Five More Marijuana Studies Debunk Carly Fiorina’s Ignorant Reefer Madness Mindset


It is astonishing that in the 21st Century, the so-called “information age,” there are so many Americans who are woefully ignorant about nearly everything.  Included in that monumentally large  “group of stupid” are conservatives, particularly those Republican conservatives who still base their policies and agendas on information that is patently false or guaranteed to fail. One failed CEO seeking the Republican presidential nomination, Carly Fiorina, revealed why her tenure at Hewlett Packard was a “colossal fail.” One wonders if Fiorina attempted to head a leading technology company with information based on manual typewriters and a mindset demanding that employees use handwritten index cards as a means of keeping mountains of information and technological data. One thing is certain, if Fiorina’s knowledge, or lack thereof, of the tremendous medical advances and research verifying the many, many medical benefits of cannabis is anything like her knowledge of running a giant tech business, it is no wonder she is an epic failure.

Fiorina revealed her outdated “reefer madness” knowledge during a “tense interchange” with Shelly Van Winkle, a veteran of the Gulf War and the “first and only certified cannabis nurse” in Iowa. Van Winkle attended a voter forum at St. Ambrose University in Iowa last week, and as an advocate for Veterans asked Fiorina what she would do to make it easier for patients like veterans with PTSD, and children with cancer to access medicinal marijuana. Fiorina responded by saying “You’re not going to like my answer,” but she failed to add that her answer was based on lies and “reefer madness” ignorance which obviously would not have made her answer any more palatable.

Fiorina’s response related to her breast cancer diagnosis in 2009 when  her doctor asked “if I was interested in medicinal marijuana. I said ‘No,’ and he said,  “‘Good,’ because it’s a chemically complex compound that we do not understand — we do not understand how it reacts with chemotherapy. It is true today that before you get chemotherapy you cannot have any marijuana in your system for at least 30 days.” It was the wrong lie to tell a certified cannabis nurse or any semi-intelligent 21st Century American who gets their news from everywhere except Fox News, law enforcement, the pharmaceutical industry or reefer madness malcontents.

Ms. Van Winkle interrupted Fiorina’s ignorant spiel and said. “That’s no longer true.” Undeterred from her “reefer madness” sensibility, or scientific facts, Fiorina said “So I will also tell you something else. We lost a daughter to addiction;” as if that little factoid proved that reams and years’ worth of scientific and medical research and empirical data is wrong.

However sincere the business failure and mid-20th Century reefer madness acolyte may be, Fiorina’s  daughter was in no possible way lost to cannabis addiction; and Fiorina knows it. It is possible though, that Fiorina does not know that what the certified cannabis nurse said was true according to several peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies that prove the chemical compounds in marijuana when used in conjunction with chemotherapy hasten cancer cell destruction as well as destroying blood supplies to cancerous tumors. Fiorina’s doctor in 2009 was either lying or as ignorant as Fiorina; the several studies that prove cannabis as a lone cancer killer, or when used with chemotherapy, is a scientific fact that has been well documented at least a decade prior to 2009. It is also a scientific fact that the United States government admitted openly in the past month.

Now, this nonsense that Fiorina opposes medicinal marijuana, or recreational use, because she lost her daughter to drug and alcohol addiction has nothing whatsoever to do with marijuana; another fact one suspects Fiorina is likely aware of. But she still holds the “reefer madness” mindset a certain demographic can never abandon and immediately reverts to blaming weed.

One of five new studies that summarily debunked nearly every “reefer madness” belief specifically dealt with “Early Onset Pot Use” the researcher teams at two universities discovered “Is Not Associated With Adverse Outcomes in Adulthood.” The bunch of new studies, coupled with dozens of others, are a must-read for a monumental failure like Fiorina to avoid appearing as if she is either lying or stuck in 1950. Everything about her response in Iowa points to her living the “reefer madness” propaganda as if it were true. As far as weed and chemotherapy, there are studies linking better chemotherapy results when combined with cannabis; particularly for treating breast cancer.  One of the newest and most comprehensive studies deals with Fiorina’s other “issue” with marijuana; that it has anything to do with losing her daughter to drug and alcohol abuse.

