Rand Paul Unveils Harebrained Scheme To Blame Democrats For Government Shutdown

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Presidential candidate Rand Paul (R-KY) has a plan to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood and he told Fox News that his plan would allow Republicans to blame Democrats for their shutdown. So tricky!


“We got Republicans elected in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, and nothing’s changing,” Senator Paul said.

Explaining that he is against a short term CR if it funds Planned Parenthood and other things the Kentucky Senator disagrees with, Senator Paul laid out his plan to blame Democrats for the Republican shutdown.

Paul has a plan to get things done and blame Democrats for the fallout. He’s going to reverse how government works, using shock and awe. First, he’ll defund everything, because that won’t cause chaos and insanity or cause the economy to collapse.

And then Paul will make everything require 60 votes to get funded. No more pesky government programs to help the needy, the elderly, the veterans… shut it all down. Vote on everything. This, coming from the party that has worked the least amount of days, seems terribly misguided, and ambitious bordering on delusional.

“I’m one who is also frustrated. Many are saying oh it takes 60 votes, and we can’t get 60 votes to defund anything. If we let all the funding expire and then you restart it, it would take 60 votes to restart something and a lot of bad programs would fall by the wayside — including Planned Parenthood. But we would have to have the guts to stand up and say enough’s enough, it’s from now on going to take 60 votes to pass any spending.”

It’s magic! Why didn’t Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) think of that? Oh, that’s right, McConnell knows how government works and he knows his party cannot afford to look so reckless in an election year.

With Paul vaguely blaming his own party’s leadership for not standing up (aka, remaking government completely in the vision of the radical conservative and using even more crazy, unpopular methods to do so), Bill Hemmer asked, “Do you think John Boehner had the guts?”

“They seemed to preemptively announce, ‘We’re defeated. We can’t do anything.’ And the grassroots is frustrated with that,” the Republican from Kentucky said.

“What I would say is that I support the position we have to use the power of the purse. And I use every bit of my arguing power to say we should put the appropriations bills forward — all 12 of them, one at a time — and make the Democrats filibuster. If they’re willing to filibuster and government shuts down, we should then say, it is Democrats who have shut down the government.”

It goes without saying at this point that reality disagrees with the conservative from Kentucky. A new poll released today shows that the public, including a majority of Republicans, do not want Republicans to shut down the government, “69% of Americans and 56% of Republicans oppose shutting down the government over defunding Planned Parenthood.” Even if they can blame their brother. Additionally, a new NBC/WSJ poll shows that a combined 61% oppose totally eliminating Planned Parenthood’s federal funding, versus 35% who favor it.

So, that’s a nope to fooling the public, especially on a position they disagree with. The only people who want this are the hardcore “conservatives’. (These people are actually not conservative at all, but rather nihilistic radicals bent on destroying the government.)

The problem is that Republicans have been attacking their own country with shock and awe tactics in order to inflict their will upon the people since 2010 with various shutdowns and petulant refusals to fund the government destroying Christmas for everyone, so the public is kind of on to them. That isn’t stopping Republicans from desperately trying to sell the narrative that they can blame their next bomb on President Obama and Democrats, and the troops are out in fore trying to make that spin happen.

Shutdown Paul – abusing the power of the purse to inflict chaos so he can get his own way. Now that’s presidential.

46 Replies to “Rand Paul Unveils Harebrained Scheme To Blame Democrats For Government Shutdown”

  1. Maybe it’s time to say O.K LET ‘ER RIP!!!
    Let’s have the chaos they want so badly right now. Tear it up, blow it up, have a political war, economic disaster, all of it.
    Better chaos in Washington and on Wall Street than out here in the real world.
    There are too many guns out here.

  2. This scheme is so cunning, I’m surprised he did not throw in a story about having sex with a male hooker behind a dumpster in the alley.

  3. You know you’re desperate for attention when you have to come up with hair brained schemes that will fail miserably because, you know, our reality is based on facts and truth and their reality is based on the idea of ‘My Way or the Highway!’ and the idea of drowning the government in a bathtub (which tells me that the Anti-Americans have a drowning fetish… creepy).

