After Failing To Defund Planned Parenthood Ted Cruz Throws A Tantrum And Trashes John Boehner

ted cruz trashes boehner on senate floor

After his latest attempt to trigger a government shutdown and defund Planned Parenthood failed, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) threw a tantrum on the Senate floor and trashed John Boehner.


During his nearly hour-long campaign speech on the Senate floor, Cruz came up with some wild conspiracy theories including the idea that John Boehner has surrendered and joined with the Democratic Party to carry out President Obama’s priorities.

Cruz said:

But in the House, we’ve still got that 30, 40, 50 strong conservatives, so how is it that Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell could promise there will never, ever be a shutdown? Because, I believe, Speaker Boehner has decided to cut a deal with Leader Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats, that this dirty CR that’s going to be passed out of the Senate is going to go to the House, and the speaker is going to take it up on the floor, pass it with all the Democrats, just like Leader McConnell just did, and a handful of Republicans who will go with Republican leadership. A very significant percentage of Republicans will vote “No.” But here is the problem. Speaker Boehner’s done that more than once, and in this instance there were too many Republicans who were tired of seeing their leadership lead the Democrats, rather than lead the Republican party.

I believe if Speaker Boehner had done that, had passed a dirty CR funding Planned Parenthood, funding this Iranian nuclear deal, that he would have lost his speakership. A member of the House had introduced a motion to vacate the chair because House Republicans were fed up with their leader not leading, at least not leading their party, leading the Democratic Party.

So, Speak Boehner faced a conundrum. If he does what he and Leader McConnell promised, which is fund all of Barack Obama’s priorities, he would have lost his job. So what did he do? He announced he’s resigning as speaker and resigning as a member of Congress.

That is unsurprising, but it also telegraphs the deal he’s just cut. It’s a deal to surrender and join with the Democrats. Notice he said he’s going to stay a month. He’s going to stay a month to join with the Democrats and fund Barack Obama’s priorities.

Cruz’s little fit came a day after Boehner called the Senator from Texas a false prophet who promises things that he knows can’t be accomplished.

Both Cruz and Rand Paul were looking to use a government shutdown to boost their dead and dying presidential campaigns. Cruz and Paul have been buried by Trump, Carson, and Fiorina. Their campaigns have flatlined, and each of them desperately needed the publicity that would have come with a government shutdown.

Ted Cruz lost today because he could not get enough support in the Senate for a roll call vote on an amendment that would have put in place one year ban on federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

The Republican Party is coming apart at the seams, and Democrats have a front row seat for the GOP’s spectacle of self-destruction.

83 Replies to “After Failing To Defund Planned Parenthood Ted Cruz Throws A Tantrum And Trashes John Boehner”

  1. Oh Ted. You are such a big bag of wind. Even your GOP Senate mates hate you for being such an ass. Why don’t you go back to Texas and join daddy’s church grifting business. You’ll make far more money, and you can whine about big bad government from the pulpit and never fear that the IRS will take away your tax exemptions, even though they should. Meanwhile, shut up and let this country get back to work.

  2. I for the life of me just can not see the often talked of brilliance of Ted Cruz. His speeches are overblown and childish. This man is no great debater by my lights. I know some professors at Harvard thought well of his skills but what interests me more is what female students thought of him. Creepy was the most often stated description of Mr Cruz. He is no senator. Has he ever passed a bill? I never saw any smarts in J McCarthy either who is Cruz’s apparent role model. He says he idolizes Churchill but lacks any of Churchills humanity, toughness or resolve. Cruz connects with desperate fools while Churchill led a modern global nation at war and peace. Cruz isn’t worthy to shine even John Boehners shoes. The mans seems a maniac on a good day. No humor or warmth about him. He’s a third rate actor in the GOP mold. if I trailed Trump, Carson and Fiorina in my chosen field I would retire.

  3. This guy is Fn crazy and by the way a traitor who continually wants to hold our country hostage to get his bastardized religious philosophy accepted ; Texas republicans are all lunatics.

  4. Behold! The way Crruz acts in the Senate would be the way he’d act as POTUS. Whenever he didn’t get what he wanted, he’d throw a temper tantrum better than any three year old, and he’d shame us all, much more than he does now.

  5. It amazes me this man has not been impeached. He is a big problem to this country. He can trash Boehner all he wants but it makes him look like a total loser. Boehner is doing the right thing. Cruz never does anything right and why he has to go.

  6. His mother, Lady Elaine Fairchilde, must be so disappointed and will not be inviting him back to the Museum Go Round for dinner any time soon.