Ignorant “reefer madness” devotees, like failure Fiorina,  are convinced that kids who experiment with, or use, weed will grow up to be drug-addicted failures, or at least less likely than non-users to be healthy, well-adjusted, and successful adults. However, a new peer-reviewed scientific study by researchers at the Pittsburgh School of Medicine and Rutgers University proved that is another lie.

The scientists examined whether male subjects who consumed cannabis between the ages of 15 and 26 differed in terms of socioeconomic, social, and life satisfaction outcomes by their mid-30s as compared to those who were either abstinent or only consumed it sparingly. The scientists reported that pot consuming subjects, including those who used the substance habitually, were “certainly not at a heightened risk for maladjustment in adulthood.”

The findings were particularly noteworthy because they defied researchers’ presumptions, and motivation for conducting the study, they readily confessed was solely to “provide peer-reviewed empirical evidence regarding the deadly consequences of marijuana legalization.” The scientists also published results of a separate evaluation in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors reporting that younger pot smokers were no more likely than their non-smoking peers to experience physical addiction or mental health issues later in life. The study decimates the “gateway drug” assertion proffered ad nauseum by big pharma and law enforcement; the two groups making the most money from keeping cannabis, for medicinal or recreational use, illegal.

Some of the other topics scientists recently debunked about reefer madness resulting from marijuana use are that decriminalization will create a nation of drug-addled teenagers, marijuana is a substitute for alcohol and ‘hard drugs‘ such as heroin, cannabis encourages higher opioid use, and that cannabis decriminalization will drive teens to use more marijuana. Just like the claims for years that cannabis has no medicinal benefits, scientists looking for proof that weed is a killer were stunned, and at least objective and honest enough to admit, that there is nothing whatsoever true about reefer madness.

As this column has stated in the past, marijuana is likely not a miracle drug and is certainly not for everyone. However, its value as a cancer-killer, and myriad other human afflictions, has been well-documented for decades; just not in America. There is no way the pharmaceutical industry is going to sit idly by and allow a common weed that can treat a world of infirmities become legal any more than law enforcement drawing federal dollars based on interdiction and confiscation efforts.

It is impossible to know for sure if Carly Fiorina is just an ignorant dolt running her mouth about the reefer madness effect of cannabis because she is stuck in the 1950s, or if she suffers from PTSD after losing her daughter to drug and alcohol addiction. Whatever Fiorina’s particular dysfunction, as the only certified cannabis nurse in Iowa said “The rest of the world has moved on. In the U.S., we let people die.” And it is because of the pharmaceutical industry and law enforcement greed, as well as ignorant devotees of reefer madness like Carly Fiorina.

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  1. along with ‘Reefer Madness’ was the ‘proven’ statistical research that statistically said weed was the first step to heroin..

    the phrase the first one is always free to get one to stop on the highway to hell..

    eventually when the ‘statistic’ was actually analyzed what was found that the only group surveyed was heroin addicts..

    it wasn’t a survey of actual weed users… but the conclusion has stayed around forever…

    pot leads inevitably to heroin…

  2. I don’t know why she is taking seriously given her record at Hewlett Packard. I swear the media will pump up failures and tear down people with real accomplishments.

  3. Must-See Ginny Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Thomas) Talk on Planned Parenthood!

    “Planned Parenthood ‘Preys’ On Young Women”
    “PP using women for Money”
    “They can change heart/minds on Sex”.

    I foresee Millions of Orphanages all across America. (like the Prison System)

    If you cannot watch entire video…
    Start at 1:25.

    This is mind blowing…
    Knowing their panacea for the control of Woman’s Bodies!

  4. Shelly Van Winkle’s story is both truly inspiring and patriotic. Sad to learn that funding for her research
    got jerked out from under her. No telling how many
    PTSD tragedies could’ve been averted if she had not
    confronted Carly-style ignorance. Education, medicat-
    ion, legislation NOW! Selassie I…

  5. Don’t forget the piano playing. If pot were legal there wouldn’t be enough to go around.Maybe they could be replaced by saxophones? Serious problem here. Only horseface could see it coming in all her wisdom and grace.

