GOP Leadership Purge May Continue As Conservative “Ditch Mitch” Voices Grow Louder

John Boehner’s surprise Friday resignation announcement was applauded by right-wing conservatives who had long sought to push Speaker Boehner out of his leadership position in Congress. Purging Boehner from the top leadership position in the U.S. House strengthened the tea party’s grip on the Republican Party.

However, tea party Republicans may not be finished yet. In the three days since Boehner’s announcement, calls for removing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from the Senate leadership have become louder and more strident as well.

For example, a Monday morning article from the influential conservative magazine National Review, titled “Show Mitch McConnell the Door”, insisted that McConnell should force a government shutdown over funding for Planned Parenthood and then pin the blame on President Obama. The author of the piece, Christian Whiton, goes on to argue that because McConnell is not effective at fighting Obama, he should vacate his leadership position in the Senate, and let a more confrontational Republican take over.

The National Review piece comes just two days after RNC Vice Chairman and Louisiana GOP Chair Roger Villere posted on Facebook “McConnell need to resign!” Villere is the longest serving state Republican chairperson in the country.

The forces that swept Boehner out of power, will have a tougher time removing McConnell. Senate Republicans aren’t quite as fickle as their colleagues in the House, and leadership struggles in the Senate are typically less frequent and less intense. Nevertheless, the right-wing’s growing impatience could pose a threat to the Senate Majority Leader.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll conducted from September 20th to 24th, 2015, found that 72 percent of GOP primary voters were dissatisfied with McConnell and Boehner as their party’s leaders. Speaker Boehner was no doubt aware of his unpopularity when he decided to call it quits.

While Senate Majority Leader McConnell will stubbornly try to hold on, the intensity of Republican opposition towards the Kentucky Senator may eventually prove too much for him to stomach. McConnell probably isn’t headed out the leadership door yet, but he might already have one eye on the exit.

18 Replies to “GOP Leadership Purge May Continue As Conservative “Ditch Mitch” Voices Grow Louder”

  1. The Tea nuts are mad as he// because Boehner & McTurtle are not obstructing fast enough, they know time is running out for all of them & they need haste to make waste of America. #VoteBlue2016.

  2. He brought this upon himself. Just a little bit of cooperation with Pres Obama so he could get work done for his constituents and the people of America would have helped him build a bulwark against the crazies in his own party.

    He was blinded by his own racial prejudice and hatred of Pres Obama and now he is teetering on losing his leadership of the senate. It remains to be seen if he will stay in the senate if he is overthrown.

    But with Boner and McConnell gone how can the business of this country get done when we need a working congress to move forward?

    I think of Boner and McConnell sort of like corks in the tops of some very shaken up champaign bottles. Who know where the liquid will spray once the cork is removed?

    All of the sudden Nov 2016 seems like a long time away.

  3. Let the Crusades begin, (or should that be continue), Free tickets to the coliseum to watch the battle.

    Popcorn and drink of your choice not provided, as a lot of us can no longer afford this luxury.

  4. …also expressed as: These Shitheads wanna turn the USA into the septic tank they prefer before we kick ’em to the curb…

  5. It’s gettin’ pretty interesting in D.C. lately. Hope the chaos has time to develop and show voters what they really asked for.
    Maybe 2016 will bring better understanding to voters.

  6. “The true leader is a different sort; he seeks effective
    activity which has a truly beneficient purpose. He
    inspires others to follow in his wake, and holding
    aloft the torch of wisdom, leads the way for society
    to realize its genuinely great asperations.”
    Haile Selassie

  7. McConnell ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    The crazy republican base hates McConnell because he won’t use the “nuclear option” and get rid of the filibuster and force their conservative agenda on America. They blame Mitch for abetting Obama in everything from Planned Parenthood to Obamacare.

    They never tell you the dirty little secret that even without the filibuster, they don’t have the votes to override a presidential veto. Funny how the Constitution works.


  8. Around and around we go, where we land nobody will know.

    That is going to be our situation I think, unfortunately, until 2016. Boehner gone, and McConnell on his way, Congress will be unraveling the country more than we have ever seen before.

    Tighten your seat belts, it is going to be mayhem.

  9. Your absolutely right, he isn’t going anywhere. Except to maybe the minority after the next election in 2016. This is his dream job. They’ll still keep him as minority leader if they lose the senate to the dems. He’s mastered obstruction to a fine art, and idiots like Cruz know it. Tantrums get them their much needed attention. Beside Ky will re-elect this idiot as long as he desires the job. Count on him being there for a while longer.

  10. Point taken.

    Pretty hard to gerrymander the Senate, much less POTUS. But shhhs, don’t tell that to the Fox News, or the true believers, it’ll be devastating and prophetic.

  11. ignorant to the bone Tea Party ; want to turn this country into hillbilly heaven; put all the smart people in jail and eliminate all minorities one way or another; the fully owned subsidiary of the Koch Adellson Cabal; they will do the bidding of their owner because they feel inferior and want to eliminate all and any competition.

  12. Nothing in Washington can or will improve unless this troll is removed from the Senate. He is a disgrace to all things decent in government, the biggest obstructer of progress & trouble maker of all the Republicans or tea baggers. The people of Kentucky should be embarrassed & ashamed for continuing to send this creep to Washington & bringing so much harm to America as well as to themselves.

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