  7. I interpret this as campaign oxygen deprivation. A brain starved of oxygen is like a campaign starved of media attention. The first response is panic. This is panic.

  8. Ted Cruz is very dangerous!

    Because he will do anything for GOD!
    He so believes the Religious~Fantasy his Father has feed him:

    Ted Cruz’ Father Suggests Ted is “Anointed” to “Bring The Spoils Of War To The Priests”

    Watch Ted actually being Anointed by other Republican Leadership:

    Republican’s need to rein this guy in.

  9. #StandwithPP. Tuesday, September 29 is Planned Parenthood’s Pink Out Day.

    Saw a good post on PP’s action site from “Marie”: “Wanna prevent abortions? It’s simple really……REQUIRE FORCED VASECTOMIES.”

    LMAO! No need for contraceptives OR abortions. If only Teddy’s Pops had been so prescient.

    For a sobering look at GOP ignorance, stupidity, and misogyny, check out PP’s Quick Sex Ed Lesson For Tonight’s GOP Debate Candidates at:

  10. What Ted Cruz has STILL not figured out is that a democracy works when the various portions of the political spectrum work TOGETHER to fashion legislation that has broad-based appeal. That does not suggest that it will make everyone happy — indeed, it is likely that both the far left and the far right will nearly always be unhappy.

    But he’s talking, what, 30, 40, maybe 50 conservatives in the House who will be very unhappy? Out of 435. Let’s give him the 50. That means that we should allow 11.5% of the House dictate national policy? I’m sorry, Mr. Cruz. It just doesn’t work that way.

    I’m sorry that you haven’t figured any of this out. You are supposedly a bright boy — but you haven’t done much in the last year or two to demonstrate it. All we get are hissy fits more in line with what one might expect from an 11-year-old. Or bullying tactics that one might expect from a 17-yo. GROW UP. Learn how Congress is supposed to work. Or go home.

  11. I really hope this Planned Parenthood debacle turns out to be political suicide for every one of these morons.

    Ted Cruz, your time is up. The nation has moved on into the 21st century, and you’re still hung on up on the 19th.

  12. Cruz is the clown who famously read “Green Eggs and Ham” during his pointless little fake filibuster, and who entirely missed the point of the story, a point which any average six-year-old can grasp without difficulty.

    That tells me all I need to know about Cruz’ alleged intelligence.

  13. How pathetic! Campaign speeches should not be allowed to be made on the congressional floor. He is such a bad sport because he can clearly see he’s not going to be president. So he has a tantrum because he won’t be allowed to shut down the government and he can’t win anything because he insists the vote has to go his way. What a childish way to behave at his age. I think I would have to consider moving to another country if he were to become the “leader” of the USA. He is one dangerous fellow!

  14. I have to disagree with you. This has nothing to do with god whether Ted Cruz admits it or not. It has everything to do with Ted Cruz. It has always been about him. He’s more of an egomaniac than Trump. I do agree with you on your point that he is dangerous. The people who voted him in have no clue as to what they’ve unleashed on the American people.

  15. The only thing about God and
    Cruz is the fact that Cruz seems to think he is God. I don’t think he and his dad are even religious, it is something that they are using as a front, I still do not think he is an American. Is his mother in hiding?
    I know I would be if I was his mother.

  16. It hasn’t been produced yet but I find it strange that the media raised all types of hell about the Presidents birth certificate but so far nothing but crickets when it comes to his mothers birth certificate.

  17. Texas republicans are like too many NC republicans. They are immigrants. The Bush family came from Maine to take every drop of oil from Texas hicks they could steal. They knew how lucrative politics were and branched out.
    Ted Cruz is a Canadian. We hear stories about his mother but no one has ever seen her. Or mama and daddy’s marriage license. His mother doesn’t seem to have ever been in the picture.
    That’s why the republicans hate immigrants so much while bringing them in by the truck load to work. My Granny always told me “The only person you ever really know is yourself. So you think everyone is like you. Watch their actions and you will see by what they say about others exactly what they are under the skin.”
    Actions speak louder than words, we see what the republican party has become.
    In almost 80 years I have seen it almost always be true. Some of the smarter sharks are better at it but if you watch and listen long enough they always reveal themselves.

  18. When is Cruz going to join Boehner and put himself out to pasture and us out of the misery of having to listen to him whine?