  6. …how people can ignore her abject failures in her business career and coo what a SUCCESS she was…{spits}

  7. Carly Fiorina is a liar who wouldn’t know the truth if it hit her over the head. She’s also a massive failure at business.

    The idea of her running the country should scare anyone, but why the media is giving her so much credence is beyond me. If they gave her the grilling and attention they’re giving Hillary Clinton over those damn emails, she wouldn’t last two seconds.

  8. Her “child” was in fact her step-daughter, who died at the age of 35 due to an prescription drug addiction.

  9. This isn’t about Carly Fiorina’s ignorance to marijuana and it’s medicinal purposes. This medicine is making a real difference in people’s lives. And not just adults either. Kids with Neurological disorders are benefiting from marijuana as well.

    I’ve been using marijuana for chronic high blood pressure since 2002 (not prescribed). It works 200% better than the Amlodipine I am prescribed. The pills are hard to level out and maintain a constant good BP level. I get too little and it stays high, or I get too much and then my BP bottoms out at 99/55 and I feel like I’m going to die. When I smoke just “1 gram” of marijuana per day, my BP maintains a constant 118/72. My Doctor is happy when he checks my BP every visit.

    Its time someone becomes an advocate and stands up for patients who suffer from illnesses that a simple weed can control naturally, and without harsh chemicals that can’t be good for the human body. And I’ve smoked pot for many years and have never done heroin, …

  10. Maybe if Mommy paid more attention to her children, she could have noticed her daughters illness in time to actually save her life. Seems Ms. Fiorina is lax in not just knowledge but also parenting, business, and facts. I guess buying a yacht, planes, homes and a big bank acct. is more important than family. Carly, fyi, Hillary managed to raise a healthy, brilliant daughter while being quite successful.

  11. As a single mom with only one child – a son – sometimes the parents aren’t always to blame if children go astray or fall down the rabbit hole. Whatever one’s parents did or did not give them emotionally, at some point we all have to become the masters of our own fate.

    I may have heard him play Devin The Dude, but I know I did a wonderful job as a single parent.

  12. The cost of prohibition of marijuana in 1937 & all other drugs probably equals half the national debt . Drug interdiction alone is over $1 trillion dollars , cost of new prisons , incarsceration costs , judicial costs , law enforcement costs , attorney fees , the destruction of a large segment of our poorest citizen by putting felony convictions on their record (no longer employable) & and the corresponding costs associated with public assistance for the families involved may equal the $17 trillion national debt . Go ahead & throw in the cost of refugees from Mexico , Central & South America due to our funding of Drug Cartels that destroy any hope for these refugees in their own countries & safety . Add that price in also . Then add in the cost of revenue lost & taxes lost of legal sales & we’d have a balanced budget , but don’t tell the a–hole Republicans . Prohibition kills !

  13. Ms Fiorina is not a Mommy. She is a step-parent, her husband’s daughter was raised by her own mother who got custody in their divorce & is a tad perturbed by Fiorina’s blatant use of the daughter as a political tool.

  14. The republicans are over the moon right now that bag of bones Carly is getting some of Trumps followers. As soon as they can marginalize him, they’ll be through with her. Repugs don’t want a woman to be the leader of their party. How many women are in leadership positions in the House? I believe it’s a grand total of one. Same could be said for Carson. Although I think he’ll do himself in, republicans can’t have a black man be their nominee! Is there even a black repub in the house now that Allen West is gone? Does Tim Scott even chair a senate committee? The republican nominee must be a white male! Carly and Ben will be gone as soon as they get rid of Trump.

  15. gee I live in Oregon. today is Sept 28. Wed is Oct 1. too bad for you Carly recreational for Oregonians
    we’re responsible recreation :-P

  16. I tried cannabis in 1967 and am still glad I did. I had used alcohol some and of course found out that hangovers are not a lot of fun. You all know the demon weed is not a poison so no hangovers. Then over the years my girlfriends (3 of them) asked to get some weed when they had the monthly cramps because it really cut down on that cramping. I got busted for cultivation in Ohio in 2014 and had to stop getting high. As you know I suffered no withdrawal at all. I miss it still but so what? This person Carly reminds me of the wicked witch of the west and is completely, inhumanly troglodytic. What a nasty woman she is. She lies for the base vote I suppose. I had to quit smoking weed for probation and really it is no big deal. I’ll get off probation in December and get some more. My judge, a democrat thank God laughed about my crime and asked to stop until legalization. I did. Fiorina won’t be the nominee but she is gross enough to be. Just one more nasty, forgettable thug.