  4. So..a hair brained scheme eh’? But how can one tell THIS hair brained scheme from EVERY thing that the Reich Wing has schemed so far? Every thing that they do is “hair brained” every thing they do is a scheme to help their fascist theocratic nightmare become a reality! Rand is just a big a nutter as his dad.

  5. Notice I spelled it Hair..brained instead of Hare Brained. I will not insult rabbits by equating them with the maniacs on the right, remember Bugs Bunny is/was a very astute intelligent bunny!

  6. This makes me ashamed to be a Kentuckian. No wonder we manufacture so much booze, we now ed it to drown our sorrows because if buffoons like this!

  7. This hair brained idea is exclusive to “Dumassed NAZIS” like Rand and his daddy. I see they keep trying to persuade a run on the banks with the lies about the economy, it hasn’t resonated with the public. Fail on Republican lies about phoney, pending financial collapse.

  8. He will soon be dropping out of the pres race, his campaign is imploding. I don’t know how he ever got to be a senator.
    Right now his family is embroiled in a bribery scandal.

  9. He’s a dumbass. The only person to endorse him has been McConnell, (not that anyone cares what he thinks) and he goes on CNN this morning and danced around the issue of wether the he backs McConnells leadership! The only ones who buy what this guy is selling are Kentucky teabillys. Let him try to shut the government down, he’s irrelevant to the process.

  10. What a way to run a nation.
    Threaten everyone who doesn’t do as you see.
    Hold the American people hostage.
    Harm the elderly,children,women and our Veterans with unrealistic “christian values” aimed to continue the GOP’s war on women.
    Sounds a lot like those Islamic terrorists they,the GOP,hate so much

  11. I mean we need it to drown our sorrows because dumb @$$ whites in this state keep electing buffoons like Paul to represent us. Politicususa.com, fix your edit button!

  12. Betsy, the reason you can’t understand him is because he took lessons in speaking American from Sarah Palin. /s

  13. WackNuts Ted Cruz & Rand Paul slogan should be… “Taking America back to the stone age”

  14. True enough.
    Generally speaking the real world fallout from chaos in D.C. does not roll out in the streets as an armed rebellion. D.C. chaos seems to pacify the true crazies a little but, may awaken some sense in the less crazy elements on the right in time for the next round of elections.

  15. He had the nerve to say on CNN today, though, that he’d be in the race “longer than that clown Trump.” He said this with a straight face, not realizing that many Americans think he’s a clown, too. I’m ROTFLMBO!!!

  16. Few of the comments to this article rise above petty name-calling and insult, which suggests a lack of intelligence, knowledge, or both.

    New visitors to this site will readily conclude that the commenters are likely wrong in their opinions simply because the comments are mostly devoid of substance.

    Those who resort to juvenile, unsophisticated discourse generally do so because they do not have a valid argument, so they try to hide their deficiencies by resorting to grade-school bullying and tantrums.

    The thinking person’s response to such vitriol will be to give Senator Paul a fresh look and also cast a more critical eye on his opponents.

  17. So Randbo will shut the government down over fake videos, deny critical healthcare services to men and women, stop people from getting their services from the government and then concoct a plan to blame it on the democrats? We have reach a new level of dumfukery

  18. Well there goes that plan of a real man of genius that is rand Paul

    Senate advances clean short-term funding bill

    For whatever Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul decided against trying to derail a procedural vote on funding the government—including Planned Parenthood—through December 11, making their promises that Planned Parenthood wouldn’t get another dollar of government funding look pretty empty. The bill needed 60 votes to move forward, and it passed 77-19.

  19. Well, besides proving my point (“Randbo”, “dumfukery”), you missed Paul’s main point, that Congress has not merely the power, but the obligation, to define and pass actual spending bills, not “continuing resolutions”.

    This whole “shut down the government” argument is reminiscent of two four-year-old kids fighting over a toy. When it inevitably breaks, each blames the other for the mishap, arguing that the toy broke only because the other kid did not let go.

    Back to Paul’s point: If Congress passes spending bills, and the President vetoes the bills, who has shut-down the government? If you answer, “Congress”, then you must believe that Congress has no legitimate function other than as a rubber-stamp for an imperial presidency.