  19. I agree with you Rick. The only thing all these conservative tea-baggers that claims God talks to them have in common is they are hypocrites just exactly like EVERY TV preacher I have ever seen. Just another facet of show business. And show business is BUSINESS, if you pay attention it’s run by the same kind of people. Look how rich that immigrant, Rupert Murdoch is now and how he keeps gobbling up every single source of information Americans have. You have to buy a lot of goslings before you find a goose that grows up to lay Golden eggs. It’s all the price of doing business. With GWB the Supreme Court had to set on the egg his administration hatched from and award him the Presidency in name only..but Lordy look how much gold the few reaped from that and will for many decades to come. Until Americans finally understand who our enemies really are.

  20. “He says he idolizes Churchill…”
    And yet he is seemingly ignorant of Churchill’s attitude toward war: “To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war.”

    If Cruz were not a hypocrite, he would be praising the President and the other signatories to the Iran agreement.

  21. As a Canadian in Canada, I feel relieved that Cruz voluntarily left our nation. At the same time, I feel shame that he is such an asshole and everyone knows he’s Canadian born. Usually, notable Canadians are worthy of admiration, so think about stuff like the Canadarm that we created for space exploration, and the insulin Canadians created to overcome diabetes. Accept Cruz as a fellow American and sink him with the rest of the GOP. The world needs Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton is almost as good, but Bernie is free of obligations except to ‘we the people’ of the world.

  22. The GOPs’ insanity is not knowing how the Constitution works, not knowing what the roll of Congress is & how for 230+ years compromise has been what has made Congress work.

    History shows that anytime one party or another dug their heels in and refused to compromise they either soon died (Whigs & Federalists) and replaced by parties that would work together for the common good of the Nation. Or, Civil War (Southern Democrats) that nearly tore this country a part. Thankfully, saner heads worked to end the conflict (Northern Dems & Republicans). But, of course this was when Republicans were sane & considered themselves Progressive.

  23. I need to look up Cruz’s address in D.C. I’ll send him a baby parcel consisting of diapers, pacifiers, bottles, formulas, and bibs and baby wipes. God knows he needs them

  24. Cruz is not very smart. Off the rails, yes; smart, no. Sociopathic and dangerous, yes.

    His looks remind me of a vampire.

  25. Sally,
    I thought the same thing in 2012 when Kay Bailey Hutchinson hung it up. Look at what we got: SOMEBODY MUCH, MUCH WORSE.
    I am afraid we are stuck with a Ted Cruz reelection in 2018. But in 2024, Texas will get rid of the SOB because of the Hispanic Paradox.
    I suspect a rather large percentage of Texans are too dumb to understand what I am saying but when they finally catch on, they are going to be scared shitless.

  26. That is a great analogy Mathme. I even had to go and get a picture of the “great orator Lady Elaine Fairchilde.” I guess kicking the Froggs out wasn’t enough…. lol.”Okay toot’s” move along now.

  27. Boehner called Turd Crud a “Jackass” at the summer retreat, I think in the future you’re going to see John release his true feelings about the infants in the Reich Wing and how difficult it is to deal with such willful ignorance and unfounded hatred. It’s obvious why he drank so! He was dealing with a bunch of fraggin’ idiots who refused to act like REAL adults or as REAL patriots.

  28. Better be careful Teddy-boy, the coup is going down fast and it could turn on YOU any day…be careful old spor…

  29. …as I said before, Cruz needs to be re-anointed by We the People…Louisville Sluggers preferred anointment vessel, but what-the-Hell, even a brick-bat will do…

  30. John, John Boehner is not “trash” he has been in politics even before Turd Crud was out of High School. John Boehner has done some good things BEFORE this debacle called the Tea Potty thrusts it’s ugly head out of the womb of Christian Conservatism. Tell me John could YOU handle those maniacal misanthropes as well as John Boehner did? He did the best he could considering the circumstances.

  31. …Tez Crud is a sociopathetic moron who has a hyper-inflated ego, sense o’ self-worth, and hero complex…Idolizes one o’ the wisest men in British politics, Sir Winston Churchill but doesn’t even TRY to emulate him…the folks o’ Texas need to wise up quick…all this bastard is is TROUBLE…

  32. These are the kind of moments that make me wish the Senate wasn’t so damn prim and proper. The jackass wasted an hour of precious time to whine, bitch and moan about his scheme blowing up in his face… it makes me want to hear someone just stand up and yell ‘SHUT UP!’ to him.

    I know it would never fly in the Senate, but come on… let a man dream.