  17. Kudos to Sens. Cory Booker,D-NJ, Kirsten Gillibrand,D-
    NY, and Rand Paul,R-Ky for proposing legislation that
    would legalize state medical marijuana programs un-
    der federal law and reclassify marijuana as a Schedule
    II drug under the Controlled Substance Act. Politicians
    who oppose legal access to medical marijuana include
    hard-line anti-legalization Rep. Andy Harris,R-Md.,and
    Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz,D-Fla. Know your
    enemies, mi yutes.

  18. Once again someone else has to call out Carly Fiorina’s lies because the MSM won’t. True journalism in America is dead. “News” programming has been reduced to ratings grabbing sound bites. As a result, you get a massive car full of clowns running for the Republican nomination instead of level headed thoughtful politicians. They’ve all been pushed ot of the Republican Party.

  19. …I foresee that when Carlys brief foray into politics ends, she can have a looong career playing Wicked Stepmothers, Witches,{Evil} and any other Evil beotches Disney can dream up…

  20. No one with more than one active brain cell pays any heed to what issues from a pathological liar’s mouth.

  21. Just one toke won’t do it for someone as stupid as Carly. She needs to smoke an entire joint of some wicked stuff!

  22. I think that was the thinking in San Antonio, although a bit early. They tried to drop a curtain on her, couldn’t get a house.

  23. In 1974 in my Junior year of “High School” a local church purchased the movie Reefer Madness and went to the schools and asked them to show it to all the students. Of course because a church was presenting it the school board made it mandatory to attend. Well the only students who did attend were the “sucks” and “preppies” and bible kids. The rest of us were on “Smokers Hill” were students who smoked cigarettes were allowed to smoke. Well we weren’t smokin’ just Marlboro’s I can tell you. I smoked pot all 4 years of “High School” and still graduated with A and B grades except for gym..I couldn’t care less for Phys.Ed. even though I was great at all the sports.

  24. For most of my life, I accepted what Big Brother taught: that MJ is dangerous, addictive, a gateway drug. Recently I wondered: the “establishment” lies about so many other things. Is Reefer Madness another lie?

    Yes. Yes it is.

    The gov’t finally admitting the benefits of medical marijuana. No substantive evidence that weed’s more harmful or more addictive than tobacco, morphine, alcohol, etc.

    Big Pharma, vested in keeping cheap, effective, easily accessible drugs illegal. Ditto the tobacco and alcohol industries, wanting to suppress competition from recreational marijuana.

    All the money to “protect” America from weed. Filling jails with non-violent offenders who’ve harmed no one. Esp. with discriminatory policing: African Americans more likely to be arrested and convicted, more harshly sentenced.

    I still think marijuana is stinky. But it doesn’t stink as much as the lies told about it.

  25. The Marijuana Laws were concieved in the racist attacks on Mexicans, Blacks and Friends and are still the corner stone of the Police State. Any politician who still wants to put folks in jail for pot is not morally fit to represent the rights and freedom of the people. Carly is a flunkie for the Oligarchs or at least wants to be but is void of new ideas.

  26. Clifton , it was racists , probable cause of Prohibition of Cannibus in 1937 were the hemp farms in South Caolina where black labor was used to produce hemp rope for ships , still make hemp rope , the laborers enjoyed smoking the leaves , stalks used for rope , can’t have black folks enjoy life , hence we got Prohibition of Cannibus , another Religious Movement .

  27. Weed has been medically proven to actually kill cancer cells . Celebrating 50 years of smoking weed this year , looks good on odds now to stay cancer free , how nice , also proven to have positive effects for PTSD , has positive effects on stress also , war is far more harmful than a few tokes whenever !

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