “Bernie Sanders Is Surging And Has Cut Hillary Clinton’s National Lead By More Than Half”

  1. …OK, but the main reason Hillarys scores go bouncy-bouncy is an unbelievable number o’ …ummm…less than genius pollees who STILL buy into the “Where there’s smoke there’s fire!” BS o’ the Republican’t Potty…also the “False Equivalency” screed still works…
    …suggestion: get peeps to take notes about the latest “Scandal du Jour” and track how it cycles out after a few weeks…

  2. Vermont senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has published a Daily Kos article calling for the end of private prisons. Sanders writes:

    “No one, in my view, should be allowed to profit from putting more people behind bars – whether they’re inmates in jail or immigrants held in detention centers. In fact, I believe that private prisons shouldn’t be allowed to exist at all, which is why I’ve introduced legislation to eliminate them.”
    This is a fairly revolutionary perspective for a presidential candidate. Sanders outright states that we should end—not reform, not dilute, but end—private prisons. Even Obama, who has been relatively outspoken on the need for criminal justice reform, has been tangled up in the private prison industry. In Obama’s first term alone, the two biggest private prison corporations received over $3 billion in federal contracts. And that doesn’t even include state facilities. Given the power that the private prison industry holds over politicians, Sanders’ stand against them is courageous.

    But does he go far enough? Read more

  3. What is your point exactly? While his legislation may not go far enough, even the author praises him for his “revolutionary perspective for a presidential candidate.”

  4. You people are really nuts. I posted the article because it praises Sanders in taking on a issue that needs to be discussed. But I guess if I don’t wipe his ass and sniff his underwear then I am an heretic. Get a life Child

  5. DJ, you are right. Here is a link in case you want to continue arguing with this character.

    Isn’t it strange that the wealthiest country in the planet has the highest incarceration rate? What that tells me is that either incarceration pays or it is a damn good way to get Chicanos and Blacks off the streets.

    I wonder how many rich kids are in the pokey for minor drug offenses? By any chance do you suppose not many.

  6. Ok, so your point was to praise to him. The last sentence(question) makes it seem kind of underhanded, so I was just checking.

  7. “I posted the article because it praises Sanders in taking on a issue that needs to be discussed.”

    The ironic thing about “child,” is that it’s going to be the “children” that elect the next Democratic nominee.

  8. …even I; who is usually wrapped up in me “WoW” game on me other laptop even whilst getting me news here…even I have noticed DJ follows the facts wherever they lead him…if ya wanna debate him, bring CREDIBLE evidence to back up what you say, or you’ll wind up in the undesirable position o’ bein’ the guy who brought a knife to a gun-fight…

  9. No doubt it is incredibly ambitious to take on the private prison industry. And the point taken from the article is not only the roots of the tree need treating but the branches and leaves as well. So, yes, is Senator Sanders plan enough? From what I’ve read and listened to his plan is to reform and move the system out of private hands over a period of years. I await more details in time. Senator Sanders ideas on many, many issues are ambitious. A key element in their success is that his supporters remain with him throughout the process voting in progressives all the way down to local dog catcher. Win or lose, I am curious to see how the Senator intends to keep his coalition of loyal supporters united and fighting for the cause.

  10. Nonsense. That is just the WSJ in desperation trying to move against Hillary Clinton in support of having a Republican move into the Oval Office in 2017. It’s not going to happen. Sanders has no national support. Middle America will not vote for a Socialist. The GOP knows they will slaughter him with negative ads and they desperately want him as the nominee. It’s not going to happen.

  11. You know who really hopes that Bernie sanders is surging. Yes it’s the GOP. You will not hear the GOP say anything bad about sanders unless he gets the nomination.they would love for this do nothing Senator to get the nomination. no way is a socialist going to become president. Yes this would be a sure win for the republicans. Check out his record in the senate. It was a poor lazy one.

  12. You people are missing out on the real issue here.

    In the short term the objective is a prison term that benefits large corporations financially.

    But the long term objective is to tag as many poor and middle class citizens with a FELONY so they are permanently barred from voting or holding elected office in most states. There are a few states that allow felons to vote (after a time of no more trouble) but they are few and far between.

    It doesn’t matter how many democratic leaning voters are in a district if many thousands of them can’t vote. This is just another successful way to restrict voting and stay in office even if you are a republican in a close to democrat majority congressional district where a few thousand votes make a huge difference.

    That’s the real repub motto “anything to stop people that will vote against me from voting.”

    All the rest is smoke and mirrors.

  13. What’s concerning most to read in this poll is how Ben Carson and Fiorina both beat Clinton head to head nationally. Good god if America votes in one of those nuts I’m giving up my citizenship.

  14. What kind of crap are you spouting? You seem very confused. The WSJ would not be desperate about a Clinton presidency – she’s completely in bed with them, bought and paid for. It’s Bernie who’s the one going up against Wall Street. All this fear-mongering of a GOP president is Shillary’s main campaign tactic to try and shut out Bernie supporters by claiming that if they vote for him he’ll lose the general. It’s nothing short of information terrorism. Well guess what? All the polls actually show Bernie doing equal OR BETTER than Hillary at defeating any of the potential Republican nominees in the general election, so that propaganda shit just isn’t gonna work against an informed public. Besides, the republicans aren’t scared of a Hillary presidency because they know she’s a big red elephant in blue clothing.

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