  33. Blame his father who intentionally raised him to his very own puppet of revenge. Papa Cruz groomed Baby Cruz to be an aberrant charismatic religious style Manchurian Candidate. Teddy takes his orders from his tyrannical father…

    So, when they make the movie, Raphael Cruz should be played by Paul Giamatti, portrayed like “Doctor Gene” his well-acted character in the Brian Wilson Story, “Love and Mercy”. A must see!

  34. Ted Cruz, Congress is NO place for baby politicians / pseudo-representatives.

    You need some quiet time with a pacifier.

    This is a great article!

  35. I’m just wondering when implosion finally hits. They are so smart that they have outsmarted themselves. Time after time they still never learn their lesson.

  36. You are absolutely correct, Shadowolf – the resemblances are remarkable, especially the Cruzzz/McCarthy comparison. Cruzzz is just as despicable as McCarthy in thought word and deed as well.

  37. I completely agree with you about the main stream media controlling the information. MSNBC just replaced Ed Schultz with Chuck Todd! Are there any news stations left that is a right wing propaganda machine?

  38. As far as someone running against Cruz in Texas, eh, one can wish. Miracles do happen. Wendy Davis did make a big splash herself.

    Sadly, Texas is a wholly owned GOP corporation. I read my local news feeds here in Texas and they all practically orgasm over Ted. They want exactly what he wants … total chaos in Washington and they’re far too stupid to realize why that’s a bad idea. They’re in for the drama and the gore.

  39. I used to think Cruz was a half-assed politician. I now believe he has totally committed to be an ass-whole idiot.

  40. Why do you lay these troubles on an already troubled Senate? Can you not see? Your nation is wearied by your malcontent, your warmongering?

  41. When thinking of his Mother, you’d think she would step forward with her birth certificate, to prove he is a citizen. She most certainly has heard and read the questions. You would also believe the rethugs who questioned Pres. Obama’s birth would demand it. if only to shut people up. I’m of the opinion she is unable too. Anyone else? Cruz and his crazy Father thought they could bamboozle the whole nation, with their God image and place Cruz on a throne.

  42. Jo C….I too live in in this God Forsaken Hell-Hole…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and I do NOT Watch the Local news ANYMORE….!!! the Sunday paper ONLY for the TELEVISION GUIDE….!!!!…and NEVER LISTEN TO LOCAL RADIO TALK SHOWS….!!!!…for they are NOTHING BUT PURE RAGS AND FILTH…!!!!!!…So far I have survived…!!…Makes One Want To Throw Right Up as a Friend of Mine Says.!!!!!…..GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Christina….And REMEMBERING COME NOVEMBER,2016 when THEY COME OUT DROVES TO VOTE….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!….and it will NOT BE GOOD NEWS FOR THAT ILK….!!!!!!!!…CANNOT WAIT…!!!!!!…and GO HILLARY….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Oh, so there’s a “reason why people are fed up with Washington.”
    Yeah Ted, with people like you in Congress, how do you expect us to feel?
    Nobody likes you, not even in the Senate.
    Why don’t you just go away? Don’t go away mad, just GO AWAY!

  45. Had enough? Well, have ya?? Rafael Eduardo Cruz Jr. has over-stayed his welcome even with his cohorts in the Senate. They will stay on script. They know Rafael Eduardo Cruz Jr. would permanently kill the once proud Republican party. But, have you had enough? Join us in 2016 in getting out the vote and electing a Democratic House and Senate. Join us to elect a Democratic Congress in 2015. – – – >The Progressive Turnout Project,25,50,100,250,500,1000&

  46. Telling the truth about Congress and calling out fellow Republicans for not holding up their end of their promises is a tantrum? You people are truly mentally defective.

  47. @Dcbos, name the religious based legislation that Cruz has proposed. you won’t be able to. He is for protection of religious freedoms guaranteed in the constitution. He is calling out the GOP for career big gov’t politicians they are. I know yu all don’t like that, because you love the big nanny state.

  48. Do your dumbass know anything about governing or are you an arsonist willing to hurt people when your bullshit has no chance of passing?

  49. I sure hope so. Because whether or not it’s Clinton or Sanders that wins the Democratic Nomination. They’ll both face the same BULL SH** that Obama has had to put up with the last 7 1/2 years. I have to admit. I HAVE NO CLUE on were on GOD’S GREEN EARTH he got the STRENGTH to run for a second term, though I’m glad he did, but I wouldn’t last a millisecond without hitting the floor FROM HEART FAILURE the stress alone would kill me. So Kudos to him for his Dedication, Determination, Gumption, Attitude, and wherewithal to undertake what he KNEW WOULD BE HELL ON EARTH.