    By the way, spending bills require only a simple majority. The 60 votes mentioned are the hurdle to prevent a filibuster by people who would rather shutdown the entire government than allow it to continue operating without their favorite programs.

  20. Then do your job and pass a full Appropriations bill. Is that simple. Now you may buy his snake oil I don’t.

  21. I wish new-school liberals were like old-school liberals and could look at things from different angles instead of never getting the whole truth because they only want to believe what the increasingly biased schools and media tell them. Republicans have gotten the same way, other than always being blamed for everything, so America needs Paul so he can try and get government back to working for the people and not themselves. This always partisan crap has got to go and he has proven he can work with the other side if they are willing to work with him. Could he do it with most of congress fighting him? Who knows but it’d be nice to give him a chance.

  22. Nah, he’s using this plan to distract from the videos that show conclusively that under that curly rag on his head is Voldemorts face.

  23. I went to the link of ” major endorsements” you provided, and you have got to be kidding. Three or four congressmen, (only one of which I’ve heard of, and thats because he’s a teabilly from N Ky) and an ultimate fighter. You guys are really scraping the bottom of the barrel to round of support for this moron. America needs Paul like. America needs another boil on its ass. I know facts are hard for you, but he’s going back to Ky, he’s done. Stick a fork in him!

  24. Are you like eight years old? Scrap that I know eight year olds with more common sense then you display! What exactly has he proven that he can work with others on? Medical marijuana, or restoration of voting rights. I agree these should be no-brainers, but he’s not exactly putting himself out there. He’s anti-war, yet he wouldn’t stand up on the Iran deal, or even restoring relations with Cuba. Sometimes you need to take a stand on the harder issues if you want a pat on your back. Paul’s an empty suit, and your arguments don’t hold water.

  25. LOL! being a smartass is an art form Shadowolf. And on a side note I’m going to be having my Klingon/English dictionary with me from now on.

  26. If you were to shove Rand’s brain up a gnat’s ass and shake the gnat, it would rattle around like a BB in a rain barrel.

  27. Paul has zero chance at the nomination, and less than zero chance at the Presidency.

    The lesser son of a greater(?) sire.

  28. he’s not simple, but he’s not clever and certainly
    not charismatic, so think how he feels, to lack, as
    a sitting senator, the gravitas necessary to present
    a position to the public that would, when compared
    to the asshat donald trumps’ positions, be thought
    of as thoughtful, reasoned, perhaps even presidential. unfortunately, his continued reliance
    on aqua budha as a political consultant doesn’t
    seem to be resonating

  29. Susan,

    As Mark Twain said:

    “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

  30. I think you are all lost in the haze – this is similar to an executive order without congressional approval. When the balance of power isn’t respected then it can cut both ways. Finally someone (Rand Paul) is saying what Americans believe and want — not a bunch of blogging liberals.

    Shutting the government down worked brilliantly for the Republicans last time (how many seats did they pick up??) — maybe this time they’ll manage the Presidency and a supermajority in both houses!!!

  31. Rand Paul sure does have some “impressive” endorsements from insane Christo-fascsist nutters. They even made a “documentary together “Light Wins” (a.ka. Dominionists Win”):

    Anther clip from that “documentary” to demonstraate just how freaking insane they are: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/gop-presidential-hopefuls-and-members-congress-appear-new-anti-gay-documentary

    And Libertarians covering for them: https://reason.com/blog/2015/06/26/rand-paul-and-mike-huckabee-make-cameos

    The only concern is that Rand Paul’s Christo-fascism gets noticed.

  32. Fellow liberals had better look at Rand’s papa’s theocratic legislative record (actual legislation) to understand what Rand Paul would do:

    Rand Paul is concerned with the Constitution, is he? Nah, not really:

    Rand Paul: “We wouldn’t need laws if everyone were Christian”

    Rand Paul in theocra’s latest “documetary”:

    Anther clip from that “documentary” to demonstrate just how freaking insane they are: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/gop-presidential-hopefuls-and-members-congress-appear-new-anti-gay-documentary

    Libertarians: “meh”: https://reason.com/blog/2015/06/26/rand-paul-and-mike-huckabee-make-cameo

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