  50. Dumbass read the constitution
    First Amendment – Religion and Expression. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  51. Unfortunately we as sane Texans are outnumbered by goofballs who believe the Republicrats will keep them in bluebonnets and barbecue for life. We have several of our top Republicrat office holders are fighting to stay out of jail. [Our Attorney General among others/] We Democrats have to work harder to get out OUR vote. Hope for us.

  52. Unlikely, Sally. At least, the primary system would be unlikely to unseat him – more likely to replace him with an equally nutty ultra-conservative, and statewide, the R’s will carry at this point. Non-conservative voters are growing in the state (Houston, San Antonio, the valley are blue, for instance), but are not voting in high enough numbers to tip the balance yet. Hopefully soon – the choices when Cruz initially ran were abysmal. He may have been the better option of the R candidates. The Dem never had a shot.

  53. Speaker John Boehner was Right about calling Ted Cruz a “Jackass”. This man has no scruples or morals to speak of. He only cares for himself and his party. He couldn’t care less about the ordinary Americans who are hardworking and yet find it hard to eke out a decent living.

  54. Out of more than a dozen state investigations so far, inquests by health officials in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Dakota have each exonerated the embattled women’s healthcare provider Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, including allegations of illegally selling fetal tissue. Exactly none of these investigations turned up evidence matching the accusations made by deceptively-edited videos released by an outfit called the Center for Medical Progress. Because of course not.
    It is at the local and state level where TEA-Republicans have cause the greatest damage!
    You cannot fight from your living room or kitchen, you will have to get out and work at it!
    We ALL must get involved in the process!
    Currently our Congress is worth-less!
    It is at the local and state level where TEA-Republicans have cause the greatest damage!
    ¡Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! #‎rams‬ ‪#‎asualumni ‪#‎Hunger‬ ‪- #POTUSisStillPOTUS#BLUEHOUSTON #USAF

  55. Ted: if you are truly committed to the anti establishment movement and against the RINO Republican agenda, I call upon you to prove it to the American citizens: run as an Independent. Hollow words of a hypocrite condemning government and collecting a government paycheck, condemning GOP and remaining a remember of the GOP. The mask is slipping off your face Cruz. — signed a Democrat

  56. I will say one thing on this post: Boehner called Ted Cruz a “JACKASS”. That’s fine with me. IF a Republican who has annoyed the hell out of us, and Obama can call that Jackass a Jackass, then he spoke for me (us). Yeah, Cruz is a Jackass. There, I said it again. It’s worth repeating.

    But you know we got to look at ALL his supporters—-They too are a bunch of Jackasses for following and admiring this False Prophet (another good one said by Boehner).So,there you have it. Ted Cruz is in the toilet. Republicans MUST flush him, before he continues to stink up their atmosphere. Who cares, anyway. I don’t. I thank the Political Gods, that WE Democrats DON’T have a character like him in our midst. Right? Say Amen. ;)

  57. Please don’t kick Texas out of The Union , I’m stuck in Texas , home of more ignorant assholes than you can imagine , it’s beyond belief

  58. And so Sally, you might get another GOMHERT…But I guess even that would be better then that holier then though CRUZ….. He may be a Canadian but believe me, he certainly acts like a holier then me true blue TEXAN..

  59. Shadowolf, when I read your comment the scene in the Bugs Bunny cartoon with the Sheriff of Nottingham when Bugs plays the King and Anoints the Sheriff with his septor quite hard in the cranium….You are too kind your Majesty!!

  60. I live in NC and the Republicans have taken over my State as well. Of course the wealthy vote Republican and then we have plenty of redneck hicks here that are gullible enough to buy into the Republican bullsh*t that Obama will take their guns and Bibles. It’s depressing.

  61. I know how you suffer with the stupidly. I have family members who applaud those GD plutocrats: and what gets me the most is how poor they are, jobless and undernourished, and yet they vote in Republicanism. They are stupefied by religion that uses their holy-holy pulpit to involve themselves in politics. Law states “separation of religion and state.” And it’s made that way for a reason it causes wars – lie wars. This country by Constitution is progressive and was intended to be weaned off of the European teat; in other words, cast off the coat of memes and separate ourselves from their ideals -their political viruses and cootified mentality. Now our country is dangerous toward others.

  62. My sister lives in Raleigh. She hates the scumbags who now run the state but she doesn’t want to leave. She thinks if enough people vote Blue in 2016 they can change the government. I told her the gerrymandering and electronic voting machine domination of the political process means NC will be a red state for many more years to come.

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